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  1. rovinmad

    Sandringham CMC Site (again)

    I was told afterwards that it's a tick hot spot. Now I know why people tuck their trousers in their socks!
  2. rovinmad

    Sandringham CMC Site (again)

    But where did you spray the tick repellent? The dog, yourselves or both? Our dog has protection because of regular treatment, but we haven't. A friend of ours has been very ill for a couple of years with Lyme disease so we are trying to be even more careful. We had a day out at Windermere last year and even though we only walked on local lanes and picnicked on a lawn, we both picked up a tick.
  3. rovinmad


    If I recall correctly the choice is "on the road". So one does not have to state where precisely.
  4. rovinmad

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    If you use it constantly you presumably feel there is a benefit. I've tried the odd tankfull but I can't in all honesty say I noticed any difference except in the extra expense.
  5. rovinmad

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    So which diesel had you been using? Do share it with us.
  6. rovinmad

    Elddis caravan not fit for purpose

    If you tell the seller that in light of what you have discovered you do not want the van they may well agree to a refund without the need to take matters further. Perhaps they can supply a suitable replacement. If they choose to be difficult there are several on here who can advise you how to proceed.
  7. rovinmad

    Reducing Pegging

    I couldn't manage without mine.
  8. Where are gas,water, drainage pipes etc put in Germany?
  9. rovinmad

    Cabin fever.

    Panel van conversion.
  10. rovinmad

    Electric shock

    I occasionally get a small static shock of cars. If it's that, it might be you rather than the caravan.
  11. rovinmad

    Electric shock

    Have you got the mains lead connected?
  12. rovinmad

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    How did you know? I've had my (first) diesel for nearly four years and never noticed a regeneration cycle.
  13. I think I will stick with a blown air system.
  14. rovinmad

    Dometic fridge door catch

    Thanks again. Mine's just about working at the moment after a spray of lithium grease so I haven't plucked up the courage to dismantle it. I'm tempted to drill a little hole to spray it through as otherwise it's largely ineffectual.
  15. I suggest you leave the "stain" for now, get yourself a damp meter and concentrate on the potential water ingress.