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  1. kiaboy

    Bleed points on my Alde heating system

    Just been looking on the Swift Forum and can only find this, Hope it Helps Barry, the Explorer is same as the Conq 645 so there will be 1 protuding fom the vent board in the offside lounge,1 inthe front nearsde corner in the lounge,1 in the kitchen by the slide out drawers and1 in the bathroom under the sink area where the shelf should have a cutout area where you can insert your finger to lift out.All the bleed points can be undone by hand. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Barry It was a mystery to me why a bleed point map is not included in the manual. Ash has a PDF which he forwarded to me but as I'm currently away in my Explorer, I don't have access to it. If you don't have a copy by the time I get home on Monday, I'll forward you a copy. Bleed points are:- Behind the off side front seat back. (May be covered by a black "condom"!) Under the kitchen sink. Under a false floor under the bathroom cabinet. Behind the near side front seat back - really nasty location. The off side one has an extension tube - this one ought to have one, too. Worth checking that the drain down valve in the cupboard next to the bed and nearest the bathroom is actually pointing through the hole in the floor and not laid on the floor at 90 degrees to normal orientation. The bleed points have knurled knobs which you can turn by hand without the need for a key. Don't forget to have a cloth handy to mop up any spillage and don't bleed the system when it is switched on, you want to purge air from the system - not draw it in! Also, when you have bled the system, check to see if the header tank needs topping up.
  2. kiaboy

    I did know that.

    Not sure if everyone else agrees but this thread is just going round in circles......
  3. Peter have you had this work completed yet?? Paul
  4. kiaboy

    Alde Header tank pump

    Garry PM sent
  5. kiaboy

    I did know that.

    When I used to collect my van from the dealer after a service or warranty work they would always carry out the wheel nut torque check with me then attach the car to the caravan (or the other way round if you like) and then check the lights, he would then say all OK, and good bye. He was shocked to see me going round the van again checking what he had done, when I explained when I get onto the road it is my responsibility, it would be me that would be discussing it in court.
  6. kiaboy

    Second service & Alde Fluid Change

    I agree Glen, I do wonder why dealers have to approach Coachman when the claims are against the manufacturers of equipment fitted, like our furnishings with LF, but our last claim (first for our van delivered in Nov 18) for BCA charger the dealer did not even discuss it with Coachman, and the process was done within a day, so it does show who must be the ones who are causing the problems. Hope your replacement goes smoothly enjoy your season Paul
  7. kiaboy

    Fridge not working off car

    Have you checked the fuses in the car??. You have not said, but, Did it work before?? if not check to see if the car has been correctly wired with splitter/charger. .
  8. kiaboy

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    He's been retiring since 2010, so he told me You will more than likely see Matthew instead of Trevor.
  9. kiaboy

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    I agree having had dealings with him over the many years of owning Coachman Caravans. Trevor has a vast amount of knowledge and honesty, just hope he passes that onto the younger people in the business that are taking over some of the reins.
  10. kiaboy

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    Trevor will not be at the NEC shows anymore, but he is still employed by Coachman. I have found Matthew Yates to be extremely helpful.
  11. kiaboy

    I did know that.

    I mentioned it back in 2015 when we bought one from Wandahome https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/104413-collect-new-vip-5204/?tab=comments#comment-1163074
  12. kiaboy

    I did know that.

    Wandahome (Knottingley) have been doing this for many years well in 2015 and 2018 when we bought from them. They have stated if you are not and your car is not capable of towing the van away from them they will not sell to you. .
  13. kiaboy

    Adding USB sockets

    If you really are not bothered about having the lights, could you not stick some black insulation tape over them or dab a little Airfix or similar paint over them??
  14. kiaboy

    Caravan and Motorhome Club - not insurance?

    I am just saying what actually happened