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  1. We are thinking of getting a milkman again. Our local one does eggs, cream, yoghurt as well, possibly cheese too.
  2. Well I'd never heard of buying and selling on Facebook. With it being as you describe it beats me why people bother with it.
  3. Sorry, didn't notice that. I don't know anything about Facebook. It's got to be stretching things too far to say it's in good condition when there's major parts missing. Is there no recourse available via Facebook at all?
  4. I think your best bet is to try to get a refund and return the awning. Try eBay, item not as described. If you paid by PayPal, contact them. Plenty of people will be able to advise you as to the correct course of action. I think you have to raise a dispute but I have no experience of this. A search on Google will probably help. Don't let her get away with it.
  5. Wow, that's brilliant. I might even give it a go. Just need a big new gas hob with the wok ring in the middle! Think that one on the clip might be the supa dupa version unfortunately talking about titanium etc. We'll have only paid a few quid for ours. Another bargain buy probably. I'll show the clip to the wife and we'll probably put it away for another ten years, just in case.
  6. Thanks Ex-gasman, that's almost identical. So it's a non-stick smokeless indoor BBQ grill. But I notice that none of the pictures I can see actually show it being used. So I still can't see the point of it. What on earth would I bbq on it indoors? I don't know where we bought it but it wasn't Portugal. I was hoping someone actually used one.
  7. That's what I was thinking but I've never seen one used. In the house. It doesn't sit well on our gas hob but might on an electric one. It seems well made, just pointless.
  8. It's got what looks like a non stick finish on the middle bit and the big bit looks like stove enamelling.
  9. Don't think it's either of those things. More like something you'd put over a gas ring, but to what purpose? Perhaps to grill meat? It's nothing to do with April 1st by the way!
  10. I wonder if anyone can tell me what this item pictured is. We found it when having a clearout. I presume it must be something connected with cooking. It's about 34cm diameter overall and the loose inner bit is about 25cm diameter. The large bit is made of steel and the inner is of aluminium. We've had it for some years but neither of us can remember what it is for! Thought I'd ask before it gets binned.
  11. And they also sell screwdrivers which the OP wrote about. Seems a good idea to me if they needed four long spikes.
  12. I can only think that there must have been a manufacturing fault to the carcase of the tyre. If the inner part ruptured allowing air through, it would blow the outer rubber. Obviously this must have gone off like a big balloon. It must be very unusual for that to happen but really you were very lucky that it blew when it did. I am just surprised that there hasn't been some self appointed expert on here to tell you it never happened.
  13. Well it was some years ago but it has certainly happened to me at Poole. No need to be offensive.
  14. True but do take ear plugs with you in case a refrigerated lorry comes alongside you in the line!
  15. The thing is when something out of the ordinary happens to an untrained civilian like myself one does not necessarily think of the right thing to do. Afterwards it's easy to see a better course of action. The other day I walked along the side of our local supermarket and passing the corner of the building to cross over the road I was faced with a large 4x4 coming towards me from my left, just a few feet away. I was a bit shocked as I wouldn't normally expect a vehicle to come up the footpath! As the driver had stopped I was carrying on when I decided to have a word to voice my disapproval. "You're on the footpath ", says I. His reply was that it wasn't a footpath. After a few rounds of it is/it isn't I dismissed him as a pig headed idiot and carried on my way. It was only afterwards that it occurred to me that something else might have been going on. I should have taken the registration and reported him. The reason being that possibly he should not have been driving at all. I have a old friend suffering from senility who is quite incapable of driving but yet is totally convinced that he has wrongfully had his licence taken away. The family have disposed of his car but if he had the opportunity he would be off up the road like a shot. There must be numerous drivers on the road who dangerous because of failing faculties, but how are they to be identified? With my friend for instance we had been thinking things were a bit odd for quite a while before it became obvious he shouldn't have been on the road. Even then we had the quandary of what if anything to do about it. At this stage he was unbelievably still driving long distances towing the caravan. His wife seemed to be oblivious of the situation. I just hope that I am never in the same situation.
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