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  1. That’s is correct I sell these things for a living and can confirm that the Cadiz is the best selling for us but the Valencia is just about on par. i still prefer the Valencia to any other Caravan layout available CHEERS DAZKIM
  2. ATC is a belts and braces feature and you can’t have enough of them so yes I would always recommend having it if you have a choice. CHEERS DAZKIM
  3. No information will be circulated yet of any new or old layouts being built.😀 CHEERS DAZKIM
  4. The Valencia layout is in my eyes the best layout on a single axle . I deal with all different layouts and by far prefer the French bed . It just gives you so much more room. CHEERS DAZKIM
  5. We have ordered the 2018 Cadiz today and can tell you that the unicorn 4 models are selling well. CHEERS DAZKIM
  6. Update Alan We have the Valencia / Cadiz / Vigo / Seville to view. CHEERS DAZKIM
  7. We are having our usual pre nec event on sept 22nd but hopefully will have some models in before that. I will keep you up to speed when they arrive. I must say seeing them in the flesh they are very nice. CHEERS DAZKIM
  8. [quote name="Alan Stanley" post="1479167" timestamp="1500720326 Know what you mean about 'spelt chicken' Info about the worktop came from the video available to club members only, filmed by a member so it maybe 'mis-speak'. It is a stone effect laminate by the look of it. Many videos now on the Club Site from members invited to view. Have to say I love the thing from what I have seen, Evolution rather than Revolution, but as always that's subject to a viewing in the flesh. Don't think the Pension will stretch to new (to me) car and van in the same year. And I have always followed the Mr Micawber methods. Like all rough tough men I'll make all the important decisions like, 'Shall we go the the Moon again' and 'What is the meaning of life' and SWMBO is allowed the small things like ' Shall we have a new caravan' Keeps her happy. Alan I'm sure I can talk your good lady in to taking delivery of one of the first unicorns of the production line. Let me have a chat with her. lol CHEERS DAZKIM
  9. They are very very nice caravans with some realy nice touches. .. CHEERS DAZKIM
  10. You got a good deal there well done. CHEERS DAZKIM
  11. Sassy give me a shout when you come down to the nec on Friday the company I work for do elddis and bailey caravans. CHEERS DAZKIM
  12. Congratulations enjoy your new toy lol. CHEERS DAZKIM
  13. Alan you should be in bed by now after your busy day on the stand today lol. CHEERS DAZKIM
  14. I work for a dealer who sell elddis and I can confirm that our dealer special DOES have GRP sides. CHEERS DAZKIM
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