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  1. They used to go without any sanctions taking place, or at worst a letter, whereas now they are banned and good riddance to them,




    I think that the main problem is too many members and too few pitches - particularly in popular or sparsely served areas of the country.

    In addition I suspect that some popular sites (such as Bowness which was pretty well booked up before end of February. I found a few days together in September and booked a few other sites around it to make a 2and a half week break. I suspect that if I had tried many times to get in at a weekend as I suspect many have I would be tempted to book up a free weekend early in the year with the hope of being able to use it.


    It has reached the stage that if you want a five week break may/June and want to make it a tour using 6 or 7 sights then you are having to book by the end of January to guarantee a string of sites to suit. 15 years ago I toured for 8 weeks in popular areas and booked in advance for Friday and Saturday nights only. The bookings were made only a month in advance of the first site. Doubt I could do this now.


    Easy T




  2. Before I changed my 'van and found a motor mover was necessary I used second hand car batteries from local scrap yard (smaller the better for me). I didn't really need one with electric hook up but useful when a hook up tripped or site electrics failed to provide light or run blower on heating.


    Personally I would rather use a cheap battery than have none. A couple of years ago at Christmas the site electrics failed about 4pm when it was -14C outside. Was I glad of a battery to run the fan on the truma when I switched to gas;) - the power was out till midnight. If you don't pack a battery at least pack an extension for the grey socket to enable use of car battery if you winter camp.


    On a similar note last Christmas at Southport CC site the chap next to me had his bollard trip out. When he spoke to the warden at about 8pm the warden war irate as he said 'emergencies only out of hours'!! When it is -14C outside and your gas is low I would have thought it was an emergency. ???

  3. I'm obviously old fashioned. I have used serviced pitches but as an aquaroll of water will last more than a day for us I keep it simple. Spare cap for side of aquaroll with connector, a length of hose and an in line plastic tap valve left over from watering system fitted near the aquaroll. Once a day I open the valve and top up the aquaroll.

  4. Quoting Sam P :Having a diesel (mine) and a petrol (wifes) I always do a double take before I squeeze the triger! Not made any mistakes yet.


    Similar situation here. I managed once to make the mistake of putting the petrol filling gun into the opening of my diesel tank. Squeezed the trigger and immediatly realised the mistake and let go Fortunatley before it delivered fuel. Phew. . :rolleyes:

  5. The flap covers over water inlet points tend to be a bit brittle at their hinge pins and also soon become stiff. . I have seen a few with these broken off. It happened to me whilst still under warranty. I now lube them occasionally with silicone. No problems afterwards - free moving.

  6. When I retired 3 years ago I lost over two stone in weight. When we came to put on the motor movers using the handle provided I struggled. At first I thought it was my lack of weight :rolleyes:and then realised that the slides had not been greased during servicing. Soon sorted.

  7. Same conclusion I came to this year. previous years -8 to -10 no problem. This year -14 and lower. Waste pipe was in the water trap at top of waste master. That trap froze - bocked pipe and hose connection to sink popped filling knife draw :unsure:

  8. Push fits are also worth checking. Even though I drained my caravan system in October when we arrived on site on 20th December there was no water reaching the kitchen tap. Must have been some remaining water that had frozen. I thawed it out by opening lockers and leaving a fan heater on whilst we were out. A freze could pop joints.

  9. I have had my Charisma for 51/2 years and take the van out 6 times a year for a total of 11 weeks or so. The motor mover is used in and out of the drive and probably on 6 sites a year. Usually reverse on. The jockey wheel has an odd chip on its edge but is fine. I did consider fitting pneumatic but on the 3rd outing with the van came across a chap who had parked his van nose in and then found he had a flat tire on the jockey wheel (puncture).


    I lent him my assembly to hitch up and he had his old assembly at home. That made me reconsider.

  10. I bought the Vodafone £39 PAYG dongle with £15 credit on it about 2 years ago, the main reason for my choice was there was no expiry date for the £'s loaded. Now I still have £13 on it and it has been used for email / banking but not hours of surfing cause I can do that at home I am on Holiday :lol: Only downside for me with it is that it only works in the UK

    Same here. Paid £30 15 months ago. Still £12. 75 left. Excellent value. We use it for the odd half hour oe more on a social site and e-mails to friends.
  11. An element of discretion should remain. In the good old days (pre internet booking) if I was away for a month,it was midweek and my next hop was only 50 miles I would phone the warden and ask if I could arrive at 10am. Usually the answer was yes.


    If I am travelling say 120 miles and don't know the A roads I allow 3 hours driving plus 20 mins stops so say 31/2 hours. If the roads are particularly good I might only need 21/2 driving. If lay-bys are poor I might only want to stay 10 mins. That leaves me 50 mins to loose. How often have you neared a site looking to find a lay by only to find none in the last 20 miles. A discretion of an hour where access is not an issue is reasonable.

  12. Definitely a shortage of club sites in popular areas. We use CC and affiliated sites. At the start of January I thought that I would like to revisit the Bowness site for its location. The only 4 week days I could then get were in September. All weekends were booked up till November tine I think. I booked this before it went. A week later I booked other sites to make it part of a three week tour. The problem arises when you want to tour in England over a 4 week period for example using 6 or 7 sites and getting a sensible route and order.


    Trying to get into the likes of Chatsworth can mean organising your whole tour around it. . If more than one site is popular it becomes difficult. I think there should be a nominal,, non-refundable, deposit of say £5 on each advance booking more than 1 month ahead.


    In the case of Chatsworth and other very poular sites the bookings should be limited to either once or twice a year even if only for weekends

  13. As said above closing sites November December should not be based just on th last two years. This year we spent 8 days at the Southport Site. The site (previously fully booked) had about 25 vans. But there was 8 inches of snow on site and the approach road. , Look North news coverage of Southport the day before we went showed snow in the main streets 3 days after the fall. We thought twice

  14. tend to use the AA website and check on maps or google earth.


    The CC site is poor. Considering the size of the club there mapping provisions are very poor. At the very least they should have a map showing Principal, A and possibly B roads suitable for caravans.

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