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  1. Hi the bottom lip on the opening side of our Hartel fly screen must have broken off & disappeared. Has anyone else experienced this? If so did they manage to get a replacement part or is there a fix?
  2. No mention of accident but first line says breakdown. It may be worth asking the question. The Insurance company is responsible following an accident so need to know if they will recover the caravan if they are not together at the time.
  3. That's what we had, the policy document on renewal said that following an accident they would take car to garage then it was down to the insurance company. I asked what about the caravan if it was on a site at the time would they recover it? No was the reply, it is break down cover. I have not renewd.
  4. Thanks, I have contacted Caravan Club re Red Pennant for confirmation of this by email so that I have Proof. I have told the RAC what I think of them & cancelled my renewal.
  5. If I was involved in a car accident in europe & my car was damaged & had to be repatriated or I was unable to drive while I was out solo, caravan on a site for the holiday, how do I get my caravan home? The reason I ask is my RAC renewel, Arrival through the camping & caravan club, states that following an accident car would be towed to a garage & left. I telephoned RAC & put the question "would you repatriate my caravan?" Reply "No, it's breakdown cover". I am now trying to find a way to cover this eventuality, hope it never happens, but so far no luck! Any ideas? The thought of our caravan being 1000 miles from home & no way of getting it back is frightening!
  6. Hi We have ordered an Affinity for delivery in January and would like any feed back on the new type of tv ariel.
  7. Lunar didn't contact me about awning light i mentioned it to wiring people when they contacted me re grill they offered to fix it whilst here. had previously arranged for dealer to fix it at first service
  8. We have a sussex findon which is an si with different upholstery far nicer van than unicorn it has radiator & towel rail in washroom plenty warm enough. Low level kitchen storage better
  9. Engineer called today to do the wiring modifications on grill but the 2 12v fans do not work it would seem that the wiring problem has caused them to fail dealer now needs to fix this. Awning light modification works fine no glow if switched off at internal switch. It would appear that the grills in the first five batches of clubman &delta were incorrectly wired.
  10. Are you still having problems with your grill? see my thread on 12v grill fault. The engineer is due on 21st will post out come but the fault is apparently caused by a cooling fan not working
  11. Have done the unthinkable and read instruction! Thetford s~ck 13000 it does have a cooling fan which comes on a few minutes after oven or grill switched on stays on after oven or grill switched off until front of cooker cooled sufficiently
  12. Am waiting for a call from the dealer to confirm.
  13. Will do was advised that there is a 12v fan with the grill i didn't know that i thought only for ignition. engineer due on 21st will let you know but of fixes awning light will be good. Have just phoned number back is dcl leisure.
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