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  1. Before it spreads any further it can be stopped by drilling a very small hole at the limit of the break. This may stop it. The resulting crack can be welded by a specialist if you can locate a suitable caravan repair company. I had a similar problem which was in plastic and the job was repaired successfully.
  2. I agree it might need a key as Gary suggests.
  3. I had a friend who painted his 4 berth van with DULUX EXTERIOR GLOSS. Hand painted with a brush and it looked brand new. A friend of his remarked on what a good job he had made. Though it was a new van!
  4. Probably over inflated in hot weather? Our sailing club have had a number of trailor innertubes burst due to heat expansion.
  5. My taps have filters already fitted. They unscrew for a rinse. The water pipes are periodically cleaned with Puriclean water treament avaiable from Amazon and other suppliers. To use fill your water tank with a Puriclean solution and run through your pipes. Leave to soak for up to 12 hours and then drain and rinse the system. To then keep safe you can also use Puritabs each tine you connect to a new supply. Midi Tabs kill bacteria, spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses, and are especially lethal to Entamoeba histolytica. Causative water borne organisms, amongst others, are killed by Midi Tabs these are: Salmonella typhi, Vibria cholerae, Shigella sonnei, Sterptocoecus faecallis, Estcherichia coli.
  6. Sounds very much like a short circuit.
  7. If you have a Bar-b-q point on the caravan it can run on gas from there. I use mine from there and when in transit it can run on 12 volt in the back of the car from the internal 12v outlet. If you are on electrics on site the 240v outlet on the outside of the caravan is handy as well.
  8. Set camera on burst mode and select best shot
  9. https://www.caravan-breakers.com/touring-caravan-breakers-near-me.html Is this site useful to find a missing part?
  10. https://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4cOEBhDMARIsAA3XDRjMg-WDdL2dxYxmO9RijbuOxRFUwanJ3w8g9_MFpbfHnd2BQtK0f6EaAhKMEALw_wcB Check this site. It maybe you need new rubber seals. They also come with an adhesive within the channel. Any joints in the seal are best made in the lower section.
  11. Always when filling the water system turn on the hot tap furthest away from the pump. Then when the water runs freely open the cold tap. This should remove any air lock in the pipes. The hot tap first ensures the water heater tank fills first.
  12. This item on Amazon may be of interest. RUNACC Electric Air Pump for Inflatables Portable Battery Air Pump Rechargeable Electric Pump for Airbed Air Mattress Paddling Pool Note it is rechargable 5v via USB
  13. You certainly got a good result but can I suggest you start initial washdown from the bottom of the van and work upwards. This can prevent streaking which can be caused by water coming off the roof over dirt on the caravan sides. As it runs down it has the effect of cleaning unevenly and can be difficult to remove. I personally use Fenwicks products and recommend you read the usage instructions they supply. ie Wash the van from bottom to top and leave the roof till last. Happy caravanning.
  14. Failing to remove the plug from the car when taking the van off the towbar, rips all the wires out of the plug as the car is driven forward. I have met a few owners who have had this happen. One chap had a band of 'helpers' trying to reconnect all the wires and could not agree which wire went where!
  15. Will this information be of help still? https://caravanchronicles.com/guides/the-13-pin-plug-puzzle/ I recently found two or three people new to this type of car connection who were having problems on their early trips out.
  16. A friend of mine left his car and van coupled up for 4 nights and found the car battery went flat. He only found out when the key failed to open the car locking system. Had to phone the AA to sort it out.
  17. For some years I have used an online website to keep a fuel record. Does anyone else keep a record like this? http://www.fuelly.com/dashboard It keeps a running record of costs, mpg, and oils etc.
  18. Has anyone used Aldi bio washing sachets in the toilet instead of blue and green fluids. Two in the lower section work very well each time the toilet is refreshed. Must be Bio to work properly. Very convenient in use.
  19. The owner was very upset when the van took off downhill with the hand brake on after the breakaway cable operated properly. Bad chassis servicing I expect. He had to take the handbrake off to tow it out of the hedge!
  20. I have 2 small cylinders which are not available at the moment in UK. Very light even when full so really help with noseweight. The review is very factual and I agree with it very much. My current supplier is selling LPG (for heating only) at 60p per litre. They do not supply gas for cars LPG for cars carry additional VAT to that charged for heating rate.
  21. I had a blood test in October last year which showed I was borderline type 2 diabetic . My score was 55 in the test The hemoglobin A1c test tells you your average level of blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months. It's also called HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin test, I started at a local qym and swimming pool. I was offered a City supported course on diet called Juggle. After 3 months my next blood test showed 43. My latest blood test has showed a score of 38. I continue to swim twice a week and attend the gym twice a week. I feel very lucky to be told by the doctor to have a blood test in October and keep up the good work. A combination of diet, exercise, and medication can bring your levels down. People with diabetes should have an A1c test every 3 months to make sure their blood sugar is in their target range. If your diabetes is under good control, you may be able to wait longer between the blood tests. But experts recommend checking at least two times a year.
  22. When I saw this I was sad I had to give up my bikes. If only it was so simple. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-43308729 "The immune system declines by about 2-3% a year from our 20s, which is why older people are more susceptible to infections, conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and, potentially, cancer. "Because the cyclists have the immune system of a 20-year-old rather than a 70- or 80-year-old, it means they have added protection against all these issues."
  23. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-finance/buying/checks-when-buying-a-caravan This maybe what you need.
  24. It would be interesting to know how old the tyres are?
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