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  1. Hi, Moorgate has summed it up but still worth looking at the BF website-they have seemed to be quite good at keeping it updated. If I was planning travelling at the time you mention i think I would definitely have a plan B........and C & D as well! Hi Mal, Your post echoes many that I have seen and we also decided that a trip abroad at the moment would be too much hassle/stress. However, suggesting that staying in the UK is a way of avoiding Covid may be stretching it and for us a trip next year will be going ahead so long as the FCDO advice is not against it and our tra
  2. Hi, I have no idea of your plans but assume you are aware of all the changes to BF crossings that kick in this weekend and run through to next March?? Also, as mentioned above, depending on route you may find it worth looking at the caravan club website to get an idea of the savings that can be made-you don't need to be a member to check, only to book.
  3. Hi John, I mentioned the point about foreign vans as we bought a brand new Hobby, in Germany, in 2004 and, like yours, there was no battery. We had considered this before buying and decided it was not an issue as we had no intention of using non electric pitches. We kept the van seven years, the longest we have kept a van, and it is the only van we have not had warranty issues with. So, my question is-would be are you likely to use it ‘off grid’ and, if not, is it worth the hassle for any questionable gain??
  4. Hi, Is it a British van, which uses a leisure battery to run the 12v system, or a foreign van, which may not have a leisure battery, instead depending on its 12v supply to come from a 240v powered transformer??
  5. Hi Bergamo, One problem with forums is that you cannot replicate the 'chat in a pub' where many things are covered in seconds as against minutes and hours online. So, if it seemed I was being questioning of the trip I was not, I was just voicing our feeling that, as David Klyne says above, 'is it really worth it' and, for us, we decided it wasn't for this year. I have been looking at routes and sites for next year, in an attempt to look forward to happier times, but with things changing so much, and often-lockdowns, ferry cancellations, insurance cover-who knows.
  6. Hi Bergamo, Apart from the TV & radio news I do not seek to find what the COVID rates are. I employ the basic distancing behaviour and hand washing/sanitising-can think of a smashing catchy slogan-and have done since it became clear, Feb/March, there was a problem. We have used the van twice since July and will again in November but for us going abroad, which we considered in September, has too many unknowns-lockdowns/insurance etc- to be worth the risk/hassle. As regards the places that are visited our experience has been that we are far more likely to find our ability
  7. Hi, A few more details would help but, on the figures you give-which seem a little odd with a payload approaching 50% of the vans unladen weight-would suggest you look for another van. Our first van was the lightest we could get/afford and was a near 100% match,MTPLM, for my car with driver and passenger. We put everything possible in the car, to keep the vans weight down, and still do.
  8. Hi, the first part, where you Talk of the things you did not do, is what put us off bothering this year but interested how you knew where the rates were low? Without wishing to sound like I am not bothered if I had to be checking all the time that would be another reason for not going. It is however the case that others have reported things pretty much as normal with the addition of the now accepted distancing /masks etc. Like others I hope that 2021 is better and we are hoping that we will be able to get away but the issues that may prevent this are more likely to be things l
  9. Hi Silver, So the card was age related?!!
  10. We use BF mainly and they will make it clear, I have asked and have written confirmation, that you only pay a height supplement for a tow car if it’s higher than the van. However, you have to know to ask as, like other posts mention, it’s not immediately obvious and I suspect many people, especially with online booking being so common, pay twice without even realising.
  11. Hi Jim, Well my last tow experience with a petrol was in my Audi Allroad 2.7 twin turbo achieving between 17-19 MPG on a near 2500 mile tow to Italy and back so while not recent certainly memorable and the reason I swapped to diesel in 2013. One suggestion I would make is to look at brokers such as Drive The Deal and Carwow. I have bought a car through each and the savings can be very significant and their sites may throw up choices you may not have considered.
  12. It seems that your weekly shop is much larger than mine is!
  13. Strange times indeed and, whilst I had no bookings-so no problems, it seems reasonable to presume that lessons may have been learned. I don’t use ET but know there are little or no discounts available booking via the CMC so going direct makes sense. However, travel on other routes, such as BF from Plymouth, and the savings can be very significant-for us regularly in the £300-400 range-so less incentive to book direct to avoid possible issues if you are unlucky enough to be affected. Don’t shop at Aldi but guessing that savings of £600-700, the full BF price, would take a
  14. Hi Lutz, thanks for the response. We are, like may, hoping that we will be able to get away next year and its pretty much certain that it will be to Italy, via Holland, Germany and Austria. As could be expected I suppose, non enclosed buildings are less risky than otherwise but here it seems to be that what you may think logical and common sense does not always apply! Re masks, it is still rare here to see people wearing masks when outside and I presume that this is only when you move away from your outfit? When we holiday we usually eat out about every three days
  15. Try a look at caravanfinder.co.uk as it has both schematic and you should be able to see pics of almost all vans that appeal to you.
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