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  1. It was his step that was stolen, not his caravan.
  2. Yes and with those a smear of silicone grease makes them easier to assemble. But they are proper household waste pipes not the cheaper stuff I've seen on caravans. Mine's a 2010 build so I don't know if later vans have better piping. Mind you the overflow stuff does have the advantage of being easy to pull apart of there's a blockage or frozen up. A few times I've had to reach under the van and pull the pipe off where it comes down from the bathroom sink and put it straight onto a bucket.
  3. I think it would be silicone sealer rather than grease. Wouldn't silicone grease just make the joint more likely to come apart. The waste pipes in my Pegasus are just push fit. It looks like household overflow pipe to me and that was normally push fit. But that's usually empty of course!
  4. Odd that they should fit only one receiver. Could it be that they are now only specifying the one to save a few quid?
  5. Or it couldn't be the heat I suppose? Our conservatory door can become impossible to close when the day is exceedingly hot.
  6. I can understand the need to level across the axle if on a site where the vans all have to be lined up in a certain way with no thought given to the lie of the land. However on say a CL where it's often pitch how you like surely the van can be swung round so that it is level across the axle. This is what we used to do before this obsession with lining things up became prevalent.
  7. I'm one of those who put hitch lock and wheel lock on when using a CMC site. But it is not because I like doing it, especially the Al-Ko wheel lock. It is a requirement of my insurance cover. Isn't yours the same?
  8. Well what I do know is that it is quite quick and easy. That's if you know what you are doing. I watched a chap fix one of ours that had started to come out with the key. But I still don't know what to do! Sorry I can't be more help.
  9. I've been camping and later caravanning since the mid 60's. As far as I know nothing has been stolen though I have lost a few items through my own negligence. (Tempting providence.) Once on a small French site we returned in our motorhome to find our electricity cable still in place but two rubber doormats missing from their positions next to our tracks in the foot high grass. We wondered why all the French round us were smiling. Anyway I took a stroll round the field and located them outside a very posh British outfit, Caravan Club membership badge proudly displayed. On asking for them back it was explained that as it was wet, the farmer had said to look round the field for duckboards. They were on the only pitch that remotely resembled a hard standing and were using them as doormats! There was nothing by way of an apology forthcoming and they avoided eye contact for the three days we remained there.
  10. When I emptied our Hymer motorhome to part ex it I counted 98 tea lights.
  11. Thanks very much for for your help.
  12. Thanks. I've got past caring about the rubber trims you mention. I might replace them eventually. It was the "mudguards" that were looking a mouldy mess. I thought it was into the fabric like the rubber trim. They have a lightly textured surface and I didn't think that Silky was suitable, but they've come up quite nice as has the water inlet flap. The locker doors are a bit yellowy but nothing like as bad. I'll try what you suggest on them, but which comes first? I presume it's the shampoo.
  13. So where did you find the 15 amp fuse?
  14. Does that apply to later vans too, like my 2010 Pegasus? I sometimes connect up with the engine running. Perhaps I'll have to stop doing that.
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