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  1. We visited early morning ,drove in and parked at Mercato Del Fieno. You paid a uniformed guy, who had a leather bag/satchel for the parking, and stepped into the maze of streets. We had pizza slices for lunch sat on the walls and could see the planes landing at El Sorio in the distance. We then took a 'scenic route' via Lago d'Iseo and the passo de croci domini, SP669, back to Garda-just talking about it makes me want to go now!
  2. Hi Colin, Have just seen this and wonder what routes you are comparing? You need to add the vouchers,/sites before you will get the combined fare. My Plymouth-Roscoff return with 7.5m van and 4 vouchers is £319.80-you could also get this deal by booking sites. The vouchers are £87.80 making the ferry portion £232. The cost of the same crossings/cabin booked direct with BF is £463 so double the price.-a saving of £231 and even if you did not use the vouchers, or stay at booked sites, you are still saving almost £150.
  3. Same for us, original piece still in use and it never moves.
  4. Thanks Val. I did mail them just before my last post but no response as yet. Perhaps a little more concerned at getting the right info after having ACSI card turned down twice last year with sites saying the dates of acceptance were not as stated in the guide.
  5. Distances once landed are, as you say , the same but personally, having used Dover many times when it was the choice based on destination, Italy, and cost the journey was one to be endured not enjoyed. Folkestone is closer than Dover, just, but I would choose what seems will be a 30 minute journey to Portsmouth over an at least 2H 30M , and potentially more depending on traffic, journey to the Tunnel. There are of course many who prefer the tunnel, maybe not good sea travelers or pets to consider, but in terms of cost I am sure that it will be more than the ferry. I don't know the price for a night crossing with BF from Caen but for us the Plymouth crossing on a Thursday night is cheaper, by over £100 last time I checked, than the Friday day crossing. I believe that the afternoon Portsmouth-Caen crossing often comes out the cheapest. Colin-If you are not a caravan club member give me an idea of what crossings suit and I will see what the prices are.
  6. Hi Colin, So far as sites/stops then that will depend on your route. So far as your route that will depend on your ferry. So far as the ferry...........................personal choice but my choice would be Portsmouth or Poole on BF. Prices will vary but the days of the super cheap Calais crossings are long gone and the differences may not be that great for the longer routes. If you are a caravan club member you can get a great deal on a combined fare. Re the Tag we personally would not travel without one as my wife is unable to reach the ticket machine and being able to use the 30kph lane means not even slowing completely. Have a great trip.
  7. Hi Val, what I was trying to find was a list/map of Best Deal 'sites' as I am not sure that all t he sites on the Camping Navigator site are Best Deal sites?? Thanks
  8. Hi Andy, yes I also got a blank page when I tried to download any of the guides. I would usually get the ACSI guides and card but at the moment looking at only needing to find a site for 3 nights , hence the appeal of this Best Deal card as it may give me a bit more choice, so hardly worth it.........................but of course that will likely change and it will be back to ACSI!
  9. Prompted by the posts above decided to look at Best Deals as the name rang a bell. I am signed up for emails from Camping navigator and it turns out it is connected to them. I registered and have received my Best deals card to download, and I have looked at the website, https://www.campingnavigator.com/en/ , which shows lots of sites in Europe. What I cannot confirm is if all the sites shown are part of the best Deals offering but there are certainly sites that would appeal and some are at ACSI level rates, some below and some above. I have also tried to download the app but cannot locate it on the Apple App store so if anyone has any more info that would be very useful.
  10. Some years back I mentioned to my brother that we had picked up our Grandson back at Bergamo airport and had found the place very underwhelming. He said we should visit Cita Alta which we did.............. and it was stunning.
  11. Hi Tom, its sad but true that there are still many opinions about Hobby, and other 'foreign' vans based on either deliberately misleading, or inaccurate, information. When we had a Hobby we insured it with the NFU and I presume, its a while since, that this was because the cover and price met our requirements. David From Cheshire has a Hobby and will certainly have more up to date info.
  12. Seeing this thread made me smile as I remembered what my Dutch friend said to me one day. He was over here for a holiday and we were staying together on a site in Cornwall. we were talking about our new van, which had a stabiliser hitch, and he said "now you must keep your knob clean"! When my laughing fit had subsided I explained how this word could be used to describe a part of the male anatomy. On the same theme he was explaining one day how his brother in law had "very small tackle", which is apparently a Dutch description for a small dog, again with unintended humorous consequences.
  13. Thanks for the tip re Lac Bleu. It looks a good choice for us as a pool is a definite requirement and being able to access the waterfront without need to use the car is a real bonus due to slight mobility issues. Looking at their prices they were €7-10 more a night but using special offers this can come down to as little as €15 a night. Problem now is that I am reluctant to book a stay at a site that I have not been able to suss out so need to check if the offers available without booking as it appears to be. Thanks.
  14. Hi All, many thanks for the replies. Due to travelling and spend time with family not had chance to read thoroughly so will do so ASAP. Thanks again.
  15. HI All,Been looking at sites near Annecy for a June 2020 holiday. There are quite a few ACSI sites, some with good reviews and looking at their sizes, situation and facilities Camping L'ideal and Europe look good possibilities. If anyone has any recommendations regarding sites in this area I would be very grateful to hear them. Thanks
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