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  1. The service guy said they were starting to perish. Plus I did do a search before starting this post on here and a few people had had issues with the Michelin’s cracking within the second and third years. I always anyway coat the tyre sidewalls in Armorall and also use wheel covers when the caravan is parked on the drive.
  2. Well my U3 Cartagena is 5 years old. Been advised by the caravan service guy that all 5 tyres need replacing(which I was aware of anyway). Checked what size the current Michelin energy tyres were...185/65/R14T with a 86 load rating....so nothing special, they’re car tyres. Found a good deal online for 5 x Falken eco run tyres of the same size and rating from Tyresonthedrive.com for £220. So mobile fitter is booked to come out and replace them in the next few Days. I’m assuming it’s just single axle caravans that have the more trailer specific tyres fitted??
  3. It turns out there’s a slot on the back of the antenna for a jubilee clip to go through so that’s what I’ve now utilised
  4. Great stuff! Thank you i did email Motorhome WiFi but was still awaiting a response
  5. Has anyone with a iboost been able to mount it to a aerial mast? As there doesn’t seem a dedicated mount in the iboost kit to do this. So need to come up with a novel mounting solution. Cheers
  6. Well for all those who have the same internal sensors fitted to their Bailey, I have just received a quick response via email from Tyrepal. The internal sensors are sealed so need replacing. They are £30 each plus £4.95 postage from Tyrepal. You can get them slightly cheaper through the Caravan Club and using their discount(10% off). looks like new sensors it is
  7. Thanks I had looked there but they only mention for the external ones and not the internal type
  8. Well my U3 is approaching 5 years old and looking to fit 4 new tyres to my Cartagena in the next couple of months. However I’m not sure what to do about the internal sensors. Can the batteries be replaced on them or do I need new sensors(£30 a corner!)? As all I can read about the sensors is that the batteries in them last the life of the tyres, which I assume is 5 years?
  9. Well would you be so kind as to post the link as I’ve used the search function
  10. Hi matelodave yes mines a bailey alutec so I don’t think I have any security issues there. I am however swaying to find a suitable Neat and secure suction mount method. I’ve seen some suction lifters that are very strong and shouldn’t hurt the caravan sidewall at its made of GRP. Just looking for other possibilities as I really don’t want anything permanent fixing on the caravan wall
  11. If I can just update and clarify. I may actually use a tv mast but I also need a suitable temporary mounting method to the side of the caravan. Some sort of suction mount would be ideal. I know some may suggest a bracket for the jockey wheel but this is a option I have ruled out
  12. Have you got a photo of your set up? As I’m looking for something to fit my antenna to aswell as my iboost
  13. Hi SP1


    would you be so good as to give me some info on your mast  you use for your iboost? In particular what suction cups you are using.





  14. As the title says, is there such a product out there where you can slide the brackets into the awning channel and the clamp a tv mast to them. I know there are clamps for the jockey wheel to do this but I’m not after on of those. Cheers
  15. I’ve got this one that I will use externally Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00C1DGFPS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_rRS9DbTDZFJ6M it was recommended to work with my 3 mobile router
  16. I’m looking for a suitable aluminium pole that’s ideally telescopic and inexpensive so I can mount my iboost and 4g antennas to them. I intend to use suction clamps on the side of the caravan to hold the pole in position. I’ve looked at the tv masts but they seem a tad expensive for my needs so looking for a cheaper alternative. Anyone have any ideas what can be used?
  17. Can anybody tell me how you remove the speaker grills. I need to remove a speaker to get at some wiring behind. I don’t really want to go at it blindly and damage the grill or surrounding panel. Thanks
  18. We have a U3 Cartagena and we changed the foam mattress to a sprung one. It was obtained from Belfields. We changed because me and the wife were suffering with back pain after a nights sleep on the foam matteress
  19. I’ve bought some A4 size white plastic sheet off eBay. I’ve stripped the old backing off and will cut the white letters out to go on the back of the chrome letters. Will be stuck down with double sided automotive tape. The old yellowing plastic had gone brittle
  20. Thanks for that Terry i will try and see if they will tease out next week when I’m not working. Im gonna try and replace them with the USB ones seeing as one has gone kaput
  21. It is but you can’t get to the spade connectors. Plus the hole appears too small to pull the spade connectors through. I didn’t want to pull on the wires to the light too hard in case I disconnected it inside. Hence asking if the brown trim can be removed to gain access
  22. I need to change one of the reading lights that is fitted onto the brown plastic trim above the seating area. I could I suppose cut the original wiring and reterminate but I’d much rather plug direct into the original wiring connectors inside the brown trim. Does anyone know how to gain access to this wiring?
  23. Has anyone got one of these and can recommend them? I’m seriously considering selling my Fiamma caravanstore and Kampa air awning and getting the Revo. It seems to cover a multitude of purposes
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