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  1. I had a static on a residential site many years ago. The steady legs were not used on the sited van at all. Supported on breeze blocks the same as the axle tube.
  2. In really nice condition £3,000 might be possible but that one looks pretty poor. Looking at the overall condition I suspect that it might have stood a while and need money spending on it before being able to tow it away. If it were mine I would be offering it for a £50 donation to a charity if somebody wanted a project.
  3. In my experience there are two different isolator keys. Find an image online of the one that you have and I will look for an image of the other.
  4. When I bought a two bedroom static for my wife and daughter when I was away much of the time at college I bought the residential version that came with a 3 piece cottage suite and large coffee table and large two door storage unit in a corner of the room. There was a 4 seat kitchen dining area that did have storage under and would have made up into a double bed. The holiday version as opposed to the residential version had built in furniture ad, I think, less insulation.
  5. It would probably take 20 mins to reach 240c. When did you put Pizza in and where abouts? Near the top?
  6. Ours is all in gas mark settings. I suspect that Pizza would be about gas mark 4 (180 C). I find that I normally knock it up a mark to 5 (190). Our oven looks the same a yours. I also add about 30 to 50% to cooking times. The ovens that I had in vans before 2005 were better than later ones.
  7. I did not think there was a stipulation that one must be on a caravan either unless a commercial vehicle. The police know whether to prosecute for speeding or not changes should be registered but probably the class will remain the same
  8. As far as I am aware they also require it to be a high top and to have an awning fitted.
  9. You no doubt have a specific reason for want to turn it. My caravan comes in forwards and goes out backwards. I would not want anybody turning a twin axle on my bitumen macadam driveway. It was properly constructed by a good firm 25 years ago but it would do it no good at all.
  10. Yep I think it is 2 or 5 years Griff 'to winterise the system is drained down and anti freeze strength checked' That reads badly! I mean the water system drained down not the heating system.
  11. Just that you have to notify changes
  12. Ask Cteck. https://www.ctek.com/uk/contact-us
  13. I suspect that £550 for outside storage is about par for the course.
  14. Not really your insurance could specify a chain around front wheel. a chain around back wheel or both as options. On my insurance I choose to use alarm, don't choose to use tracker, choose to use Al-Ko hub lock, don't choose to use a hitch lock as my arthritic hands find this awkward. A neighbour chose to use a hitch lock and not a wheel lock
  15. When I bought my last two new caravans it was specified in the contract that the dealer carried out a damp check in my presence so that I could verify the readings prior to acceptance
  16. I can't claim it was an original idea Gary but it has proved useful.
  17. I use two lengths. One 32mm and the other 38 or 40mm. One slides over the other. The smaller diameter has a chord yo fit over the tap and they are an interference fit making it a telescopic pipe.
  18. Morco Boilersrecommend that to winterise the system is drained down and anti freeze strength checked. Those of us with Alde heating in tourers know that there are two types of antifeeze. Ones with a 2 year life for anti corrosion value and ones with 7 years. http://www.morcoproducts.co.uk/resources/Winterisation_of_Centrally_Heated_Holiday_Homes.pdf
  19. Yes it is. What sort of movers are you using, are they on one or both axles? If only one axle is powered is it front or rear?
  20. I thought all van fridges were similar We pretty much have to use 2 pint bottles. OH has green top and I have blue and we both want a spare so that means 4 bottles.
  21. Not sure why you would need frost protection. I would assume that the heating fluid itself has an antifreeze additive? If so the only thing in need of protection would be the water pipes taps etc. When you do drain down leave the taps open afterwards, and flush toilet to empty cistern. A bit of water freezing in the bottom of the cistern is unlikely to damage but if the float/syphon water freeze they might be damaged.
  22. Could try reclaimed spares sites This site has a number of Fleetwood windows. I have dealt with them a year ago and they were excellent to deal with. https://sfmcaravans.co.uk/collections/parts-spares
  23. It looks that way or perhaps more like a reaction to a chemical used when cleaning. I assume that the OP has not used anything like clingfilm on to protect them when towing. I have seen that done and I read that it can cause crazing also I only leave my blinds two thirds down at most and cover the remainder with a fly screen.
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