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  1. A meal and drink at Wetherspoons and . .................................. Coachman 520 VIP delivery next month (Now on bread and jam for the next few weeks )
  2. kiaboy

    EE start trial of 5G

    Interesting. .. We were in Hartington, Derbyshire today and went into the Farm Shop Cafe, they had 5G WiFi, I connected my 4G Samsung S5 Smartphone straight to their system without any problems
  3. kiaboy

    Impact Driver

    The use of power tools against the manual crank handle should only be necessary to complete the task quickly, not to overcome any tightness of the screw, if this is necessary then as previously mentioned it must be down to a bent screw dirty threads male and female or inadequate lubrication. At least the tyres will not deform during lay up or use
  4. kiaboy

    Load monitor

    Good piece of Kit IMHO, set the amps to the site value (in the touchscreen settings )or just below it and the boiler will shut down when, say, you put kettle on, then start up once the kettle switches off .
  5. kiaboy

    Wiring for ATC

    Hopefully this link will work for you as I added one on a previous thread and it didn't work http://kuwaitigenius. me/wiring-diagram-for-13-pin-caravan-socket. html/wiring-diagram-for-13-pin-caravan-socket-website-at Just checked it worked for me so should be OK for you
  6. kiaboy

    BEER COOLER problem.

    That's what I got after posting onto CT website as a link, it's why I suggested an issue with CT website and copying the link onto a word document then clicking on the link it to get to the correct website.
  7. kiaboy

    Alde Circulating Pump Location

    Excellent write up well done.
  8. kiaboy

    BEER COOLER problem.

    I will continue to do my own work where I am capable/competent, to do so, so I am with you Old Sod
  9. kiaboy

    BEER COOLER problem.

    Must be something wrong with this (CT) website as I have copied the link onto a word document and managed to load the site with no problems, It does not refer to Caravans https://www. diydoctor. org. uk/projects/partp. htm
  10. kiaboy

    BEER COOLER problem.

    This might help headed "What Electrical Work Can be Done Yourself? section" https://www. diydoctor. org. uk/projects/partp. htm
  11. kiaboy

    BEER COOLER problem.

    Good point. Nothing in mine. I always work (for the past 65 years+) on a duty of care for my family, friends, visitors and neighbours and would never carryout work that I felt I was not competent with and would expect others to do the same. I would always use tradesmen recommended by family or friends as looking at some workmanship out there it is somewhat questionable. I have had electrical work carried out in the past and never received any certificates I think this is only applicable if the property to let or to be sold. My caravans have only ever had a certificates when new or been collected from the manufacturer after repair work.
  12. kiaboy

    BEER COOLER problem.

    Well said GS. I have seen work done by the "professionals" and quite frankly they should not be trading. For the past 18 years I have serviced my own boiler at home, after watching /helping for many years my dad who was a gas fitter/plumber, until his retirement, nothing has gone bang or leaked so competency is paramount, I agree if you know nothing or are not confident in any aspects in life leave it to those who do. If no one can smell a gas leak then stay away from this work .
  13. kiaboy

    CL Site Videos

    I do not see why some ones number plate would be an issue as it can be seen by anyone when travelling on the road, so not really effecting some ones privacy after all number plates are being recorded by many organisations when travelling on the highway
  14. kiaboy

    HELP! Lone female in France!

    Agreed, they are excellent at providing help at very short notice, pity the manufacturers and dealers are not as quick off the mark to offer help and resolve problems as quickly. Top marks Alde.
  15. kiaboy

    CL Site Videos

    Same thing for overseas sites, why do they put nice photos of the wildlife and sea views etc but not one photo of the actual pitches, are they worried that they will not get visitors if they post them??