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  1. Yerbut if customer doesn't notice iy is win win for the dealer. Bought in at a reduced price to reflect the work that needs doing and if buyer doesn't complain more profit. ... am I being cynical??
  2. 15 mins seems plenty of time. ,,, I am a male
  3. Give us a clue . .. what page
  4. A refund is always possible. Depends on the dealer.
  5. I don't think it would be the best choice. First find the caravan you might want. Check out it's MTPLM and then think about the tow car. Do not put the cart before the horse. Sorry! In this case do put the cart before the horse. In my case my previous caravan had a MTPLM of less than 1000kg. OH and I decided to buy a new van. We wanted one where we had full length bunks and the ability to make the 'end' bed up wgilst still having the front long bunks. Charisma 540 suited us. Unladen weight 1175kg. plus motor mover at 35kg = 1210kg. Spare wheel and carrier (in original ? don'y know. If not another 30kg) MTPLM 1400kg, if not loaded to capacity say actual weight 1350kg. Recommendation nose weight between 5% and 7% ie between 67. 5kg and 94. 5kg. I decided that a permissible noseweight for the tow car of 100kg was desirable. The other recommendation is that the ratio of tow car weight to caravan should be such that caravan is 85% of tow weight] This meant kerb weight of tow car of 1590kg. or more. 75kg nose weight not an option for me.
  6. hmm you may well be right Susa. Easy T
  7. The original poster was told on arrival. As we don't know how much the site fees were it is difficult to know if this was OTT. As far as any discretionary service charge is concerned I do not pay it. I may well tip but on my own terms. I agree that it would have been preferable to know at the time of booking.
  8. How long has he had the van. Has warranty expired? If it has still worth talking to the dealer.
  9. Just a tip for next time. When I put a deposit on the present van dealer wanted £600 deposit (5% of price). I said I haven't got £500 until my bond matures in a couple of weeks. I offered £200 which was accepted - after all they want to make a sale. I am a little surprised at your dealers attitude. I would have though he might have offered to return 50% or transfer the deposit to another van if he had one suitable.
  10. The other factor to consider with a suitable tow car to tow the 'van of your choice is the car manufacturers max towbar load. It would be very difficult to load my caravan to obtain less than 75lg noseweight. Many cars are limited to 75kg. I think that the mondeo might be limited to 75kg.
  11. Cold?? At night In the UK in the last month. Your having a laugh surely my man. Caravans are generally better insulated than cars. Seen much condensation inside your car lately ?
  12. I agree. First fing the 'van then find the tow car.
  13. Good advice. A friend was buying a 3 year old eldis 2 years ago. He had seen the van and really liked it. He wanted to live in it for 6 months whilst having work done on his home and use it for touring afterward. He asked me what I thought of the price. I said it was a little over the top and unless he was desperate for that particular van - as it was near the end of October to offer 30% less and let the offer stand. 5 Weeks later the offer was accepted. The original guarantee was 6 months. He negotiated for 12 months saying that by the time he was ready to use it and find any faults the guarantee would otherwise have elapsed.
  14. We have a pair of 20 inch wheel raleigh folding bikes with 6 speed shimano gears (may be 8 speed not sure and they are packed away at the moment). They are very rideable on the flat and not too severe hills. We are not serious cyclists. I bought them 3 years ago. They were £150 each from a local cycle shop. Halfords were a similar price but I like to support smaller traders. I did a deal and got 2 for £265. I offered £260 originally and the store said OK £265 and we will throw in a cycle repair kit.
  15. I just take the van part way up the ramp and use motor on the unramped wheel to adjust the angle in stages as I progress. No real problem.
  16. Ask the people you bought it from or manufacturer ?
  17. Easy T


    Hope you don't really have to use them again and again The only problem I had was 10 years ago. Said I wasn't covered. I said I was. A simple job just wanted a heater hose bypassing. They said OK we will come out and sort the details after your holiday. Few weeks later I got their bill. Phoned them Sorted - the registration number was mistyped. I find they are good value. Cover me and OH for any car plus extras just over £100.
  18. In the past I caravanned without electric hook up and without onboard battery. I am sure many of my age have. As on many sites the fees included hook up I fitted electrics in my previous van for the convenience of running fridge on electric, having a few spotlights for reading, plugging in radio and boiling kettles etc. Generally used the 12 volt lighting and waterpump. Grey extension lead to the car (I carried two that I could join up if parking was awkward). Prior to fitting electrics and before I lost my wife we went away with our 13 year old daughter for 7 weeks without a problem. The biggest drain on the car battery would have been the old style CRT type TV. daughter was limited to 2 hours per day (ish) - modern tv probably uses less. As the car was used most days, albeit just to local shops, it was never a problem. We generally stayed on a site for 4 or 5 days and then travelled 50 to 70 miles to the next. Main lighting was strip and these probably used less power. A useful link on how much power various devices consume might be this one http://www. a-tconsulting. co. uk/caravan_tech/no_hookup. html . Can't beat checking your own devices though.
  19. I would never use my torque to undo a bolt. Don't forget that they are reversible and that bolts (OK not on wheels) but elsewhere can be right or left hand thread.
  20. Hey your a lady Ellen. That's understandable. OH is just the same.
  21. When I drive on motorways I set my cruise control to 63, I think speedo is a tad optimistic. This means that I am occasionally overtaking HGV's and some slower cars. I prefer that to having HGV's just crawl past me and then cut in removing my braking safety margin.
  22. The fact that purging for a few seconds seems to cure the problem suggests too me its within your caravan pipework. . When you run the water off the system it doesn't empty all the water pipes in the caravan. They are usually not level enough to drain and I don't think that on mine their is a drain point for the cold - just the hot water tank. Water will lie in there, mixed with air and stagnate I would think. We had a similar problem a few years ago and filled the aquaroll with Puriclean and water. We slowly fed this through the system by running some water off through the cold taps, This was to fill the pipes. every few hours we repeated over a couple of days until we got bored and then flushed through with fresh water. The problem never recurred.
  23. When I caravan in winter I always carry a grey lead extension to connect car and caravan. If ther is a power failure on site due to the weather I can use gas heating but wan't to make sure I have plenty of power backup.
  24. Depends what the main nightly fee was. Was the shower clean. Someone has to pay for maintenance and clean it etc. If the fee for two people was reasonable I wouldn't quibble. It all depends. On a site I used about 10 years ago on a regular basis the showers were token operated. I used to use two a day and probably cost me 80p then. Probably over a pound today. So it I had been a family of 3 maybe £2. 50. I had no complaints as his site fees were very good and as I was a regular he used to store my Van free of charge in the season. Need o look at things in the round. The other side of the coin is that many people prefer or are happy to use their own facilities and so you may say that rather than charge folk for what they don't require it is better to charge those that do require it.
  25. The area around Southport and Formby provides some good areas to walk and run a dog but no mountains
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