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  1. https://www.insider.com/woman-arrested-for-exercising-mentally-by-sitting-on-park-bench-2020-4
  2. They should keep if not washed. When younger I used to buy spuds by the sack and keep them in a brick built shed.
  3. If I could get a neighbour to do a weekly drop off of bread and milk, sliced meat and some spuds we could last out for about 18 days and maybe 3 weeks with imaginative meals
  4. From my insurer on 23rd April: I can’t work from home due to the nature of my job and would normally use public transport to get to work. I now need to drive – do I need to change my cover? No. If you now need to drive to your workplace, your insurance cover is still valid. You don’t need to contact us to change or extend your cover to include commuting. I’m volunteering and using my own vehicle to help others get essentials, like medicine and groceries – do I need to change my cover? No, your cover won’t be affected. You don’t need to contact us to change your cover. I’m a key worker and now need to use my vehicle for work – do I need to change my motor insurance cover? No. If you’re now using your own vehicle to drive to different locations for work purposes because of the impact of COVID-19. your cover won’t be affected. You don’t need to contact us to change your cover.
  5. Similar heading to North Wales Coast. Apparently some heading into the area have tried using the backroads after midnight Well you would not be at all conspicuous in the early hours would you on pretty much deserted roads would you Could be that BG was just agreeing with you ..... it is allowed you know and does occur
  6. That is fine Townie. No reason not to disagree. Alan
  7. I am surprised that the death toll has not been higher to date with regards to the rate of deaths. The current actions possibly will not have as much impact on the overall long term deaths but I feel might well have some effect
  8. My stance remains the same. Indeed it is in most western countries.
  9. Depends if he was wearing anything else along with his bicycle clips!!
  10. Disagree by all means but please do not insult members for expressing their view.
  11. It is very rare that anything makes me want to spit! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52216705 Well done Laura
  12. My reading of the statements from various medical sources is that whilst simple masks do not directly offer much protection to the wearer they do greatly reduce the transmission by the wearer to others and are therefore worthwhile..
  13. It is quite likely that the reason that there were less infected over the age of 60 is for a number of reasons. There are far more under age 60 mingling at the workplace and coming into contact with others than those over 60 for a start. If over 60s were advised to stay at home it would have made little difference I suspect.
  14. Or it could simply be that Germany has it yet to come. I hope not but it does seem likely
  15. Many of us have been there Bo, far more than many realise.
  16. Seems like a sound business move and certainly nothing that I would condemn. You can only buy shares if there are willing sellers.
  17. In such an instance she had contact with nobody and to be fair to her might have been considered essential to check the property. My daughter and her present boyfriend are both high risk and are presently both high risk. My daughter had been unable to work for a while (over 18 months) due to heart condition. She was hoping to find some suitable work locally when the virus became a problem for UK. Her boyfriend is being kept on the brewery payroll for the micro brewery that he works for even though they are shut down although he has popped in a couple of times to check the works as nobody else is there. At present you could consider his own bungalow out in the sticks as a 'second home' but he did visit last week to cut the grass and feed the electric meter lest it ran out of credit and his freezers shut down.
  18. The ones that have little chance of social distancing (and in many cases I suspect earning enough to buy food) are those in the many slum towns in the world.
  19. In some countries of the world it is illegal to publish 'news' whether fake or not if it does not follow the government statements (whether fake or not). I would not, therefore, relish government control of speech on the internet.
  20. I have no problem with that. Our chap comes once a fortnight with his assistant in order to keep lawns under control. He phoned last Thursday and asked if I wanted him to come. Yes I did. He arrived gloved up with a mask which he and his assistant wore to protect themselves from each other. I washed the notes for his payment along with breakfast dishes and weighted them on a patio table with a freshly washed mug. Neighbour did the same but pegged hers on the washing line.
  21. I watched a you tube video of somebody that is a full timer. There were a number of vans parked at a layby in Derbyshire. Seemed like a dead end road. A police car stopped to investigate and the driver asked some questions. The following day a police van arrived and asked more and appeared satisfied. The full timer stated that the police had closed the road to others and asked if they needed a water supply delivery. So the police might well investigate if they are able
  22. The two chaps came to mow our lawn last Friday. The boss wa wearing a good quality facemask and was gloved. We had a natter sat 3m apart on the patio. He is using the protective gear to safeguard his employee. His money, all in notes, was washed with the breakfast dishes and pinned down with a newly washed mug on the patio table for him. My neighbour had pegged his money on the washing line
  23. Early days here as Supermarkets only tried hard at the social distancing since 25th March. Went to Lidl on 28th and queue area marked off outside shops and one out and one in with a staff member controlling admission. Additional tills operating and queuing controlled there also
  24. I actually did our shop on Wednesday at local ASDA. It was fairly painless and not too busy. That was around 10am. Friday I decided that I wanted some fresh broccoli as the one in the fridge was going over. Rather than go on Saturday (when we want the broccoli) I thought that today might be better. Went to ASDA at about 10.45am and there was a 160yard queue of about 80 trolleys winding around outside. No way! Went to Lidl and there were 4 or 5 trolleys in the queue and a few minutes wait
  25. Easy T

    Nissan X-Trail

    Can't comment really. Very happy with our 2005 136bhp X-Trail
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