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  1. OK I want a tow car to tow a 1,500kg MPTLM van with a range of 200 miles. What EV do I choose. Presently for around £30k I can get a tow car and with 50/50 towing on diesel get around 35mpg. You do the maths.
  2. We have a 19 year old Yaris that does under 1,500 miles a year as a local run around. Also need a tow car for a 1,500kg MPTLm for around 6,500 miles a year.
  3. Try using a checker as too little info on Yeti version. https://towcar.info/GB/ Of course if only seasonal you could keep van weight low when initially setting up
  4. Depends on vehicle usage and annual mileage.
  5. With both the EHU off and the fire turned off if you can access the ends of the heating element there should be a measurable resistance. No doubt somebody can tell you an easier place to place probes as I don't know the layout.
  6. We never actually bother to turn our fridge to battery. Because we always go off for a lengthy time, and store at home. I put the fridge on leccy the day before off and stock. We will probably be back on EHU after 3 hours or so and thefridge is a good cool box.
  7. Normal in every caravan. The fridge will only run off the car battery and then only actually operates when he car is moving in effect. The fridge would flatten a caravan battery in no time. USe gas.
  8. Noseweight and MPTLM would be useful. And what model X-Trail whether manual or Auto.
  9. I have a black belt ....... but my trousers still fall down! ....Sorry I'll go now.
  10. Sounds a tad breezy then - definitely not bare skin weather
  11. Does it give a length in your handbook Gary? What year is it.
  12. The other consideration is that if other same model X-Trails tow OK what is different? Tyres, noseweight, wear on suspension. Not a lot else comes to mind.
  13. And don't spray lubricant into the hitch head and over the pads to free them.
  14. If dealing with awkward folk a warranty is a lot less use in many ways than your Consumer rights against the credit card company who is jointly liable with the dealership. Folk in a similar position have used Which for assistance, There are letter templates etc available.Others have gone to the caravan club for advice as a member. Others on this forum could also advise better than I having been in similar position. My only experience has been with reputable dealers who have tried to say that a manufacturers warranty does not cover necessary works or repair and I have insisted that the dealer sorts it out at his expense ad they have. Not sure how that would was with A1 Caravans but I would contact my Credit Card company and say that I wanted to reject. You have a window of opportunity to reject without allowing the dealer a chance to rectify but I am not sure how big that window is. It may be a month. The first thing is to decide what you want to achieve as an outcome.
  15. OP said 'The tyres are continentals 215/60 R17 with a 96h load rating' I don't think we know the noseweight which I think can be critical at higher speeds. Whatever. Thank you for permission to leave the thread. It was not necessary.
  16. Until the infrastructure, price and technology are all sorted there will be a reluctance to take up the EV.
  17. And over 60 years after the first powered flight took place air travel became a realistic option for many of the public.
  18. I feel it has strayed off topic as I doubt from previous posts by OP that the caravan is travelling nose up. Also given the tow car I doubt it is likely.
  19. Pt really does not bother is somebody is getting more electricity than me for the same money
  20. Seemed a pointless and impractical provision to me.
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