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  1. My van has just had a delayed second service also. When it was just a few months old a serious leak occurred and as I use an independent service centre who are authorised by Lunar, and other makes, to carry out warranty work, I contacted them and took the van in to be assessed. They decided that due to issues with both Lunar and the supplying dealer, Swindon Caravans, previously they were not prepared to take on the work so I arranged with Swindon to collect the van, from Cornwall, and carry out the repairs. At this service no issues were found however I had pointed out a misaligned front window when I dropped it off and was told they would sort it without recourse to Lunar due to the hassle this created being not worth the trouble. As said the dealer is responsible but my experiences with almost all has been that once you are out of the door and they have your money you seem to find a willingness to help reduces and this will only add to that I suspect. As said by others though it is a sad day for those employees facing an uncertain future.
  2. We bought ours at the border, paying cash, and the guy placed one on the windscreen and handed us the other which we put in the glovebox.
  3. We arrived in France on Wednesday and had a voicemail that afternoon from the caravan club to tell me my return, on the Pont Aven, will sail an hour later than planned.
  4. Hi Taff, you certainly seem to have had the right approach! We woke to see this guy already parked up and we were packing up everything as it was the end of the holiday so not a quick job. Last year we were booked onto a site in the Vendee and our plans changed meaning we could arrive two days early, we had planned to stop over en route, so contacted site who said yes OK but you will be on different pitch and will need to move. This was good news and on arrival our pitch was available as the previous peeps had gone two days early.
  5. If the departure time is 1100 I would maybe hope I could get on early but would not expect to. Its only happened to us once but it is very annoying/stressful to be packing up, with a clear time to vacate in mind, but to have the next user of your pitch sitting in their car a few yards away and then repeatedly walking up and down past the pitch with associated checking of watch, head shaking and tutting. I did suggest that he go and have a coffee as we were likely to be there till departure time but this seemed to annoy him as the site owner had said he 'may be able to get on early'.
  6. We got ours in Holland but with a skottel top not the paella pan. The price looks good it I would go for the cheaper option and get a paella pan of skottel top if you think you will use it. Weuse the skottel top a lot with a liner which makes for very easy cleaning.
  7. Thanks-Will give it a try. Thanks ET.
  8. Have never heard of pet mode-how do you set it?
  9. My issue was with a 2014 van and the calls came within a short time of setting the alarm so thought it must be me as it was a new van. Repeated activation led me to contact Sargent and a guy got me to describe what I could see and quite quickly identified that Lunar had put the male and female connectors, to connect to the alarm unit, onto the wrong wires resulting in the alarm every time I set it. Coincidentally we went to see friends who are on a rally and asked how they were finding their new Bessacar. They have had a few issues including repeated ones with the alarm.
  10. Irrefutable evidence that you have.......................charisma!
  11. I would look at ViaMichelin and Google maps if I needed to find similar. Vallle de la vire gouvets-just under 60 miles service area with parking and cafe etc.
  12. Does the 11 year old mean it will be high season? This will make a big difference to both price and availability but if a caravan club member you will be able to get a very good price on the Western routes, with Plymouth usually being particularly good. Our crossing this month and back in July is £460 less than if booked direct with BF.
  13. Published where?
  14. As ever in these situations there is no one answer as it is one persons opinion of another persons attitude. Going on the picture only I would be happy to park in front as there is ample room, in fact lost of room, but if I had set up based on what I was told and then had this changed I would possibly be unhappy but it would depend on the attitude of the person telling me-so we are back to opinions! Interestingly I have had two situations were I was unhappy with the attitude of site staff, one caravan club and one not, and they were dealt with totally differently with one prompting me at adopt a constant smiley 'I am having fun despite you' demeanor and the other by leaving the site early. I could have done the reverse!
  15. Hi Andy, I agree with the last sentence but think that this is more a case of misrepresentation of the facts! BF revised schedules to fit in the extra crossings and have now re-revised it after these crossings were no longer required so most of the story is correct even, maybe, that there is a cost element as keeping extra crossings that are not needed would indeed cost. I, like may others, have had to alter my crossing after the issues with the Pont Aven and we were lucky that we have managed to get something suitable but I suppose many are unable to do so and decide to vent by going 'public'. I have no plans for ferry travel later this year but do wonder what the situation will be if HMG approach BF again for similar assistance?
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