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  1. Sorry but you are wrong. The last time I looked there were 161 Club sites and 42 Affiliated sites.
  2. The C and cc accounting period ends in February (see their January magazine) - the CMC's end in December, so sorry but you were looking at the "wrong" Club's accounts. Both Clubs need their members to remain as members as they have significant fixed costs and no revenue from sites. Those members obsessing about a quarter's fees will be the first to complain when site investment and acquisition come to a halt.
  3. Can I assume that you were looking at the C and cc accounts which do show that they have little cash? Take a longer than 60 sec look at the CMC's ....
  4. When you check into a Club site you show your membership card and the Ts and Cs make it clear can only be gifted to another member. Vouchers are better value than £13.50 for an additional quarter's membership too?
  5. Obviously you have never looked at the CMC accounts - they are very well funded which enables them to invest more in site developmwent and acquisition than the other Club (of which I am also a member). Just a sensible way of managing cash flow whilst there is no income from sites and rewarding members for their loyalty.
  6. I understand your point but I think that the problem of opening new sites is not helped by the Planners (and particularly those in the National Parks) who see caravans as a "blot on the landscape" and the incoming "nimbies" who don't want their village "spoilt". This is why expanding existing sites makes sense - the locals recognise the benefits and planning permissionn is easier. By my calculations the CMC have added over 70 pitches at Southport and Bridlington and over 20 at Burrs by taking this approach. Not new sites but more pitches which we all want.
  7. Not sure where people are getting the idea that the Caravan and Motorhome Club are not investing in the North. In very recent years Meathop Fell, Troutbeck, Hawes, Wharfedale , Beechwood Grange and Knaresborough have had substantial investment in toilet blocks, hardstandings etc and in the case of Knaresborough a new restaurant too, Southport and Bridlington have added extra pitches on adjacent land and having acquired Cayton that seems to be having a major investment over Winter. The C and cc never seem to spend much on new sites or refurbishments.
  8. Having read the various posts on site charging, it might be worth re-considering the economics of running a site. The fixed costs- busines rates,, depreciation, rent (if leasehold), insurance, wages, ground mantenance etc have to be covered whether the site is occupied or not. Having an awning or a dog makes no difference to these charges. This also explains why many touring sites are switching to statics as the income to cover these cost is guaranteed ar the beginning of a season, regardless of weather.. The variable costs - effectively utilities, do increase with occupancy, hence I guess the rationale of a charge per person. Having an awning or a dog makes little difference to these costs The main justification for charging for awnings would seem to be to encourage a visitor without an awning to use a non-awning rather than a (larger) awning pitch (and perhaps to cover the cost of grass seed on a grass awning pitch at the end of a season). In the case of dogs, whilst there is a marginal cost in providing bins and emptying them, the main motivation for charging is probably to make non-dog owners feel better. I am sure that location and the weather are bigger drivers of demand, than saving a couple of quid a night, for most of us. In many areas we have a choice of where we go and so it is always in the site operator's interest to be competitive but also profitable. On a Club site we, as the owners of the business. do at least know that the surplus is re-invested for our benefit rather than have some of that surplus distributed to shareholders as is the case with a commercial operator
  9. S But a lot aren't so use the offers wisely and I would still suggest that money can be saved. Your loss, not mine.
  10. One benefit of CMC membership that seems to have been ignored is the savings that the Club has negotiated for members. Clothing at Cotswold and Mountain Warehouse, a range of cars , Esso fuel, Road Chef etc and savings at 900 attractions. If the Club distributed theor Great Savings Guide more freely, rather than on request or relying on people accessing the web-site it would be clearer to members that it doesn't take long to save £50. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/membership/member-offers/ It is also worth remembering the the CMC have 50%r more sites and CLs/CSs than the other Club and they have had more investment in facilities over recent years. You pay your money and take your choice but rather than just look at a headline price consider the value for money
  11. Sorry Wellys and Mac but if you had done more research you would have found that the Club is reducing the number of pitches at Cayton as well as upgrading all the facilities. See below https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/new-look-bring-scarborough-caravan-16774220
  12. Try MB Caravans at Dunstable.
  13. "No", I am not a warden and never have been. I am merely a caravanner with a rational view base on over 30 years experience on Club and commercial sites in the UK and Europe.
  14. David in Cheshire says "happy campers" are less likely to post critical reviews and many of the criticisms are ill founded, but still insists on stating that "it paints a picture of a regime that would not be appropriate on a privately owned site". I would suggest his twice yearly short stays on Club sites hardly qualifies him to make such a comment. If he were to read the individual site reviews and take note that in peak season, across 160 odd sites, there are probably over 15,000 pitches occupied the more considered view, given the scale of the network, would surely be that Site Wardens do a very good job. The number of critical comments are minimal and too many are based on an individual experience years ago which would not happen today. I think that the more interesting topic would be one started by Wardens describing the unreasonable behaviour of some Club members. Now that would be interesting!
  15. I I too am a satisfied Knaus Star Class owner and find the Dometic toilet, after years of Thetford use, a poor alternative. Having spoken to a Dometic engineer at the NEC about leakage into the casette locker I took up his suggestion of using plumber's grease round the rubber seal and have found this a very cost effective solution.
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