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  1. When I bought my last two new caravans it was specified in the contract that the dealer carried out a damp check in my presence so that I could verify the readings prior to acceptance

  2. 1 hour ago, Scorpio said:

    Is it a Morco combi boiler?  If it is, they recommend keeping gas and electricity on during the winter.  This allows the automatic frost protection to operate if very low temperatures occur (this is recommended even if the system contains antifreeze); also the pump siezure protection system which runs the pump briefly once every 24 hours.

    If the site insist on gas and electricity being turned off, then these systems will not be able to operate.  Might be worth discussing it with the site management, particularly if they sold you the caravan.

    Morco Boilersrecommend that to winterise the system is drained down and anti freeze strength checked. Those of us with Alde heating in tourers know that there are two types of antifeeze. Ones with a 2 year life for anti corrosion value and ones with 7 years. 


  3. 7 minutes ago, joanie said:

    Going back to the fridge, is this a problem with all caravan slimline , tall fridges?

    I thought all van fridges were similar

    We pretty much have to use 2 pint bottles. OH has green top and I have blue and we both want a spare so that means 4 bottles.

  4. Not sure why you would need frost protection. I would assume that the heating fluid itself has an antifreeze additive? If so the only thing in need of protection would be the water pipes taps etc. 


    When you do drain down leave the taps open afterwards, and flush toilet to empty cistern. A bit of water freezing in the bottom of the cistern is unlikely to damage but if the float/syphon water freeze they might be damaged. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, VOLVOVANNER said:

    Is possible this ‘shattered glass’ effect looks worse from certain angles. Removing the plugs will def make no difference to that. Is possible heat damage if blinds have been left down in hot weather.

    It looks that way or perhaps more like a reaction to a chemical used when cleaning. I assume that the OP has not used anything like clingfilm on to protect them when towing. I have seen that done and I read that it can cause crazing also I only leave my blinds two thirds down at most and cover the remainder with a fly screen. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Squash said:

    In our Eccles 480 we have, I believe, a Dometic RML Fridge. (The tall skinny ones!)
    Standard plastic milk cartons are a tight squeeze in the bottom of the door shelf and in fact cause it to bow out. So far nothing has broken but.....................!
    Has anyone found a suitable container to decant the milk into that fits snugly in the door tray please?
    The actual width available is 83mm (3 1/4 inches)

    What size bottles are you using (volume wise)

  7. I assume your 7 to 10 metre strip lights are LED? If using them off grid that would make a saving in power usage. 

    13 minutes ago, JanandJay said:

    Are you planning on towing the said van, as 2x120ah batteries will eat into your payload considerably 

    If only needing extra power for festivals one battery could be left in the car and attached on arrival

  8. 11 hours ago, darren west said:

    anything I need to look for or avoid please ?


    Yes. I have never owned a twin axle. Would you be looking to drive one axle or both? If the former then you may struggle to find one man enough for the job as most will be rated to 1500kg and I suspect one rated higher (2000kg) will be less easy to source simply because less common. Then whether single axle motormovers can be teamed up to drive both axles I have no idea. It could be that some makes and models can and some cannot - no idea. If you are looking for suitable movers then a bit of research is required I suspect and I think that  they will be less easy to source than for your 'average' single axle . I can't advise but just some considerations. 


    If driving all axles 

    3 minutes ago, joanie said:

    are you intending to fit it ?  I'm told it's easy enough if you know what you're doing ...and there lies the rub

    It is easy enough if you have the fitting instructions and preferably 2 people to make it easier. 

  9. 4 hours ago, GMak7 said:

    Having caravanned for many years but never really in winter, and just booked a Hogmanay get away on a serviced pitch in the Scottish highlands so temperatures likely to be low, what are any winter caravanners  using to prevent the water feed hose from freezing ? 



    Not sure if you are having a supply to use via an aquaroll, but if so and weather is freezing I would simply remove supply overnight. For the last 10 years we have gone away from mid December until New Years Eve. Only once had any problems when night time temperatures were -15C overnight  and freezing all day for most of the first week. 


    On arrival water in the caravan would not work. I had drained the system but had not realised that there were two more drain points - one on hot and one on cold. This had left enough water to freeze and block the supply to sink. Washroom was OK. Fan heater on 2KW directed under front bench locker, out for a bite and all fine when we returned. The barrel outside was on a piece of 1'' polystyrene foam and wrapped in a lined with fleece and the water pipe was up the sleeve.


    Next morning I discovered a school boy error. I was using a wastemaster, not a good idea in those temperatures of itself. In the top of the wastemaster is a reservoir to make an air trap if the waste pipe descends into thereby stopping smells. That had allowed exit pipe to freeze and also the last section of the pipe under the van. Like a fool I did not realise and simply plunged the sink with something (might have been a cupped hand. This popped a joint behind knife draw or similar. Went out and returned armed with a tub of Saxa. managed to reach under via the knife  drawer and push the connector back on the drain, whacked heating up to full, poured most of the salt down via sink plug hole and went out for the day. All sorted on return. Altered pipe to wastemaster to not sit in the trap. Chap in the motorhome next to me had a full frozen aquaroll which, at my suggestion, he left in the laundry room for a couple of days to thaw. 


    Since than if cold weather likely I used a squat round bottomed bucket for waste water so that If it were to freeze I could knock it out. I always carry a 5 litre milk bottle container to fill up toilet flush (enough for our normal 5 nights and move on tour, and for emergencies. 


    I always carry a fan heater in case of heating failure as well. 



  10. 3 minutes ago, Paul1957 said:

    Mrs P has commented that now people are wearing masks in shops the 2 metre distancing seems to have gone with people getting close. The idea behind wearing them was partly to get the economy going, instead of 2 metres it became 1 metre plus the mask or other precautions. Some people did not know how far 2 m was, maybe the same ones do not know how far 1 m is.



    I did have  a chap queuing for his lottery ticket that was too close. I simply turned round and gently said 'Get Back' 


    3 minutes ago, Paul1957 said:

    Something I find odd though, some are saying to wash masks at 60°C to kill the virus but we have been told washing your hands does this but if you had to do it at 60°C it would hurt.

    No idea but when I wash my hands at the sink I get plenty of lather with a bar of soap.  Does a relatively small volume of soap in a fair quantity of water have the same effect. I don't know but would be inclined to think not

  11. 3 hours ago, PeterR said:

    The thing that has annoyed me most is ....For the whole  time period  of this pandemic the scientists and government have been telling us "wearing a face mask makes no difference?"

    And you believed them? I never did. I didn't consider wearing one as I am able to maintain distance where I go

  12. 50 minutes ago, LeadFarmer said:

    I don’t quite understand everyone’s fear of catching Covid from the toilet blocks. I’ve been using them as normal for the last few days and I can say that people get far closer to you in a supermarket than in the toilet blocks.



    Not a problem distancing in our local supermarkets.


    51 minutes ago, LeadFarmer said:

    As for Covid on the hard surfaces, the same applies to supermarkets. How many folk have handled items then put them back on the shelves before you come along and put it in your trolley?



    Would not be concerned regarding that aspect. I select stuff such as to reduce that likelihood. Same as anywhere I would sanitise at the car before driving, soap and water back at home, put stuff away and wash again 

  13. 15 hours ago, Dawney said:

    WARNING - anyone buying a Willerby caravan please note that the single metal beds have plastic inferior legs. We bought the Sheraton Elite static caravan in 2018 and found out about the bed legs a few weeks ago when I pulled one of the beds out to clean and one of the legs snapped when the bed was pushed 50cm back into position against the wall! Willerby are refusing to repair the bed and are asking us to pay £125 for a replacement. They say that these beds are standard across their range of caravans - BEWARE!!



    Are the legs like this? LINK


  14. 3 minutes ago, Dave Capiro owner said:

    Masks are now compulsory in Wales on public transport, but must be the 3 layer type, which would suggest the home made cloth type won't do.

    You home make a 3 layer one

    1 hour ago, Griff said:

    Now, with face coverings being in general use, we are happy to use general coverings but if we were to go into some environments where people were not covering up and we thought risky I would use an FFP2.

    I would simply not enter the environment

  15. 35 minutes ago, alan29 said:

    Being sited is not the same as being able to use it. Its is more like having it in storage. In my case the financial difference between storage and being able to use the van comes to £650 during the months of lock down. Not a small amount.

    The frustration is that the park owners are not communicating directly with us owners but are hiding behind the warden whoi has been told nothing.

    It may be because we are aware of VAT reductions and business rates relief that they have had from the government - we aren't stupid.

    At a time when I have had regular e-mail updates from the CEO of companies ranging from my bank to ALDI - from the CEOs mind you,  and not the local branch managers - it seems like a strange form of customer service for our site owner to remain silent.

    I an getting confused because of tourers on seasonal pitches and statics. 

    I can see why you may be upset if there is not even a token refund.

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