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  1. Can I ask what prompts you to ask that question?
  2. I checked just now and it was £270. That was early 2017. C&S at Accrington did it for me.
  3. But it's not good enough is it, though all too typical. You've got sales who'll say anything , non existent preparation and management who think they can make up the law as they go along. We've all probably met it at some time. Good old British service. Oh and I forgot to say, they think you are being unreasonable to expect to get what you've paid for.
  4. OK, but how do you know this? Does your car give you a read out or what? How do you know it's doing an active burn? I've never noticed any change with mine.
  5. I've only done 25000 in five years with this car. How quickly do the DPFs fill up? I do try to avoid short journeys but haven't done any towing since last year.
  6. So is all this confined to modern diesels or are petrol engines starting to become involved? Also I've had my diesel for five years and never noticed any of this business. But I don't know if all is fine or if I'm building up a big problem for the future.
  7. I had that happen on mine too. After pondering the various possibilities I had it replaced. It cost around £240 at the time if I remember correctly. I just thought that if I ever traded it in I'd end up having to pay for it anyway.
  8. No wipers at all going uphill with the good old vacuum driven ones. You had to lift your foot off the accelerator pedal to give the wipers a quick go if it got that you couldn't see! Oh the joy's. And you didn't mention virtually ineffective heaters or even no heater at all as in my first couple of cars.
  9. Surely that must be down to the driver pushing on enough to bring those systems into play. Basically they are driving at speeds beyond their ability and relying on the car to make up for their own deficiencies.
  10. Regarding front or rear for new tyres, I remember a Toyota Corolla we had and at mot time the tester said that while he couldn't fàil the rear tyres which had plenty of tread left he really would advise changing them at eleven years old. I realised that the car had had a full set of new ones on when we got it and the fronts had been chànged twice. Now any new tyres go on the rear.
  11. At this year's not my 2007 cmax got it's first advisory. The rear pads are wearing thin. Not bad for the first work needed from new on the brakes.
  12. Many thanks, I'll bear that in mind. I find them very useful. As I understood, Cadac stopped making them.
  13. Well good for you. I wish we were organised. My wife is reluctant to book anything in case we are "needed". Perhaps you know what I mean.
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