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  1. The thing is when something out of the ordinary happens to an untrained civilian like myself one does not necessarily think of the right thing to do. Afterwards it's easy to see a better course of action. The other day I walked along the side of our local supermarket and passing the corner of the building to cross over the road I was faced with a large 4x4 coming towards me from my left, just a few feet away. I was a bit shocked as I wouldn't normally expect a vehicle to come up the footpath! As the driver had stopped I was carrying on when I decided to have a word to voice my disapproval. "You're on the footpath ", says I. His reply was that it wasn't a footpath. After a few rounds of it is/it isn't I dismissed him as a pig headed idiot and carried on my way. It was only afterwards that it occurred to me that something else might have been going on. I should have taken the registration and reported him. The reason being that possibly he should not have been driving at all. I have a old friend suffering from senility who is quite incapable of driving but yet is totally convinced that he has wrongfully had his licence taken away. The family have disposed of his car but if he had the opportunity he would be off up the road like a shot. There must be numerous drivers on the road who dangerous because of failing faculties, but how are they to be identified? With my friend for instance we had been thinking things were a bit odd for quite a while before it became obvious he shouldn't have been on the road. Even then we had the quandary of what if anything to do about it. At this stage he was unbelievably still driving long distances towing the caravan. His wife seemed to be oblivious of the situation. I just hope that I am never in the same situation.
  2. Just been out to measure mine and it's 48mm diameter. That's on a 2010 manufactured Bailey Pegasus.
  3. I've never owned a Bretagne but I'm sure what you show is not original. You will probably find something suitable at a decent caravan dealer. I'm sure somebody on here could post a picture of the standard fitment.
  4. So do you think it's a supply and demand thing where they can make more from non- mobility sales?
  5. That seems quite bizarre. Is this a general thing with mobility customers? Is it Ford policy or a particularly bigotted salesman? Have you challenged it and had an explanation?
  6. rovinmad

    Tyre test

    I can't say I ever noticed that. They do have some different rules which can catch us out. In my experience they are a damn sight more considerate of cyclists.
  7. rovinmad

    Tyre test

    It's not the tyres that are dangerous if you drive according to the conditions. It's the idiot inches behind who's clueless. Also you get a minority of 4x4 drivers who see ice and snow as an opportunity to prove their car.
  8. They told me they considered it to be an addition not a modification and there was no charge. Perhaps it depends on who takes the call.
  9. It could have more to do with the parent getting to work than the child getting to school. Mind you there's always a percentage who have the time to stand talking for half an hour after the kids have gone in and who can be half an hour early at home time to get the best parking.
  10. I had a bigger version of similar era, a twin end dinette. Single glazed plastic windows, foot pump for the water. Ours had no fridge or heating, but did have an oven. I remember that the "bathroom" was very small and I removed a fixed wash basin so that it was possible to use a portapotti. Ours had a gas locker of sorts at the front which is missing on yours. There was gas lighting originally which I stripped out and fitted 12v electric along with mains and a transformer. I remember that I had no documentation whatsoever from the first owner.
  11. Thanks for that Mr Plodd. That all makes sense. So the biker could have done 60 quite legally though I think he might have been doing rather more. Anyway there was no mess on that length of road when we returned so fortunately he would appear to have got away with it.
  12. We did the Tesco shop this afternoon. On the way there we had a close encounter on a bend with a suicidal motorcyclist riding towards us at some considerable speed two up in the rain. As a one time biker myself I always feel concern if I see irresponsible riding because I know only too well how vulnerable they are. Anyway as we had just passed a 30mph sign I muttered the words "In a 30 limit too". However my co-driver who knows everything chose to differ and announced that it was in fact a 40 limit. There was then a period of friendly disagreement after which it was decided to check on the way back. And so on returning there was indeed a 40 sign and 40 repeaters on the lamp posts. However there was then another pair of 40 signs but on the reverse were the 30 signs that I had seen previously. Are you still with me? So we were both right. Obviously the limit is being reduced and the signing has not been completed. Now all this got me thinking. Is it possible on a normal road to have one limit in one direction and a different one in the other? I can't think that I've ever come across one. I guess the short answer is "No", but can anyone categorically confirm this?
  13. I suppose a breathable cover is your only other option then. It might give you a bit longer out of it. Some friends have had a caravan in covered storage (a barn) down in mid France for getting on for twenty years. It must be at least twenty -five years old now. It's never serviced but just gets dragged out for three or four weeks a year. Should last for ever!
  14. No, I don't. I just try to remember to drain it before the winter.
  15. Providing it's not falling apart already, if you could store it undercover and get it dried out it could well last as long as you want it to. It's a question of whether or not it's worth paying the extra cost.
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