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  1. I don't buy the fact that they had problems with grp, though I did read of one or two issues, I believe it was cost cutting. The wall boards in my old Crusader were poor too. My Swift is 1787kg empty so the weight is somewhere without the levelling system and underfloor heating. You pays your money and you make your choice, I did.
  2. when I did my research itis the instruction methods and materials of the swift that are more costly, grp sides and roof, woodless floor, No wall boards with cheap joining tape etc etc. Having had a Crusader Tempest before these are the reasons I went for an Elegance Grande 655. World.would be a dull place if we all preferred the same things!
  3. The higher the centre of gravity the more likely this sort of thing is to happen surely. I appreciate there are other factors such as suspension tech etc.
  4. Happy with mine as a towcar and family car too! Tows 2000kg plus car loaded up with ease.
  5. Trigger, where did you purchase your Tempest eb from?
  6. hi I have traded in a tempest be at the end if last year so think I can recall how to do it. The ext fills the on board tank and this should cut off the aquaroll pump when the on board tank I full. Then switching to int will use the water in the on board tank. Having the rocker switch in the middle will then use the water directly from the aquaroll should you choose to do so. Loved our Tempest EB had our share of problems but it is a greasy family layout I hope you enjoy yours as much as we did. Spencer
  7. I had a 2010 model new and towed a twin axle. The electronic handbrake was great and made hill starts a doddle. It was the first car I had with such a feature and so took a little getting used to but once sorted it was great. Loved the car too.
  8. I have several.times if Rowland Rivron counts. He is a regular in Biarritz.
  9. I find the sport setting Best but I guess it's down to preference and individual cars.
  10. in drove both too. The Senator was a better car in period. It is unfair to compare both as the T5 is a younger car although there was an overlap as some forces stock piled the Senator when they knew production was chasing hence the occasion M reg example.
  11. https://www. carwow. co. uk/best/most-reliable-cars-0493#midsize Good news for Vauxhall. A British manufacturer since 1903.
  12. agreed re SUVs not for me. Comes with a weight penalty if towing big caravans but compensated by lower centre of gravity and often better on road dynamics
  13. insignia router came in 4x4 trim around that age, I had one a little before that and it towed my twin axle Swift a treat back in the day. I'm sure loads will be along to say buy a VAG product so thought I would het an early recommendation in for the Insignia. Mine was super reliable and drove well. Diesel or petrol motors up to 2. 8 t were available. I had the 160 bhp diesel.
  14. we ordered one from the show and we too use Brittany Ferries each year. I'm less concerned about the ramp on to the ferry more the space on the decks with people getting out of their cars etc!
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