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  1. I contacted Bailey and they sent me the attached template for the Pamplona which they sent out to the dealers in September last year. Mine has the top two screws in the top batten.
  2. Yes the TV fits and it seems strong enough, but I thought if the dealers are working to a template supplied by Bailey they should all be in the same place, where the additional wood is behind.
  3. Picture of tv bracket in our pamplona which I think is in the wrong place, what do others think?
  4. Thanks for that, we are picking ours up in the new year and are having the bracket fitted but yet to buy the TV for it.
  5. Out of interest what size TV is that in the picture?
  6. The wide first slat on ours doesn't lock, there is no block. As the remaining slats are not under tension they moved about under the cushions and fell out of the plastic grooves!
  7. Used the front bed for the first time at the weekend, what a disappointment. It's not fit for purpose as the slats just moved about and came out of the groves. My mates on his swift lock into position and are then held under tension, much better idea. Is ours just wrong our are they all like this? Valley Camper
  8. I have the pole version of the ace and that has 5 panels which all zip out, means it takes a little longer to set up, but is much easier to put in awning rail as it is so much lighter. The air is possibly the same.
  9. decho Do you have any photos of it set up on your van, as I have a pegasus 524 and it may cover my window as well. What sort of price are you looking for?
  10. Hi Interesting I was not aware of this porch awning till I saw your post, am currently looking for a porch awning myself, and liked the look of this one. I phoned Isabella and they stated that it is 290 at roof level tapering out to 350 at ground level. Are you quite pleased with the quality and ease of putting it up?
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