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  1. About ten years ago we change from an A Class Hymer back to the two berth Bailey caravan we still use. We were with Saga and they wanted to more than double the annual premium. So I cancelled the motorhome policy and went with CCC for about two thirds of the motorhome premium. I'm still with them.
  2. There was nothing wrong with the 13 pin socket but the electronic unit in the boot had given up.
  3. The chief salesman at a large dealership explained to me that he wouldn't buy in a new double end dinette because the people who buy new caravans don't buy that layout and it would stand unsold for too long. I was looking to buy a new one at the time but I would have to have seen one in the flesh to commit. It is a very popular layout with families but they tend not to buy new.
  4. You would definitely be accepted on a club site with three dogs. But I can't imagine that most caravan or motorhome rental firms would be too keen. You will just have to ask around.
  5. They probably say that as a coverall so they can turn away any outfit they just don't like the look of.
  6. I think your best option is to get a mobile service chap to service the van and sort out any extra issues. This should be helpful if you sell privately. Good luck.
  7. I borrowed a trailer lighting board and plugged that into the car. The result was much the same as with the caravan. The nearside indicator makes a few flashes and stops, then a few more etc. The offside does nothing. So I shall have to investigate the connections in the 13 pin socket. If no success there it will have to go to the towbar people. I'm glad I couldn't get the rear lights off but then there's not a lot of point in carrying spare bulbs if I can't access them.
  8. My local tyre depot said that it's 60lb max for the standard rubber valves. He fitted me two metal ones so I'm hoping they should be fine.
  9. Sounds to me that the nightmare AL-KO spare wheel carrier may not be that bad after all.
  10. That was my first thought. Unfortunately I haven't managed to get the rear lights off yet. So I bought one of those testers that you plug in. That just pronounced car and caravan OK. It does a few irregular flashes and stops for a bit. I am going to take the car to another caravan to see if I can eliminate that. But my instinct is that it's the caravan rear light connections. I can't connect up at the moment but I'm pretty sure everything else was normal. Mine's just ordinary bulbs, not led.
  11. My rear indicators on the caravan aren't working. The nearside flashes a bit and the offside not at all. I bought a tester off Amazon and according to that both car and caravan are fine. Has anyone any suggestions? Everything was working fine but I did spray the 13 pin plug and socket with some silicon spray thinking it was a good idea. Next time out I had the problem. Of course the problem may be completely unconnected. I've sprayed both with contact cleaner since, but there was no improvement.
  12. Well I've had a go and I did move the lights a bit. I must say I'd prefer to see it done on somebody else's caravan first! It must be necessary to put quite a lot of pressure on the lever to shift them. I'm going to leave it for now as I am not sure that the problem is there anyway.
  13. I'm fairly confident that the C&CC have a no vehicle movement before 7am rule on club sites.
  14. Thank you very much for replying. With that information I am confident to go ahead.
  15. So it's looking like no-one has ever had to change a rear bulb on their 2010 Pegasus or Olympus. This is a genuine request for advice. I just don't want to discover the wrong way of doing it by breaking the lens.
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