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  1. 3/4 light came on when I had emptied the cassette, went back out removed the cassette refitted it and light went out, no problems since, thanks for the heads-up though, worth remembering if it happens again..
  2. Another place to check is the fridge to housing.....
  3. Majority of the time, I think you will find its due to the shaking during travelling and over rough terrain over the many months that is the cause. If the torque is increased may result in stripping the thin section timber of the floor.
  4. Surprised Ebor treating you like that. You do not have to have the van serviced by the dealer you bought it from. Servicing can be carried out by any AWS, either mobile or garaged, it is only warranty work that should be carried out by approved caravan manufacturer outlets, exception is for fitted appliances like Alde, Thetford etc, then these can be carried out by their authorised engineers (incl AWS engineers). As already mentioned if the supplying dealer has carried out all they can do to rectify the faulty floor, it is up to them to seek advice from Coachman, who should then provide a fix, if they can not then you are in you rights to claim a full refund for "not fit for purpose". On many of our new Coachman caravans we have always experienced some creaking from floor to base unit, I added extra angle brackets and this resolved the problem, not saying that will fix your problem but it might be worth asking first. You will need to act in accordance with the process of rejecting the van to the dealer so they have no excuse or room to wriggle out of their responsibility. Good luck. PS Can not see your video in your post
  5. Update Well after calling the dealer regarding the lock/key one was put on order and collected replacement lock exactly 4 weeks. I just had to sign for the lock on collection and hand over the seized one, pleased with service Wandahome (Knottingley) again.
  6. So the law could and most likely changed ???
  7. With my Kampa 390 Pro, I have found no reason to use poles with my limpets, they have been as good as poles. I do have them in the bag but as I said never used them.
  8. Just like any other insurance Co then. You set your value, they go by current market value then decide to pay you what they think they should, if you do not accept the pay out you go to arbitration.
  9. Just received my CMC cover renewal, I had already done a quote with Caravan Guard for the same cover CG were £9.00 cheaper, I then needed to change regarding secure storage on CMC, after re-quoting from CMC tonight my costs are now £15 more so, decided, as I have had very good service from CMC claims previously, I will stay with CMC cover.
  10. Aero dynamic as a brick,
  11. Better than the 1951 Statesman https://www.google.com/search?q=berkeley statesman&tbm=isch&hl=en&hl=en&tbs=rimg%3ACYsBZFhp1NGpIkCgXPexRJFN9m380Jvv3DfJDan-8OeiRGEoIv89LLZeXzfX9mT_1_1pWDaLFPF42rBwGyrLoozunNMq_1YhhgGQdItKhIJoFz3sUSRTfYR7q94QhszIUEqEglt_1NCb79w3yRFMsQf2ha8CRyoSCQ2p_1vDnokRhEdldprkbicRcKhIJKCL_1PSy2Xl8RxgxKcWaZHUoqEgk31_1Zk_1_16VgxEhoZt9eA1a7yoSCWixTxeNqwcBEdfrDfmj6xIAKhIJsqy6KM7pzTIRIaGbfXgNWu8qEgmv2IYYBkHSLRHroyQez7iPKw&client=ms-android-att-us&ved=0CBIQuIIBahcKEwi47P_A8q7hAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQBg&biw=360&bih=559 https://images.app.goo.gl/jVjVUEUqV7o2jv8TA
  12. I have the same awning (pole) and use limpets with only slight markings but nothing to be concerned about, I also have the upright poles off another awning which I scrapped, but never used them. I looked at the air type at the time of buying and felt the pole design was the best option for me, as we use uneven grass sites and the air design did not look as if they were able to sit right. I would like to hear from Air owners regarding this concern, as it looks like air awnings are swamping the market and the poled design is being fazed out..
  13. Agreed, when I PX my 2010 Pastiche for a 2015 VIP the sales guy said they wanted everything standard including the bowl in the kitchen sink, I had paid for the mover, so I removed it as it was not standard, I managed to sell it privately it was still under warranty, so that helped for it to go quickly. my 2015 VIP came with no sink bowl (so had to buy one as the 2019 came with a mover, It also came with scissor jack (which was next to useless). When I made the deal for my 2019 VIP the sales guy said they would swap over the mover which came with the van. So decided to remove the brackets as well. The bowl came too
  14. I noticed this before I swapped, so took the brackets off previous van , so I could continue to use my Kojack bottle jack. where necessary. TBH the previous scissor jacks supplied by Coachman were next to useless, never used it
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