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  1. As has been posted on here both by myself and others there is an issue with both the plug on the van and the electric power lead. I reiterate my post that I am not aware of the power lead forming part of the PDI which in my instance and possibly that of others would possibly have highlghted the issue if it was. And I might ask you the same question.
  2. I'm not aware that the power lead forms part of the PDI. Whenever we've picked our vans up and we've had 6 in the last seven years, the power lead has still been in the plastic wrapping.
  3. This is exactly what we've done and so far so good.
  4. I have since tried a new mains cable which seems to have done the trick and without meaning to tempt fate. Not as loose fitting as the original. We are not away until the end of next month so not able to give a lasting verdict other than three hours or so plugged in in storage.
  5. Just a quick update. Spent pretty much the entire weekend on the engineer's main cable and no interruption to the supply. But on disconnecting to come home I noticed the same as 250bob in that the end of the mains cable slides out of the van end with very little resistance. When I'm back out to the van which is now in storage, I'll check my spare to see if things are improved or whether indeed the fault is with the van socket.
  6. At the moment we're using the spare left by the engineer and it seems to be working although in light of what you've said I'll reserve judgement then until we've used our spare which is at home.
  7. Our mains lead was definitely faulty as the engineer showed me the plug with one clearly miss sized pin which when he moved it caused a loss of power and the cracking sound. I just hope that our RCB isn't faulty as well. Interestingly our dealer didn't phone to ask if our problem was resolved this morning either. Their lack of customer service, basic care and attentiveness has just cost them a loyal customer.
  8. Well we picked the Cartagena up yesterday and drove to the site. So far so good. Setup was easy Alde heating it's usual efficient warmth and a faster warm up than before. Then the trouble began. Within 15 mins no mains power. Bollard working fine so issue must be with the van. Caravan Club warden checked both the bollard and mains cable,nothing found there,or so I thought. Checked the RCB and pushed the now infamous reset button and yes you guessed it stuck. After much cursing and prising got the button out and lo, we have power. No problems overnight until the morning when yep,no mains power again! Now this is really testing my patience. Everything checked from the day before with no luck and the stuck reset button again. Call to our dealer resulted in a bitten tongue with their view being sorry its the weekend and you can leave the van outside our repairers gates until Monday. Its OK they have CCTV. Are you kidding me!!! Thankfully there was a mobile repair van approved by the CC club onsite,who after much detective work diagnosed the mains lead at fault. Apparently the suppliers have used the wrong sized metal prongs in the plug where it connects to the van causing a loose feel and crackling sound. New cable plugged in and so far so good. Feel really let down with the dealer who after six vans will not be getting any more of my business. So all of you having trouble with no mains power,check the mains lead. Stressed.
  9. Something similar happened to us a couple of years ago. There was a block connector which clicks into the back of the RCD. This wasn't snapped into place correctly at the factory and had come out when towing. Might be worth checking to make sure everything is connected and in place at the back of the unit. Just a thought.
  10. And I think before that they called it plastic
  11. X2. Ours has arrived today. We collect week Friday as that's the only time our schedule allows. Let us know how you get on. Yes and yes. It's actually leatherette though.
  12. Funnily enough since my last post the dealer has been back on and without prompting has now given us delivery, upgraded upholstery and the matching bed linen FOC. By my simple maths around £1000. Still mightily peeved though.
  13. Our dealer has contacted us to say that our van should be due in on Monday. Whilst on the phone he went through the finance figures again; as we ordered back in September and the deal was done on the basis that we would take the delivery slot he had pre booked in February of this year. He would then preserve the trade in figure as of that September. Trouble is the payments he quoted which were done over the phone at the time last year have now jumped by £20 per month. This is due according t them because of changes to the FCA rules which and again I paraphrase here, have seen an increase in the cost of lending. Anyone else heard of these changes which have just come into effect or am I being taken for a proverbial?
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