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  1. Alko Hitch lock for me, used the same one since my 2002 Coachman Amara through to present 2019 Coachman VIP apart from having to respray the casing its been fine. . Plus my Insurance give me a discount for it being fitted. .
  2. kiaboy

    VIP 520 - 2019

    Shelve now made, (well 2, as I am thinking of fitting the other below it later), unfortunately the stain is as close I can get to Coachman's . ..
  3. kiaboy

    VIP 520 - 2019

    I have now cut 2 pieces of wood to the template to fit at the side of the washroom basin, (thanks to @Mickyjb) but having put my template on the toilet side my wife felt there was little room to move when sat on the toilet. So I might fit 2 shelves to the right next to the shower but they need staining to as near as possible to the internal boarding first.
  4. kiaboy

    Act soon to beat CaMC price increases

    We usually stay on club sites for the festive season, have done for the past 9 years anyway, but we have decided £30 per night is not worth it as it drops to about £16 a week into the new year, on the site we usually go to, the pitches are needing re-stoning and huge puddles are across the roads every year and even though we have reported it and had emails back from the regional manger nothing has been done. So we have now decided to continue our festive season away on CL's at half the price with fully serviced pitches. The club needs a huge wake up to getting the pitches sorted instead of wasting money on the frills of the sites in their care. . I agree in principle, but they would not reduce the pitch prices. I have seen this in my CL usage, some sites have done just that, but not reduced their "standard prices" prior to the addition. I personally stay away from these sites in principle.
  5. kiaboy

    Where does it stop?

    I always thought some of the leather in modern cars was faux anyway!!
  6. kiaboy

    Where does it stop?

    OR The choice is Yours
  7. kiaboy

    Where does it stop?

    I don't see meat eating people putting signs up (like in previous posts) that would inflict their likes, like non meat eating people do, as you say, its a choice and no one should be forced to stop eating what has been natural for many a century, eat what you like is my motto, and don't feel guilty.
  8. kiaboy

    Just Bought aVIP Need Tow Cover

    Alan, Yes, well not roll but folds down, see photo Paul
  9. kiaboy

    Just Bought aVIP Need Tow Cover

    We trial fitted our initial fit took 10 mins that included adjusting the straps etc.
  10. kiaboy

    Where does it stop?

    Thankfully not, during my educated times there was nothing like this, and it was the best days IMHO, we are living in a topsy turvy world today where stupidity rules, especially in Parliament allowing these things to take over.
  11. kiaboy

    Coachman Data plate

    My 2015 VIP only had one on the wall next to door and wheel arch, but my 2019 has one in the gas locker too.
  12. kiaboy

    Mr Shifta motor mover,

    Post deleted
  13. kiaboy

    Just Bought aVIP Need Tow Cover

    Interesting Alan about access to the two lockers, I did a trial fit of our "Free" tow cover the other day when I un-zipped the locker cover their was no facility to hold up the cover, I used one of the velcro strips and un-zipped the top section to wrap it on, now I could open the door, so I emailed the company asking how we keep the cover up while say turning the gas on or getting something out during a stop, they replied that they have no facility to hold the cover up, but would pass onto the design guys, so I do wonder if they do a mod to it, lets hope so!! we did find it quite easy to fit though. . We have never had a tow cover or full cover in 40+ years of caravanning, My wife and I said we may not use one for long, but will see later next year.
  14. kiaboy

    Where does it stop?

    Might be, but looking at what some will do is beyond belief, pity they have nothing better to do TBH
  15. kiaboy

    Where does it stop?

    What about woMAN that's another subject though