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  1. I have had 3 new caravans from them. That's why I was asking the question as I too like you have had very good service from Knottingley, I can only say when I had waited a long time for replacement parts, under warranty and then contacting them, I found it was always the supplier dragging their heals and never Wandahome, Claire and Penny and even Gareth have provided excellent support.
  2. You can from Alde. They are excellent at end user customer service, just a pity other caravan manufacturers and component manufacturers do not take their lead from Alde.
  3. Agree with the comments made regarding Gary, Had him repair my dads boiler at a fraction of the cost for a replacement. Not heard from him for quite a while and thought he had given up the work and found something else. Glad he is still working and offering excellent advice.
  4. Sounds like the same issue I have with my boiler, it makes a noise when on EHU and whilst heating up the water. I am waiting to get the van back to Alde. Suggest you contact them and give as much info for them to advise. It could be the fluid mixture or you have excessive air in the system or indeed a faulty boiler.
  5. I have fitted underlay to the last 3 vans, it provides a nice feel and the floor is warmer. I trimmed the underlay so it allows the removable carpets to be stuck to the floor with the inbuilt velcro strips, so for a static I do not see why you could not do it just like your house...
  6. We experienced our pump would not deliver to the van as it was attacked by masses of air bubbles, the owner confirmed he pumps water up from his borehole, he said he has had several vans water system play up. Leaving the water butt filled overnight with the pump out cured the problem. Never had it since.
  7. I always use the wash room tap instead of the shower, as like you, no problems at all, but I do make sure that all taps are free from air first. You are correct.
  8. Could I ask, is the Wandahome you are referring to at Knottingley or South Cave?
  9. I have an old set of orange Ko-Jack brackets in the garage, that might do the job, they fit the holes in the AL-KO chassis.
  10. Agreed, even the car MOT is only good for the day on which it was tested, who is to say the car could have been severely abused off road etc after the test and before you buy.
  11. The fuse blades can develop a fine oxidation on the surface, but there are loads of dodgy fuses about and caravan manufacturers are not free from getting them in from their supply chain. Great to hear you have fixed the problem
  12. I was asked by my brother to go with him recently (way before Covid) to look for a caravan we saw a nice one within his budget and asked for the CRiS paper, he could not provide it, so we walked away. If I was calling before visiting the van I would only ask for the CRiS number to check the owner was the one I was buying it from.
  13. Our 520 VIP is a week under 1 year old, 1st Service booked with my usual AWS Mobile chap and all Ok until the last hub nut needed to be removed, the one shot nut was being removed by the engineer but after a few full turns it locked up, with extra force the nut came off along with shards of metal, the last few threads of the axle stub nut was stripped. Engineer called AL-KO straight away who told him to send them photos with a claim, which I have a copy of the email sent. Since then, I have emailed AL-KO to ask what and how long this will be before I can use the van, as both Coachman and my
  14. I have used them for a few years now for Sunday lunch at home and in the van, brilliant idea and as you say cleaner. Answer to OP Yes indeed.
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