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  1. I know of one leisure site where you can opt to use the site for 50 weeks of the year.
  2. Very difficult to find if we are talking touring caravan. It depends whereabouts you want to be. I have seen sites offering an all year pitch for £2,500. I suspect that strictly to comply with their licence you waould probably need to move off site for two nights after every 4 week period. Caravan could stay.
  3. Pretty simple really David. It enables the business selling to levy a charge, deducted from the deposit for additional work that they may have undertaken. When I purchased my present caravan I specified that there should be a weight upgrade included. If I had pulled out the dealer could have deducted a few hours admin for any work carried out, maybe making up number plates and for the cost of the weight upgrade perhaps and indeed any extras . The question is rather why would a dealership specify that a deposit is non refundable (if they do) as that is not the case
  4. I think many already do have masks. I know that people that I know do even though they are presently not using them. I have masks but I am not using one as where and when I shop social distancing is good. We have them should the need arise to enter a smaller shop where distancing is harder or if we need at some time in the future to take a taxi or a bus ........ or if they are made compulsory in shops. We live in Wales
  5. Easy T

    Caravan sites

    To little info to comment
  6. I shall not be washing reusable masks. Presently I will only need to use one for the Monday shop and the Wednesday shop once the law comes in, if it comes in in Wales. Distancing is still good where and when I sop and so the masks will remain hung on an undercover washing line until the next week.
  7. That amused me as it brought back memories. I lived in a semi and, aged about 24, was ripping out the kitchen one winters night prior to building new units. I had moved the electric cooker out of the way and keeping an eye on the time. My neighbour had previously said don't worry if you are making noise just get on and get it done. I saw the time on the cooker clock was around 9.30 and I thought better start wrapping up as it is getting late. Just then my neighbour knocked and asked if I new what time it was. I said just turned 9.30pm and I was just putting tools away and I'm sorry if I have gone on rather late. He was a very nice chap and laughed saying that it was 1am. Roll on 6 or 7 years. He had gone on holiday leaving his daughter at home aged just over 17 or maybe 18. She decided to have a party. At midnight I went around and asked that the music was turned down; it was for a while. At 1 am I went around and asked that the music was turned down; it was for a while. At 2am, I knocked again and when the door was opened walked into the front room. There was a separate component Hi Fi system. I unplugged the amplifier and took it away, A couple of the youths said 'you can't do that. I told them to stand aside was far better than bleeding out. The next day my wife and two daughters were going off to visit relatives 3 hours drive away. At 6 am I put our stereo speaker against the wall, placed all the sitting room cushions and seating cushions against it and cranked to full volume with a tape of brass band music that I had bought as a joke (long story). By 7am we were out on the road. We got back about midnight. I went around the next day to return the amp and the lass, looking much the worse for lack of sleep asked me not to tell her dad. Nothing was further from my mind but, if I still lived next door I would have done 35 years later.
  8. I suspect that it will depend on the caravan model and age. Maybe a piccy would be useful also
  9. I believe there is a right to a refund in this case although the seller is entitled to his reasonable admin costs A business seller will be subject to consumer rules and regulations. In particular Schedule 2, Regulation 1(d) of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. It states that if the contract has been cancelled after a deposit has been placed the prospective purchaser is entitled to have the deposit returned in full, unless the seller has spent time, effort and money, in which case they can deduct reasonable expenses. A blanket non-refundable clause that entitles the seller to keep the deposit in all circumstances is likely going to be unfair and unlawful. If a reasonable refund is not forthcoming then tell the dealer that you will report the matter to the Office of Fair Trading Maybe also consider small claims. However there is every likelihood that the dealer will refund given time
  10. I doubt that that is entirely true as if it was merely viewed then there is no contract established, however I suspect that the paperwork and deposit was probably done at the dealership which is usual.
  11. Possibly - one that I read said only one door which could either be on porch or caravan.
  12. We don't know how, or importantly where, the OP paid his deposit. My case when I bought the present caravan might possibly be unusual. I viewed the model that I wanted at another dealership that I would not have used normally. I suspect that I got a PX price but cannot remember. I then phoned my usual dealership and asked for a PX and purchase price. I then told them that they could knock £200 off my present caravan's valuation as there was a minor repair that they had already quoted me £250 that I intended to have done at the next service and there would be no VAT when they did the repair. As they had a van coming in that was not pre-ordered I placed an order and made a £500 deposit over the phone to reserve that caravan. In my case the distance selling regs would have given me 14 days to cancel anyway
  13. From my reading of one LA's regulations a neighbours porch can extend a metre into the 6m zone but has a limited length to be a small porch. Also non combustible construction, including a garage, can impinge but a minimum 4.5m clearance to adjacent outfit is required.
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