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  1. You have not answered my question Clive but the weight limits have
  2. No idea where you store but, if you were out in the car with the caravan on site and the car broke down in a bad way would they repatriate you with the caravan, return you home when ready and then take your car to your garage?
  3. You are not kidding! We bought a new caravan in 2005 and had a truma manual engage mover fitted. I retired (effectively) December 2007 and was overweight at nearly 14 sones. Over the next 3 months I dropped 3.5 stones easily with regular walks and no snacking. I found the motormover hard to put on with the socket and lever provided and initially put it down to my reduced weight. After the next trip of about 7 sites that April/May I sprayed with motorcycle chain lubricant. Next usage it was so easy that I nearly buried my nose into the tarmac. Every time it went for its annual service I added lubricating the motormover and the spare wheel carrier (not charged but both were done). No problems afterwards.
  4. I've replaced a number of clutches out of necessity as I used to do work on cars as a side line but never a problem on my own car's clutch.
  5. I use what appears to be the same kit. Mine is in black. I think that mime is Huawei E5577. I paid about £65 to buy it on Amazon about a year ago (unlocked) to replace a 3G version that I gave to a friend. For me having one on contract would have been needless and more expensive. We typically use it on a 30 day, 35 day and 45 day tour each year mixed in with using included wifi on some sites as well as us having one subscription to cc wifi between the two of us. During the last 12 months I used EE prepaid Sim (from Argos) which is currently £40 for 24gb that has a lifetime of 12 months. I use the internet a lot of an evening whereas my OH tends to read. We don't watch TV. Of the 24gb there was 1.5gb unused at the end of the 12 months. Any youtube that I want to catch up on I tend to do using site wifi rather than our data. We are away 15 nights in December but on a cc site. As we spend around 60 nights on cc sites it is still worth us having one of their annual passes. Probably breaks even cost wise with our usage compared to our own data. When we were away over last Christmas the site wifi was rubbish for 2 nights but fine for the other 13. A useful point is that when we go out for the day we put the mifi unit and a tablet in the car. Useful if we decide that we want to find a place of interest if we have a change of plans whilst out.
  6. I don't know whether you use the cc wifi David. I do, as well as also using our mobile router. I occasionally watch some youtube clips and have no problem with doing so on club wifi and no buffering. I did reduce the quality settings for viewing on my tablet rather than on 21'' screen mainly to reduce data usage. As Billy says the club's wifi provider does disable access to comments on Youtube.
  7. There may be some truth in that. I have towed with manual cars for 35 out of the last 38 years and never had clutch problems thankfully. On the present car, although I have 4 wheel drive available, I rarely use it other than in bad road conditions and have certainly spun the front tyres a time or three on steep hill starts. The present car has done 90k and 40k of that has been towing. Not sure if there is any better advice than yours Stevan if OP wants to retain his present car. I think from the initial post that he has bought a three year old car. He does not mention its mileage and presumably has no idea how it was driven or used previously or how good the clutch and pressure plate was.
  8. The site that they mainly use has storage so they could do that and my neighbour knows that I have made the offer to tow before but I am away rather a lot. They tend to take a week or two on the same site every time but his wife still works and enjoys it and so a seasonal pitch would get little usage. Driving is not a problem for him and nor is setting up the van. As an Ex HGV driver he can position his caravan where I would struggle.They use a serviced pitch and the levelling system does the rest. The motor mover is just to get in and out of his parking space as it would be impossible to hitch where it is parked. His problem is staying alive.
  9. Google Chrome translates German pages well
  10. You have blown your credibilty now Borussia. I was going along with the main thrust of your post but I am sure that 'the retards in Brussels' are well able to order a slap up lunch on expenses.
  11. A fishy smell can be the result of a bad electrical connection overheating a junction/socket and insulation. I would be wary. Check the socket where the fridge is plugged into.
  12. Thanks for the input which I am grateful for. Update. I have persuaded my neighbour to sleep on it for a week or so and to have some more discussion time with his wife before acting in haste. Maybe even pay for and get a second medical opinion. I'll still be able to help with a sale if the worst happens.
  13. Thanks for replies. Just popped back in for 10 mins and coffee and off out again. The dealer that sold him the caravan new is only 3 miles away but, surprisingly did not want to make an offer. Maybe he has all the stock of newer used Baileys? The levelling system is the full Monty Durbanite. I stand by my friends Montessa and always have particularly in bad times.
  14. Indeed, serviced to schedule, levelling system warranted and under 2 years old, motormover 12 months old and warrranted and has been used off and onto drive half a dozen times.
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