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  1. I got one - just in case because I was renting a car- earlier this year. Clerk made a mistake towards the end and had to start all over again. Massive queue behind me. Got back from the trip, reached 70, so new licence which make the IDL invalid!!!
  2. When we went to Versailles we were a bit underwhelmed. Its more like a museum than the sort of stately home we get in the UK with the continuous history. None of the furniture etc seemed to belong there, they were mostly shipped in to fill the rooms.
  3. We stayed at a site at Rambouillet, a Huttopia site. Its wooded and very "eco." Very handy for Versailles. Rambouillet has its own chateau too. https://europe.huttopia.com/site/camping-rambouillet/
  4. We don't use the built in radio in our van. I hate the way the speakers fire down instead of out into the van. So I bought a DAB portable radio for £60. Much better quality sound and it sits on a shelf and doesnt fire the sound on to the top of my head!
  5. This is simple and brilliant. Have one on our seasonal pitch.
  6. I am waithing for a reply to this question too.
  7. Aren't Camping a al ferme more basic? A word about language. A proper commercial site is more likely to have staff who speak English than a small off-grid site.
  8. Our basic requirement is for a side dinette that converts into bunks for the one week a year that our grandsons come to the caravan. Ever dwindling choice in new vans where most dinettes seem to covert into a single bed. No good at all!!!!
  9. Stayed at one with high hedges in France. It had rained a lot in the previous weeks and the sun wasn't able to dry the ground out because of the hedges. It was a quagmire. Got moved to a large field where we were the only van - plenty of privacy!
  10. I will pop into the brach beto check that the DD is still active before the next trip.
  11. Our Liberte tag gets debited straight from our bank account not from a card for the months we use it. We haven't used it this year at all. Are we likely to hit the same problem in future?
  12. It cut the time it took us by almost half!!!
  13. Yes the quality of the speakers is poor, but the placement straight above your head and firing down is ridiculous. They should be lower down and firing out along the caravan.
  14. I'm on a seasonal site where awnings are up from March to October. This year has seen the first air awnings. I had my doubts, but they seem to be surviving. I have no idea how often the owners visit and top them up. We are in a windy site at Bala in Snowdonia. People learn very quickly how important it is to put them up securely - have only ever seen one collapse. They had let the roof get slck so pools of water formed and pulled the whole thing down, it was rain, not wind that did it.
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