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  1. Don't switch leccy hob on too long as there is no interlock! I use ours a lot also. It may be slower to heat up but for some things I find it better. If I am doing an oven top casserole type thing I find that even with thick base stainless steel pans it is difficult to set the gas to just tick over slowly.
  2. I plan much of my holidays late November for the forthcoming years. This year I have/will have used 22 sites on planned tour routes. 11 of these have been cc sites, 6 CCC sites, 4 commercial sites and 1 CL. I want these sites at a specific location at a specific time and each for 5 nights. If I could not book a cc site ahead I would have to book elsewhere. My proportion of sites for the previous year was similar with one less cc site and one more commercial I also have a 15 night stay on a single cc site in December.
  3. No idea what site he is on. No idea why there should be a problem whichever side his door is on
  4. If there is nobody in the front of the van and the rear steadies are up I see no problem with that. I think the jockey wheel is easier though!. I use a drill with the torque set to a suitable limit and have done on three caravans without problem. Just depends on the torque setting.
  5. We are not big eaters these days ..... particularly me. We will have some tinned stuff in the van always. Red Salmon, a couple small tins of baked beans, Jar of hot dog sausages, Tin of cream, tin of, processed peas, small bottle red and white wine for cooking and apart from small sauce bottles, pickle or chutney and some mayo not much else beyond tea and coffee. Before we set off I usually put into the fridge a couple of little gems, a bag of salad leaves, cheese, bacon, butter, a couple packs sliced meat, 2 small carrots maybe spring onions and cucumber. Maybe some pate and some snacky slices of salami etc. Put a couple of meals worth of meat in. Breads, crackers, digestives. Milks will travel in cool box and some new potatoes, few onions, some garlic and half a dozen eggs into wet locker. In the car also have a box of 24 diet cokes and 4 litres of scotch.
  6. I seem to remember it being said about winding down stradies - 'Down to the ground and once around'.
  7. Having had a similar separation with kids in the past it would be my preference also
  8. If people are unclear about the petition it does not bode well
  9. Looking at the actual car weight I would have thought a good match - what is the hitch permitted load?
  10. If that is what you like it seems a fair price. I don't go away until 27th August and was last away on 27th July. My next stays at cc sites will be £26 or less for the two of us. And for me the facilities on cc sites provide what I want. We are all different and there are many who have no desire for bars and restaurant. I move every 5 days to another site using a mix of cc, CCC and private sites. I don't find the private sites generally to be as good with regard to the facilities that I actually want and generally no cheaper. If there is a cc site where I wish to be that will usually be my first choice. With age discount the CCC sites are cheaper but there are a number of factors that make them second choice. As I said earlier we are all different
  11. Serviced pitches are £3.90 a night extra I think. If you do not waqnt a service pitch then change on arrival if non serviced available. I booked a service pitch in error a few years ago!
  12. Don't know how you could possibly beat that price!
  13. It can be done! A driver delivered a new caravan to the dealership that I use and was panicking because that is exactly what had happened. Paperwork and keys in kitchen sink/ I told him not to worry as service department would take a minute to retrieve keys.
  14. I have felt that CCC sites are dearer than CMC sites if it were not for age discount for us
  15. I think that is a good solution depending on caravan and the frames are adjustable for width. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NRS-M66613-Mowbray-Toilet-Frame/dp/B00C26OQMI/ref=asc_df_B00C26OQMI/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310705025920&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14010173738129206567&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1007422&hvtargid=pla-406164188113&psc=1&th=1&psc=1
  16. Our Lunae ES is a 3 berth with a payload of 135kg but we were able to upgrade by 100kg to 235kg. Very few UK vans provide that sort of upgrade to their ridiculously low payload that has to include battery, additional gas and motormovers in most cases
  17. I am not surprised. It has never been a greatly popular family area. Our caravan trips comprise of 3 tours of between 4 and 7 weeks plus a 15 night chill out in December over Christmas. We are away 120+ nights in the caravan. We don't tour through August but that is not so much due to cost as needing to sort out the garden etc and avoid the busiest times on some sites. At the times we travel using a mixture of sites the cc sites have not been as dear as many private sites. Probably averaged at £25 a night. When I had children we used to also tour moving on at least every 4 nights, We would often stay for 9 nights though at a particular site which was then non facility. Not for what the site offered, although it was pleasant enough, but for a nearby quiet beach with a long shallow area, good rock pools, good fishing and good sized prawns. We always used this site when tides were highest and therefore low tides lowest uncovering many more rocks to investigate. We occasionally stopped on sites with swim pools etc but sites where never a destination but a general location.
  18. Dream on as if we are talking UK caravans as few will have a MPTLM that can be uprated beyond 100kg and many far less.
  19. Many UK caravans will not have a weight upgrade of 100kg available. Most are likely to vary between none and 60kg but in my opinion well worth checking out for your make and model.
  20. Before my partner moved in with me I bought a good stainless steel pan set as I also did a lot of cooking there and wanted decent pans. I also replaced the kitchen We use those pans ..... kitchen sink was sold with her house!
  21. A problem that folk reported with thee
  22. Nowt worse than amateurs. About 10 years ago somebody broke into 4 caravans on our street including my neighbour on either side. They were probably put off mine by the locked 5 bar gate, the sign saying 'Beware of the Dog' and the fact that the door is opposite the kitchen window with internal kitchen light on and outside lights as well. (We had not had a dog for many years but had renewed the sign). The only good point was that the person breaking in had inserted a tool between door and frame and presumably hit it with a hammer to break the lock catch and so minimal damage to neighbours vans.
  23. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor using the fob on the Stinger 310 to help to eliminate the effect of bright sunlight amongst other things. Also when an alarm goes off the beep code gives indication of cause - one being low battery I think, https://sargentltd.co.uk/tech-support/article/21/download/215
  24. What caravan and model/age? Ours has a Sargent alarm system and if it goes off then when you turn the alarm off there are a number of beats from the system that depending on how many beeps tells you why it has gone off. We had a problem with ours and the alsem 'box of tricks' was replaced. After a period it started going off. I found out about the beep codes and determined that it was a battery problem. When the new alarm gubbins was fitted their was an internal slide switch that was not turned on and which allowed the internal rechargeable battery to be charged from the caravan system. So how old is the van and what make alarm?
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