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  1. It matters not who the nationality of the thief is, it matters that there are thieves around. We we have always been lucky so far, my friend not so much. Lost his 3k carbon road bike last year in France. Snipped through the lock and gone. Always take the usual precautions like not leaving anything unattended and out of sight. Not a French problem either, plenty of stuff getting nicked here too. :-(
  2. Not with the dog in there for shared warmth. Ha ha
  3. Alas with the GSD and the spare wheel + 3 kids we had to opt for the roof box. :-)
  4. Have an S Max which alas came with gunk and no wheel well. Got a full size spare and tyre from eBay. Takes up up loads of space and is a pain but I am sure I won’t be saying that on the hard shoulder as I move off within 10 minutes of stopping unrestricted with speed or distance.
  5. Got ours from Dunelm of all places.
  6. John W

    What's changed

    There are only two certainties with this. 1, We don’t leave, business will carry on as usual and probably improve in the short term as certainty and security sets in. A lot of people will be unhappy, a lot will be happy. 2, We leave, under a deal or not. Economy will take a huge hit, even more so with no deal and even staunch leavers are now agreeing with this. We take years for everything to settle and negotiate and get used to the new relationship with the EU. A lot of people will be happy, a lot will be unhappy. In 20 years we might be better off, we might be much worse off. Nobody knows. Blame who and what you like, I still haven’t heard a convincing argument as to why we will be better off outside the EU with regards to the economy. I am lucky enough to be secure in my employment and housing situation. Others much less so. A friend in the logistics sector was all for Brexit, that was until he realised the toxic effect all the negotiations and uncertainty held and he now wants to stay.
  7. We have a U3 Valencia, had all the usual issues. Roof strap, axle failed, Alde pump replaced, dodgy grill now on it's 7th thermocouple. However, that said, it gets used by us and 3 children plus dog a lot! We use it all year in all weathers. There are issues with build quality here and there but as others have said, I believe all manufacturers are the same with none worse or better than others. I will not buy another Bailey, but that’s just my annoyance at their poorly worded letter regarding the axle, saying it was my fault but as a gesture of goodwill they would help. Would have been far better to sincerely apologise for my inconvenience and replace it in accordance with their warranty but I digress.... Just had it's 4th service and it’s dry, comfortable, tows well and is paid for. I wouldn’t upgrade it for quite some time now those initial niggles have been sorted. If you find one three years old, with the axle and roof strap replaced, you won’t go far wrong IMHO. John
  8. It is £50 a night. Summer holiday time, 2 adults and 2 kids. Just booked a night.
  9. EV’s in future will smart charge. They will sense when the grid has capacity and charge accordingly. Same infrastructure, just used more effectively. Look at economy 7 heating that was cheaper. The grid has extra supply at night compared to the day. We we have no choice but to find alternative fuels. Fossil fuels will run out, it isn’t a matter of if.
  10. I think it will be fine for the dishes. Mine gets hot, but not so hot you can’t hold your hand in it. Given your choice I would put up with slightly less hot washing up water and make the installation easy.
  11. Haven’t got a one way valve on it have you? Mine was blocked recently on the hot and took ages to fill the bowl! Normally just after the inlet into the van.
  12. Just the bottle is all you need. Whatever size fits. It screws in to the gas supply the same as the calor bottle.
  13. Just because you don’t like something it doesn’t make someone else wrong. He already said he only burns dry wood which doesn’t smoke. Your attitude is indeed all about you. You will be in a tin tent city with lots of others with different views, if you don’t like it, find somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
  14. We had a van with combined shower and toilet etc. I suppose that’s the layout to go for if you want extra space elsewhere. The shower certainly didn't take away any space otherwise and can’t have added much weight at all. I used it daily for showering as we only use CL’s generally but it was a pain hence why we went for one with a proper shower. Lets be honest though, they can’t even make them watertight or stop the axles collapsing so optional extras are a long way off IMHO.
  15. You certainly need a bouyancy aid, just in case. Wetsuit shoes or just old trainers will be fine. A wetsuit does keep you warm, depends on how cold the weather is if you decide to get one or not.
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