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  1. Can anybody tell me how you remove the speaker grills. I need to remove a speaker to get at some wiring behind. I don’t really want to go at it blindly and damage the grill or surrounding panel. Thanks
  2. We have a U3 Cartagena and we changed the foam mattress to a sprung one. It was obtained from Belfields. We changed because me and the wife were suffering with back pain after a nights sleep on the foam matteress
  3. I’ve bought some A4 size white plastic sheet off eBay. I’ve stripped the old backing off and will cut the white letters out to go on the back of the chrome letters. Will be stuck down with double sided automotive tape. The old yellowing plastic had gone brittle
  4. Thanks for that Terry i will try and see if they will tease out next week when I’m not working. Im gonna try and replace them with the USB ones seeing as one has gone kaput
  5. It is but you can’t get to the spade connectors. Plus the hole appears too small to pull the spade connectors through. I didn’t want to pull on the wires to the light too hard in case I disconnected it inside. Hence asking if the brown trim can be removed to gain access
  6. I need to change one of the reading lights that is fitted onto the brown plastic trim above the seating area. I could I suppose cut the original wiring and reterminate but I’d much rather plug direct into the original wiring connectors inside the brown trim. Does anyone know how to gain access to this wiring?
  7. Has anyone got one of these and can recommend them? I’m seriously considering selling my Fiamma caravanstore and Kampa air awning and getting the Revo. It seems to cover a multitude of purposes
  8. I’ve just bought a Tristar Hybrid compressor coolbox from Obelink. I saved £90 including postage compared to UK prices! I ordered Monday and it’s now Thursday sat in my garage on test. Fantastic company. I will definitely look for any future accessories from Obelink
  9. We have a Ace Air 400 for our U3 Cartagena. We’ve had it since 2015 and is a great awning and still going strong. Although we have just this week had to replace one of the air bladders after one of the valve tubes split in about 3 or 4 places. But awning back to it’s good old self again
  10. Well here’s my bit. Kampa said if I sent them photos of the fault and the original receipt they would honour it as a warranty claim. Unfortunately for me I need it whilst away so the large air bladder that goes from ground to the wall is £47.50 plus postage(£20 for next day weekend before 2pm). Amazing how they will treat it as a warranty claim though on a 4 1/2 year old air awning but it’s good to know
  11. Thanks. Wow I didn’t know they dealt direct.
  12. Nice to hear yours sounds like a rare one that’s working alright
  13. I’m in Somerset. Ambient is about 23 degrees upto 30 degrees in the awning. According to the internal fridge and freezer sensors I have fitted its -10 in the freezer and 6 degrees in the fridge. That’s running on gas as I believe the 230 element is shot as it’s not cooling whatsoever on electric. Using one of these to record internal fridge freezer temperatures Digital Refrigerater Therometer, Wireless Digital Audible Alarm Fridge Freezer Thermometer with 2PCS Sensor Min/Max Display. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HJ2RDBW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_d1gtDbJ3FQTVS
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