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  1. I have not used a caravan club site for a few years now, with my caravan, but why do you feel they do not encourage caravans? I have seen cylinders outside vans but can also see that it is perfectly reasonable for sites to not accept this due to concerns re safety as they carry the can, not you. Personally, having been on a site that had numerous vans with cylinders outside, would have to say that it is not an attractive look and would imagine that it would be viewed as not being in line with the 'touring ethos'.
  2. The regulations are just new to us as we are now no longer in the EU. Maybe the wine and beer shops near ports will change over to supplying Brits with the essentials they cant go without as they wont be selling much else with the limits on alcohol.
  3. Our doctors practice is working with other local practices to offer the vaccination to their patients. The location is some 21 miles away from our village and for those without transport near impossible to access. When a similar set up was used to deliver the flu vaccine-at the Eden Project-last autumn, it came to light that people who said they could not get there, were vaccinated at the local surgery. This has not helped to dispel the feelings that the practice wish to shut at least one of their surgeries, and a lack of people being vaccinated may look as if the
  4. We have a Lunar Clubman SR with fore/aft bed. We have gone through nearside, off side and transverse beds and this is the best, to the extent that we decided last year that we would not be looking to change it. We very often go away with our grandchildren and the layout gives us all privacy with central washroom however, if you are much over 6ft the bed may be a bit short for you. I would look at caravanfinder.co.uk to get ideas of layouts and prices and, unless you know of or have very reliable personal recommendations, I would go for the best buy and get it servi
  5. Re the mention of people deciding on price, rather than the undefinable 'quality'. I always look at the options when it comes to renewal, had my first reminder this week, and the last time I did so all the providers that I contacted asked if I had been given a quote. Having done my initial research online, to draw up my shortlist, I knew what each was quoting so just gave the lowest figure, minus app 10%. Some say they cannot match that and some do and then I choose.
  6. Gordon, Well firstly I do not, as you put it, want an argument and would hope that if someone posts a view that is contrary to yours that is not how you see it? Secondly, by inference, you seem to suggest that I was in some way impolite when ,as you say you did, I just posted my personal view. As you say, it is clear that we are not going to agree, on this issue anyway.
  7. Human nature means that most people, due to feelings of embarrassment or to avoid ridicule, will praise what they have chosen, as Andy says whatever service or product that is, and not admit to any doubt that their choice was the best. When they have changed to a different service or product they may put forward a more negative view.
  8. And I have to say that I totally disagree with your attempt to interpret my post as saying something it did not. You say you would always wear a mask when passing close to someone, and mention 6 feet. I clearly said in my post 2m+ so please tell me how the difference, of 6 1/2 inches, will have an affect when your exhaled breath will be in the air just the same as mine will? Masks don’t stop your ‘exhaled air’ from being in the atmosphere, they are to help prevent infection via droplets and the aerosol effects of coughing and sneezing. Just to be clear, I carr
  9. I am quite happy that, outdoors in the open air at 2m+, there is little or no advantage to my wearing a mask to protect others. The mask in general use, the paper type,-my latest order of 100 arrived yesterday-will not stop particles of the size that will potentially remain, in still conditions, airborne so it is pointless to wear one.
  10. Hi Eric, sorry but cant agree that agree this would contribute anything. Wearing a mask will help to protect others in the immediate vicinity but anything you exhale is still there, in the atmosphere, and the best way to avoid ingesting this is to be at a distance of 2m or more and in the open air.
  11. "I am not disputing the levels of effectiveness with the range of options available." Its likely me, but what are you disputing? The answer to your first two questions is yes and to the third the answer is 'even better'.
  12. Simply to protect you, especially in terms of surgical procedures with open wounds, from them.
  13. Ciao Gigiotty, benvenuto in CT! Vivo nel sud-ovest della Cornovaglia ma ho trascorso molto tempo vicino a Londra in campeggi con molti visitatori italiani. Speriamo di visitare l'Italia nel 2021, siamo stati molte volte principalmente nella zona del lago di Garda, ma dobbiamo vedere come stanno le cose con Covid prima di fare i piani finali! In caso di domande sulla Cornovaglia o sul sud-ovest dell'Inghilterra cercherò di aiutarti. Ciao! Hi Gigiotty, welcome to CT! I live in the South West in Cornwall but have spent a lot of time near to London on campsites with allot of Ital
  14. Bought my first new van in 1995. An issue with the fridge led to the discovery that, whilst the dealer was almost 150 miles away, I could get any warranty work done at a workshop approved by my vans manufacturer, some 50 miles away, and have returned there ever since for all servicing and warranty work with another three vans. As an independent workshop his loyalty is to me, and not the manufacturer as it could be with the dealer.
  15. Hi, Not being a cynic, but a realist with experience, I take with a pinch of salt comments by salesmen in caravan dealers. The internet is your friend will allow you to do a great deal of research before arrival your shortlist. Any van will be a compromise on something so, as said, give a lot of thought to what you could tolerate but more to what you definitely couldn’t. I would recommend looking at https://www.caravanfinder.co.uk/ which, hopefully, will give you both information and ideas. Good luck and let’s hope we can all get out and about some time in 2
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