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  1. Fairy Nuff. That is why I said that I would wish to connect car to caravan each time so that the leisure battery was never that low to pull the car battery down
  2. Ah, back then in days of dumb fridges that worked well, gas lights, foot pumps for water and often added fluorescents everyone (mostly) ran off the car.
  3. We have carried a TV for the last 15 years. Never used more than 3 out of over 100 nights. No idea what size as I havent had it out of the cupboard in over 2 years - over 250 nights. Why do I carry it? I have no idea!
  4. Not sure what circuits pin 9 powers but it won't charge the battery in the caravan and don't most circuits work via this battery. The OP is talking of usage when leisure battery is low. If using the car battery to augment the system (and the car gets some daily use) I would want it connected most of the time during caravan battery usage rather than connecting to the caravan only when the leisure battery is really low,
  5. I personally detest TV but would be prepared to have it on in the caravan. OH watches TV after about 6.30 or 7pm at home but in the caravan is happier with her kindle and conversation.
  6. 25 years ago I toured for 7 weeks using just a plug into the back of the car. In our case it was just for the water pump and lighting and so during the summer not a lot of consumption. No LEDs then and general light was from car type bulbs. The car was used most days for at least 10 miles and we moved every 3 days.
  7. You say in opening post that the price offered by dealers was PX and based solely on that and the fact there are no movers I would not expect you to get more than £5,000
  8. Personally I would not leave any rechargeable device charging unattended.
  9. Hi Stewart. If you feel that your outfit has stability issues and you want advice on that score ai would start a new suitably titled thread and give details of car and 'van including age and weights and perhaps details of what tyres you run and tyre pressures, noseweight etc
  10. For me its better as it prevents and removes calcium build up in the cassette
  11. I agree but did not like the site. It does not warrant £30 a night for two adults in September IMO
  12. There appeared to be a number of fulltimers - some working. I used the site about 3 years ago. I shan't use it again. We were not disturbed by the full timers going to work but there was nothing to recommend the site to me. At the time I felt it was overpriced
  13. I would very much doubt it Chris
  14. I have used the present 4g one now for 2 years and usually just put it on a unit away from the windows and have no problem
  15. Most vans that I see on site have a mover!
  16. Whatever you do don't use the blue in the flush as a number have ended up with blue toilet bowls.
  17. I probably do it myself but I wasn't going to respond further Steve. I only paid for the 'five minute argument' I advise notifying the insurance that the car has a towbar fitted.
  18. Don't confuse the fact that water will run down the toilet bowl and collect on the seal after the trap is closed.
  19. I didn't say that a towball compatable with an Alko Hitch was not necessary. I simply said that they presented no problem to fitting or specifying a fixed towbar.
  20. You simply specify an Alko Tow ball. Can't say that doing so presented a problem for me
  21. Nor is there a problem 'like his' when ordering a fixed towbar.
  22. 10L + 10N + 50. L is the body length of the caravan in meters. N is the number ... Industry Payload Standard for UK touring. Caravans
  23. I certainly received substantially more than top book price when I had a car written off some 25 years ago. After the first offer from the loss adjuster I spoke to him and he agreed that the car was in fantastic condition and devoid of rust etc.
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