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  1. I'm sure there are as with any car.
  2. Andy, as has already been said. Wrong car!
  3. Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is a good bet. Cheap to run and in my experience reliable too.
  4. Have you used your ISA allowances then? Can go again in a week or so.
  5. It's the low centre of gravity and low profile tyres with firm sporty suspension much preferable for stability in my opinion than a wallowy suv.
  6. 2.2d might be more reliable but it is an agricultural old thing!
  7. Hi, I tow a 2000kg Swift Eleagnce Grande 655 with my e350d estate and it tows great, car not without its usual Mercedes faults but along with my previous e350 estate is the best tow car i have had and i have had a few including a discovery 3 back in the day.
  8. Met a guy on site last August with a model x towing a twin axle dealer based special Eddis. Range was less than 50 miles from full charge
  9. Thanks was just interested I dont want one.
  10. Can you still get one with 6 cylinders?
  11. It's ok Griff. Next time you have a job that means body has to come off you can use them to pay the bill!
  12. Discovery 3. Had it from new for just over 3 years. Never again a Land Rover for me.
  13. The suspension at similar mileage is softer than an Insignia Hatch of similar vintage.
  14. My dad now has an XF which has soft rear suspension so much so the caravan is quite nose low. There are better alternatives in my experience.
  15. Land Rover lovers love Land Rovers. Chap at my work rejected his last 2 Velars and wanted a third! No chance for me!
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