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  1. kiaboy

    Easy fix?

    It could be the brown plastic clip at the back, this has happened to us. Remove the drawer and using a flat small bladed screwdriver insert it into the gap where the prong at the back of the drawer would slide into and flick it out of the housing, fit drawer and close it should then click back shut If your drawers have a black plastic lever inside the side runners then just press them to release the drawers from the rails, watch out for the clear sticky grease on the metal runners
  2. kiaboy

    fridge on 12v.

    This might help if its a Thetford. Troubleshooting Thetford Fridges.pdf
  3. kiaboy

    fridge on 12v.

    Depends on the year of your van, if you have a selector switch on your control panel which has car/van/off then this should be selected to car and fridge to on 12v. If you have a newer van the master switch will automatically switch off (habitation relay controls that) once the cars ignition is turned and the engine is running, the fridge selector switch should be turned to 12v if no power is to the fridge then you will get an error code on the LCD display depending on your make of fridge you will need to look at the manual for it. Once you arrive at site and turn the engine, switch master switch back on or return car/van/off switch back to van.
  4. kiaboy

    Damp in 2015 bonded 520/4 vip

    I would be interested to know how they got the rail off without any side panel paint damage, as the bonding is quite strong, I assume they replaced the centre track.
  5. kiaboy

    2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    What piffle LF has 3 years warranty on Coachman, as for the dealers directors comments, I think I would have had to say that will be the last of my money you will be getting and no recomendations.
  6. kiaboy

    2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Update on our replacement foam: After 4 weeks of constant use, I can confirm; the replacement foam is not has firm as the previous, but does return to original shape, the top of the upholstery does show some small areas of loose sections where the bum rests (but have also noticed this to our friends recent renewed cushions, even though they have the firm foam from Regal's) but does eventually tighten up, it is comfortable and as we use it for both lounging and sleeping can only hope it stays the same way over further use. So, so far we are pleased with the replacements
  7. kiaboy

    Kia Sorento Engine Cutting Out

    This is an old post so should have been resolved by now, but for those who suffer from tank delamination, Kia will replace the tank, and flush through the system, FOC . Just take photos of the canister debris then email Kia Customer Services with the details they will then suggest you book the car in at a dealer for inspection, as stated before it is a known fault with the Sorento along with the rear axle corrosion where the rear shocks can fall off the axle, plenty of info regarding both these issues on the UKSorento website.
  8. kiaboy

    Awning over window

    We looked hard at the Air awnings and after a long thought of pros and cons to poled and air decided on a Kampa 390 Pro poled awning this partially covers the front side window, we use the limpets and have had no rubbing to the window. HTH's
  9. kiaboy

    Wet Heating Vs. Blown Air?

    Alde wet system for me, had both and would not go back to blown air. Its all down to personal choice at the end of the day so no one is wrong and no one is right. Just enjoy what you decide to have.
  10. kiaboy

    2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    You don't have to read it do you???? So just ignore it if you think that??
  11. kiaboy

    SWITCH from gas to electric

    Carver boiler reset button is the little red one at the front
  12. kiaboy

    2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Glen, Sorry to hear about the mess LF have made of your cushions, I wonder if you have someone else's Did you ask for no leg roll, and baggy covering?? It is certainly worth a photo and email to them, I asked if I am not happy with ours after our trip away for the month, will they supply the material so I can get them remade at Regal, they said Yes FOC but they are certain they had fixed the foam issue. I brought the van home yesterday to get it ready for next week and must say after sitting on the cushions they seem to return to shape very quickly but only using them in anger will tell. I do not think I will be getting them to re-fill ours if it fails this time. Hope you get some satisfaction from LF Good to hear your window issue is sorted, I hope the other niggles get fixed. Paul
  13. kiaboy

    2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    That's good news Glen, lets hope they do a good job. How did you find the new cushions?? Paul
  14. kiaboy

    Are people still having 13 pin problems?

    +1. I bought the green alignment tool ages ago and never used it.
  15. kiaboy

    Are people still having 13 pin problems?

    I have never had problems with removal or refitting of the 13 pin plug or reliability, but the 7 pin plugs were a nightmare, with centre pin meltdown on the 12s happening regularly, So please when the 13 came out, I changed both car and van immediately and fitted an adaptor for trailer/bike rack use