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  1. I think that you were very accomodating. It is of course quite unreasonable that his satellite dish should have any bearing whatsoever on your use of your allocated pitch. It is typical of a certain type, like those who cover every inch of their pitch with equipment and then try to park on a neighbouring one. There was one chap on a site in Spain that had his caravan and awning on one pitch another awning on the other side with his car on a second pitch and a third pitch for their washing. He was Dutch too.
  2. Open the cassette door. On ours there is a flexible pipe clipped horizontally just inside at the top. I release that and remove the bung in the end.
  3. I think that rather depends on whether or not the towing vehicle can be kept hooked up . Once unhitched a twin axle will definitely be harder to position by hand. It is physically impossible to put my single axle caravan onto its storage pitch with my car and I'd need a gang of helpers to do it manually. It's easy with the mover
  4. Dee Tee Have you missed something out of this story?
  5. There is absolutely no doubt that you will meet some right ***** and that you will have to get used to. However rather than speak to the neighbour perhaps you should make doubly sure you have understood the pitching requirements at that site. You could always ask the warden if he is happy with how you have pitched. If he is then he will probably notice your little local difficulty!
  6. I apologise for my naivity but can I ask how these data Sims are used. Could I pop it in my phone when there is no WiFi and use it to get on line?
  7. I am not sure that is correct. I believe that those suffering consequential losses would have to be able to prove negligence on the part of the owner/user of the first caravan.
  8. I always seem to have a list of things to fix after we've had the grandsons over for the day!
  9. I think you were very unlucky. Possibly there was more going on than a bad attitude. One warden was telling me about an ex colleague who went right off his trolley and was moving people round the site willy nilly. Obviously it must take management a while to pick up on such situations.
  10. So really those "heavy duty" corner steadies championed by makers as a supposed upgrade have little or no benefit as it's all down to the strength of the floor.
  11. This is why we have always stuck with making the bed up across the van from an end dinette. I like to have a seven foot long bed.
  12. If the original poster is still watching this thread can I suggest that if they do want to get a motor mover they try mobile servicers in the first instance. They can be considerably cheaper than caravan main agents who may well subcontract it anyway.
  13. Reading this I thought you must have got the two clubs mixed up
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