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  1. I suppose a breathable cover is your only other option then. It might give you a bit longer out of it. Some friends have had a caravan in covered storage (a barn) down in mid France for getting on for twenty years. It must be at least twenty -five years old now. It's never serviced but just gets dragged out for three or four weeks a year. Should last for ever!
  2. No, I don't. I just try to remember to drain it before the winter.
  3. Providing it's not falling apart already, if you could store it undercover and get it dried out it could well last as long as you want it to. It's a question of whether or not it's worth paying the extra cost.
  4. I've got a size 13 Dorema full awning. While it is heavy with steel poles, I split the poles into two bags and also the canvas by zipping out some or all of the doors. So while there are five bags (including one for the pegs, hammer etc) individually they are lighter.
  5. By the way I didn't mean to imply that I could remember setting off for the journey. It's just that my wife is the fastidious type and won't get in the car if we haven't gone through the lights routine. She's always been the same. Doesn't trust me one bit!
  6. I'm much the same, but it was a very stressful incident that I'm not likely to ever forget. The realisation of what might have happened followed by the panic of trying to sort things out and get to the ferry. Wife upset, two distressed young children in the car and time slipping away fast. Thankfully it's one of very few difficult incidents we've had with a caravan (touch wood). Some people have had it very much worse. OK, we're good.
  7. I agree. I had a personal number for a few years. I had a headlamp smashed and other bits of vandalism. Can't say I've had any real problems since I sold it. Also people would mention it to me or say they'd seen me somewhere. I prefer to be anonymous. Mind you I saw MY 1 on a lovely Mercedes sports convertible. I said to the lady I love the number, "my one". But she said no it was her initials.
  8. So why not just say it probably wasn't the water that caused the fault? It was about thirty-five years ago. If it happens again I'll know not to bother trying to dry anything.
  9. Blimey, no wonder I haven't a clue.
  10. Good Lord I'll need to put aside a fortnight at least to take all that on board!! If you could arrange occasional bullet points for the more vital bits I might cope. A tutorial on those emoji whatsits might be a good start.
  11. BOAC, Why didn't you tell me this years ago? Come to think of it, when did plastic milk bottles come on the scene? Those corner steady feet were expensive when they first came out.
  12. My goodness I wish I hadn't posted in this thread. I don't know why I'm bothering but I'll have one last go at it. We were travelling home, heading for Calais. As we set off it was the usual routine. Wife stands where I can see her in my mirror. Lights, right indicator, left indicator, brakes. All good. We always do that. On the road we get into a tremendous rain storm. Somewhere we pull into a hypermarket to buy wine for home. A chap came up to me and told me that he'd been following me and every time I pulled out to overtake I was signalling right instead of left. It was dark and still pouring down. I was very grateful to him. Obviously I couldn't continue until that was sorted out. So I set to cleaning connections and drying things out. It took me a long time but eventually I got it working properly. We were supposed to call for a meal with a relative in Gravelines but it was around 11pm before we got there. So it was just hello and goodbye and off to the ferry. Now that's what happened. I really couldn't care less if it is impossible or not.
  13. Look I was there, you weren't. I chose to share what happened. If you choose to disbelieve me I can live with that. Quite why you make this kind of provocative post escapes me.
  14. I had that once They were OK when we set off but water got in on the road and unbeknown to me they started working the wrong way round. Fortunately someone followed us into a hypermarket and told me. So I spent an hour or more sorting it out instead of getting the wine before the ferry. Can't remember for certain but I think it was the 12N plug at fault.
  15. I think I have finally grasped what Jiffy176 does. I just wonder how he secretes the pipe work to make it look convincing when filling up.
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