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  1. Thanks for all your replies I have sourced on from Lowdhams surprisingly it is only £6. 25. Still cannot work out how we bent it
  2. Thanks, Now have to find someone with a spare. We are going away tomorrow night. Always better to be safe than sorry. I don't mind being told the obvious.
  3. The Side handle on the jockey wheel has become bent (cannot imagine how) Is it an easy job to unscrew and replace or is it more complicated.
  4. Have you tried Edwards Towbars, Elland 01484501127.
  5. Ours is a 2016 VIP and the rocker switch to the side of the radio is the offside outside light switch
  6. Yes we had our break to a CL just outside Malton cancelled, as the site is waterlogged. We were supposed to going tomorrow. whether that would have been possible anyway with the weather forecast
  7. It ten years since we did it. We rented a Maui motorhome and did both Islands and stayed a month. You can get a discount card for the Top 10 sites which saves about 10% I think. You could also get a loyalty card from the Woolworth's supermarkets. The girl a checkout noticed that we were in a motorhome and offered us the card. We followed our own itinerary and had some pretty bad weather over by Fox Glacier so returned to Kiakoura to watch whales. Whilst there someone told us to visit Banks Peninsular and It was amazing. It is a totally French town with the inhabitants speaking Fre
  8. We always used a Scarbor collar for our Flatcoat and as has been said they last 6 months. We also took our own Drontal Plus tablets for worming treatment, bought on line, and most vets will administer this. It works out considerably cheaper than buying from them. It is also cheaper if you have them treated away from the ports and large towns. When you only had 24 hrs there was no other option but now it is up to 5 days before returning it is easier to get them done in a small village. Always keep a look out for ticks they can be nasty. They can easily be removed with
  9. Thanks for your replies. Like the look of Le Taillerfer but it is quite a way out of Annecy and the main road in is very busy so possibly look at Le Solitaire du Lac. Stayed at Colombiere two years ago it was May and the main large field site was not open so be were put in with the very old. very dirty Dutch seasonal vans not at all attractive and to make matters worst the gentleman in the van next door went to work every day and his wife just stared at us and would not speak. We left after two days. Although, I think, on the other field it would have been very different. Staff
  10. Has any one a recommendation for, preferably an ACS I, site on Lake Annecy for about 10 days in May. We have stayed at The Europa in St Jorioz twice but was very unhappy with it the last time we stayed there. Also a site near Zebrugge in early July for catching the ferry back. We do not need to be too close but perhaps close to the sea would be nice. Chris and Rob
  11. Thanks for the replies. The engineer did say that they we in good order and if it was his van he would not change them, but that he had to mention the five year rule. We inspect them regularly but did not notice the date until it was pointed out.
  12. Just had our 2013 Coachman VIP serviced and have been advised by the engineer that our tyres need changing. He said that tyres should be changed every five years, now as our coachman is only 4 years old we were quite surprised. The date on the tyres was week 47, 2010 (almost three years older than the van) Is this usual?
  13. Good advice regarding not buying a van from a dealer who is a long way away. If you find what you want and at a good price at the show your local dealer will probably match it. We found this out the hard way.
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