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  1. The only time I would drive at those speeds on a motorway would be through roadworks or when that was traffic speed or on the rare nearly deserted sections. At anything below 50 I would consider myself a rolling roadblock on a motorway. Are these speeds speedo or satnav? If I drove at 50mph my speedo would actually show about 57! I have 136 bhp X-Trail and tow a 1,500kg MPTLM van - probably a tad over 40bhp available. At 40mph I am pretty sure that on the sort of hill that has slow HGVs for a mile or so I would be down to third gear. Not enough revs for that sort of situation otherwise to utilise BHP at low speed. Whilst I usually drive in 6th gear in hilly sections I may just leave in 5th.
  2. What Caravan and age do you have? I have been towing over a period of 40 years. Towed without for a while but prefer a stabiliser. I used one of these for over 20 years and was pleased. I suspect that many of ny age did before the Alko Stabiliser or the BPW. https://saundersonsecurity.co.uk/bulldog-100q-caravan-stabiliser.html
  3. I wondered if it was a Bailey. Missed the info at the bottom of OP's post
  4. I prefer mine in the battery locker. Every time that I pitch I need to open that anyway as that is were the EHU connects.
  5. Pet travel helpline Contact the pet travel helpline if you need more help: Email: pettravel@apha.gov.uk Telephone: 0370 241 1710 Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm (closed on bank holidays)
  6. Not been my experience. They seem to be allowed to get damaged before being closed off. An example that I do recall that made me laugh out loud was at Shawsmead site near Aberaeron. It had rained for many days. The warden asked me to use a grass area. I said that there was no way as I knew how bad that area would be. If the site was not suitable I would far rather be cancelled. I would find an alternative. The warden relented. Unusually, as it was raining heavily I used the car to pitch the caravan. It was a tight turn and the car's front wheel rolled 18'' into the grass area and left a 9'' deep trench. I reported the accident when giving in my pitch number. The warden tested the grass are with is heel at a number of points and then removed all pegs.
  7. Hardly for my benefit Steve! I have no desire to be compelled to use a muddy grass pitch in wet weather.
  8. I believe that they now hand people a length of drain pipe to pop over their selected pitch. Trewethett does that also. It would be nice to know that this was in operation before arrival though as on occasion my walking is poor after being sat in the car and driving for a couple of hours.
  9. It was trialled on three sites - One was the Battle site, one was Sutton on Sea. Cannot recall the third one
  10. As Staffordshire china said. At least you are now aware that hard standings cannot be booked
  11. There has never been the ability to book a hard standing on any cc site during my nearly 40 years of membership except on 3 sites where they trialed giving the ability to book grass or hard for one year only. Whether hard standing is available is purely first come first served generally.
  12. Not really as I said that you would get more than £5k
  13. I can't say that heatings in an awning bothers me usually - it depends on their usage smf whether the awnings are occupied at the time.
  14. On many commercial sites the fee per night is the same for a solo as for a couple. I think that the CMC is fair
  15. Alde should work fine without water connected.
  16. My reading says that it is to keep the control panel and switches cool.
  17. Poor paint performance over damaged pre-finished panels is by no means uncommon
  18. I suspect that on all CMC sites you can park nose in or nose out. Sandringham site used to be the exception but I believe that is no longer the case
  19. I have also gone elsewhere but still rate the clubs product.
  20. I would not have thought that 'their insurance services are part-way down the pan'.
  21. so are non-members One can only surmise that those who are members see a benefit to them even if not everything provides them with a benefit.
  22. Personally I would not consider using a circular saw in such a confined space to cut the ply. I would use a Stanley knife or similar and repeatedly score to cut through. More tedious but one kickback with a circular saw in a confined space could, in my view, be catastrophic. Just my thoughts
  23. I have not used Direct line for 15 years. I was with them for many years and they were, then, excellent. Times change.
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