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    Hi guy,s we have just been away for along weekend for the first time in our van. We ran the fridge on gas and it worked fine but we were abit concerned that it seemed to get very hot on top is this normal or should I get it seen to. Regards Lee
  2. We had the same prob, it was the water hose had slipped off all I did was push it back on. My access to it was under the toilet roll holder.
  3. Hi guy's thanip thaks to all who offered me advice on what was causing my van to trip the site bollard. I have now managed to sort the prob, it seems that the previous owner installed a new socket which he spured off the fridge trailing the wire behind the fridge without any form of protection, this caused the wire to get damaged hence it kept shorting. I have now disconnected it and no further probs have occured. Regards Lee
  4. Hi Nigel ordered mine two weeks ago but no luck as they have run out of free samples. They emailed me today and gave me 10% off my next purchase. Lee
  5. Hi all has anyone got instructions for a Dorema awning that they could email me. My mail address is bell1carpentry@btinternet. com Thanks Lee
  6. lee2460

    Worktop Dink

    Hi Shingle I'm a joiner by trade, it would help me if yo knew what material it is made from Lee
  7. Thanks Dave but how do they fit as my hooks seem to be very large.
  8. Hi thanks for the quick reply but I have already seen this site but it does not show me how to fit poles to pad as I said my poles have hooks on the end.
  9. I would also go for the fleetwood, we have a bailey senator and have had nothing but probs with it the final straw was finding that the floor has split all along the chassi to dangerous to tow and we cant sell it on so we are looking at having to put it on a permenant site.
  10. Hi guy's hope you can help me with this one. We have just bought a used dorema awning from ebay and its a craker. It came with the pads that fit under my awning rail and I have worked out how to attach them to both caravan and also the awning, however I cant work out how they fit to my roof poles. My poles have a hook on the end of them them is this the correct fitting or am I missing something. Kind Regards Lee
  11. Hi guy's can anyone recomend a good company to re upholster my caravan. Regards Lee
  12. Hi ashie we have had the same problem I have been pulling my hair out for weeks, trying to find whats causing it. Finally had to call a mobile engineer he is comming on sat morning only £45 for the callout so not to bad. Mine is a bailey senator he has informed me that he has had alot of electrical probs with them after the cold winter and most of the probs have been from the fridge or water heater. it seems mine is the fridge. Try unplugging the fridge the socket is normally under a cupboard or under a seat then see if everything else works. Switching off fridge is not good enough it must be unplugged. The other thing he told me to try was disconnecting the battery as there have been allot of probs with the 12volt system causing the caravan electrics to trip. Regards Lee
  13. Hi guy's my caravan manual tells me that my awning size is 992cm I have found an isobella awning that is 1000cm - 1024cm can anyone tell me if this will fit my van and if so will it be a neat fit. Kind Regards Lee
  14. lee2460


    Thanks for the quick responce Ian, very helpful answer. Regar
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