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  1. rovinmad

    Electric shock

    I occasionally get a small static shock of cars. If it's that, it might be you rather than the caravan.
  2. rovinmad

    Electric shock

    Have you got the mains lead connected?
  3. rovinmad

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    How did you know? I've had my (first) diesel for nearly four years and never noticed a regeneration cycle.
  4. I think I will stick with a blown air system.
  5. rovinmad

    Dometic fridge door catch

    Thanks again. Mine's just about working at the moment after a spray of lithium grease so I haven't plucked up the courage to dismantle it. I'm tempted to drill a little hole to spray it through as otherwise it's largely ineffectual.
  6. I suggest you leave the "stain" for now, get yourself a damp meter and concentrate on the potential water ingress.
  7. rovinmad

    Hybrid swindle

    So if all these hybrid company cars are not being charged up as intended, will that make them a better buy secondhand because there'll be more years life left in the batteries? Or will the batteries have a shortened life because they will have spent say three years on a discharged state before being sold on.
  8. Well if that damage was caused by a ball, I reckon it must have been shot out of a cannon. I suppose there is a possibility that the air beam found a soft spot in the wall.
  9. rovinmad

    Leaving a Van in Overseas Storage

    I'm not too sure about the three months over winter bit though. Have you been over there at that time of year to see if it suits you?
  10. rovinmad

    Leaving a Van in Overseas Storage

    I have friends who have been doing precisely that in the Charente region for over twenty years. Their caravan is stored indoors and they just ring up to say when they want it siting. After they have left it is put back into storage. It should last indefinitely! The cost is nothing compared to here. I keep thinking about buying a nice old Burstner and doing the same but my wife's not interested.
  11. rovinmad

    the white peg

    Have you noticed that the people who are relaxed about parking to the peg never seem to do it to their own disadvantage. I remember a week at Kendal CC site. In seven days I had five different neighbours. Not one managed to park to the peg. One was completely on our side of it. So their car was right up to our awning. They had loads of room outside their awning. The only one that I managed to see before they set up the woman gave me a right mouthful though the chap did agree that I was right. Nearly everyone uses motormover these days so it's no effort to just do it as requested. Anyone who doesn't, knows exactly what they are doing.
  12. rovinmad

    Dometic fridge door catch

    Well that's very interesting, thank you. At last I know it is meant to come off. Seems to have been made unnecessarily difficult to my mind. The main catch has always worked properly. It is the slide out part that allows the door to be kept slightly ajar when the fridge is off that sticks. It is devil of a job to get lubrication on it. I don't suppose the lock parts will be available separately, so if I do break the cover I'll end up with a complete new lock anyway. Thanks again. PS I wonder if warming the cover would make it more flexible?
  13. True, I've seen some. But from what I've heard there's no provision for the NC500. Just giving it a name like that makes it sound like a race and will attract your Hooray Henry types who don't give a toss about problems they leave behind.
  14. rovinmad

    Dometic fridge door catch

    I've got that, but I still need to know how to get the cover off.
  15. rovinmad

    Dometic fridge door catch

    I have a 2010 Bailey Pegasus 462. Does anyone know how to remove the clear plastic cover on the door catch. It has a small lever that you press and slide to position it to keep the door slightly ajar. This gets stiff and won't slide. I have managed to spray WD40 in there in the past but apparently this is not good for plastic. If I could get the cover off I could try something else like furniture polish.