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  1. You will not be liable. If he undertakes warranty work it is for the manufacturer not you ....... you are not the client in this regard. It does not speak well with regard to the dealer's honesty.
  2. Also I find the 3.9kg bottles easier to position because of their size and not just the weight
  3. What we don't know though is why it was disconnected!
  4. Is it a continuous rattling type banging, a single bang when you turn on the tap or occasional bangs when water is continuing to flow through an open tap?
  5. They are no doubt able but don't want the job. Many larger dealers are the same.
  6. Indeed the warranty often serves only to recompense the dealer in many such cases. When it was bought and the nature of the problem is relevant.
  7. If it is a hatchback I would drop seats and enter and try yo lever catch from there or, at least ibvestigate further, mybe rip bag and pull offending bits out at least.
  8. I don't expect to live that long and still be mobile.
  9. I did not say that it was not desirable and practical for you - only that it was not necessarily desirable or practical - depends on individual circumstance
  10. Yes I am under the impression that it is council owned.
  11. Rarely visit motorway fuel stations. If I do it would be with a caravan in tow and probably once every 3 years on somewhere like a 250 mile run. Fill tank, use loo and stretch legs. Never use service area these days. I have also never found the pumps very busy and so if we want to use the loo I don't feel under pressure to clear the pumps. OH goes whilst I fill and then I pay and use loo.
  12. Feasible is not the same as desirable or practical though
  13. I doubt it David. I was there last year and was only aware of 4 or so grass pitches outside the main site. The main site is tight with cars parked across fronts of outfits. It strikes me that if they are putting new pitches in it must be an expansion
  14. I am sure hat you have a point to make but don't fancy a 1 hour video. Is there a precis?
  15. Doubt that there is any manufacturer's warranty as some are restricted to 6 years on the water ingress warranty when transferred to a second owner. Not sure about Swift
  16. They will doubtless nearly all be pay at the 'pump' to shave time off Of course not as for many firms these vehicles would be a white elephant. 150 miles, laden presumably, what range in sleet and snow in the depths of winter with lights on I wonder?
  17. Personally I would be happy with 50kg. But would suck it and see.
  18. Our experience of caravan showers is limited. Don't think we have used ours in the last 5 years as we are happy with a strip down was for the 5 days we may be on a non facility site. However OH used the shower in our then caraban 8 years ago, daily for around several weeks whilst I was doing reconstruction and refit in our bathroom and toilet. She would get through over 17 litres of water as at least a third of the aquaroll each session. ................ I was rammy and stripped off stood in a large builders bucket of warm water to get clean whilst the barbie was burning ready for evening meal.
  19. A piece of old leather belt stuck to the jaws of molegrips sounds better than wood indeed.
  20. Or maybe sheet metal clamps on the similar principle but with ability to spread the load wider
  21. And probably hence the name of Titan.
  22. Maybe start a new thread and give more detail such as, assuming it is a full awning the length of your 'van body, is it poled or air. All modern poled awnings take a similar time to erect depending on 'van size. Longer on a twin axle 6 berth than on a small 2 berth
  23. I would go with mole grips and wood taped to their faces to protect the rail. You can preset to give the amount of closing you want then.
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