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  1. You are all really lucky, I am locked down in my house due to my medical condition, not allowed to go out for any walks, Those that still think it is big and clever to break the government guidelines deserve the wrath of the law. Enjoy your limited freedom guys..
  2. In this and our previous Coachmans, I have bought a 10 meter length of audio cable about £5.00 and routed it around the van hiding it or drilling a small hole conspicuously in cupboards, to the radio and plugged into the front audio socket. Giving a nice quality sound.
  3. Not had that problem, every awning I have bought, even cheap ones come with skirt 🤔
  4. So if people sneeze and cough as suggested by the medical advisors, then no need to wear a mask.
  5. I have read somewhere that do not wear masks as the wearer potentially be a higher risk of passing on the virus from their hands to their faces while putting them on, taking them off etc Personally I will not bother unless forced to by a medical professional. I have seen people driving on their own in a car wearing one, not sure what the point is for that.
  6. it is time everyone stop and think, could I be next? Then act responsible. Stop panic buying. Help others less fortunate.
  7. We went to Asda today to shop for 3 people, my wife and I had a trolley each, 2 wanted toilet roll, as I was doing more for 1 person, my wife did the shop for the other 2, they both needed toilet roll I did hear one member of staff saying only 1 pack of toilet roll was allowed per shop, so I hung around as my wife was going through scan n go she was stopped and had the toilet roll taken off her, despite being told it was more than one shop, but she just said, it was the rule 😏 so I asked if I could put it on my shop, the assistant said are we together, so I said in a way but not regarding shopping, I was given the toilet roll. So if you are going to shop for other people then you will not be allowed to take extra items to meet those who you are shopping for. Not sure how this can be changed except, going 3 times which would put people against the government guidelines 🤔
  8. And then hold China to account for allowing the virus to expand to the world. If anyone had contaminated the river and water systems that person or company would have been taken to task.
  9. I would go. If you are practicing the safe distance and the storage site is able to allow you in then do it, even better if you have a replacement battery to slip in. Essential if it is going to cost you a new battery. 😉
  10. Maybe they live in it all year round and have no home, we have met many MH owners in that situation. So wonder where they should go🤔
  11. Went to local Asda this morn, very civilised, the Manager came out to explain what was going to happen, the NHS staff were told to go to one entrance door and allowed in first, while the OAP & vulnerable to another and the rest step aside in another queue apart from one young chap who had a strop on and left everyone was happy. After 1/2 hr when the NHS staff had gone to selected tills marked with purple balloons, 15 were let in at a time with short breaks, until everyone had been let in, the crowds were happy, plenty of items including kitchen and toilet rolls, we were even given a bunch of flowers, must have been from Mothers day. 😄 all in all much better than the manic rush last week at Sainsburys. Everyone bought only what they needed. Well Done Asda staff. Lets hope the manic hoarders and Social Media have realised they caused the un necessary panic buying.
  12. It was posted for a bit of fun!!!! Felt this site needed to bring a bit of joviality back, due to the amount of recent angry postings...
  13. Unless you see this guy
  14. kiaboy

    Mothers day

    Well just taken van back to storage and can not believe the amount of people visiting their mums and the amount of kids knocking about just like a normal day 🤔
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