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  1. Hello Glen, yes I agree very minor issues, but I must say Wandahome (knottingley) Penny, in the after-sales team is very good, she has emailed me to say they have put the claim in and where do I want it sending, but as we are moving on every few days can't give her an address until she lets me know its in their hands. Lets hope this one lasts a bit longer, I can't remember when I had to replace an oven door seal in the van or at home. I do hope you have got your door sorted now. Paul
  2. Another update: Used the van a few times now, but only used the oven about 3 times, and the rubber door seal has dropped out of the corner clip, after thinking it had just fallen out, how wrong, it had split due to the fact it was pulled well over its natural state to fit the corner clip by a good 30mm, sent Dometic and the dealer an email and photos, asking for a quick turn round as we are, at the moment, away for 4 weeks, the email was to Dometic bringing up their quality control, their reply only said sorry to hear about this but will deal with my claim for replacement seal once they have the dealers request, I can only say my initial experience is of poor quality and design issues relating to the oven and toilet. The fridge has only suffered the digital display cover falling off as yet. Thetford are leaps ahead than Dometic IMHO.
  3. Why can't we see what Alde come back with, people are so quick to bring up consumer rights,😫 when this issue has just been brought to their attention, after all, Alde are one of the better companies to get customers sorted. Staring to throw what should and should not happen, may and could, switch off a brilliant and co operative company. 🤐 I am affected by this issue and happy to see what Alde intend to do, once they have carried out their tests, and fed back, and do nothing, then its time to start shouting
  4. Hi Bobsandy, Thanks for your update, I have simply followed their advice and set the end time 30 mins earlier, so the pump cutting in and out now wakes me up earlier as my head is above the boiler 😫 lets hope they fix yours then send out a fix to the rest of us who have the same issue.
  5. Well, I have changed my mind. Today, 6 of the 8 have broken. They were not tight and the wind was breezy nothing it has not coped with before, so the poles are out and fitted, I have gorilla glued the plastic screw back to the cup and will see how they go when we move to our next site. Don't think I will be buying anymore at £20 a throw, I do have six spare as I needed 2 for the wheel cover.
  6. I only provide the sheet showing its insured, ( C.C. Statement of Facts section) I never send the part with all the breakdown of financial details, been doing that for 20 odd years without any problems.
  7. Interestingly I ran out of gas and looked on Go outdoors website and found 6kg at £17.10 with discount card, they also quoted L/W at same price, did notice that if you click and collect they knock another 10% off so making it just under 16 quid, so took a trip down to the Derby branch and got my steel changed the guy said he had just had a delivery in and had 10 lites. He also said they are getting deliveries of lites but the reason they are not many around is when they are on the lorry they are getting damaged by the steel bottles so its nothing to do with the recall now.. Who do you believe?? So check your local Go Outdoors branch.. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15902637/calor-gas-6-0-kg-propane-15902637
  8. The new Dometic covers do not have the button turn clips, only on the winter covers..
  9. On refitting make sure you have inserted the right hand side fully in as you will find it impossible to push the left hand side over the pin for the clip, I found this out yesterday
  10. TBH I would not expect a dealer to do the in-depth checks you mention in the PDI, but would expect them to take ownership of the fault and correct it. It maybe their thoughts it is a design fault hence putting the ownership with Coachman, either way the dealer should fix and Coachman review the installation and maybe recall.
  11. We always use the free standing table out of the van.
  12. kiaboy

    Roof Rack.

    I tried to locate a supplier for these some years ago after seeing them on a car for my previous Sorento, then again for the present Sorento, but couldn't, now given both bikes away. Look easy to load and unload, without the backbreaking action of getting them on the standard rack.
  13. Sealant found in our new van at the section joint, quickly resolved by scraping it out with a strong piece of plastic. Our Kampa runs smoothly through track now..
  14. The one we have is a Specialist Cover Tow Pro Elite, has a soft padding layer inside. and an armour exterior material.
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