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  1. Hi all My good lady and myself went window shopping yesterday for our new caravan, and she/we fell in love with the Bailey Bologna twin axle. Now i`m not what i would call an old hand at towing having only towed our first and still existing Abi Jubilee (1990). So i was wondering if i could pick the brains of you knowledgeable folk and ask what problems i am likely to come up against towing a twin axle? Thanks Adam
  2. Hi. ... As the name suggests i am fairly new to caravanning but am getting on ! lol I am looking at trying a motor mover for my van, i dont want to spend much as i intend to change van soonish. I have been looking at the Eurotech type of mover that replaces the jockey wheel and is guided by a handle, can anyone tell me if they really can move the van ok, they dont seem very big. I have a drive with a slight incline up from road (gutter) to my drive . I have tried the Hitchlock hand mover but it couldnt move up the incline. Please help my poor old back ! Adam
  3. In my old car the flasher unit was situated under the steering wheel . .. but i notice on my present omega it is under the bonnet. ... should tell you in your car manual. Adam
  4. Hi Jason Apart from the obvious that u seem to have checked i can only suggest the flasher unit . .... i had problem once before that indicators seemed to flash madly, tried everything then someone suggested the flasher unit, and that sorted it. Good luck Adam
  5. Hi all . .. Now here is what is probable silly question but here goes anyway Just back from The Caravan Show ( its our first one) , we have decided on the new van we would like to buy now that after a year with our lovely little Abi to see if we liked it. The van we like is Bailey Verona. .. well actually is our second choice cos we really loved the Bologna but it would not fit on the drive so, the Verona it will be. My question is. ... how do i go about buying it ? Do i trundle around dealers looking at it again and then ask for their best cash price ? Or do i phone / email dealers wit
  6. Thanks to all . .. once again a fountain of knowledge ! I will now decide what to do. .... after checking with herself ! haha Adam
  7. Hello oh knowledgeable ones ! This is my first winter with our little Abi and, after our final trip out this year to a very cold Littlehampton i was told that i should take the battery out for the rest of the winter and put on charge in the garage. My question is do i leave it on charge all winter ? By the way i do have a leisure charger. Another little question if i may . . Before we went to Littlehampton i bought a mains adaptor for the Aquaroll . . unfortunately when we got to connect up the tap was on wrong side of van so the hose supplied with kit was too short ! Alot seemed
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