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  1. Some seem to find CMC cover dearer - I didn't. Some seem to find C&CC cheaper - I didn't. Not everyone as the same experience with such products
  2. I checked out CCC a couple of weeks backs whilst looking for insurance. I am sure that they provide Insurance to non-members. As a regulated company there is no reason why they wouldn't. The CMC can't do so as a mutual insurance company it can only sell to members Responders were mislead by the original thread title if that answers your smart comment
  3. If you don't like it there are plenty of other tracks that you can enjoy rather than moan about this one. Did you have anything to add worth reading?
  4. No as the fact that it is no longer 'insurance' but a non regulated cover product means that it is only available to members. There is a term that I forget!
  5. above the door works fine for me
  6. Off topic but: 17 years ago I bought a folding digital alarm clock with a built in thermometer for my other half before she moved in with me. In 17 years not only has it kept perfect time but it is still the original battery.
  7. Never had a problem either. I just add 2 degrees onto desired temperature when setting. I think that it may be possible to adjust the temperature offset but have never seen the need
  8. Yep mine is hidden in that way also. I discovered it a few months ago
  9. The Huawei I have is 4g but before that I had a 3G one. It was fine. The only reason that I changed was that I had a friend who had to go into a nursing home for a while and the room he had did not pick up the building wifi. I gave him by router with about 18gb data on and bought the 4g for our next tour. The later one is definitely heavier and I assume a larger battery.
  10. Oh dear, Oh dear. A lame pedant is a sad thing indeed. A plug socket is a socket that accepts a plug and is normally thought of as an electrical component . An eye socket accepts an eye, a plug blocks a sink. There are many forms of socket but only a plug socket is thought of as accepting an electrical plug
  11. We have occasionally used a 2 for 1 offer but I didn't join CMC for offers
  12. Huawei E5577- 4G for me as well. Very pleased.
  13. How do you fancy an eight foot wide van?
  14. You don't have to go elsewhere Arnie. I merely asked, in view of the storage increase, why you did not. Is there nowhere better?
  15. So why don't you go elsewhere Arnie?
  16. I am happy to pay an extra £2 a year. I am sure I can find the additional 4p a week somewhere in my budget
  17. Personally I have no doubt that they will respond to genuine claims and I do not think it is a question of trust either.
  18. I think that the OP's car has 120bhp and should have no significant problem in that regard.
  19. or a lower gear perhaps. Personally I don't see any substantial issue
  20. A point that, as would most salesman; the club have carefully avoided addressing with any response. In fact I would go as far as to suggest that some of the clubs statements could be misread as saying that they had addressed that issue. The cynic in me says that is intentional so as not to discourage prospective customers. After all sales managers want to hit higher targets year on year
  21. The reasons for your witch are very relevant Ern
  22. Neither you nor the club seem to realise what it is that concerns those members that have decided to look elsewhere for insurance. It is not about the club being unable to pay out, in my case .it is not about the club not paying out. It is simply of a dispute which might be over the level of payment awarded. Others have similar concerns in case of a dispute. simplest way to satisfy those concerns is to go elsewhere
  23. Eye sockets aren't. Neither are light sockets! So, indeed plug sockets are designed for plugs!
  24. I have certainly done that Reggie. ..... once or twice ..... or is it more!
  25. I would not fancy using stuck onto plastic bowl. Not tried and I doubt many have
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