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  1. We did a 2 night stop-over at Lyon and had a superb time exploring the city.
  2. Darwin. I suppose it depends on what you like to do when away. Shops is never a pleasure at the best of times, just an irritating necessity for me. Countryside and a place that has a good cuppa and some home-made cake is more our thing. Pubs - can take 'em or leave 'em.
  3. We are on a seasonal pitch in Bala. Opening 13th. No facilities, and bring all our own food because the locals will get nervous if they see a load of tourists in the local shops. Opening for tourers on 29th but only for those who have their own facilities - no tents/trailer tents etc.
  4. We are on a seasonal pitch, not a static; it looks like we will have no closed season during the winter, but nothing settled or in writing yet.
  5. It was discussed on the BBC news yesterday quite openly.
  6. Not needing to use site facilities - toilets, showers, washing up? That would be my take on it.
  7. Its worth pointing out that "Caravan Parks" generally means statics in Wales.
  8. I think the rules are enshrined in law in all part of the UK. Hence the thousands of fines for breaches of lockdowns.
  9. There have been over 60,000 more deaths this year compared to normal. The 42,000 the government quotes is only those who have tested positive ....... and we all know how well testing has been going. I might catch the virus and survive. But I might pass it on to someone who dies from it. Its not all about me and what I want to do.
  10. Thats a bit ambiguous. Caravan Parks in Wales can mean both 100% static sites and also caravan and camping sites. Which one does the last sentence mean?
  11. Sept 26th doesn't appear in the page you linked to - I did a search.
  12. I think the situation in Wales and Scotland is not the same as England. They have far fewer hospitals etc and they are more widely dispersed. That makes more pressure. There are fewer supermarkets and people have to travel in from far and wide - so you get more people (especially in Summer) and if there is an infected person the chances are the infection will spread further out as customers carry it away with them. Theres a very good reason that many countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia just off the top of my head) now have federal systems. They are able to adapt to local conditions.
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