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  1. The device was supplied by three. A huawei b535 router, which is also connected to a Poynting external antenna. Infact me, my wife and both my daughters we with three for 13 years but only the last few years we have noticed the service has gone really poor wherever we go. So enough was enough and switched to EE and haven’t looked back Wow good find 👍🏻. Looks great value for 50gb and should last a couple of weeks
  2. I currently have Three mobile broadband contract that has been absolutely dire wherever I have been with the caravan. As Smarty uses the Three network I have ruled them out . Although I have just been in a online chat with Lebara and Voxi that are doing similar deals to Smarty and also work a similar way 👍🏻
  3. I agree with you. Me, my wife and 2 daughters moved from 3 to EE and find it a far superior network. It would be my preference to have the router and n EE. Was that a existing customer price you paid?
  4. I took up a offer from Three nearly 2 years ago on a unlimited data mobile broadband package. I’ve had this set up on sites we’ve been to hooked up to a poynting external antenna. It has been a total waste of money. The 4g has been extremely poor, even when tried at home. So Off the bat I’m ruling out Three or Smarty to use for mobile in my caravan. I would like a sim where it’s the most cost effective for my needs. We mostly use our caravan for one to two weeks at a time from March till October and use the internet for streaming services on our TVs, aswell as the usual browsing, emails etc. I’ve been looking at 30 day contracts and PAYG but just wondering what you good people use or recommend.
  5. Quite a few of the dealers are getting them in. They will get a certain model then have it swapped for another one after a couple of weeks or so
  6. Ordered the Pamplona. Going to look at a preproduction model at the weekend
  7. Not sure what the model is. But it must be the more later version that was fitted on our U3 Cartagena. I’ve fitted the Dometic fan but also pc fans behind the upper vent to help exhaust the hot air. It still struggles . I’m just hoping the newer model with the opening either direction doors performs better
  8. I remember when the the Unicorn 3 was launched and all the negative comments, such as they were put together by monkeys(that one stuck in my mind). Yet we ordered our Cartagena without even seeing one in the flesh. Yet 6 years down the line we still have our U3 Cartagena. Yes we have had a few niggles but nothing major and we have loved the caravan. But we feel it’s time for a upgrade. We have seen the pics and vids of the series 5 Pamplona and it looks a lovely caravan to us. So it maybe deja vous for us and pay the deposit on a Pamplona again without even physically seeing one
  9. We are contemplating changing our U3 Cartagena for the new U5 Pamplona. The one bugbear with our current van is the fridge really struggles in the warmer temperatures. I was wondering how the new style Dometic fridge freezers fair compared to the older ones
  10. The service guy said they were starting to perish. Plus I did do a search before starting this post on here and a few people had had issues with the Michelin’s cracking within the second and third years. I always anyway coat the tyre sidewalls in Armorall and also use wheel covers when the caravan is parked on the drive.
  11. Well my U3 Cartagena is 5 years old. Been advised by the caravan service guy that all 5 tyres need replacing(which I was aware of anyway). Checked what size the current Michelin energy tyres were...185/65/R14T with a 86 load rating....so nothing special, they’re car tyres. Found a good deal online for 5 x Falken eco run tyres of the same size and rating from Tyresonthedrive.com for £220. So mobile fitter is booked to come out and replace them in the next few Days. I’m assuming it’s just single axle caravans that have the more trailer specific tyres fitted??
  12. It turns out there’s a slot on the back of the antenna for a jubilee clip to go through so that’s what I’ve now utilised
  13. Great stuff! Thank you i did email Motorhome WiFi but was still awaiting a response
  14. Has anyone with a iboost been able to mount it to a aerial mast? As there doesn’t seem a dedicated mount in the iboost kit to do this. So need to come up with a novel mounting solution. Cheers
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