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  1. Hi Gary, Well I have one recommendation-Pentewan Sands! We have been going there for a Caravan Club rally in September for the last few years and this year did a two week rally in June as a replacement for our usual foreign trip. The site was busy, and the Euros started, but as usual no issues and, if you enjoy any water related activities, its an absolutely great location-we kayak and many take boats or simply go for a swim. Without wishing to give the wrong impression I think any site used by a club centre so frequently is unlikely to be one that has lots of issues. The place will not be to everyone's taste however have never experienced any 'rowdy' atmosphere or really any late night noise. The only noise problem we have had is from very early departures by people who cant seem to do anything quietly! Our friends actually joined the club this year to join us on the rally-they have a MH-and were impressed with the site and the fact that, being a rally, the cost was very good-£21 night-and they may have come down for the September rally, at under £14 night, if it was not already full.
  2. Interesting comments and maybe when my Tom Tom said “Bear right” it was pre warning me to get my extinguisher ready? You mention having a CO2 and a “small 2 kg unit”. The one pictured appears to be a 6L foam which, if it is water based and has not passed the dielectric test, may be unsuitable, as in you may be electrocuted, if used on, or in the vicinity of, live electrical equipment. The reason I carry a DP is that it is safe to use on all Classes of fires. I am off to review my risk assessments for swarms of bees and Rottweilers but know already that swarms of Rottweilers will be in the hide risk category.
  3. Hi Andy, I keep a DP in the car so that I am able to assist, as I have been able to, should I come across a fire incident during my 20k miles of driving. The main reason that the fire service will struggle is that by the time they arrive it’s a fully developed fire. Extinguishers are “first aid” so only really likely to be of use if you have it to hand immediately.
  4. Hi All, Some interesting comments, especially those attributed to 'fire officers'. Lets assume that you are going to let people use your LV in exchange for payment-then you are caught by the legislation and there is various guidance that applies-very little "black & white" or "set in stone" rules. Indeed, even the guidance is not clear as there is both statutory and non statutory-Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service make it clear, on their website, that they have adopted a guidance booklet entitled "Do You Have Paying Guests" That booklet says this about FFE; Should I provide fire fighting equipment? One extinguisher on each floor near the stairs and a fire blanket in the kitchen should be enough in most small premises. You will need to make sure that the instructions on how to use them are clear and that there is a warning to people not to tackle anything other than a very small fire. Evacuating the premises is the safest thing to do. You can buy suitable multi-purpose extinguishers, guaranteed for five years, from a range of larger DIY outlets. You should check the gauge regularly to make sure the ‘stored pressure’ has not leaked. So if we accept that most LVs will not have stairs thats one extinguisher and a blanket-no mention of extinguisher ratings or service etc-and a clear statement that evacuation is the 'safest' thing to do. I visit many premises to which the fire safety legislation applies and make it clear to the premises falling into the above category what the guidance says. How they act on this ranges from full FFE provision, determined by a competent person and maintained in accordance with the British Standard, through a couple of small off the shelf extinguishers to no FFE at all. Me, I have a 2kg DP-in the car.
  5. Hi Ruby, First as most have said there is no “85% rule”! When we started out the main influence on our van choice was what could our car tow-we could not change so the van had to fit the car and that has been our approach since. Our first outfit was near 100% but everything went in the car and I had been towing trailers for many years . We choose the car for its suitability over our near 20k mileage not the couple of thousand, in a normal year, towing. Not knowing what tow you have I am presuming from your question you don’t feel it suitable but would echo comments that it’s virtually impossible to say what’s best for you. You will need to do your research on what you can combine with your van which will have a tow limit of 1500kg, or greater, and be within the MAM of 3500kg. We have towed with many estates, all Audis, and have a Q5 now but our fondest memories are for our first Audi 80 GT with a kerb weight of just 1097kg.
  6. Hi Pauline, As you are flushed with success, did you sort the toilet?!!
  7. Hi KK, Apologies for caps, but just stands out better, and good luck with your further experimenting!
  8. I have absolutely no doubt that you, me or Andy could make an argument for either. I have presumed that is what people do when considering which will suit them-which is why we have a caravan and our friends have a MH. If either is the 'best' that is almost always down to the owners preferences.
  9. Oh no you couldn’t!! We considered a MH back in 2009 when I retired and had the means, pension lump sum, to purchase. We viewed several, new and second hand, and decided it was not for us after realising that any we could afford, or liked, would not have anywhere near adequate space for our impending Grandchild’s travel cot. Our closest friends, and holiday buddies, have an Autotrail and our trips include much mickey taking from both sides. We are both happy with our choices, and would describe ourselves as “campers”, but being on site for the last two weeks has just reinforced our view that a MH is not for us.
  10. Hi, Fortunately testing the flush is much easier , and far less hazardous, than the gas system! Just put in a small amount of water, in the flap opening, and try it.
  11. In all probability we will never change to a MH as it’s far too faffy on many counts. Cant lounge properly, can’t explore, can’t park, can’t move an inch without packing away every single thing, can’t pop out for shopping, can’t get my head around that huge empty space called a “garage”, etc etc. I await you list with interest!
  12. But the OP stated it was a Bailey which, so far as I am aware, will have a dedicated flush water tank accessed via the flap mentioned.
  13. This made me smile as it reminded me of the time the exact same thing happened to us on a site in Holland. I was emptying our square black waste container when a man approached and started yelling at me. He clearly assumed that I was emptying a toilet, and that I was Dutch, so my puzzled looks and shrugging of shoulders seemed to irritate him. Had he been a little less aggressive I may have have laughed less when our Dutch friends appeared, explained what I was doing and demanded that he apologise for his behaviour.
  14. Hi Pauline, I assume you mean an electric flush and the water for that goes in the same place as the 'rinse' via the 'outside flap'. You will know when its full as it will overflow!
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