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  1. Coachman had a major problem with windows falling out around 2015. My friends caravan had a couple fall out while we were on a local rally. The dealer came out and taped them all up with duck tape as a precaution. I'm sure this is documented in the Coachman section on this forum.
  2. I can totally see the logic with this. We are quite happy to use our own facilities and are more likely to do so rather than risk infection from site toilets. As to whether they will be closed anyway is a good question. Presumably if they are closed site fees will reduce.
  3. Never used a cover in 28 years of owning a caravan and never had condensation problems during winter months I think that says it all. Caravans were designed to be left out in all weather conditions. You leave your car out so leave your caravan out as well. As I sit here the rain is currently beating down on the caravan roof on the drive. Its got a 500watt oil filled radiator in it that switches on at midnight and off at 7am. All cushions are in place but the wardrobe doors and lockers are open above the bed as is the bathroom door. The fixed bed is made up ready for when we go away in 2 weeks.
  4. There's nothing wrong with status aerials I would suggest you get the wiring checked it's not unusual for the connections to be reversed on the mast head when at the factory. I've had this on two new caravans.
  5. No frost no problem in fact you need quite a hard frost to freeze anything left in inside pipes. A few hours at 0 deg C overnight won't do any harm I can vouch for that as mine has been on the drive not drained down many times with that temperature. I always work on the basis that if there's ice on the road you need to have drained down. You really do not need a special drain down kit opening all taps works just fine.
  6. We tour all year and use it as a spare room but we still drain down after each time away plus keep a 500watt oil filled radiator in the caravan which comes on daily from 12mid to 7am. Never had any condensation problems and it keeps it aired.
  7. I would never envisage taking a caravan to Morocco why would you want to do that. Surely it would be easier to book a hotel! Back on topic we have never left any information in our caravans when we sell them why would we? We just look forward to the new one. Once they're gone they are of no sentimental value. Same with the towcar
  8. Hotels it might well be then. Not that I think we have anything to worry about in the foreseeable future. We are in our 60's now so cant see it's likely to affect us.
  9. Manufacturers are still bringing out more 8' wide caravans so can't see any indication that they are thinking smaller. We wouldn't be interested in going smaller we tried a 2 berth when the kids stopped coming and hated the lack of space. Currently we have a 1500kg fixed transverse bed towed by a 4x4 and no intention of down sizing as we love the space. I would say how ever that Im not interested in moving to an 8' wide caravan
  10. Yes well worth the money saved me from a possible accident and caravan from damage when a tyre blew out on a busy dual carriageway. Caravan was only 18 months old at the time.
  11. We wouldn't buy a caravan without a shower. Even on sites with full facilities we often use the vans facilities. Plus we rally with no site facilities. To us a shower is essential and we wouldn't even look at a caravan without one.
  12. David55

    Part exchange

    No way would the dealer get my caravan until I pick up the new one. We use ours all year anyway. You wouldn't trade in your car until you can pick up the new one so why should a caravan be any different?
  13. Well they must have internet to post on here!!!☺️ Well that's your decision personally I like the CMC we use CLs and Rally saving us £'s. Each to his/her own.
  14. David55

    tow car

    Don't forget it's the gross vehicle weight + MTLP of caravan must be under 3500kg if you haven't got B + E on your licence. The vehicle kerb weight is irrelevant.
  15. If you want to know the price book online the price will be quoted and if you don't want to pay it then just back out of the booking. Alternatively book it and if it's too expensive then do an amend booking/cancel.
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