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  1. 11 minutes ago, Stevan said:

    Always difficult to identify a smell by someone else's description. It is possible that it is an ammonia smell from a leaky fridge unit (another thread is running at the moment!), this would also account for the irritated eyes and throat.

    Do not just put up with the irritation, it is harmful if it goes on too long.

    If it is ammonia from the fridge it will dissipate in time and the fridge will not work.


    I would have thought that if it was from the fridge the odour would be detectable at one of the two rear vents on the caravan exterior.

  2. 23 minutes ago, joanie said:

    I think that someone said that your pitch number is on the wrist band otherwise you wouldn't know which one is your's. so there's a thought   now, how to ensure no one takes advantage of the fact that your van is empty, especially in view of some posts on here lately telling us all how easy it is to break into caravans.  Something else to worry about?


    Not something that would concern me in the least even if OH and I went to use the facilities at the same time. (I would normally go about 6.30am and I guess OH just turned 7.30am.


    When on a club site do you leave your towcar on site and get the bus incase somebody realises that you are out

  3. 10 minutes ago, ivan leslie said:

    Hope it works - to help in this EasyT, you could always splash out and get a local tradesman to supply and put your fence poles in . Sure they would be grateful 😀

    Sadly not it would seem. The posts in question are four 7 feet long (or slightly longer 4 x 4 posts posts bolted down supporting the outside edge of a covered area over a patio. As I am not as able as I was 30 years ago when I erected them I had asked for a price from 4 different contractors and also offered to let the recover the 30' by 8' cover over. 3 came and said that they would provide a quote, one never turned up. After 12 months of trying I have given up and hopefully a more able neighbour will help. I told him that I wouldn't insult him by offering payment to him but rather I will give £100 to each of his two kids. The covering itself has lasted without damage other than having lost some of its opacity over the years..

  4. I can see that the move 'might' increase footfall for places serving meals. But doubt that it will do anything for campsites and hotels. Looking at CMC sites in England they seem to be pretty well booked for weekends. 


    As for going out and spending money Ivan there is really nothing that I want beyond 4 wooden fence poles and a few nuts bolts and screws. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, Grahammac said:

    All , just by way of an update visited the toilet block this morning 3 bands hanging up, joined the queue behind another guy with towel on shoulder awaiting his shower,  having a chat with him he had been waiting for 10 mins already.  We both waited an additional 10 mins before the warden passed and we told him of our wait ...he called into the shower block to find an empty block and 3 people who hadn't taken their bands off the hook

    I could see me doing that if using showers on site with that system. I was in Asda Monday. After buying some small finger roils for hot dogs I thought to myself 'must get some thick cream when I pick up milk'. Cream is on a shelf above the milk. I walk the 40 feet to the Milk, check the dates and buy one skimmed two pinter and one non skimmed. Got to other end of the shop next in line for checkout and realised no cream. I put the trolley on onside and went back for cream, return to trolley and now 4th in queue 

  6. What a poorly targeted use of funds to aid these businesses though. Plainest example for me are caravan sites. But it applies to other businesses as well.
    If I had this incentive my 120+ nights on various sites would not go up at all. I think that most who have put money into caravans, tow cars and motorhomes etc already use them as much as possible.

    Some will also be wanting to get out and about anyway. We retired folk must have funds building up without probably (in my case) 12 weeks on 16 sites not taken, no cafes, no occasional lunches, no car fuel, no parking fees probably about £4,000 saved on these. I did tell two Scottish sites to keep my £25 deposits and not to worry about it so maybe only £3,950 saved. 

    Others, as in our case, are not contemplating going away until after August and therefore it would not induce us to use sites at present.

    There will be some thrown out of work that may be strapped for money but such a saving is unlikely to tempt them if money is tight.

    In my view a badly targeted relief if applied to the customer that will do little to aid site owners.

    Will our saved £4,000 this year be spent on more sites being used next year? Not really as for us the money is not a limiting factor.

  7. 9 hours ago, Dave Capiro owner said:


    In my local Tesco, a lot of people disregarded this from the off. Huge signs at every aisle and arrows on the floor yet people were just marching on, oblivious.


    The Waitrose nearby has the 2m signage, no one way system but the tills are controlled, one queue for all. Last time I was in there a well dressed,  distinguished looking gentleman wearing a mask and gloves just barged his way past a number of people, no distancing at all and very rude even in normal circumstances.


    Many people are basically ignorant, they may be academically gifted, may have high ranking jobs, but not an ounce of common sense or self awareness.

    Been very happy with my own shopping experience. I decided before lockdown to slightly amend my program. I used to do Lidl followed by Asda on the same day. Decided that I would do these on separate days. Asda on a Monday 9am and Lidl on a Wednesday 9am. Both do put staff at the entrance at certain periods. At those times and days I never had a problem with any queues. In passing I saw that Friday and Saturday was a different matter with queues. People very good and emerging from an isle into one crossing it has been very much 'after you - no after you' very civilised.


    I take X-Trail on a Monday and Yaris on a Wednesday. After the shop I take each car on a 5 mile drive


    With regard to following arrows: in Asda I don't always. It is a very large store but not that busy on my chosen time. If I want something hale way up an aisle I am happy to go the wrong way and turn round half way if the aisle is empty; otherwise I follow the arrows.

  8. 2 hours ago, telegan said:

    just bought a new swift quattro fb asked my dealer to fit ATC says its can only be fitted at factory ?   you should ask when you order a new van  ours was in his stock

    surely a main dealer should have the ability to fit it !!!!!

    Strange as your dealer is listed as an Alko service centre. You would have thought it a fairly straightforward job

  9. 1 hour ago, Jiffy176 said:

    There is a YouTube video of it being retrofitted by alko at their HQ. Sounds like dealer doesn't want the work...


  10. 12 minutes ago, 2seaside said:

    Read up not just on planning permission but also the different build standards for holiday statics (EN1647) and residential park homes (BS3632); all residential park homes and many modern holiday statics are now built to this standard, and you need to be ready to explain this to a planning officer who may assume that all static caravans will be cold, damp and cost a fortune to heat.

    Back in the day my first family home for wife and baby daughter was a 2 bedroom static. At that time the insulation standars were different from a holiday static. They may not be now but the furnishings probably will be.

  11. 39 minutes ago, CliveB said:

    One tip I was given many years ago is to deep freeze a couple of 1 litre bottles of milk and put in the fridge just before you leave.  They gradually thaw out over a number of days and help to keep the fridge cool if switched off (such as on the longer ferry crossings).  Keeps you in milk for the first week or so (milk freezes well in plastic containers), but make sure you one unfrozen bottle  available for the en route cuppa.

    Not a bad idea but we often have four 2 pint bottles on our travel. I drop them in the the normal simple cool box behind the driver's seat. I wouldn't want 5.5kg of milk bouncing around on the flimsy shelf on a modern caravan. 

  12. It is quite easy to open a caravan window without damage provided additional security locks have not been fitted. I have only had occasion to do it once about 10 years ago when somebody had travelled nearly 7 hours to site and left key at home. Easiest window is the kitchen one usually. I then used a secret weapon. A 10 year old to boost through the window. 


    His son was using an express service to deliver the spare key to site.  

  13. 35 minutes ago, CliveB said:

    I have always used cocktail sticks cut in half.  You can then push 3 (sharp end first) into the gap, cut off flush if needed, and screw through the middle.

    Store cocktail sticks in your G&T cupboard!

    The trouble that I see with cocktail sticks used pointy end first is that when a screw comes loose it might be because the pilot hole used has perhaps been two wide but often that it is too deep so that the thinner end (maybe the end third) does not bite. Pushing the pointy end of a cocktail stick in does not greatly fill that bottom section. I have used cocktail stick on occasion but having cut in half push the blunt end in first. The wood is also harder than a match stick and I find that the softer wood is easier to screw into and holds well. 


    I don't carry super glue as I find that when I want to use it a second time a few years later it has dried out and why I prefer a small 125ml bottle of evostick interior wood glue.

  14. 4 minutes ago, GaryB1969 said:

    I have found our local planning officers and building control officers to be really helpful

    Yes so have I. If the answer is no then ask what situation might make it permissible. 

    It is always worth doing some research though beforehand where possible. They don't always know all the answers. I last made enquiries before installing a firewall for an heating oil tank, I was confirming clearances with them and showing details of a firewall that I was going to use. The planner said that it would not have sufficient time rating I said that I believed it had and asked him to check. Indeed it was fine but having done some research first I was able to point him in the right direction. 

  15. Plenty of advice here. The one piece of advice that I would give is to connect and purge the water system by switching on the pump and opening kitchen tap in both cold and hot position to purge the air. The reason for doing this initially is that you may make a mistake on the switch position for the hot water as long as the water is in the storage tank first it won't matter. 


    I have a habit of turning the water heater off on my final morning - still leaves 10 litres of water in the tank. As I tend to move every 5 days I know that on a site with facilities, because we will use the shower and washroom at the facilities, our aquaroll will have only a little water in it and that there will be space in the wastemaster. Before opening the yellow lever to drain the hot water tank I run the hot water off down the sink. This has three advantages. The hot water helps clean any fats from the kitchen drain, It makes it easy to empty any remaining dregs from the aquatoll, when the hot water storage tank is then drained its contents will be either cold or just warm - important on grass as the hot water drained out otherwise would kill the grass beneath it.

  16. 32 minutes ago, Mr Plodd said:


    Well that’s your version of events! Did the policeman accept it?? ;)



    He didn't report me and there is never a copper around when you want one ;)



    (Not sure what his problem was exactly but I got the impression that he was close up to the door. I unlocked and asked if he was OK and he said that he was and could manage OK now.)

  17. On 25/01/2020 at 14:45, Black Grouse said:

    Bio washing capsules/powder/liquid works well enough for me - but it's not as effective as the original Thetford Blue when it had formaldehyde - but IMO just as effective as modern Thetford which has no formaldehyde.

    I use Lidl's bio capsules and for my money a big advantage is that they prevent limescale building up in the holding tank

  18. 19 hours ago, Paul1957 said:

    I have found a bit of card board from a food box rolled up and put in the hole works well enough, a bit like using a wall plug without having to drill the hole wider.

    I find it easier to push a matchstick in and no need to re drill, just screw in.  

  19. 10 hours ago, Paul1957 said:

    The oils can be viscous so do not run easily. You can also rig up a funnel and hose from above and pour the oil in that way. Some gearboxes do not have  a level plug but are drained and then filled with the correct quantity so this needs to be checked before starting. Some others also have a level plug but it has to be checked at the right temperature.


    It helps if the oil bottle is stood in hot water for half an hour to warm it up and make it less viscous

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