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  1. Motor Insurance has different legal requirements that CMC could not meet easily
  2. No idea who they appealed to but, no matter. Their appeal should have been successful as the fact that they had no wheel locks fitted was not a salient point as they would still have been fire damaged anyway.
  3. I have no idea either. The club insurance representative stated that the cover was unregulated, backed by a group policy in case they could not pay out and that Devitts were employed as claims handler and that it was underwritten by the club.
  4. I think that CMC have sufficient funds and that they will remove the restrictios when the weather becomes drier.
  5. The restriction applies to all of Lincolnshire, The Midlands and South Yorks. I doubt that the restrictions would cause many folk a problem as it applies to new policies taken out at present and there can be few who would take one out unless, perhaps, they stored outside those areas and are not likely to tour until those restrictions are lifted. I personally would go elsewhere in any event if looking for a new policy at present
  6. Also there are more awning than non-awning pitches usually and so booking an awning pitch gives more choice of pitches
  7. On the right hand column on this webpage David https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/caravan-cover/caravan-cover-documents/
  8. Hopefully, on re-reading it may not affect renewals? Dunno. What I would expect though is that with such a restriction is that most folk would look elsewhere for a policy. CMC might just as well suspended the sales of new policies until such time as they are prepared to offer propper cover to touring caravans
  9. It only effects renewals or new cover. I wonder if those about to renew have been informed? I have already arranged cover elsewhere as I am soon to renew. If I had not already decided to jump ship I would have done after that announcement. It is one thing to impose that on new business but, in my view, not on to impose it on existing policies at renewal
  10. As far as I am aware Devitt do not underwrite Caravan Cover but act as claims handlers working to CMC guidance.
  11. Easy T


    We two have no need to open windows etc as there is adequate passive ventilation through the closed vents and other points.
  12. I had an older Alde system in 2012 and a newer one 2018. You can't choose no hot water' If water cpnnected it will be heated
  13. I really doubt that there would be a dispute with a claim unless you had broken T&Cs but before the introduction of the Ombudsman I took legal action against an insurance company. I wish there had been a legal ombudsman then. I wa sbeing less than I should have been ay a pay out to the tune - in today's money of over £5,000
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