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  1. Same link that Stevew1 posted before you did 😉
  2. I have had 3 new pumps (2 bought myself and 1 replaced under warranty) and not cheap either and all the same. Whale need to get this sorted as their reputation is going down hill, I had great faith in Whale but not at the moment, it needs to have a better secure fitting at the plug end to "crimp" effect the pipe to the spigot, I have re sealed mine with Gorrilla Gel glue this time and need to test it soon fingers crossed it won't leak.
  3. Finally received full refund from Dometic, after 5 weeks and that was after getting one of their top guys involved. I hear Thetford toilets are being installed again so it could be a time to change, I know they might have Dometic appliances in but the wife has said she could not keep this van with such a pathetic toilet, so a trip to local dealer end of August to see the VIP in the flesh may be on the cards, just hope that Coachman have seen sense and done away with Dometic totally. But at least the toilet has gone
  4. Sadly, I have changed my mind regarding the limpets, the side wall of the van now looks like something out of Joe 90, this is the voice of the mysterons due to circles left on the paintwork from them, and I did not tighten them too tight either, so bout a pair of Kampa poles at £24.00 and use them now and will do in future when we change van.
  5. And Dometic appliances in the VIP range 🙏🙏🙏
  6. Hi Kiaboy, I have just had a look at the item you responded to regarding the battery back up. I made up my own unit and fitted it and all went well for a time then the clock would return to Monday at 00:00.. and I would have to reset the time again.

    It appears that the way to make sure it retains the time is to first switch off the master 12volt switch, THEN turn off the control panel, is that what you were getting at?  If so it would explain why mine worked only sometimes. It’s just a pity that Alde don’t put that information into the public domain to avoid confusion........Peter

    1. kiaboy


      Hi Peter, it did not matter which way the unit was turned, it still lost the clock settings. Very frustrating, Alde could only offer Coachman had wired the 12v system up incorrectly 🤔. I have the 2019 model and fitted the battery back up and it works perfectly. 🤸‍♀️


  7. My wife insists on paying when we have set up, especially if by cheque, that way it is cleared by the time we leave. After all you are staying on their land, its only respectful. If you decide to leave earlier, then that's the campers choice, not the landowners.
  8. Coachman have been very good in my recent complaint about Dometic customer services, My dealer has also been very good in pushing them. But sadly Dometic Customer service department are absolutely useless, it's about time Coachman cut their ties with this manufacturer, and went back to Thetford, where they leave Dometic standing. I have noticed most if not all dealers stock spares for Thetford, but I see no spares for Dometic. Their lead times getting warranty spares out to dealers/end users is appalling. The caravan industry falls far short compared with the car industry. I would never buy another caravan with any Dometic appliances in it. Lets hope Coachman have listened to the complaints made direct and via social media, or they could be next
  9. kiaboy

    Pump woes.

    Is it the same pump as this?? If so prise the bottom blue cover to reveal the impeller and try spinning it with a small screwdriver, you should have some resistance..
  10. We bought some when they were "suggested" that they were compulsory. The French then said it did not apply to visiting drivers. But looking at how accurate they were me and my mate decided to have a binge one night and see, well after consuming quite a few bottles of the amber nectar we blew into the devices and both came back clear, we thought that was not right, so used another pair, again both came back negative, we said we would not have driven. So our conclusion was a waste of time and money. I do still have a couple in my car glove box but will probably be out of date now as the last time we were in France was 2013.. We were never stopped or checked by the police in 19 years of visiting France
  11. kiaboy

    Pump woes.

    May be the pump is spinning but the impeller has become detached sufficient enough from the spindle to not pump the water up, check the firmness of the impeller would be my next check..
  12. 2019 model NEC show deals come with 100w panel
  13. I would give the dealer a call. These keys are very expensive. I had one of the front locker barrels seize, I did manage to get the lock to open but it broke the key. Took dealer approx 3 weeks to get replacement as it needed to have the same lock configuration.
  14. Same here but with ours you can access the two front lockers and grab handles via the zips. Takes me just under 3 mins to fit or remove by myself..
  15. My tow cover has a strip at the top sewn in to stop that happening, it folds into the caravan front black trim.
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