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  1. Would agree with Val that L'Amfora is a very nice site. When we visited they were using some temporary facility buildings that were immaculately clean with staff permanently there cleaning . The beach was so windy that we only visited it once, we stuck it out for about half an hour and then gave up, and used the pool. Just been looking at ACSI website an see that it is again a member and takes ACSI card from 31/8 to 26/9
  2. Recently spoke to a lady who had taken the test so she could tow a horse trailer. Her comment was that she did not know what she had worried about.
  3. hi meone, we use the ACSI website and other online guides, like CamingFrance etc, but have also used Google maps by selecting the area of interest, and zooming in to have a look, and simply typing the word camping into the search box. This found us sites around Santander and we stayed at Playa Joyel, the cost of which was app €2 night more than the nearby ACSI sites, on one of the best beaches you will find.
  4. Allan Guest


    Still looking at 2020 options so not ordered ACSI yet but as of just now website still not showing 2020 availability dates.
  5. Our first van was a simple choice-what can we afford! First new van involved a lot more research, into weights and suitability etc, and we now don't visit shows dealers unless looking to change and looking at options. There are plenty of people who have made decisions they regret-often at shows faced with vans that are heavily discounted-so take a step back/breath before committing. Friends know someone who bought his dream first van and then found out his licence did not allow him to tow it!
  6. Allan Guest


    Officer-are you not aware that these figures of which you speak are but a figment of someones imagining??? Made me smile thinking of how my Dad would return to the car having filled up, Mum would get out her little book, write in the date and Dad would tell her how much fuel he had bought and what the mileage was. I did this till I reached a position where I did not have to worry where the money for the next gallon was coming from and now just use the on board info. Whatever it does not make you sad........................just don't mention to people that you are a caravaner!
  7. Allan Guest


    Hi G2, we have a 2017 2.0 Audi Q5, our second such car. We tow a Lunar Clubman SR and the best we have ever got towing is , according to the on board info, 33 MPG. This was on an all motorway trip of around 300 miles in Europe at a steady 55 ish MPH. We usually get between 25-30 depending on conditions. Solo the car, over some 55k miles is averaging app 37 MPG, which is the same as my previous Q5. I am sure that some will report better figures but after my previous Audi Allroad 2.7 twin turbo petrol doing 16 MPG towing I am quite happy and looking at specs for the next one.
  8. Hi, back in 2002 we stayed at Camping Montescudaio near Cecina with Dutch friends. We really enjoyed the site-had a good size pitch, great pool areas and a wood fired pizza oven-and made visits to Pisa ,Elba and other places. We still receive email updates and the site now appears to have joined others rather than being independent; https://humancompany.com/en/destinations/villages-camping-village/montescudaio-village
  9. Hi m as m, without wishing to sound negative have you booked your stay at PP? I ask as we stayed there in August last year and we booked over 12 months before to get a pitch and , had we wanted to, would not have got one this year as they were fully booked. The other possible issue, that I have no direct experience of, is that it is often reported on here, and other forums, that large twin axle vans are not welcome everywhere so you would need to possibly do a bit more checking/confirming as the last thing you need is to turned away from a site in August with perhaps very limited options. I would look at all the possibilities for routes but the Western crossings would be better if going direct but Dover if visiting Versailles/Paris. If you are a caravan club member you can possibly get a deal on the longer routes that's better than a Dover route. We stayed at a site in Rambouillet a few years ago, drove to Versailles, had a picnic in the grounds, and got the train into Paris. The site was well placed, for what we wanted to do-visit Paris-and the town quite nice and has since being taken over by Huttopia and I think that's the same group as the Versialles site.
  10. The clear difference of this proposal seems to be that rather than have deterrents that discourage, if you get caught you pay the penalty-but how many don't get caught-it will be actually prevent the 'drunk' from driving. I can see the thinking behind many of the points put forward but can also see an emotive, and difficult to counter, argument that trumps most if not all. As things stand may not stop you being prosecuted as,I believe, the offence is being drunk in charge?
  11. Hi Durbanite, I smiled at this as it reminded me of my dear departed Mum who drove my sister mad with her shopping preferences and insisted on visiting Asda, Lidl and Aldi for different items. It was not too inconvenient where she lived, in Bolton, but where I live it would be a nightmare as the availability is somewhat more sparse-my nearest supermarket that has parking, and a filling station, is 18 miles away and as the next nearest similar supermarket is around 20 miles however, the nearest supermarket of choice is 30 miles and our most frequently used is 45 miles. As you may expect we make a day of it and combine with other activities to make it cost effective.
  12. If I could do that I could have paid for a chauffeur with the money saved on my wife's drinks! Seat sensors could be used to prevent the scenario you mention and, whilst I agree with many of your points, I posted as I have never seen any hints at this previously so thought it worthy of a wider readership-and comment! Hi, just did a quick Google on the thread title and it comes up with a UK company who already provide such equipment, Alcolock GB, and one of their customers is National Express-so its already more than just a 'good idea'.
  13. Just seen on the RAC website; Breathalysers must be able to be fitted into all new cars from 2022 following a landmark decision by the European Council. The technology, that could prevent drink-drivers from starting their engines, was approved in March but has only just been rubber-stamped by European officials last week. The UK’s position is yet to be confirmed, but the current Government has previously said it will mirror European road safety rules post-Brexit. Cars made before 2022 will have to comply with the new rules by 2024. Road safety charity Brake has labelled the move the “biggest leap forward for road safety this century”.
  14. Hi Andy, well as Pantomine season is almost upon us all I can say is "Oh no you cant!!!"
  15. Very quick comparison using viamichelin , eurotunnel and BF websites shows single journey costs of; Tunnel £197 Ferry £445 Portsmouth to Santander with cabin. Journey £315 from Cocquelles to Santander And the journey costs do not include enroute sites.
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