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  1. It won't make you feel better I know but I made a stupid mistake myself this year. The caravan was 20 months old at the time. I drove onto a cc site and I had probably relaxed too much. I went around a small kerber roundabout on site. Plenty of roadwith but like an idiot was not concentrating and climbed a kerb with the offside caravan wheel hitting the privet or similar low hedge. I ripped of and shattered a wheel spat, damaged the flaps to waste outlet and pulled out some wiring on a side marker light. Thankfully no great damage otherwise. One of the reasons that I was so fed up was that the accident happened the day after Lunar went into receivership! When we got pitched up I got straight onto the internet and found just one available from a breaker. I was even able to check the part code. The caravan was due in to the dealers three days after the holiday and I was able to arrange to receive the part the day after our arrival home. So not too bad but I was sick about it. I saw two caravans do the same thing without damage but it did not make me feel any less stupid after nearly 40 years of towing.. Nice repair Vinny!
  2. I'll probably be cooking half a leg of lamb in the oven Christmas day and could be duck breast Boxing day. Never fancied eating out on either day as festive meals at many venues around that time of year I find to be poorly produced by kitchens struggling to produce.
  3. Prefer it the cupboard John It might get used on 2 or 3 sites out of two dozen.
  4. We were able to increase our MPTLM by 100kg but prefer some things to travel in the car. These included a box of coke, my scotch, milk in a coolbox, tables and chairs and our awning when we used one
  5. Seemed like a good idea if needed to access awkward area but without adding weight to the caravan. My father had a manual drive operated y a winding handle and chain drive, That also worked well.
  6. We keep ours in a drawer under microwave. Probably used 4 or 5 times in in around 120 nights
  7. Indeed why use a mouthful like The Caravan and motorhome club when you can simply say The caravan club?
  8. Then they would be 10 minutes later leaving.
  9. Easy T

    It pays to ask.

    All of which I am aware of except the specific date but of course that was when there were many boundary changes. Going back 20 to 15 years ago I was struck, given the above and that Southport was part of Merseyside, by the extent of the Lancashire dialect in the area.
  10. I ditched the levelling ramp when I started using the Alko. I carry four (about) 12'' lengths of timber four 6x3 and four 6x1.5 inch. Works for me. I line wheel and lock, place block(s) alongside wheel, move van forwards. slide blocks in place and take van back on the mover. I step the blocks as needed and so mober easily climbs resultant 1.5'' step.
  11. Not at all sure what the polarity light is for. Presumably to show reversed polarity and not sure why this should trip the system. I wonder where the OP is plugging into and where. I know that the wiring in my garage had reversed polarity. I only discovered it after living here for 20 years when I was adding some sockets. When the garage was built and the wiring done somebody must have connected up wrongly
  12. Dealer has never had my money before I collected the van, small deposit excepted. If the bank account having been frozen makes a problem then presumably the dealer paid the old Lunar. If so he must be at the back of a long Queue I would think and perhaps unlikely to see the goods? As far as I am aware Lunar Automotive did not buy the company as such and presumably bought stock, premises etc? If dealer bought from the new company one would not have expected any mention of frozen account. If it was a dealer special then I would have thought that it might well have been with the old Lunar.
  13. So are the majority of folk that are not desperate for money
  14. Mine were flat disc inserts on a caravan and were taken whilst we were asleep.
  15. I had two hubcaps nicked about 30 years ago, neighbour gave me two off a Nissan that fitted fine.
  16. Indeed you can get something stopping proper valve closure and opening and shutting gives it a chance to be flushed clear
  17. That is really up to you. What I do is to raise the lever when I have finished with water and before doing the other packing tasks etc and then put it down again before leaving site. If I don't then I will likely loose half an aquaroll of water when I set up and turn on the pump without checking
  18. I take it that you have tried Hobby themselves?
  19. I think Matt is no longer on the forum ..... the original post was 12 years ago
  20. Not just me then! Never happens to me on site but it has happened outside my home once. Usually the cause is stopping abruptly and compressing the hitch. Only forgot to unfasten the breakaway cable once in nearly 40 years but have you ever tried to use the motormover of a pitch and wonder why the van kept turning every time you tried? I did last year after using a mover for leaving about 300 pitches. Usually I take the wheel lock off the night before we move in case I am messing about in the rain. On this occasion I hitched up to leave and the caravan was nose in with the car on the opposite side to the door (finding shade in hot weather) and I had forgotten to take the wheel lock off! So even the most experienced of us make mistakes.
  21. Worry not HD. It doesn't take brute force just a little practice. I promise you that if it took brute force I could no longer manage! Get your son to give you a full demo Presumably the problem with the jockey wheel was that the clamp was not tight enough? I used to reach over the hitch and tighten the clamp but find that due to arthritis in my hands, shoulder and spine (id I mention my hip ) I need to walk around to the same side as the jockey wheel to tighten effectively. If you need help never be afraid to ask on sites as people are good folk. You will soon become an old hand!
  22. Easy T

    It pays to ask.

    Exactly what it says. No more and no less. I note it purely because I like to hear the lancashire accent and I am sad at its demise in the area. Is it supposed to mean anything else other than there is an apparent change in the populus? If you think that I am getting at Merseyside folk you are wrong as I have many friends from that area
  23. The end buyer can claim through the warranty at a dealer other than the one he originally dealt with ....... if he can find one who is willing!
  24. Not sure how evident the difference is on a 21'' but I think that whether it is worth paying more for a HD TV or not depends on the viewer and, I suppose, the programmes that they view. We have a HD TV at home and when setting it up some of the BBC animal type programmes looked stunning in HD. I have no idea how much content on TV that OH watches is in HD. I watch almost none and have no interest and so HD is wasted on me. For caravan usage HD would not interest us at all. Apparently OH watched University Challenge once or twice some time during Christmas 2017 and we watched probably 4 or 5 programmes Christmas 2016 which would be the total usage in more than 500 nights away.
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