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  1. Hi Metheone, Well it’s also dangerous to assume things, such as thing those who do not reverse, cannot reverse. Like many posters I have no problem reversing but do have a back problem however, that’s not the reason for getting our first mover. This was prompted by the near impossibility of accessing many pitches on our favourite Italian site due to them being surrounded by plants, trees and shrubs. It does seem from many posts that the numbers who have movers are Wethemany!
  2. Hi David, I can do no more than state my experience. The OP did not ask for reasons why they should get a MH but rather if people had changed and, as I had not but recognised the situation they were in, I responded as requested. As you mention it I would say that saying “you can manage with local transport” sums up my view that getting a MH would have been a compromise for us. We don’t want to “manage” but that’s our choice however, there are people who have had a MH that have also said public transport is not always available.
  3. we find that a lot of motor homes folk choose sites with the bus stop out side the camp , so they have transport that way That's a great idea..........................except may sites, and especially those small out of the way, but en route to somewhere, sites that MHs use, often don't have a bus service near them or, as happened to people on a rally we were on last September, they cant get on the bus as there are no seats as a result of Covid distancing measures. "Just get the bus", is easy to say but, in practice, not that easy to achieve as often as people may thin
  4. Maybe I have watched the wrong people on site?!!! As you know the first thing to do when driving is engage brain and, sad as some would see it, I enjoy the van towing/manouvering 'challenge'. Yes, it will take me longer to set up, and my mate will be taking the proverbial, glass or cup in hand, as I am winding down the steadies, but when we want to visit that remote beauty spot, do shopping etc its my turn to smile! Oh, and when we travel my routine on stopping is to knock on the MH window and ask for "a burger please." This is one of our favoutite pictures taken at Campi
  5. Hi, In answer to your question, no, but nearly! I often decide not to comment on similar questions, as its all too easy to appear to be knocking one choice or the other, however seeing your remark that this conundrum arose due to impending retirement has prompted me to reply as that is exactly the situation we were in leading up to my 'retirement' back in 2009. This was the end of a 31 plus year career and would mean that we would have the funds to consider a MH, our interest arising from seeing the many MHs that passed us when we were travelling and thinking it might be a goo
  6. As long as you use a workshop approved by the manufacturer to carry out warranty work you should be OK. We have done this with 4 vans now after being made aware we could by the the dealer that sold us our van. It also means not having to worry about buying from a dealer who is not local.
  7. Hi, As said it is a question that is difficult to answer. We once spent a whole day at the NEC, entering as the doors opened and as we left them being locked behind us, and found nothing that tempted us to change. We have a Lunar Clubman SR chosen after having beds on the offside, the near side and transverse. The bed is not the longest burst that the only downside with the layout suiting us as it gives everyone, us and the Grandchildren, access to the bathroom but still gives us all privacy. There is no substitute for looking in vans and we have looked at many, that on
  8. Mmmmmm, so you wanted to know most likely fit, you can’t measure the van but have bought a 1000............which you already have?? Hope it fits and you enjoy it!
  9. Oh no it isn’t!!! Probably as I checked the Challenger 560, which OP said was closest to his van, and you looked at the Conqueror. I still think his 1000 will be best fit.
  10. Curious as I have just looked at the website and the Challenger 560 is the only listed model that has no indicated size?? From the info it looks like th 1000 is the most likley best fit but as said you need to 'suck it and see'.
  11. Hi, Just come back too-so thanks fir the compliment! It was at Camping Sablons and €20 a night. That awning is referred to as ‘the ballroom’ and our Isabella Magnum as the............., well, Magnum. Just bought a Sunncamp Swift 260 for £35 on Gumtree for our UK tour where we will be a max of 4 days on any one site.
  12. Hi Gordon, The text below is from a thread on the CC forum posted yesterday; Good Afternoon and Welcome Some good advice with previous posts. I'm a Site Manager with the club and have worked on around 12 sites. A tip you might find useful is to phone the site you're interested in. Some have one or two pitches to fit large outfits and the staff could advise on suitability and availability etc. The site I'm running this year states max length as 8 meters but I've already taken bookings for larger outfits including a 12 meter RV. Hope this is of help. JK You may not rush to re
  13. Hi, We don't have an air awning however, when I bought my Isabella awnings I looked at YouTube which seems to have a video of just about any activity you can name-and some you would not want to! We have considered air awnings and got our choice down to two, before Isabella came into the market, Kampa and Vango but on closer insection, two friends awnings, decided to stick with Isabella. The Kampa quality was not great and the Vango was ridiculously heavy and had to be returned twice due to water ingress through seams so decided to give it a miss.
  14. And I am sure after we visit in May we will join them! After that it’s two, two week rallies, in June and. Sept, with a mini UK Tour, well England and Scotland, in August. Anything abroad would be a bonus but no high hopes.
  15. Weymouth?? Oh hang on, maybe they are not that desperate!! Maybe some decided to wait, as we have, till you can mix with others indoors or have seen tomorrow’s forecast!
  16. Starting with your last comment-the windbreak has a 'frame' and the uprights sit on spikes driven into the ground so the harder the ground the more difficult it may be. We have one and like you the price was a "HOW much" moment but, we have two Isabella awnings and would not consider others so for us well worth it. If you are not fussed by appearances then it may not be an issue but, in my opinion, and more importantly that of my 'style guru', the Isabella is the best looking and the frame arrangement means it always gives the shelter you need. Fixing to the
  17. Hi Kirsten, lots of European vans have 12v equipment too-they just don't have a battery! Many are 240v only with the supply to all the 12 v equipment coming from a 'damped transformer' to give a consistent supply.
  18. Hi Phil, Only just seen this comment re your ebike. There have been a few threads on the subject of carrying ebikes and a change to one has meant a few issues for me. We have a Audi Q5 so, whilst not massive, that much higher than a saloon/hatch/estate and so an issue with he heavier weight of an ebike. I have tried lifting the bike to roof level, minus the battery, and thats OK but then when you look at possible racks many have weight limits too low to take an ebike. My current racks are Thule and the only rack they recommend is the Upride and I am considering one.
  19. Hi Gordon, I did say car! There are some, Nissans are one, cars that have a special paint job where the colour changes as you view from different angles, apparently called 'paramagnetic' paint, so it was a jokey reference to that!
  20. Hi, No idea about this specific site but I always use Google maps and Streetview to assess site access. Indeed, just done it for a recommended CL in Somerset-looks a great site but access roads are narrow with few passing places and, as it was for an enroute stop, not suitable-shame as it looks very nice.
  21. Hi Gordon, is that one of those special paint jobs were the car looks a different colour from different angles?!!
  22. The same question crossed my mind as well having seen similar at Alderstead Heath, as well as a huge 5th wheel outfit that hung a reflective marker at the front as it over hung the pitch. Re Carnon we have not stayed there but did visit a while back to suss it out for friends and thought it a nice site, with a then new facilities block, but recall it was clearly being bused by quite a few 'long termers' but presumed that if you are an all year site this will appeal to people who are not just interested in holiday periods.
  23. I use the PetrolPrices app but like any info system it relies on up to date info. I can also look up fuel prices via my cat sat nav and the cheapest garage that comes up is on that shut last year! As I know that it’s not a problem but could be if you don’t know. I did a comparison not long back and, if you use the inland revenue fuel allowance of 45p/mile, there has to be a few pence per litre difference to justify going much out of your way.
  24. Hi, totally agree with your comments. We prefer to be outside but the awning is the second best and only sit in van if we had no awning, and only then if it’s necessary and practical. As you mention Covid this has already prompted a decision that we will use our large awning on our 2 two week rallies as there will be no issues giving people that extra bit of space that may make them more comfortable. I have suggested increasing the alcohol intake so you don’t feel the cold but apparently this is not an alternative! Fingers crossed then for similar weather to that when the pic wa
  25. As you don’t mention what you have I am guessing a porch/part awning? We have both full and part awning however, the full is a Isabella Sunshine canopy with a front so, if the weather is favourable the front stays off, if not it goes on. We also have an Isabella Magnum, with annexe for sleeping in BUT, have just bought a Sunncamp Swift canopy. We will be doing a UK tour this summer with a max of 4 days on any one site so wanted something I could put up easily on my own, and quickly and it may be worth a look. We have tried roll out canopies but they are very l
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