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  1. Gubby, Does your site deliver the gas bottles to your pitch? Years ago I did use a 19kg propane for touring but not any more, far to heavy for me now. I do use 13kg bottles for my barbeque at home and I find those quite a struggle. 6kg ones are enough to struggle with in my front locker thank you! As for 47kg monsters, I only used a couple of those a year when I had a static and I certainly didn't move them myself.
  2. The Carver caravan heaters I've had have been room sealed so could have been on indefinitely as far as I know. Yours must be getting on a bit now so perhaps needs servicing/checking. Are you saying it is a convector type exhausting into the caravan? If so I wouldn't be happy about using it at all. Haven't seen one of those in donkeys years. At the very least you must open a vent. If it vents beneath the caravan you must not let snow build up too much, but that's probably unlikely. As you are on mains electric that would probably be a better source of heat if it's say
  3. It was a long time ago that we were checked leaving but I do remember on one occasion they asked if it was alright to look in the bed boxes etc. Naively I thought they were just being polite! Little did I realise they might have had no grounds to insist. However it would have made no difference to me, I am only too willing to be searched and have my vehicle checked over if such procedures will prevent disastrous things like bombings happening.
  4. We have always been meticulous at keeping to the limits, feeling it's just not worth taking a chance. But we've never been checked coming home. On one occasion I realised I'd miscalculated on spirits and was half a bottle over. My wife was worried so I went into the something to declare lane. This seemed to rather puzzle the officer who spoke to us and when I explained he found it highly amusing and sent us on our way. However I do recall twice being pulled over on this side going out and being searched. It wasn't everything out onto the pavement but fairly thorough. I have no idea
  5. I've got a Pegasus 462 too, bought new in 2010. The mains has been connected pretty well constantly ever since except when the van is on the road. The original battery lasted over nine years. I replaced the Tracker battery at about seven years though it still seemed to be OK. I can't imagine that where you live can be much more damp than here. All I've ever done is leave the cupboard doors unlatched and leave the bathroom door open. Oh and don't shut the fridge door or you will get mould in there.
  6. Do the different wastes come together to one outlet? If then the pipe into the waste container is dipping into the water, then when say the kitchen sink is drained air can push up the plug in the bathroom sink. The same thing can happen if there is an accumulation of debris partially blocking the joint outlet.
  7. Do the different wastes come together to one outlet? If then the pipe into the waste container is dipping into the water, then when say the kitchen sink is drained air can push up the plug in the bathroom sink.
  8. I just used to put some weight in the boot when it was slippery. A bag of cement or a couple of flagstones, whatever came to hand.
  9. I wish I could match those figures with mine!
  10. To remove the chest on my Pegasus I take the drawers out to access the bolts. To get the drawers out I have to lie on my back so that I can see the runners. Then it's obvious where to press to release the drawer which then slides straight out. The hard bit is getting up afterwards.
  11. The battery normally stays connected and smooths out the 12v system. Make sure everything is switched on at your consumer unit. That means the switches are up. Ask another caravanner to check for you.
  12. For the benefit of anyone else likely to take me to task for my loose use of the word "own" may I apologise most profusely. I do not have a motability vehicle nor to my knowledge am I acquainted with anyone who does. However I find it hard to believe that the disabled schoolboy whose mother uses the motability car to visit clients does not benefit directly from her earning money. Must stop now as Strictly's on.
  13. I know that. "In their possession" then. If I buy a car on HP it's not actually mine until I make the final payment. Anybody running a car on a personal contract purchase basis doesn't actually own it at the end of the contract.
  14. Some years ago I knew a severely disabled teenager. Her mother drove a car and used a blue badge. I once asked the girl what the car was like. She'd never been in it.
  15. If that's the case, there must be an awful lot of people flouting the rules.
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