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  1. Reading this thread is becoming like, dare I say it? The Brexit threads. If someone does not want to take this vaccine, then that is their wish. Just like it is the wishes of those who want to take it. I personally have a genuine reason for my decision at the moment, I am educated, and will not be bullied by anyone to take it or not, I agree the production of this vaccine is a credit to those involved. So please have respect for your fellow caravanning posters.
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    I have had 2 Sorentos from new 2008 and 2013, if you go for 2013 on go for auto as the manual suffers with clutch smell mainly when towing, I managed to secure a 7 year warranty due to my persistent clutch smell when towing, Kia agreed it with my dealer. Fortunately it never failed, as it is now out of warranty just hope it stays ok. The car itself is very smooth and reasonably economical, but it really needs a low ratio box to put it up to other more expensive 4x4s. As I am not a "badge" owner it suits my needs, others will not like them, but then I do not like BMW, Audi or VW s.
  3. Yes it is quite low, Spoke to him last week and he wanted to increase dose of Chemo but reluctant due to flu season and of course Covid. So he is reviewing again in a few weeks. So it is a very fine line to balance.
  4. I am torn. Having a very rare blood cancer and on 11 types of drugs daily (some twice a day) and one being Chemo daily, I would like to know if the vaccine will have any effect on them, if so, then I will pass and keep doing what I am doing now. I do wonder who they used for the trials, if it was on fit and well health wise then it does not give assurance to take it. Just my own opinion of course. My next Consultant meeting will be in a few weeks to check my blood test results, so will be asking him about it.
  5. Well I sent an email to the App team, no reply. So I sent an email to the club, (with a read receipt) which I got back virtually straight away, still no reply, so much for being there when we want them and supporting them, is this the future of our "club" ? 🙄🤷‍♂️.
  6. From my memory, the light units were held in the housing by plastic pegs with a recess on the stem, if these have been damaged during removal and refitting then they will need to be replaced. HTH's
  7. Not on my Samsung yet. 🤔
  8. It was OK yesterday morning for me, but just checked and same here now, it does have a notice saying about closure due to Covid, Just logged onto website and photos are there for the CL's and club sites I have checked on, so must be a problem with the App, it has not been updated as far as I can see on my app updates and they go back 3 days ago.
  9. That is good news, thanks, will look at getting one if I fail to get hold of a second hand one soon.
  10. Thanks for that, do you leave yours inside whilst travelling, and if so has it ever fell out due to going over uneven ground? This is a good price too. 👍
  11. I am after the remote control plastic holder, if anyone can provide?? PM me if you can please..
  12. I emailed the new customer service manager for help in getting AL-KO to get my axle repaired a few weeks ago under warranty, he never replied, I now feel as the older generation move on the younger ones have no idea of customer service. AL-KO and Coachman are now at the bottom of my list of reliable companies. When you spend 28k + on a van and its off the road after its first service due to poor quality control of a manufacturer and they do not give a toss, it is time to rethink who you use next time, a company is only as good as how they respond to issues. I do not think I will be having another on my drive after this one.
  13. Our storage has emailed and repeating the information as per last lockdown, if access is required we need to provide details when. They are still open. I am in a position that will require returning the van to storage, once my axle has been returned from factory and re-fitted, It is then due to go to factory to have the boiler repaired under warranty (pre-booked) . I contacted the factory on Wednesday to see about moving the date but they have confirmed my Monday appointment still stands and they will be open to receive me. The van is empty of all items, so it is obvious to anyone it is not going to be used overnight. After repair, I will then return the van home put all items back into the van and take it back to storage. During the time at the factory I will be in my car on the car park. I do not have to meet anyone at the storage depot. Dont forget, those who are still away on campsites will also be returning home once their pre arranged holidays are over. They too will require access to storage facilities. My neighbour had his classic car shell collected by the repairer's yesterday (Thursday) who had also said they are continuing to work. This 2nd Lockdown is so different from the 1st.
  14. I suppose until it has been approved in parliament, the actual rules will then be released (tongue in cheek) so we should hope to have the full details by Wednesday night??? (live in hope)
  15. My neighbour went into hospital 2 weeks ago with possible pneumonia, the following week she was tested and found to have Covid just under a week later she had died (in hospital) cause of death according to her husband was Covid pneumonia. Believe me it is not a hoax or a political thing to take over peoples lives, (as some are suggesting) it is real. I now know personally 3 people who have died of Covid, 2 friends at the start and now my close neighbour. I am classed as vulnerable so just wish those who think it does not matter and they are free to carry on just as they please, think again people.
  16. I think come Monday when everyone is back to work, be it from home or office, we will soon find out. Boris was not going to give his speach until Monday but as usual the press got wind of it from an inside source so had to come on TV to tell the nation, it is time those that leak information from the government to the press are sacked and fined for breaching
  17. Thats a good idea, wish I could do that but Coachman no longer cut a slot in the offside rear, why, I do not know. I fold mine up, return it to the bag and wait until its a nice dry day and then either leave it on the floor or hang it over the car roof. watch out for wind though.. failing that it goes back on wet. I always remove it during storage as they are not designed to be left on, so the manufacturer of ours state.
  18. Same as mine, when the sun is out, Very cloudy and wet here today and mine at 09.32 today shows 12.5v
  19. Just spoken to friends who have the Arcadia dealer special, they have the same gap. So looks like it is built as intended. 🤔🤷‍♂️
  20. I have taken a couple of photos as mine is on axle stands waiting for the stub axle to be replaced by AL-KO, so easier to get them.
  21. I bought my caravan in October last year new, only to have a first service carried out on 28th September and have it sat on the drive with the axle removed and left in the garage and now sat on axle stands, waiting for AL-KO to get their act together and collect it to repair the stripped stub axle thread which happened during the one shot nut removal. While AL-KO ignore my emails to get the axle collected.
  22. I have had 3 new caravans from them. That's why I was asking the question as I too like you have had very good service from Knottingley, I can only say when I had waited a long time for replacement parts, under warranty and then contacting them, I found it was always the supplier dragging their heals and never Wandahome, Claire and Penny and even Gareth have provided excellent support.
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