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  1. If you are a caravan club member then getting comparison prices is easy and allows a better informed choice. As said you do not need to book sites, I never do, but take the vouchers. On my trip I make a large saving even if I don’t use the vouchers, which I do. If you take vouchers there should be no time issues but if you can’t take the best value crossing then you savings will be lower. It will depend on the route and time you cross. For my trip the club come out at £232. BF are £650 so, even if you were a club voyage member getting 30% discount, the best direct price would be £455. BUT that is for my crossing and there will be cheaper, Portsmouth to Caen, and dearer.
  2. As the posts here make clear you have to do your homework, check, check and check again, and the discounts vary across the routes. I have just seen a post on another forum that said claims of the caravan club being cheap were rubbish, but then went on to say they were crossing in August without a car on the St Malo route and were Club Voyage members so getting a 30% discount.. I have posted about ITX fares more than any other subject in the hope that maybe people who are not aware might get a better deal than they expected and, maybe, even see that there are routes that might suit them having previously ruled them out on cost grounds. My likely trip in June 2020 Plymouth to Roscoff return with cabin going out is £650 with BF and just £320 with the club making the ferry £232 and , as you have pointed out, the terms now also appear to be better than booking direct.
  3. Hi Tim, we don't use small sites much as one of our requirements is a decent pool. Re ferries if you are a caravan club member there are some decent deals available if you buy the ferry and book sites or site vouchers. We use BF from Plymouth to Roscoff , car & van, and buying 4 vouchers/ferry, called an ITX fare, this year saved us £400. I think Portsmouth to Caen is even cheaper but the St Malo route is usually much dearer.
  4. Was going to mention Pentewan but, as you say far from being a CL, however, if a caravan club member there are many rallies there when you are paying CL level site fees, if not less.
  5. Allan Guest


    I think that the wording on the uktow website is useful in explanation; 85% (or even 100%) rules are not "rules" but guidelines which have no substance in law. They are designed to ensure that the outfit will be stable (all other factors being equal). Exceeding this figure, whilst not illegal in itself, COULD lead to prosecution if the driver was stopped because of (say) instability or after an accident as there is a requirement on the driver to ensure the safety of his vehicle in the Construction and Use Regulations. Usually a manufacturer will quote a tow weight which is far greater than the mass of the vehicle. Generally this is based on the total train weight (car + caravan) which can be started on a 12% gradient. Where this weight (or any other e.g. nose weight) is given as lower by the manufacturer the user ignores it at his peril. Looking at the info you have posted it is clear that the van was within the manufacturers GVW and the outfit within the GTW. There may be many who would look at the kerb weight and have a different opinion but, as said, so long as you are happy with things, at the quoted figures, that's what matters.
  6. Allan Guest


    As already said the GVW is relevant but other things maybe more so. You need to know the MTPLM of the van and the GTW of the car. Allowing for no other issues, such as licence type, you need to ensure that the GVW+MTPLM are not more than the GTW. The kerb weight may be useful to establish if you think the car/van are a good match but the others will determine if you are 'legal'.
  7. Having considered Safefill a while back discounted it for a number of reasons but, mainly, there are no fill points within a reasonable distance and we use only a small amount of gas. I am curious why you would need to fill during a holiday if you have the ability to fill enroute? That aside looks a neat solution but wonder how filling stations would view it.
  8. Whilst you can use the door from lounge into rear to shut off the toilet there is no separation of the bed area from the ‘bathroom ‘ area. The SR layout is like that shown in Organmans post.
  9. Looked at this layout but you have to enter the bedroom to use the bathroom. We like the ability, in the SR, for us and our grandchildren to all have access to the bathroom but maintain our privacy as it is separate from the bedroom. As said you do need to check as the layout may not suit taller people.
  10. This thread caught my eye and seeing some posts brought back memories of experience with WBAC and Evans Halshaw. First thing was that having had my 4 year old Audi Q5 serviced at my local dealer from new asked them for a price. Their response was that the mileage was too high but if it had not been they would have offered the same as WBAC. I said that I was dissapointed that my 'loyalty' in using them counted for nothing and got a got shrugging of shoulders. As we were picking up the new car from Milton Keynes I did a search and found EH. Got a price online and arrived to do the deal. After quite a wait I was approached by a guy who asked if I had come for a valuation, I said I had one already and he said he would need to take the car for a test drive. On his return he said he was not interested in the car as it as there was a problem with the engine. When I asked what it was he said that it stalled at junctions and as I was about to respond a thought struck me. 'You do know it has stop start don't you' I asked and it was clear from his face he didnt so I took the keys out of his hand and left. Another search brought up Car Shop and the difference was like chalk and cheese so did the deal there and got the money in three days. I have recently done a price chck on my current car and WBAC came out with a better price than Car Shop so , as ever, it always pays to check.
  11. Hi, Nothing to do with the cost but a realisation that its just not as simple as having cover for the caravan in case of problems. As said when I looked into it , and wanted written confirmation that the car AND van were covered, regardless of their respective locations, the wide range of providers shrank to just the two. My cars cover extends to any vehicle being towed, so the issues you mention are covered, but as with many of the policies I looked at, it is centred on the car and may not give cover if the issue was with the caravan only. If that is what you wish to cover then my experience was that you needed to contact the provider and get them to confirm that what you want is covered.
  12. The title says breakdown so what is it you wish to obtain cover for? We have cover for the car through the manufacturer but when previously looking for breakdown cover discovered that there were, at that time, only two that would guaranteed to recover the van if it was not connected to the car, one being Safeguard, who we went with, and Red Pennant-this was for Europe cover. If you are happy that the van is covered when with the car that really leaves tyre issues, as you had, as the most likely problem. We carry a spare and a jack so happy that we can deal if need be, and indeed have done so on a couple of occasions.
  13. As mentioned caravanfinder is a great place to check out layouts and prices. We have the Lunar Clubman SR and have recently made the decision that we will not be changing the van, we have looked to change every 3 years as layouts changed, but are very happy with the layout and cannot see anything better at the moment. The one thing to check is that you will be happy with the bed length, I am 5ft 11in and its just about OK for me.
  14. I don’t disagree that ‘guidelines’ are sensible however my point was that it’s the GTW, GVW or MTPLM figures that matter as this are what authorities would be using. That means ‘100% plus’ is stupid as it’s illegal whereas 100% is not. I am not saying that it is good or bad to tow at 100% just that it appears to be legal.
  15. Posted this back in August; Your van has a MTPLM Your car has a MGW Your outfit has a GTW Your club has an 85% guideline You should of course check all the available info however, the size and number of passengers, and whatever else you have loaded, must be within the MGW and when you hook up the van, which must be withing its MTPLM, the outfit must then be within the outfits-the car and van- GTW. Also on another forum mentioned a discussion with our camping buddies who commented about the German outfits opposite on site that the vans were way too big for the car. Based on the size of the vans and the amount of gear a very reasonable presumption. Resorting to Google showed they were a 100% match with the cars GTW and as such perfectly legal.
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