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  1. When you raise the front end of your'van the axle rotates within the hub attached to the caravan wheels. If your handbrake is on then it resists this movement and could lead to a false reading. Better to chock wheels and take handbrake off IMO.
  2. Easy T

    Handbrake On Or Off

    Really if handbrake off we should chock. I did have a caravan move with the legs down during a heavy gale. Only a foot and no damage.
  3. I had a minor dent low on the side. Somebody careless with a motor mover damaged awning rail and made a small dent. I had the rail replaced and the dent was covered with a side reflector with an additional matching one on the other side.
  4. Some of my favourite sites have no facilities. Some of the sites that were favourites of mine have been spoiled by the addition of toilet blocks and 'development'.
  5. I admit that after using a small portable charcoal barbecue and after we have had an evening meal I often bring it and the ashes into the porch awning. to avoid it getting rained on overnight.
  6. Personally I would prefer pitch fees to be lower and membership fees higher. I would prefer that nearly all sights were members only. However it's not a perfect world. The main thing about CC sites is that I can book on anyone of them an (with little exception) be sure of a reasonable standard.
  7. Depends what model you have. 1. 6 or 2 litre, 2 or 4 wheel drive Diesel Petrol etc. The Nissan site should tell you. If not there is a help line. http://www. nissan. ie/new_vehicles/specifications. aspx?carid=117&EngineID=26&GradeID=8
  8. If my 'van was newer I would have gone with Saga this time. They were £100 cheaper (approx) for a new for old policy but you can only have their new for old if the 'van is insured with them before it is 5years ol (mine is 6). They will give new for old till van is 10 years. The other thing in their favour was the ability to protect your no claims.
  9. Not much use if I am away for a month or more and want specific locations.
  10. Easy T

    Cadac Query

    Wouldn't any heavy grade foil on a roll do?
  11. On my CC insurance they have increased the value annually to reflect inflation. Small print . .. It is for the insured to check that the level of cover is adequate.
  12. Thanks LePhantom. I will check that out.
  13. Trouble for me would be availability. One listed supplier within 10 miles and that is 6 miles away. Also are they available on CC sites. Sadly I doubt it. Shame really.
  14. I have toyed with the idea of gaslight bottles. Normally I use a single 4. 5kg for touring 10 weeks between April and September and this normally lasts particularly as we use hook ups and have an electric hotplate as well as 3 gas burners on the stove. . At Christmas I take an extra full one and change the nearly used one before Christmas Eve. I wondered how readily available the lite ones are on CC sites and the refill cost. Thinking further though I don't suppose they would suit me. The full 6kg lite bottle must weigh 10. 5kg and the old 4. 5kg normal bottle 11kg so not much weight saving. Pity they don't do a 4. 5kg lite. If I used a 6kg bottle I would definitely change.
  15. I think that the main problem is too many members and too few pitches - particularly in popular or sparsely served areas of the country. In addition I suspect that some popular sites (such as Bowness which was pretty well booked up before end of February. I found a few days together in September and booked a few other sites around it to make a 2and a half week break. I suspect that if I had tried many times to get in at a weekend as I suspect many have I would be tempted to book up a free weekend early in the year with the hope of being able to use it. It has reached the stage that if you want a five week break may/June and want to make it a tour using 6 or 7 sights then you are having to book by the end of January to guarantee a string of sites to suit. 15 years ago I toured for 8 weeks in popular areas and booked in advance for Friday and Saturday nights only. The bookings were made only a month in advance of the first site. Doubt I could do this now. Easy T
  16. I plug mine into caravan 12 volt and take it through the side windows. Wouldn't entertain a foot pump these days. The old right knee aint as good as it used to be.
  17. Before I changed my 'van and found a motor mover was necessary I used second hand car batteries from local scrap yard (smaller the better for me). I didn't really need one with electric hook up but useful when a hook up tripped or site electrics failed to provide light or run blower on heating. Personally I would rather use a cheap battery than have none. A couple of years ago at Christmas the site electrics failed about 4pm when it was -14C outside. Was I glad of a battery to run the fan on the truma when I switched to gas;) - the power was out till midnight. If you don't pack a battery at least pack an extension for the grey socket to enable use of car battery if you winter camp. On a similar note last Christmas at Southport CC site the chap next to me had his bollard trip out. When he spoke to the warden at about 8pm the warden war irate as he said 'emergencies only out of hours'!! When it is -14C outside and your gas is low I would have thought it was an emergency. ???
  18. We stopped using pink top flush due to gungy bits. Will try the Elsan. Thanks
  19. I'm obviously old fashioned. I have used serviced pitches but as an aquaroll of water will last more than a day for us I keep it simple. Spare cap for side of aquaroll with connector, a length of hose and an in line plastic tap valve left over from watering system fitted near the aquaroll. Once a day I open the valve and top up the aquaroll.
  20. Quoting Sam P :Having a diesel (mine) and a petrol (wifes) I always do a double take before I squeeze the triger! Not made any mistakes yet. Similar situation here. I managed once to make the mistake of putting the petrol filling gun into the opening of my diesel tank. Squeezed the trigger and immediatly realised the mistake and let go Fortunatley before it delivered fuel. Phew. .
  21. The flap covers over water inlet points tend to be a bit brittle at their hinge pins and also soon become stiff. . I have seen a few with these broken off. It happened to me whilst still under warranty. I now lube them occasionally with silicone. No problems afterwards - free moving.
  22. Easy T

    Motor Mover

    When I retired 3 years ago I lost over two stone in weight. When we came to put on the motor movers using the handle provided I struggled. At first I thought it was my lack of weight :rolleyes:and then realised that the slides had not been greased during servicing. Soon sorted.
  23. I suppose base lockers get a good air flow. Other cupboards may not. My fridge always gets a bit grotty if I leave it stored with the door closed.
  24. Same conclusion I came to this year. previous years -8 to -10 no problem. This year -14 and lower. Waste pipe was in the water trap at top of waste master. That trap froze - bocked pipe and hose connection to sink popped filling knife draw
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