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  1. No you are not mad.... We go away every Christmas and enjoy the simplistic way of cooking now, we used to go away with my parents (many years ago) and would cook beef, and pork while my parents would do the potatoes and veg, then we would gather into one van and eat together. Then Boxing day would be bubble and squeak with the left over meat. Now we go away on our own and have basic food and get out walking while others are resting after a huge meal and maybe a few tipples Can't help you with the area you have chosen as we have not been to that part of the country. Our daughter and family live in Western Australia, so we would visit them during November and December usually +30c then return to snow or very cold weather just in time to get away for Christmas, we usually use CL's but will be at Ferry Meadows cc site, just hope we get some festive weather this year instead of rain .. Hope you have a great time away....
  2. Just checked my Tracker history since it was returned to storage and it peaked at 14.227V during daytime 16.10.19 and and since then averaged at 12.768v from then until today, that is with a 100w panel on the roof.
  3. I made a block of hard white poly foam type packing, cut to slip between plate and inside roof of M/W, stays there until we need to use it then lives in shelf in cupboard, simply refit before moving on. Pity van is not at home as I could have added photo. ๐Ÿคจ
  4. This is the 3rd van we have had with this panel, I found out by pressing buttons. The new manual for 2020 models are not in the handover pack, but are due out to dealers soon along with the service booklet. I am sure I have read it on the downloaded draft, that Coachman have put on their website, will be worth looking there. Just checked manual, pages 45 - 50 are worth looking at KB
  5. Same panel as mine. I have turned all the notifications off, that way you do not have to keep "accepting" the notifications. The unit if left on will switch from onboard battery to car battery automatically, you should see a little lock symbol top left corner when it is connected to car and engine running, when that switches off you will see a L for leisure battery, our 2019 and 2020 model VIP will keep the system set to lock if stopping for approx 15mins so not allowing the fridge to search for gas whilst it might be on a fuel forecourt. Hths Kb
  6. And keep the "since 1907" on the logo ๐Ÿค”
  7. Which are longer provided with new Coachmans ๐Ÿค” is that another "thought" improvement?? I wonder ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  8. A friend of mine needed something to move his helicopter in/out of his little hanger, he ended up with a "modified" Shifta.
  9. Mr Shifta, we had one to get van off the road up the drive behind the house many years ago, I knew Barry Wilson who made them in Long Eaton and I had no problems selling it when I bought a powrtouch mover
  10. Unless you have a Dometic toilet, then flushing using the pump is the only way of draining, I doubt that empties the flush tank completely.
  11. I agree, I thought I had a missing weight cert, so requested one, only to find I had the same cert I could put it in any van ๐Ÿค”
  12. I still have my CTC cycling club badge, wonder if its worth anything??
  13. We had the free weight upgrade at the Lawns show, Interesting to find out, 2020 Coachman vans no longer have a weight certificate, to go with the wall sticker, the certificate that comes with the van does not even refer to the VIN, just a certificate number refering to the build approval of the NCC. Not sure if that is the case with other manufacturers. Also, when we collected our new van, I was talking to the manager, who also said no documents are handed over to purchasers of used vans as this contains personal details of original buyer and is not allowed under the new rules of data protection. All service details are held on the dealers and manufacturers databases.
  14. I spoke to a CL owner who had an inspector visit to check the site over, he found nothing whilst doing his checks, in fact he said how impressed they were running the site, until he started to drive off, then noticed they had not replaced the perfectly noticeable sign with the Walls ice cream logo, he was not happy with them, and made the comments on his report. And told them to change it before he left, the owners felt like dropping out the network saying the guy was a jobsworth. ๐Ÿค”
  15. Fat finger syndrome sorry thecookster ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
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