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  1. I think I have finally grasped what Jiffy176 does. I just wonder how he secretes the pipe work to make it look convincing when filling up.
  2. Is the picture taken looking straight down? So is the switch on the floor as normal? Looks very awkward to get to. Rather than burn your hand can you not run cold through to clear the hot water into the waste container. If you are on grass the warden will be grateful! Think about it for long enough and a solution will probably come to you.
  3. I found the tap filters on our Pegasus mainly blocked with black crusty stuff when the flow was reduced, but it never gave up like you describe. Is your pump external in the barrel? Is it a pressure sensor system or have you got micro switches on the taps? Is it the same on hot and cold? Have you disconnected a pipe and checked the pump is going full bore for a good while? If so, can you not work round the system to establish if there is a restriction? Could be something like a one way valve not letting the flow through. Good luck.
  4. You list your car as a Mondeo 2.0. I guess you may pull a caravan with it. Is that the same car that qualifies for zero road tax?
  5. But is the cylinder end of the pipework not open when you take the cylinder out to put it back in the caravan?
  6. I remember the first time I encountered tramlines. It was a motorway in Belgium. I think it would have been the 80's because I remember which caravan I was towing. It was quite a shock till I realised what was happening. I don't think I've seen anything as bad since. Changing lanes was very hairy.
  7. I've been towing various trailers since the late 60's. I remember the 40mph limit. I can remember putting a 50 sticker on my first caravan in the 70's. I think we used them for quite a while. I don't recall putting any weight numbers on it or the car.
  8. Do I understand you correctly? You remove the cylinder from the caravan and temporarily fix it in your vehicle, connecting it to a remote filler. So how do you deal with the liquid gas that remains in the pipe between filler and cylinder. Is that released to atmosphere when you disconnect the cylinder?
  9. When I wrote "holding tank" , I was referring to the waste cassette or bottom tank.
  10. Thought it was added to the holding tank.
  11. Always thought the Castletons were a lovely van but I didn't know the Rowenas were so rare. In those days we used to say that a two litre car would pull virtually anything. I wouldn't think you could go wrong with a Mondeo or equivalent.
  12. In the 70's I was running a Triumph 2000. It had rather soft coil sprung rear independent suspension. I fitted thicker rear springs and air adjustable rear dampers (probably Monroes). It transformed the car for towing.
  13. Have you considered a trailer tent/folding camper, eg Conway or Pennine? Lighter than most caravans and loads of space. They are perfectly adequate for family holidays if a bit more work than a caravan. Buy well secondhand and you should lose little on it. Your vehicle should cope well if you buy correctly. Take your time and use your gears, that's what they're there for.
  14. They have a great many laws as do we. But they only take notice of the ones they wish to.
  15. Sorry, I thought it was a caravan. Should have gone to Spec Savers.
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