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  1. Champ

    Old School

    Yes, The D4-d 5 speed auto runs beautiful. Are you after buying one? Gra
  2. But are they really "good products" ? I don't think so, I would say they are really only "average" to be honest. Gra
  3. Blerry 'ell. I was only saying Any way, all bases covered with a nice photo, with sizes text'd onto said photo. It is actually 122 cm top to bottom, this I call the height. It is 100 cm left to right, this I call the width. So if you in UK you can call it a 1 meter dish, if your in Spain, you can call it a 1,2 meter dish. Actually, call it what ever makes one feel happy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOW DOES ANY ONE WANT TO BUY IT, THAT'S THE QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!! Gra.
  4. I have just punt my 1,2M x 1,0M dish plus LNB,on ebay. eBay item number: 121216773908 Gra.
  5. Great price. Is the electric hook-up in the cost of the £65 per week? How are the showers? How big (or small) is your tourer? I would consider it in our 6 meter plus, but a 720 Hobby would be more ideal !!! Where are you? Can you find one for me around Oldham? Gra
  6. 50km south of Barcelona, it was almost impossible to get a signal with a 1 meter elliptical dish. But I have heard that Barcelona and surrounding areas are notoriously difficult. Maybe a 1. 0M dish such as ours would work further south. Gra
  7. . I would go as far to say, our continental caravaner's, have even less respect for the suggested 85% consideration. Here at least in UK, you don't ofton see what looks like 100% match. But get over the watery divide, and see small Astra's towing 150% matches. Gra
  8. 221302394441 £450 Still on, with a contact phone number. Scam of the highest order. Gra.
  9. . Hi, Not sure you have seen my post #8 in this thread. It has an image of the damage. As good as pointless repair is, I don't quite think it would be appropriate in this case. Thanks, Gra
  10. Hi CACS, Thats a good point. Maybe I should try to determine how much a replacement would cost, in similar age and condition. Suppose I need to explore whet the insurance company say. May be ask how much they would give me for the write-off value, and if low, then counter act on their price with several ones same as mine, in the "for sale" media's I would even consider a buy-back, and negotiate the damaged value to be deducted from the write-off value agreed. Gra Gra
  11. Thanks all, I will try a few more repair places, who will undertake the repair, and not the replace. It's a cracking caravan, inside is fantastic, every thing works, nothing broken, and has almost no external marks at all. It tows very well, and is bone dry, totally ! Gra
  12. . Like for like, One company say "new panel" other company say plastic weld and repair, or they could quote for new panel, then it's like comparing apples and apples. Gra To be honest, this is what I would prefer. Unles they paid me the full value insured for, then I would buy it back, at an agreed price. Then possibly do the plastic weld repair.
  13. Hi all, I have cracked and damaged the near side back panel on my Delta. I contacted my insurance, who said get 2 quotes, and we will go with the lowest and get it sorted. They said, send good photo's to two repair companys. So I phoned Lunar, and they gave me two repair companys, and I was goint to pick one of them. The first company said that if they were going to replace the back panel totally, then this would write off the caravan. They replied to my photo's a few days later, saying that it would be economically not viable to repair it. Lunar had informed them, that a new back panel was not available for my 1999 Delta. The second company, local company. They asked how the caravan was, any damp etc, I said, it is bone dry, adn really did not want to replace the whole back panel. They said, no problem, we have a plastics repairer, who will repair it, and it will be indesquingishable from new. This would also be a whole lot cheaper, and would not write off the caravan. So I don't really know what to do. I like the caravan, but we were planning on selling it in the spring. Do we allow the caravan to be written off, and possibly buy it back, and undertake our own repairs? It is insured for about £300 above general market average prices. Or Let the second repair company, fix the damage, without replacing the whole back panel. What?
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