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  1. Hi all My good lady and myself went window shopping yesterday for our new caravan, and she/we fell in love with the Bailey Bologna twin axle. Now i`m not what i would call an old hand at towing having only towed our first and still existing Abi Jubilee (1990). So i was wondering if i could pick the brains of you knowledgeable folk and ask what problems i am likely to come up against towing a twin axle? Thanks Adam
  2. Hi. ... As the name suggests i am fairly new to caravanning but am getting on ! lol I am looking at trying a motor mover for my van, i dont want to spend much as i intend to change van soonish. I have been looking at the Eurotech type of mover that replaces the jockey wheel and is guided by a handle, can anyone tell me if they really can move the van ok, they dont seem very big. I have a drive with a slight incline up from road (gutter) to my drive . I have tried the Hitchlock hand mover but it couldnt move up the incline. Please help my poor old back ! Adam
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