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  1. 2014 model will start to be available from late August/early September. Whether or not any 2013 models will be available when you are looking to buy one will depend on how popular the layout has been and whether Dealers have any stock of that model left on their forecourts. If there are plenty of them left, then a good discount should be available; if they are in short supply, then discount will not be as great. I think it is a new layout, so Swift may well not be producing too many anyway.
  2. piesporter

    Cadac Bbq

    Paella pan all the time for me too. Everything from full english breakfast to fillet steak goes on it. Even the wife admits breakfast tastes far better than she can cook at home.
  3. Gross train weight is the maximum permissable weight of the car (as determined by the manufacturer and stated on the plate usually on the central pillar or sometimes under the bonnet) plus the maximum towing limit for the car. The GTW is also usually stated on the manufacturers plate. It is nothing at all to do with the actual loaded weight of the car or caravan.
  4. Don't have any problems with my 57 plate CRV, so shouldn't be the car.
  5. Look on e-Bay. Pick one up for half the price or less.
  6. Your Policy will tell you what is covered and what isn't. If loss of use is indicated as an insured risk, then you should be able to claim. If loss of use is not covered, then the Insurer has no obligation, and no amount of representation will change that.
  7. Sounds as though you really needed to do a bit more homework to satisfy yourself before jumping in.
  8. Renewal from Safeguard for next year is £210, thats a reduction of £34 on the current year, despite having changed van in September (£20,000 cover new for old).
  9. If you haven't already done so, have a walk up to the Woodlands Hotel next door. The food is excellent.
  10. N Really need to determine first whether he is simply trying to use too many electrical items and exceeding the ehu rating.
  11. What things are you using in the van when it trips?
  12. I would get Mum to use a bank loan for a personal loan to raise the money rather than a finance company. The bank would not need to have any precise details of what it would be used for and more importantly, no interest in the actual item purchased. Mum could then give you the money to buy the van in your name. No problem - simples.
  13. Had two Dealer Specials in the past, both excellent value for money when you look at the extra spec (you need to check carefully what extras are involved and decide for yourself). I don't see why a Dealer Special should be any different in getting after sales attention than any other. Any Dealer should provide servicing, spares or additional work on any van. Warranty work may be an issue, but that is the same with a standard van. Some Dealers are reluctant to do warranty work on a van they haven't sold; others are happy to do so.
  14. The 2013 Swift models are pretty impressive. We have a 2013 Challenger SE and are delighted with it, and I am sure you would not be dissapointed with a Conqueror.
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