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  1. Never had fridge problems with air temperatures outside down as low as -15c and no vent covers. The only time I have had a problem is with low internal temperature within the caravan itself.
  2. As travel no longer has to be essential in England, assuming that you are in England, then why not?
  3. Perhaps the German government is more optimistic
  4. I disagree totally S&S but will leave it at that having posted my view earlier
  5. To be fair to Boris, there was no way that Boris could have simply given all the relevant information in a relatively short TV broadcast and the chances of folk retaining such information correctly would have been mimal.
  6. It takes just over two weeks from month end for the ONS to post the previous month's figures. A post of mine on another forum.: I have read people complaining that the government is hiding the true death rate by only reporting the confirmed cases which are largely in hospitals. I doubt that these figures are false but they are merely indicative of the deaths occurring. Deaths in the wider community are reported by the public and this information is collated and published on the government Office of National Statistics website. They show that for 3,900 total deaths in March, including in hospital, that Covid19 was referenced on the death certificate. The total Hospital deaths for that period 1019. As when Covid 19 is referenced outside hospital it is generally not been tested for but merely the suspected cause (other viruses are available during March) the 3,900 figure is likely to be slightly exaggerated but I would suspect that there were two deaths outside hospital for every one inside. It is quite possible that the total Covid19 deaths are close to 50,000 to 60,000. Edited to add that the above figures for ONS data do not represent the full story as the figure that I quoted excludes Scotland and Northern Ireland and so the full extent of deaths is likely to be a lot higher.
  7. From what I have read from hospital doctors the shortage of oxygen is not down to delivery as such. The problem was largely due to the fact that nowadays instead of oxygen bottles on wards it has been piped through a system to the wards. The flow rate available is limited if there are more patients using it than the system is designed for.
  8. By then this CVD19 will be an old friend and, I suspect, still present
  9. Would you consider any source as unimpeachable? I certainly would not. Maybe the govermant thinks it to be bad for morale to say, in so many words, 'yep we really are struggling to spin all the plates with regard to the economy and as for obtaining PPE it is a nightmare and many countries are struggling on that front. Most like us admit it is difficulty but none say that they cannot cope. We would like the population to use masks bu we really need every source that we can get and so won't advise there more general use'
  10. And they would, of course, be reliable Turkish sources ...... albeit not named or further qualified in anyway. All countries have struggled to keep ahead of the game when this virus took off in the respective communities. Germany seems to have fared better but only time will tell. I doubt that any government in UK would have been able to do much more.
  11. There is and it is already happening in some areas of North Wales from reports of what my daughter has seen.
  12. No and I doubt that will happen. The vaccine is likely too far off to make that feasible. The best we could hope for in my opinion is an increase in home production of PPE, continuing with the present reduction in rate of increase until the system can perhaps cope with more cases requiring hospitalisation ......... and yes I know that requires staffing.
  13. Locally, around me and through the local town, cycling is safer than it ever has been. So little local traffic. When I do my shopping it is probably about a 3 mile round trip but I have got into the habit of driving through the local small town along what would be a busy road normally and out past a local (presently closed) country park and back. Makes an additional 4 miles on my trip. However the traffic is such that I notice that I am doing 20mph generally and there is nobody behind to be held up. I did notice on the last trip that there was a queue of about 20 people waiting to access our local Natwest bank
  14. There seems a variance across the UK. Very quiet roads her and few walking and those that are seem to be doing it for exercise
  15. No dogs but thought that exceptions to staying home were exercise (once a day in Wales), dog walking, essential shopping and medical etc. I was unaware that dog walking counted as exercise also. As I say only once a day exercise in Wales
  16. It has a long way to go though as additional states go through similar to those already affected I suspect.
  17. I thought that individual state governance was making their own decision?
  18. I doubt that they have an individuals name on them and site night and other vouchers could be
  19. No vouchers here That is just as unlikely to be the case then as now. Older people are under the same conditions as younger people. They are additionally advised to stay isolated and not to go out for shopping or exercise but the decision is theirs
  20. When I go out twice a week it is for shopping. I used to go once a week and visit Lidl where I generally prefer the meats and some other items, and Asda that meets my other requirements. I decided a couple of weeks ago that as I visited both stores and both are within 1.5miles that my exposure would be just the same going on separate days. Once a week for the last 3 weeks I have driven an extra 2 miles out and in to see how the queues are passing Morrisons and to see how busy things are on the road and through the local obe street town on route. Virtually no traffic at around 10am as I have driven at a leisurely 20mph. When I go to Lidl I often use about 0.5 mile of local dual carriageway which i pretty much devoid of cars at 9.30am as it is at 10am when passing alongside. The town mainstreet usually has about 8 people or so and as there are three banks, an Iceland and a couple of small supermarkets that seems few.
  21. Mine is probably stamped on bottom but I can't read it
  22. With both of my daughters I got them a debit card for a bank account when they reached reached 14. Money was paid in by standing order monthly and so it was up to them to budget for things like when they were off school and not away with us in particular. Seems to have worked
  23. I don't know if I saw the same report, The one that I saw referred only to one particular infection control hospital
  24. It was the police who presumably chose to spend their time with her rather than her contacting the police
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