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  1. As you don’t mention what you have I am guessing a porch/part awning? We have both full and part awning however, the full is a Isabella Sunshine canopy with a front so, if the weather is favourable the front stays off, if not it goes on. We also have an Isabella Magnum, with annexe for sleeping in BUT, have just bought a Sunncamp Swift canopy. We will be doing a UK tour this summer with a max of 4 days on any one site so wanted something I could put up easily on my own, and quickly and it may be worth a look. We have tried roll out canopies but they are very l
  2. We have, until last march, been regular users of the bike trails, some 20 miles form home, at Lanhydrock. Following lock down NT introduced restrictions to assist with 'social distancing-this is for a 900 acre parkland where the only faint chance of coming into contact with others is at the 'pinch points' created by entrance controls! In addition they locked the popular car park at Respryn Bridge which led to people taking to, and wrecking, the verges in many locations. As for the timing of the easing, I had presumed that it was entirely deliberate to give families
  3. A quick look at the link Gordon provided would suggest that the inflator may have a pressure relive valve built in? If not, pressure is looking like being app 7 psi BUT in all my years of blowing up air beds etc it has always been done by how it looked and how it felt and have never seen any way to check the pressure other than a simple 'hit or miss' gauge.
  4. Hi Andy, Yes, it is very much in the 'counter intuitive' camp but the savings are even better than you have calculated! Booked direct its £1158 but via the club its £1022 , so saving £132 BUT the club price includes the vouchers so the saving is a minimum of £132 and if you use the vouchers, which we have always done, the saving is £211.80!! I have no idea how, but it has been this way quite a while, and we first came across it when discounts were offered if you bought Camping Cheques, a minimum of seven I think, and a ferry crossing. It was called an 'ITX' then, a
  5. Hi, Just had a look at costs for a BF Plymouth to Santander return in Sept and to my surprise adding 4 site vouchers, at £79.80, reduces the price from £1158 to £1022.
  6. During the long winter lock down days I did a comparison of costs for a number of holiday scenarios-sadly none now going to happen. The figures below are what I costed the options travelling to Spain, Marjal Eco Resort, going from Plymouith via; ROSCOFF SANTANDER ROSC OUT/SANT IN £1626.00 £1742.50 £1591.00
  7. Hi, Yes you can exchange but don’t know the price for 6kg, 10kg is app £45. As for Europe, no you can’t but if using EHU would you need more than one 6kg cylinder?
  8. Hi, I have just looked at the BF website and prices are available till October but I think it won’t be long til the 2022 prices available. I don’t however think you will be seeing around the £500 mark for a return! I guessed at £1200 for my usual May/June dates, this to year, and it is £1260 for a return with a two berth cabin each way, but that’s my outfit which is shorter than yours will be-you need to know car size and vans shipping length/height. The caravan club do offer good discounts with BF but only on the French routes however, I regularly save around £30
  9. Perhaps they are all Doneroamin? Loads here, cars with lots of bikes on rack, roof boxes, trailers. Cornwall.
  10. We keep our van on a site that was a working farm but diversified into storage and a CS. We never had any issues with insurers, always asked for details of course, and the site is now run by the daughter and her husban who is ex police and the security is now more 'formal'. The original area we were in meant driving past the house and they would always check to see who it was and, if they were away their neighbour would appear in his car to check you out! Nowhere is 100% safe but we don't give the security a second thought.
  11. But it would to all the ones that are which is going to be the vast majority of pitch/nights.
  12. Having posted what I will be paying I have no idea what the increase that may be over last year, as we usually go abroad, but aside from one or two quoted examples most prices are decided and published the year before and the ones I have looked at don't show large increases. Re the VAT my view would be that sites take the usual 20% but pay HMG the reduced rate which would help out a little.
  13. We have just booked a 6 site trip in July. Two are private, four caravan club with club cheapest, but for just one night, at £26 and all others £30+ with dearest, York, at almost £37. Our last long stay, in Cornwall, was in 2015 and cost £34.50 and that site’s now £47.50 for same dates.
  14. Hi, I did not say it was strange or silly just that its a straightforward, whether we like it or not, change from us being in the EU to not being in the EU. Who knows what will happen but, as the shellfish industry are finding, there appears to be precious little 'goodwill' that would maybe help. Till something changes we will, once we can get over there, have to shop for certain foodstuffs on arrival and I have already resigned my self to having to drink wine or beer instead of my cuppa at our first overnight.
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