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  1. Hi we've been to Ross Park a couple of times over Christmas & New Year, great time had but adult only at that time of year. Keep Safe
  2. My tow car had a bottle of gunk for punctures didn't trust that for towing, so bought a spacesaver spare reason being only for solo driving as I have found the caravan spare is the same size as car also offset and PCD is the same so if needed I would use that on car in emergency when towing.
  3. Hi from what I know it's not an uncommon problem, I had the same with ours mid winter. Trumas response was EHU supply must have caused it but the other vans on same supply had no troubles. What our was there is a fuse hidden internally under a cover of boiler, Truma said specialist fitter only can change it luckily ours was still under warranty but a long way from supplying dealer, found a local Truma approved caravan workshop who fixed it and bill supplying dealer, hope this helps, Happy New Year macaw
  4. Hi All Just a heads up re Puy du Fou We were hoping to go to the big evening show (Cinescenie) next year in June 2018, tried to book on the 8th November 2017 and found all of June fully booked, if you want to go to it get it booked or you'll be too late. We'll have to make sure we book earlier next year. I expect we'll go to the Grand Parc again because there is always something new. Regards macaw
  5. We thought the Bailey Orion 430-4 would be the perfect van for us, until we lived with it. Main entry door opens over lounge window so makes the window unusable just in case someone opens door. Shelf in wash-room above sink too low, easy to bump head on it when washing etc. 100mm approx gap at head of mattress, cured with length of foam. Oven/Grill door to low and too close to double bed. Wardrobe door opens wrong way (our opinion). Not enough mains sockets. Whale heating fan a little noisy. Apart from that we loved it Bailey have cured most of those niggles in the Pursu
  6. Hi I fitted one in rear window of ours, I used that extra strong velcro like stuff known as "dual lock" to mount camera, easy to remove camera and non marking if you change van like we did. For power used a small 12v 5AH sealed battery, placed just inside van door with fuse and on/off switch fitted, the wireless sender I mounted with dual lock where the TV goes just inside door, I just ran the wires loose along floor to bathroom as nobody would be in van when travelling, battery lasted all the way down to Vendee in France and back without having to charge it. The receiver I mounted on the
  7. Hi had blue ones fitted on Orion and made a difference with handling & ride, Now changed to Pursuit which I had green ones fitted, different colours for different weight vans, would not have a van without shocks now. Coming from a biking I know the benefits of shocks got blue ones for sale if anyone wants them Regards macaw
  8. Now let me clear things up. I have not used the spacesaver on van or car yet. There is a well in the boot for a spacesaver but it is not standard equipment you can buy it as an extra. (tight VAG group) Believe it or not load rating and speed rating for the spacesaver are 96M, which equates to 710kg and 81mph, not that I would like to try these figures out to maximum. My van is single axle 1100kgs so tyre would be in range. I think I'll be putting the full size spare back in van to save any hassle with insurance, the spacesaver will be in the car as it is supplied as an ex
  9. Hi all just putting this on here for opinions, Just changed my tow car and it doesn't come with a spare but a bottle of gunk stuff (not impressed), so did a bit of searching and PCD for car is same as our caravan, tried the spare from caravan and it fits a treat so I've been carrying it in the boot (just incase) but takes too much room in boot. Now I've sourced a spacesaver that will fit in boot, which is same diameter as caravan and car, the info I've looked at says it's okay to tow "carefully" with spacesaver, so no worries there. What I want to put out to you guys and girls wo
  10. Hi John That bracket your link goes to says nothing about being "quick release" have you got this bracket? because it sounds like just what I'm after. Regards macaw
  11. Good to hear of a company with a decent customer support I've just received from Whale the outer part for the pump socket F. O. C. no comment about not being serviceable by the customer, I took it apart and described the part it in e-mail asking the price was gob smacked when Sarah said she send it free. Well done Whale Regards macaw
  12. Hi all I've got the Garmin Camper not from Aldi but at a good price. Well laid out Sat-Nag easy to use. Can set size of unit and switch between car and unit. Most camp-sites seem to on it as well as motor-home aires in France. A couple of little niggles lane guidance only seems to work on motorways not dual carriageways I'm 45mls from nearest M-way, downloading updates is slow. As regards rear camera I've connected a wireless E-bay special with no problems, about £15, can get a little interference now and again but not a big problem, think blue-tooth affects it. Got one for the
  13. Hi all I've fitted the wireless Evil-Bay camera to my car works great, use my Garmin Sat-Nag for the monitor. I then got to thinking if I got another wireless transmitter and camera to fit inside rear bathroom window of caravan would it work. This I did and it worked intermittently so I moved the wireless transmitter to the front of caravan and that sorted the problem out, the other hitch I had was the infra red LEDs would reflect on the window at night and render the camera useless to sort this I dismantled the camera and disconnected LEDs from circuit board, the main reason for me fi
  14. Have a look on page 26 of your Avtex manual or go to their website and download it. Looks like they still have ability to transmit sound. Regards macaw
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