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  1. I have 2013 kx2 manual, had clutch burn since new, kia agreed to cover under 7 yr warranty but its not failed so far, its a lovely car very comfortable drive and ride both solo and towing. I would go for auto but tax is higher.
  2. Its time people realised there are no emission free vehicles, its a government con, anyone expecting to get 0% emissions are kidding themselves.
  3. I have found annually lubricating the slides and springs makes for easy manual operation.
  4. Every Thetford toilet I have had in my 40 odd years of vanning has never leaked, only fault I had was with the fuse surface build up stopping the pump working, cleaning the prongs put that right, where as only 2 months owning the Dometic the seal looked like a threepence piece leaking soiled water to drip out while going to the empty point.
  5. I agree with some of your points but believe me after having the Dometic toilet, the Thetford beats it hands down. I never had the problems with the Thetford as I have had with Dometic, and Thetford aftersales are far superior to Dometic. I always put the black rubber drain pipe into a container, this stops the potential of water going into the casing.
  6. kiaboy

    Serviced pitch

    I was "told by the owner" that the valve had failed, pushing the pushfit connection off the pipe inside the van flooding the van, which I saw when talking to them, I did not actually see the valve fail, only the mess it had made in the van. HTH's
  7. kiaboy

    Serviced pitch

    I may have used the wrong term of seen one fail, I probably should have said Seen the outcome of the failure.
  8. Don't hold your breath for a reply
  9. kiaboy

    Serviced pitch

    That is a good practice. We always turn off the tap switch on the panel above the door and then on again on return. We did use a direct feed pipe (supplied by the CL site owner) due to our float system not work due to air bubbles formed on the pump as the water supply was pumped from his bore hole, on this occassion we turned the tap off before we left the van, then back on when we returned, having seen one fail and soaked the inside of the van we did not want this to happen to us.
  10. When we px'd ours in Oct this year, the dealer now has it in writing at the time of doing the deal, that they will check the roof for possible damage, as they had been stung with so many roof damage marks either done by owners or weather damage, we did not have this in our purchase from them last year.
  11. You probably have what they call a floating roof skin. Thats why you should not directly walk, kneel, and need a board to spread the weight so you dont puncture the thin sheet. I have never tried it and don't think I would. I have a decent step ladder and extension brush which would clean all the roof from one side.
  12. Certainly Coachman, but not all over. Always use a board to spread the weight.
  13. As @joanie in both our 2019 & 2020 VIP's, our plates and cups (but with the wire brackets installed) in the top, we always place towels in the cupboards during transit and remove and store under the seating on arrival, never had any issues with them opening. I also place a piece of lightweight packing strip in the Microwave to stop the plate moving and again remove when arrived, I have also noticed the door of the microwave can "rub" against the door frame and remove the paint so this has a thin piece of plastic sheet trapped between the door and frame fro travelling. Just hope you have a "trouble free" time with your Dometic Toilet and Cooker.. Enjoy
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