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  1. I had more than one promotion interview were this was utilised. You would be asked to argue for a generally positive position, one that they could presume you would support, then told the situation had changed and you had to put a case that necessitated a complete 180 degree turn to your arguments. Not so sure about the Yorkshireman thing though!!
  2. Sticking to the thread title:just seen the ITV news re Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, and the understandable consternation, and then a news report shows police delivering a present to a 4 year old who is then pictured inside the police van with the officer leaning inside.
  3. As Aristotle is alleged to have said, “it’s a sign of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without necessarily accepting it”.
  4. I did not say it was the same, I commented, in regard to your question, that it appears to me to be what we all do from time to time-express an opinion without detailed knowledge of a subject. So far as the current corona virus advice is concerned my comment about experts did not relate to this.
  5. The answer is that we all do it , all the time. Its not confined to caravanners,or MHrs or campers even. I have never played football professionally, coached a football tem or managed a football team but I know that when we once again have footy on the Tv I will, as millions of others will, question the team selections, tactics substitutions etc etc. Not being an expert has never stopped people from expressing an opinion and dont get me started on why its often best to ignore 'experts' anyway!
  6. Hi Lutz, it was a joke-sorry if it was not clear. My main point is that many are arguing over what is 'essential' yet the government website makes clear this is not a criteria if you cannot work from home. My brother in law was told that he would have no work as his firm believed that they did not do 'essential' work. These decisions, based on what appears to be a misunderstanding ,are likely to be tested when things start to get harder. Having said all that it does appear that the majority of people are complying with the 'guidance' and limiting trips away from home to a minimum.
  7. Hi Lutz, You could just stop showering and the social distancing would take care of itself! Seriously, there has been quite a bit of confusion, in my opinion possibly deliberate, but as I read it its the word essential that causes the most confusion. The info on the government website is clear-if you cannot work from home you can go to work-the essential and key worker descriptions do not affect this-as in the info below; I’m not a critical worker and I can’t work from home. What should I do? If you cannot work from home then you can still travel to work. This is consistent with the Chief Medical Officer’s advice. Critical workers are those who can still take their children to school or childcare. This critical worker definition does not affect whether or not you can travel to work – if you are not a critical worker, you may still travel to work provided you cannot work from home. Anyone who has symptoms or is in a household where someone has symptoms should not go to work and should self-isolate. 6. How can I find out if my work is essential or not? The government is not saying only people doing “essential” work can go to work. Anyone who cannot work from home can still go to work. Separately, there is a list of critical workers who can still take their children to school or childcare. Provision has been prioritised for these workers. Every worker – whether critical or not – should work from home if they can but may otherwise travel to work. On that basis I would say that the journey to do the work would be OK but maybe you could walk o the flat to take the shower?!
  8. That was the position that my friend was in. He was told that if he cancelled that was his decision and he would get no refund on the monies paid out.
  9. A friend left the UK on 12th March flying to Washington en route to his cruise from Fort Laudedale. He checked, repeatedly, that he was doing the right thing and was reassured he was. He arrived that evening and the next day Cunard cancelled his cruise. He was made aware that USA was going to stop flights from UK so managed to arrange a flight back on the 14th March. So he was doing what many posts have advocated, he acted proactively to get back as soon as he was aware of the situation. Cunard have said that as he arranged the flight himself they will not be paying for it and the travel agent that booked the other flights and hotels have closed, likely for good. Re the sites Avondale4 has mentioned, I have both FlightRadar and Marine Traffic saves in my home page. We get quite a few transatlantic flights, to lots of European destinations, passing over and whilst it’s less than normal they are still there. Saw RFA tanker few hundred yards away this week and was able to see it was Tidespring using Marine Traffic.
  10. As a way to reduce the possible contact with others have just had a look at the availability of click and collect and there is none with any of the 'big 4' available. Also just had a call to tell me that my delivery of heating oil will not be arriving as the driver has self isolated and the truck is also now out of use. They 'hope' to get it to me within a week but will need to look at plan B options. The drop in fuel price may help because, as we have an oil fired range cooker and also do all our cooking on it, we cannot let it run out so my next task is getting some large fuel containers just in case.
  11. Without reference to my policy I am sure it talks about ‘things you could have done” and, in the present circumstances, that my not be a lot. Does not mean that they will not try to minimise what they pay out though!
  12. Will that be the same over 70s and vulnerable people that are advised to stay at home? I believe that posters are making comments based on wanting to do the right thing but believe that what gmc15 is suggesting is far preferable than than taking at risk persons to supermarkets.
  13. Did a small shop at an ASDA last week and they were enforcing the restrictions.As for challenging shoppers I would presume that staff are told not to get involved beyond pointing out the restrictions. So far as the letters are concerned, I have had a number of emails from Sainsburys, I don't see how people panic buying, or whatever the correct term is, is the down to the supermarkets. I have also noticed that if you want a lager you may struggle but not sure how more and better policing , or even martial law, is the solution? As for self isolation is that not for people who have symptoms otherwise is it not social distancing? Personally I can see no problem with this but the issue for the shops may be how do they confirm that this is what you are doing? Sadly its seems many will think only of themselves and perhaps see what you are thinking of as a way to get around some restrictions.
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