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  1. It does strike me that if contemplating months away that it might be best towed with a van to provide storage
  2. Not necessarily. Around our way a local mobile service guy charges £150 for a service. If the caravan is local it might be worthwhile getting an engineer to check it over for gas safety, damp and tyres before purchase with a view to having it serviced if all OK. On the understanding that he will get the service which would include such checks you should be able to strike a deal. Depending on the terms of any insurance that you take out you will likely need at least a hitch lock or wheel clamp or both.
  3. No idea as I always do that as a matter of habit
  4. One reason why we have 1CC pass as well as mifi. Many sites the cc is adequate with OH using mifi as I use internet more
  5. We use a Huawei mobile router (£70) and a 12 month, 24gb, EE data sim £40 from Argos. We also use one annual cc wifi pass. We use a mix of sites and for our usage the mix sorts us out for 120 nighrs away
  6. We just used a padded water proof shower mat off the roll from caravan accessory shops and cut it to size
  7. Or, if like me, with joint problems, a fixed one is far easier to deal with.
  8. If the caravan exceeds 7m then Commander Dave is indeed correct. Will anybody notice? For a start the insurance company probably will if you intend to insure it. You would also be towing other than in accordance with your licence. If stopped and discovered you won't be towing it anywhere. 
  9. Got to be better than acan of goo to repair a puncture!
  10. You will not be liable. If he undertakes warranty work it is for the manufacturer not you ....... you are not the client in this regard. It does not speak well with regard to the dealer's honesty.
  11. Also I find the 3.9kg bottles easier to position because of their size and not just the weight
  12. What we don't know though is why it was disconnected!
  13. Is it a continuous rattling type banging, a single bang when you turn on the tap or occasional bangs when water is continuing to flow through an open tap?
  14. They are no doubt able but don't want the job. Many larger dealers are the same.
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