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  1. 2018 VIP Coachman Range

    If it is the same as our 2015 VIP, then when you click the switch on you keep it down which dims/brightens when you reach the lighting required let go of the switch, clicking and letting go turns on/off.
  2. I would like to see a 2 way conveyor walkway through the halls, so I can get around the show with ease
  3. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Hope all goes well Glen. We are going to test ours out from 16th Jan for 8 nights. .
  4. 2018 nights away

    sorry to say for the caravan channel forum admin have to add the posters info into the running totals table (Mike does it)
  5. 2018 nights away

    The Caravan Channel forum has this set up but it needs someone from Admin to input the details to keep the running totals table up to date, Admin here don't have the time.
  6. Caravan number plate

    Like it, I want one
  7. Caravan number plate

    Wasn't a serious comment, that's why it had a at the end . .
  8. See this tread https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/123350-vip-545-digital-control-panel/
  9. Caravan number plate

    All the EU plates will need replacing as there will be one less star needed
  10. Caravan number plate

    I bought these stick on's of Flee Bay,
  11. Insurance when moving caravan on motor mover

    should be covered under the caravan insurance under section called liability (if it is insured that is ) then as you say under your car insurance when hitched up
  12. Only problems I have had with the BCA master 12v panel above the door is the buttons sticking in the front panel, I simply removed the fascia panel and using a Swiss file removed some plastic of the button slots, never had any further issues
  13. Trading caravan with faults

    See my previous post My previous caravan 2010 Pastiche was taken in part exchange for our current one. to my surprise they found damp on exchange, they said no problems as they will get the repair completed FOC as it met with Coachman's damp clause on exchange, I never lost any money for it.
  14. Trading caravan with faults

    Not sure about Bailey, but Coachman state in their owners manual. When a customer part exchanges a Coachman caravan at a Coachman Dealer and water ingress is detected at the time of the part exchange Coachman confirms they will pay the dealer the total of the agreed cost of any repair undertaken to rectify the water ingress provided 1. It is being exchanged for a new Coachman Caravan. 2. There is full documentary evidence that the caravan has been serviced annually. 3. The caravan is less than 6 years old.