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  1. Try MB Caravans at Dunstable.
  2. "No", I am not a warden and never have been. I am merely a caravanner with a rational view base on over 30 years experience on Club and commercial sites in the UK and Europe.
  3. David in Cheshire says "happy campers" are less likely to post critical reviews and many of the criticisms are ill founded, but still insists on stating that "it paints a picture of a regime that would not be appropriate on a privately owned site". I would suggest his twice yearly short stays on Club sites hardly qualifies him to make such a comment. If he were to read the individual site reviews and take note that in peak season, across 160 odd sites, there are probably over 15,000 pitches occupied the more considered view, given the scale of the network, would surely be that Site Wardens do a very good job. The number of critical comments are minimal and too many are based on an individual experience years ago which would not happen today. I think that the more interesting topic would be one started by Wardens describing the unreasonable behaviour of some Club members. Now that would be interesting!
  4. I I too am a satisfied Knaus Star Class owner and find the Dometic toilet, after years of Thetford use, a poor alternative. Having spoken to a Dometic engineer at the NEC about leakage into the casette locker I took up his suggestion of using plumber's grease round the rubber seal and have found this a very cost effective solution.
  5. I agree with those people who have said that the Coachman Pastiche is the worse name. It put us off buying one. I think that the word they were looking for was Panache which would have made far more sense. Perhaps dictionaries are in short supply in Hull... Car brands like Audi, Merc, BMW and Volvo all use letters and numbers as it gives no problems of misinterpretation in their export markets and the bigger the number the bigger the car.
  6. We are big fans of German caravans. After four UK caravans which leaked, had cupboard doors that fell off, poor upholstery etc , we bought a Knaus which we had for a trouble-free six years, then a Fendt which we owned for 10 years. We now have a Knaus again. The cabinet work in the Knaus is excellent, the body work is solid, it has a good mtplm and a 200kg loading margin and doesn't look like every other caravan you see on a UK site. The Fendt amazed our local Bailey/Swift dealer who carried out the annual service, as it still had no damp in it at its last service. Fendt always win a German caravan magazine Kunig Kunde (customer is king) award. They are good but with quality can come weight. My take on UK v German caravans is that if you want loads of "extras" but potentially poor quality and reliabilty buy British, but if you want to keep a caravan that lasts and is built well buy German. The choice is up to you.
  7. It is surely not surprising that a review is removed when it was based on a visit several years ago, since when changes subsequently made may mean the comments are no longer relevant. Reviews criticising individual wardens (who do not have a right to reply) or where there are two sides to the story may also merit removal. Reviews commenting on the behaviour of others staying on site are only relevant at the time of that stay. In researching sites for possible stays in 2019, I have found that most reviews are positive, which probably reflects most members's experiences on site, but there are occasional poor ones which I am surprised the Club makes little effort to counter. Those who criticise Club sites will always try to find a reason to justify their views, even though many cheerfully admit to no longer being Club site users. ...
  8. Knaus-Tabbert are the parent group. At the October NEC Caravan Show Knaus had Tabbert PEPs on display. I would suggest that you contact Knaus in the UK if you are concerned. The build quality of both brands is light years ahead of that of the UK manufacturers. Their web address is www. knaus-uk. co. uk
  9. I am amazed that the Club does not respond more quickly (or ever) to some of the posts on Club Together. So many are misinformed - usually by people who don't, or haven't the ability, to read the annual accounts, don't understand how the Club works or proudly claim to throw the magazine in the bin as soon as it arrives. The Club should have been far more pro-active in using it to promote what they do and why, instead of ignoring and failing to respond to many of the posts which are just plain insulting, display little business sense or demonstrate an inbuilt prejudice against the Club. On the occasions when sensible suggestions are made these should be acknowledged as there are a lot of experienced caravanners whose views should be valued. Too often there seems to be a group of posters who will always find a reason to moan about something the Club does, whatever the topic and another group who rise to the bait so little seems to be achieved. I feel sorry that so many posters have nothing better to do.
  10. I guess if you have opted out of receiving e-mails from the Caravan Club in the past you will not have received an e-mail this time.
  11. In reply to Simple Life I would make the following comments: -Read p62 of the February CC magazine for the Club's reply to a booking query. i can 't see any reference to "cancellations do not not cause us any problems". I, like many others, am pleased that the Club offers flexibility should I need it. People complain that the CC is a "commercial organization" but when it acts like a club some members complain. - As the Club has said many times before when it took deposits people still didn't show up but, because they had already made part payment, didn't bother to let the Club know which meant there were more unsold pitches. - The club has some very popular sites but changing the booking system won't increase the size of a site. There will always be members who won't get on a popular site at a Bank Holiday weekend regardless of booking system. - I continue to be amused that the stories about "block bookers" are still circulating. People claim to have heard about people who do it, but don't seem to know anybody who does. After the December booking day, figures have been produced in the magazine showing that this is a myth but it won't go away. There are people who make multiple bookings but usually because they are on a tour or are just keen caravanners. The idea that somebody books the same site for 20 weekends is I believe "cobblers" So,for me, the Club has its faults but members can attend Question Times, the AGM, Regional Meetings, read the magazine and talk to Club staff at Shows if they have a problem but they don't. ...
  12. The profits of commercial sites are distributed to the owners directly by way of personal income or dividends to shareholders Durbanite does not seem to understand that the Caravan Club is different as it is an organization owned by its members. As such any surplus (ie profit) is reinvested in its sites for the benefit of those members.
  13. A couple of things strike me with this idea: - If you wanted to straddle a couple of months for a fortnight's holiday which is likely if you have children at school and, say, want a week at the end of July and a week at the beginning of August - would you book the first week when it became available and then wait a month hoping to get the second week? Doesn't sound sensible to me. Similar problems would apply to those who do 4-6 week tours. - You have a booking panic every month. At the end of the day no one system suits everybody and, whatever you do, not everybody will be able to get on the popular sites. 350,000 members of the CC and 102 pitches at Rowntree Park - do the maths!
  14. Just booked three sites with no problems at all.
  15. The late 70's is around 40 years ago and times have changed. I have a background in the motor industry and the days of holding back product for testing is long gone and journalists are certainly demanding rather than deferential. A magazine journalist would now take great delight in publicising the fact that the manufacturer wouldn't lend them a car, Advertising agencies buy space in magazines they believe their prospective buyers would read with the objective of selling more cars - an odd poor road test wouldn't influence this decision. Additionally the advent of social media which has encouraged owners to report on their own experiences and JD Power, Which?, etc have also made it much more transparent if a car is a "dog" The UK caravan industry remains a "cottage industry" of pretty small companies. The layouts are all similar, they buy in components from the same companies - Dometic, Al-Ko, Truma Whale etc so I would argue that when a magazine tests a caravan there isn't that much to report which would differentiate one caravan from another. It just comes down to personal taste in respect of some equipment, styling, upholstery and wood work. It is only after a few years' use when the leaks appear or the floor delaminates that differences appear. No test of a new vehicle or caravan would be able to spot such future deterioration - clairvoyance isn't usually an attribute of a good journalist. I will now await the comments that I am an apologist for the CC/C and CC but I do think that there are rather a lot of conspiracy theorists on Caravan Talk - I don't think that they are right that the the Clubs withhold their views. After all, with their membership numbers and consequent circulation figures for their magazines, they are in a much stronger position than the paid for magazines whose circulations are minute in comparison, I certainly wouldn't want to read a magazine full of reports from members on faulty caravans - hardly an uplifting read and how would an editor decide which stories to publish. The initial results of the CC survey indicates that less than 5% of members rated their caravan or motorhome poor, very poor or extremely poor - I have great sympathy with these people and I still think that some owners have been let down by inadequate caravan company final inspections, dealer PDIs and parts supply but surely that's a job for a survey not a magazine test.
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