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  1. A couple of years back I needed to look at European breakdown cover. Initially it looked like there were about 12 providers but, weeding out those that had restrictions such as max shipping length of 7 metres, left just 2. These we’re Red Penant and Safeguard. My criteria was that they must guarantee to recover the caravan as well as the car and none of the others, including the often mentioned ADAC, will not recover the caravan if it is not hitched to the tow car-so whilst enroute. My concern , prompted by others experiences, was that should I breakdown while remote from my caravan would I be covered and my enquiries showed that I would not.
  2. The BF website now has a page titled ‘Pont Aven News’! The sailing updates page has multiple changes and the BF Enthusiast site is showing some very unhappy people, mostly in Ireland, who now appear to be looking at wrecked holiday plans for the coming weekend.
  3. Most likely that if it was call centre staff they may not have been as well informed. Staff at Plymouth said that ‘she is expected back on the 24th’ so as jaydug says still uncertain. i decided to call in, I am killing time waiting for a family member who is having a medical procedure, as I am concerned that if the Ponts problems are not sorted I could end up having to travel to Portsmouth as the Armorique has twice been moved over to cover the France to Ireland route leading to all the Plymouth to France crossings being cancelled between a Tursday and Sunday. Edit-relocated to Waterfront pub and see BF have just updated their website with more cancellations and altered sailing times!
  4. At Plymouth terminal now. No plans to cancel Pont Aven and 9th June is when the captain will decide if all sailing to Santander will be from Plymouth or if vessel is OK to return to Portsmouth crossings as well. Staff confirmed with the operation department.
  5. Whilst I have no doubt that you have been told this it does seem to be at odds with BF saying it is safe to operate and the scheduled engine change is 2020. I will call them today, and post the outcome, as I am booked to travel on the Pont Aven in mid June.
  6. Ah yes! Stayed there a few years ago when watching Tour De France stages when it was a Camping Cheques site. Nice site with welcoming staff and a good restaurant. Loved chilling on the small decked area outside the bar.
  7. Hi, we are the same, an ITX fare from the caravan club saving £462 and 5 star sites at €18-20 with ACSI which would be €37 without. On the way South from Roscoff will stay at Les Ormes using the site vouchers that we have bought to get the ITX and save over £10 a night. Have never managed to convince my wife that, as the savings are almost 50%, we should just go twice though! What site are you using in Brittany?
  8. If you can get on youtube then you could look for the manual, if you dont have one to hand, but, as said seems to be more to this-wrong fluid etc-unless rinse tank is not full?
  9. ‘Je retire mes cheveux’ as the BF spokesman said! It has been a bit of a disaster for them with a lot of unhappy people being told their Ferries are not sailing from their booked port, Portsmouth, then having the ship on the alternative Plymouth route diverted to the France/Ireland route.
  10. Hi, was just about to suggest similar. We do our planning using Google maps and ViaMichelin will allow you to compare the toll and non toll costs. Also find Streetview very useful for final planning in areas/sites not visited before. The A75 is a great drive and the service area at the Millau Bridge is a good stop for a break and a walk up to see the bridge to stretch the legs.
  11. And it just got worse as Pont Aven has broken down again! https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/pont-aven-will-sail-to-brest-for-steering-gear-repairs/
  12. It’s not rain, it’s Mizzle. Having only had stopovers in France for many years, Italy being the destination, we had main holiday there for last two and going back next month. I see little point in debating what others do, it’s their choice, and can only say why we do it and qualify that. We live in Cornwall and for many they come here as it’s different from what they have where they live and that’s one main reason for us going to France. When we get off the ferry at Roscoff its soon obvious that you are somewhere different. Driving is a real pleasure and you can bet that as we proceed along the N route from Roscoff I will asking ‘who’s shut the gate’ so sparse will be the traffic. Then there’s the weather-if you get good weather Cornwall is as good as anywhere but it’s a lot more likely in France. Prices are sometimes a shock but business is business so in tourist areas expect the same mark up as in our own but there still good value to be had if you look for it. Regarding ferries I am paying less now than on my first trip with Brittany Ferries back in 1991 and this year will be on a 5 star-it’s all relative-full facilities site for €20 a night.
  13. Hi All, when at Millbay Dock yesterday noticed that a former un-surfaced area-to the right as you head for the check in lanes- has now been given a tarmac surface and is signed as a parking area with what appear to be spaces for cars and towing outfits. I presume that many travelling will time their arrival such that they go straight into the check in lanes but it may be of use to others who choose to arrive earlier and, particularly, those affected by the route changes meaning that they may now be departing from Plymouth as opposed to Portsmouth and cant be so precise in arrival times. BF allow you to park in the lanes once the current sailing has departed.but this is another option.
  14. Its not clear to me how a chain stops the van hitting the car but the inbuilt features are designed to ensure that the brakes are applied, if the van becomes detached, and anything that prevents that would appear to worsen the situation?
  15. Because it wasn’t an Audi!
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