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  1. My neighbour bought a low mileage year old long wheelbase high top panel van from his ex father in law and converted to a professional standard as a 3 berth. Hot Water and Heating both electric or gas. It took him about 9 months but it is immaculate.
  2. I used them this Summer. The day after Lunar went into administration I had a disagreement between the caravan and a low bush and tore off the caravan's wheel spat. I did a google search and only found one replacement. Images of the stuff on their site and description were good. The old spat had a part number on the back but when I magnified the site image the number was unclear and so I phoned up and the lady that took the call went to parts store and phoned me back. I asked them to delay dispatch as we had two weeks more away and I wanted it within two days of returning home as the caravan was going in for warranty works on the brakes. Arrived on cue and I was happy to pay £60
  3. Some insurance companies won't cover caravans stored across the water - doubtless some will though.
  4. Depends if that matters to you. Our 'small car' is 19 years old. Can't say that resale values trouble us
  5. Sooner you than me. I think that, when I was younger The longest drive, with kids, was likely just under 8 hours. Even over 5 days that is about 800 miles a day. If you average 60 with pit stops and some knees bend and stretching for the driver that is over 13 hours a day. Difficult for most to stay sharp 5 days in a run with those driving distances. Are you only driver or do you share the driving? I would not have subjected my kids to that. Those sorts of distance and tow times don't sound much fun I don't have as big a towbus. I thought that with larger towbuses the difference between towing and non towing might be less. I tow 1.5 tonnes with an X-Trail diesel and on such runs get 42 mpg solo and 27mpg towing ...... unless headwind when possibly 25mpg. But I am towing at up to 62mph and probably about 56 average tops if on mainly motorway.
  6. The last price rise was not a lot. I was wrongly charged the new price at a couple of sites last year. I checked and collected under 60p or less at both sites for our 5 night stays as two adults and dropped the money into a charity box on site. I don't want a good site as such. I want a good network of sites. I don't 'go to a site' I go to an area for a 5 night stay and move on. I rarely find much difference in site prices compared to commercial sites at the times we travel. I do not frequently revisit sites, don't want 'more facilities' and know I will get a suitable standard for me. I do use C&CC sites as a second choice as well as some commercials. C&CC work out cheaper with our age discount but remain second choice.
  7. Mine does, also oil, domestic gas and caravans.
  8. Do you travel with much flush water?
  9. Assuming it's an external pump do the contacts outside where it plugs in need a clean?
  10. I honestly doubt that you can I can't on my tablet
  11. From a CMC statement : The Builders policy was indeed taken out by The Club, and therefore is in The Club’s name. However, the policy protects YOU as Members of the Discretionary Mutual, not the Club. If any unlikely reason Builders can’t meet their obligations the Financial Services Compensation Scheme covers them.
  12. If you read carefully that makes no difference as they are not directly insuring you! They are insuring the caravan club so that should CMC become insolvent it can still honour any discretionary awarded by CMC only in such an event of insolvency and not in the normal course of business. If I have a caravan insured at its current value and I am awarded what I consider an unrealistic payment I can go to the financial ombudsman with an Insurance Policy. With CMC 'cover' I cannot. By choosing to use the CMC I would save around £32 by there being no insurance tax but if I disagree with them my only resolution would be through the courts. The ombudsman is a free service - the courts are far from free. As for good responses in the past that had nothing to do with CMC directly as they went to Devitts a well respected firm who handled the claim directly
  13. I wonder how The cc will deal with third party claims? Presumably these are also discretionary. As far as I can see the cc does have a policy to cover payouts should the club become insolvent.
  14. Were they much dearer Durbanite?
  15. And it says 'you may be able to take a complaint to the financial ombudsman' not something I want to test when I have agreed that payout is solely at the providers discretion - would you? The FCA is there to consider that a contract is fair, the provider sticks to that contract and it's terms and conditions as written. The cc 'cover' clearly states: 'We offer cover on a discretionary basis which means that your Executive Committee has sole and absolute discretion on deciding claims and may accept or reject claims in its discretion. It also means that the Executive Committee may, in its discretion, agree a claim which falls outside the terms of the Caravan Cover, or which may even be expressly excluded, if the circumstances warrant it. The discretionary cover we provide is not a contract of insurance, and The Caravan Club Limited is not regulated as an insurance company.' If they decline to pay out then I can approach the FCA who will decide on each individual case based on the contract that I have agreed to! And the contract states that payments are at the sole discretion of the CMC. I would not wish to risk money on a court judgement in the event of a dispute as the result could well be that the CMC are able to use their discretion to reject my claim. Court costs would be more than my caravan''s value. With an insurance company I can complain to the ombudsman who, if they believe I have a valid claim, will direct that payment is made and without any expense to me.
  16. Sounds a bit altruistic don't you think? I think it more likely that they want to cut out the middlemen used as I accept the risk themselves and the increased profit compared to just being a broker for a single firm. You have not had dealings with the club per se your dealings were essentially with Devitts 15 years ago I had a claim and all correspondence came from Devitts
  17. It seems a very strange move on the part of the caravan club. They must be popular as an 'insurance' company but I doubt that they are as popular as a 'non-insurance company'. I might check out C&CC as well
  18. Would that everyone used the same name on sites
  19. Very easy to make up with some white plastic covered hardboard and some narrow timber spacers and. of course. double sided tape
  20. If you hover your cursor over a free date a pop up tells you if there are 5 or less spaces (or is it under 5)
  21. Since having a pressurised system I have had two leaks in the previous caravan. None too major with regards to damage as there was none. One was a cracked pressure relief valve and another from a joint under a bunk. The first I sorted myself whilst on site and the second whilst also on a site I 'got a man in' as my arthritic fingers would not have been flexible enough. I also passed a caravan on the cc site near Grange over Sands. Owners were out, water was dripping to the outside and pump was rattling in the aquaroll which had caused me to look as I approached. I disconnected the pump from the caravan
  22. I think that Joanie was using Irony
  23. None from my viewpoint! The difference is that the water in the pipework is always under pressure and so flow is consistent the moment you open the tap. The downside is that the pipe and joints are always under pressure an dif you get a joint leaking and the pump is switched on whilst you are away from the caravan it keeps leaking until the water container is empty and it then burns the pomp out
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