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  1. Or do what I did and visit a weighbridge
  2. Not an extensive network then
  3. with regard to towing a caravan the loosely used term 'kerb weight has normally' in my experience included 75kg for driver. I agree that the term used for comparison might not be well chosen
  4. Fair enough but for my usage I'll not worry too much about the 'definition' with regars to notional 85% guidance as I rarely see a tow car moving without a driverand
  5. I am sure that you have said, not that long ago, that there is no proper definition of kerb weight am I wrong? The definition that I am using is one that I have seen often used Lutz
  6. Not totally or at all. There is a rule of thumb - guidance that suggests that a novice drive should try and keep the caravan close to 85% of the weight of car + 90% fuel tank+ 75kg for driver. That is all. It is not on tablets of stone.
  7. Indeed W&M we presumably all choose what suits our wants best.
  8. Probably right across Tokyo
  9. THat may be without driver. With driver I find about 1450kg. If OP concerned they can always visit weighbridge.
  10. No idea and would not interested. It would not be something that we wanted
  11. Easy T

    Advice Needed

    We were on site about 5 years ago. A chap thought that he had hitched up to go, Drove part way across site, caravan dropped of. He wasn't going fast and stopped before the cable engaged the break. A frame ran under car and the cable then activated the break which jammed under the car, No real damage. When you hitch up it is always good practice to wind jockey wheel down until it starts to raise rear of the car just to confirm engagement
  12. We were away in 2009 December with temperatures down to -15C at night and below freezing throughout the day for best part of a week. Because the car was parked in the shade I took it a couple of hundred yards to P&R to get some sun whilst in town rather than walk 400 yds into town. 2 KW of blown air heating kept caravan at 22C or over. It was lovely sunny weather with blue skies.
  13. I don't caravan abroad but having visited southern spain in June a number of times I have not experienced temperatures much over 30c. I personally would do what I do if caravanning in a heatwave in UK. Seek the shade outside the caravan during the heat of the day. Blinds partly closed when away from van, face North so mid day sun on rear with no windows, on return after being out all windows open, blinds down on sunny side. Sorry I can't help but I bet others can.
  14. If the support network is not there I don't know how they will sell millions of vehicles in need of support!
  15. Coldest we have had on 1KW heating is possibly 2C night and max 7c day. Not a problem
  16. Can't check the Bailey as I found a buyer for my neighbour in July/August
  17. From a 3 year old BAiley It does show type approval number
  18. On a 10 amp site I always run the Alde on 1 kw. I have not used it in extreme weather but have used it during a 4 night stay in Scotland where we had snow, and ice. Also during a normal, frost overnight 11 nights in Southport when we had a problem using 2 kw setting. So if on 10 amp I switch Alde to 1kw and carry on as normal. No reason why you can't use 2kw for initial heat up after you have got a brew.
  19. Never have a problem. I use a large Pyrex tray but it is always lined with foil - do similar at home, cooking trays usually don't need a wash then, just a wipe and away. Foil is binned
  20. I'm thinking of the days when you had a proper chassis
  21. I did not pay for upgrade but made it a condition of purchase Yep a 100kg extra as initial payloads are pathetic
  22. I don't find the club sites much different than commercial sites Sandy for much of the time that I tour from mid April to end of September when we are away for 4 months (avoiding August mainly). Where they do seem dearer is October on. We will be using the cc site at Southport this December for 15 nights which is an expensive site and especially the Christmas week. However the alternatives do not suit anywhere near as well. About 60% of my bookings are usually cc I think. 3000/120
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