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  1. Hi I tow a twin axle van with a Kia Sorento even though it is a 2. 5 diesel it is not that bad on fuel. Regards Mick
  2. Hi My brother in law tows a Lunar Quasar twin axle with the S-Max and he has no problems going forward with it, he does state however that it is underpowered in reverse so is having a motor mover fitted to the van. Hope this helps Mick
  3. Hi Jockey Like others I also own a lunar and wa talking to the sales guys at the NEC and questioned hem on the build quality as others had reported faults. The sales gut (and yes I know it's his job) told me that since the new owners have taken over lunar the damp and leaky problems have been sorted. Hope you are pleased with your new van, I will certainly have another Lunar as we are very impressed with our Delta. Regards Mick
  4. Hi I have got a Kia Sorento and if you can find one of them I cannot praise them highly enough. Go for Diesel every time. Regards Mick
  5. I did all three on my old conqueror and as vectratrot says it is a fairly easy job his instructions ar spot on. Good luck Mick
  6. I was a lorry driver for many years and am now glad I am out of it. There are alot of drivers out there who break the rules but I know fom experience that even if you don't it is still easy to fall asleep if you are working the hours that your tacho allows. My thoughts go to the drivers family. I did think that if we made foreign drivers buy a temporary tax disc at the ports and checked them before they left the country we could maybee bring more work back to British drivers as driving for free over here would become less atractive.
  7. Wow Didn't expect that many replys so thanks to all for the advice. Regards Mick
  8. Hi all This may be a silly question but are the status adjustable ariels analogue or will they pick up a digital signal? Mine is on a 2003 Lunar van. I only ask this as on Saturday I could pick up no signal and as this is the first time out in this van the other half had to miss X factor (OH Dear what a shame) Regards Mick
  9. Hi Please help. I have a Lunar Delta 640 EW and the water system has confused me slightly. Can I run water straight from the aqua roll and if so how do I do it? The control panel has a switch with on board pump and external pump on it but do I need to turn a tap anywhere as I cannot seem to get the water to flow. All advice appreciated Mick
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