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  1. You don't say what year your Coachman is, as the newer models have a fully automatic pressure switch which can not be adjusted. Sometimes if you are off grid this can happen as your battery drains, and will need to slightly adjust the pressure switch, but to remember to reset when battery has been recharged. Having said that, We had the same issue on our 2015 VIP no leaks, ended up swapping the Ultra pump that had the very stiff pipe, for a Whale with softer pipe, never had the pump cut in/out when taps were off again.
  2. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    I returned our cushions on Monday morning, had a very informative chat with Sam, who has said they are going to fit re-designed filling and we will be the first to try it and they want feedback when we have used it, which will be for 5 weeks at the end of May. They do genuinely seem to want to resolve the issues, interestingly to hear that they have only have a few complaints regarding this so its either a company stance or many who have been complaining on forums are not actually getting in contact with the company and getting it sorted via the dealers. We should get the refilled cushions back in 2 weeks time, so lets hope they have finally resolved the issue.
  3. We had the same problem with our previous 2010 Pastiche, when in storage, I had a replacement alarm under warranty, as this was thought to be draining, but after replacement, the leisure battery still discharged over 6 weeks. I ended up fitting 2 x 4w solar panels in the Helki roof window which kept the battery topped up, the alarm always draws current from the leisure battery, plus the fridge.
  4. Alde battery back up

    Sadly I am unable to get mine to work, even after trying 2 units and new control panel even Alde have no idea why it fails to hold the clock settings, glad it works for others
  5. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Hi Glen, No not me sorry, I am not on Face Book. It will be interesting to hear what Sam thinks about the situation when I drop them off on 19th, not sure how many times the covers will stand refilling before they start to fray Paul
  6. Any Other Winners?

    That's what I thought
  7. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    I had an email from Sam the other day regarding the return of my seating on the 19th March, he said in it that they had been having problems with emails etc for a few days he apologised that he had not replied to me, but he had in fact done it, I sent him a reply saying so and he mentioned that all his emails had come back saying not sent for some reason, so you might have been missed in the confusion. Might be worth contacting them again now things are sorted
  8. Bunk mattress

    Friends of ours have used these guys http://www. regalfurnishings. co. uk/service/caravan-upholstery/ for their replacement double bed mattress and more recently for new seating to their Amara 2011, they are very pleased with both, we will be using them if we do not get a good outcome with our second refill with LF.
  9. Who else was going away this weekend?

    we too are due out again on 12th March for 5 nights to Chatsworth CC Site, 10 days away so things could improve
  10. ALDE heating issue

    Ours works perfect without the gap, so does not confuse the controller, we have been using this setting since 2015.
  11. ALDE heating issue

    I found having a gap in day and night setting gave too much of a chill, So I have set mine to 07. 00 to 22. 00 for day then night is set to 22. 00 to 07. 00 maybe the 5 mins gap is the problem, I know it shouldn't but worth a try.
  12. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    But that is just giving the furnishing manufacturer a bad name if they continue to supply poor quality filling, as well as the caravan manufacturer that is surely poor business dealings at the end of the day?? People will vote with their feet next time and look for an alternative!
  13. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    We have just got back from the NEC and did some checks on the seating: In the VIP 520/4 this was found to have no knee roll which the wife was happy with, we did however find the filling very soft and the fabric slightly loose, when looking at the label it was from LF. We then went to Swift and sat in their 580 Elegance this too showed loose covering and soft, no labels were attached to the cushions so no idea who supplied them. We then went to the Lunar stand and did the same checks. Our conclusion is that the top end of the market seems to suffer from the same problem. This years VIP model does not come with dimmer mood LEDs, we were impressed with the reading lights though. We were tempted to change to the new VIP 520/4, but the salesman who supplied our current 2015 VIP 520/4 advised of no earlier than June delivery we thought as we are happy with the current except the furnishings, we would hold off. The salesman we dealt with in 2015 did say he has had to return his cushions to LF and asked them to beef up the edges, he also said his friend has also had to return his, so LF must be loosing quite a lot of money refilling, so I do not understand why they insist on using the inferior fillings. Glad I have more info ready for my visit next month. Interesting to see at the show, the Coachman VIP 520/4 was £26k (and a few pounds) while the Swift 580 Elegance was £28k (the Swift salesman said this was on par with VIP. KB
  14. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Hi Stuart Thanks, I hope so too. I agree the boiler drain down taps are not well placed, when I had Alde fit the inline pump they had to alter one of the tap locations as it was too close to the boiler, the other one flips down sometimes due to the pipework going over it. My idea of the one piece seating was that the sinking between the 2 cushions would be eliminated, it was a trade off I was willing to have, but LF will not go away from O spec, friends have had their 2011 Amara seating done in one piece by Regal and they are over the moon with the change, so looks like I may have to consider this option if the Ozio fails again. We are off to the NEC show tomorrow morning (Courtesy of CT) so will be interested to see what other van seating is like Hope all is well with you Paul
  15. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Just had email from Sam at LF, we have agreed a convenient date of 19th March for the cushions to be returned, I am taking them in myself and will collect them, he has said when I drop them off we can have a chat to discuss the problems, lets hope this is the final return.