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  1. Ok folks - sounds compelling but: a) with runflat tyres being harder than most, and not having a spare wheel available, what thoughts have you about towing with X3 without spare wheel and relying on run flats? becasue the tyres are harder, how does the car perform in hilly areas in snowy conditions? The X3 is on my shortlist alongside Volvo XC 60 and XC70. Thanks in anticipation for your input. ....
  2. shefchap

    Bmw X 3

    Hi, I'm interested in the X3 (or possibly the XC60or XC70 - boot space) both for towing and because we live in an area with steep hills which are prone to snow. The question is - you mention the electric towbar; Is that standard on all X3's or is it a specified option at extra cost ??! Grateful thanks. Shefchap p. s. Do all X3's (from lets say 2013 onwards) come with runflat tyres as standard?
  3. Great -thanks everyone. Sounds simple enough. Do you manage to reach the middle of the roof ok when using the steps, for the inner-most bike?
  4. Ok, so we like to take bikes on our weekends away, and we tow our beloved caravan. Our son is of an age he likes to have his bike around, and we like to bike with him. .....so presently we take 3 bikes on the roof of our current Insignia estate car on most caravanning weekends. Climbing up to mount bikes on the estate is easy enough But here's the issue, we're considering changing to a volvo xc70, but there's probably more xc60's around in the configuration we want (manual, diesel, 160 or 180bhp, and a particular colour my wife prefers. at a price we can afford), and we're usually in th
  5. Hi guys, hope you don't mind if I pitch in here as I have the similar issue. My question is quite simply this: does a higher suspension car automatically mean my towball will be higher or not? For example if I change from a standard Vx Insignia Estate to a Vx Insignia Coutry Tourer OR VW Passat Alltrack - OR even trade up to an SUV like a Sorento - am I going to get a higher towball? - We live in an estate with a few dreadful speed bumps and the jockey wheel gets clonked every time. (p. s. I know I could get progressive spring enhancers, but that may not be adequate)
  6. Yesterday, I watched a youtube video which shocked me! It was all about the difference between AWD and 4x4, and how mfrs can get away with calling a car AWD when perhaps only 5% of the torque will ever get to the back wheels! Unhelpful when you need to rely on traction. It was a comparison between a Subaru (Forester I think) and a Volvo XC70 going up a muddy incline. The Subaru with its 4wd system climbed up no probs and both front and rear axles worked together nicely. But the XC70 got stuck very quickly because the back wheels didn't really get involved in the effort to climb the hill
  7. Hi, we were given one for Christmas so I don't know where our inlaw's got it, or the details. HOwever it is small enough to sit in one of the front windows, propped up by a cushion or by the black-out blind. The wires then go through a window to the battery box and the dog-clips simply attach to the additional positive and negative pins that stick up beside the ones your system is normally connected to. We can close the window properly that the wires go through, so no issues there. We tend to use it to keep the battery topped up whilst in storage, and it does a very good job, even ove
  8. Hi all, Anyone tried a VW Passat Alltrack for towing a caravan of MTPLM 1500Kg or more - and in a steep hilly area? Any opinions on the strength of the car, and reliability of Passat? many thanks
  9. My current insignia sport tourer 160 (2wd) has this electonic brake. I also struggled with it at first, but got one of the service lads from our local Vauxhall dealer to come out with me for a spin, and he demonstrated this. Now I love it, and prefer it by far to the manual handbrake. ( I just need the 4x4 or Country Tourer now to get the hillstarts without wheel spin!) Thanks for your comments - much appreciated
  10. LoL - thank you for correcting me! I've just changed my gas and electric billing package, so I'm looking forward to seeing how those bills come down. . Does anyone know if LED bulbs are available for the main ceiling lights ? (Sterling Europa, 2008 model)
  11. HI Mike 100 - the bulb has the same fitting as the original - I changed 6 bulbs in the van with no issues what so ever. just take old one out and pop the new bulb in (and then put the clip back in place. No adaptions necessary. I haven't come across any issues yet.
  12. Just fitted 6 LED SMD reading lights in our caravan to replace all the halogen ones. Halogen means the fittings get very hot and use up battery volts if not on hook-up. LED's bought through ebay from China - very cheap, and easy to fit. Should use less amps, and already they're much cooler on the fingers !!!!! also bought LED's to replace halogens at home which should bring elec bills down a bit !
  13. very stable and on the flat, or hills that aren't too steep, she's great. I'm towing a 1500Kg sgl Axle 'van. She certainly holds well. Unfortunately got into a snake, and she got us out of it very well.
  14. very stable and on the flat, or hills that aren't too steep, she's great. I'm towing a 1500Kg sgl Axle 'van. She certainly holds well. Unfortunately got into a snake, and she got us out of it very well. Click here to view the towcar review
  15. Sounds good. Not sure what MTPLM your caravan is? Have you towed on steep hills and if so, how are the hill-starts, and general towing in steep hilly areas in your experience? thanks Shefchap
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