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  1. After getting on for half a century of caravanning I read somewhere that I should give the oven a good blast at full bore for ten or even twenty minutes or more before setting the required gas mark. I don't know if this is correct or not. I do know that when we were trapped in the snow because of the beast from the east our oven behaved most oddly and we had a right performance getting stuff cooked. I thought it was duff but it's been OK since.
  2. There's no obligation to use any additive to the flush water, it's up to you. Why not let the flush go empty and then fill it with plain water while keeping a check on how much it takes. Then you can work out how much pink to add. When you've used a bit of flush you could add it in if you want. Don't travel with much flush water in the tank.
  3. Get underneath with the van level and see if you can improve the flow. I don't know what yours is like but the waste on my van is only push fit. It's probably thrown together with no thought to the fall. With a bit of thought you'll probably be able to improve it quite a lot.
  4. I would make up a pull-through and give the rail a good clean-out. Get some polish or dashboard shine or something to lubricate it. If you can't pull through any point you'll have to find out what's stopping it, like say sealant. If the rail is bent it might be physically closed up so you'll have to tap some sort of dolly through it to open it up. Might be best to get this done. I seem to remember that the awning cord used to be thicker years ago, but not sure about that. I think someone used to these things could perhaps close the rail up for you where it's pulling out. I hate awnings. A good frame tent is much easier to erect in my view!
  5. At that price I would think it's more about trying to find something decent rather than having a particular model to seek out. If you ask around you might be lucky. It's always best to get a potential purchase checked out professionally. I didn't mean to quote Jaydug, sorry.
  6. 12 days...........12 minutes is too long sometimes!
  7. I presume you do the roof with the waterless polish. How do you manage that? I find it difficult with the normal shampoo and long handled brush. In fact mine hardly ever gets done I am ashamed to say. I'd like to have a cover but for the cleaning aspect.
  8. I think it would be wise to keep to the manufacturer's recommended maximum for towing even if your car would appear capable of a higher figure. If you had an accident it might compromise your insurance cover.
  9. I've seen it done often enough. It has its limitations obviously You'll most likely need to help it turn on occasions by putting your shoulder to a corner.
  10. Actually I meant that I had never heard of it myself. When I googled Buglet it was given as meaning a "minor bug in a program". So you can congratulate yourself if you thought of it independently. Lots of words have more than one meaning. Alternatively Buglet can mean a small bugle as JCloughie informs us. Perhaps we should leave it there before we get into trouble over thread drift.
  11. Well this is becoming very educational indeed. I'm glad I asked. I had to Google the word Buglet, never heard of that either. I tried several times to edit my post when I noticed I'd missed the question mark but no joy. Very interesting, thanks. No joke on my part. I was just curious when Fred said there was no word for it in German. Just googled it and it came back as German meaning the pleasure one derives from another's misfortune. Perhaps you have an alternative meaning.
  12. Schadenfreude sounds like German to me. So what language is it then.
  13. I must need new glasses because I can't see the R word anywhere. What's BAME mean anyway? Confused? I certainly am. Must ask nurse to tuck me in.
  14. Perhaps the alarm proved to be faulty if they checked it, so the fobs got "lost". The alarm on my van was faulty when I collected it new. The handover bloke blustered through it so that I only realised when I got home. I got it fixed alright through the maker, but the technician managed to put a scratch across the glass hob cover before it had even been used. I think the fobs can be quite pricey so it would probably be worth chasing them up. Also, if as you say an alarm is fitted it should be working. Whether you'll get anywhere with the dealer is another matter. To be honest I could gladly dispense with mine as I just find I still forget to put it off on entering even after nearly ten years. I certainly wouldn't pay to have it repaired if it went faulty.
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