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  1. Depends entirely on where you are visiting whilst away unless you are going away just to sit on site. That is not to say that there is not merit in that. A few years back the evening before we went away I had to have a paramedic out. OH was struggling for breath due to a chest infection. OH was given antibiotics and put on a nebuliser. The next day, as it was glorious weather, we went away. 1.5 hour drive to non facility site at Anglesey for 5 nights before moving off on a tour. Walking the length of the caravan was about enough for her but sat outside in the sun for a couple of days was a good prescription. On third day a short excursion to The Sail Loft Cafe and I drove right up to the door to drop her off before parking. Day 4 a little shopping and a fish and chip lunch in a car. Day 5 and feeling a little better and a walk on a beach.
  2. I would not fancy crossing the street in town center in Lopburi, Thailand with a bag of groceries!
  3. It is now all (not part) of Italy. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to Italy, due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and in line with various controls and restrictions imposed by the Italian authorities. British nationals in Italy should follow the advice of the Italian authorities. See Health The Italian authorities have advised against travel for tourism purposes throughout Italy, and that tourists already on holiday in Italy should limit their movements to those necessary to return to the place where they live. On 11 March, the Italian government announced new measures closing all non-essential business across Italy with immediate effect. All shops are closed apart from pharmacies and shops selling food and other basic necessities. Essential public services, transport, utilities, banks and postal services will remain active. All public gatherings, including religious ceremonies, funerals and sporting events remain suspended. Restaurants, bars, museums, cultural institutions, childcare facilities, schools and universities are closed, as are ski resorts.
  4. With the present testing regime and the fact that folk have travelled from far and wide we are unlikely to know.
  5. This year does not seem a good one to start a business with the current Coronavirus problems unless you have enough funds to ride this storm that is still brewing.
  6. Because the testing regime was - and is such that it will not pick up most cases. See earlier posts. The actual fact is that Spain has declared a state of emergency for 2 weeks and certain areas have banned travel other than for shopping, work and appointments with some roadblocks in place. Also venues for 50 people or more are closed in some areas (reported by a CMC warden who winters in one such area) He did say bars and restaurants are mainly closed and that shop shelves were very empty at present
  7. Thank you for your learned opinion
  8. All those who arrive to Malta from any country in the world will have to go into mandatory self-quarantine from Friday, Robert Abela has announced. The prime minister is giving an update on measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus in Malta, which has 12 confirmed cases. Those who do not observe the two-week quarantine will have to pay €1,000 for every breach and police will carry out spot checks to make sure it is being observed. "If someone breaches it every day of the quarantine, then they will have to pay €14,000," Abela said. "We will not tolerate people not abiding by quarantine terms." Fines and deportation The stringent measures include removing the work permit of third country nationals or even deportation if they are found not to abide by the rules. He said that in practice the measure would mean that most tourists would "think twice" about visiting Malta. https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/watch-robert-abela-gives-update-on-coronavirus-measures.777839
  9. Presumably because the contacts of the supposed 'first chap' and the chap himself did not spread the virus prior to being discovered. In truth though there is no way at all of knowing if he was the first chap
  10. It is worded a bit like a trick question K. As far as I can see there is no procedural change to previous guidelines
  11. I do simply because I very much doubt any change in outcome in this instance.
  12. From the link testing is for those being admitted to hospital or those that are able to be left at home but meet both epidemiological and clinical. The epidemiological criteria that must be met is basically to have travelled from a hot spot or had contact with somebody already diagnosed in the last 2 weeks. No change then I have difficulty discerning any real difference between the two phases
  13. It was in Boris' broadcast I think although I have read it elsewhere on a governmental statement.
  14. The European Commision had complained that there had been no discussion. No idea why the EU commision would feel entitled to discuss when there was no chance of a change of policy and such a discussion would have been pointless.
  15. Where as the truth is that there is one tested and confirmed case out of a population of 651,482 who are mainly untested.
  16. Her dissatisfaction will be unlikely to concern those two countries.
  17. Can't say I noted the 'pseudo patriotic bluster' so I guess I must have just filtered it out automatically
  18. Are you perhaps referring to an interview with former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Joanie?
  19. Where as in Moscow it has been threatened by the authority that anybody not completing a two week self imposed quarantine after such trips might be subject to a 5 year jail sentence.
  20. I just use permanently attached shock chord to prevent dragging
  21. Depends on what is already installed on the camper and whether it has an onboard charger or transformer.
  22. There are many options to mitigate the possibility of staff infection
  23. I think that people are being realistic in stating the obvious that there are far more infected as testing has not been carried out on all with symptoms.
  24. Something that I read often but the empty nose weight is something that I like to know for two reasons. Firstly I find it useful to know if the caravan is particularly nose heavy or nose light compared to what I consider that I wish to achieve when laden. The other reason is that I will tow empty to and from service unless it is either too heavy or significantly too light
  25. Well with limited testing that was obviously a likely situation Dave
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