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  1. Hi BFM. I am out and about on the gap year I never had in my younger years hence the intermittent appearance on CT. I only discovered the source of the problem as it took a time to realize that it was something to do with the Alde system. After three sites this is the first site I am experiencing the pixelation. It does not happen on all channels and it is a new occurrence.
  2. My Alde heating causing TV picture pixilation / interference when the heating switches on. The Alde 12v pump motor is situated about 4 feet from the TV aerial amplifier, although I only suspect this is causing the problem. Any ideas on how to eliminate the problem please?
  3. So what is causing this? Stress lines because of a sloppy window catch fitting being too tight and stressing the plastic window. The remedy is to redrill the screws so that the holding catch on the caravan is in line against the rubber. Sloppy fitting Swift !!!!!!!
  4. While touring, this is very useful to find the cheapest fuel location & prices in any given area :- CLICK HERE You have to complete various boxes of information, but it is totally free.
  5. Come the time I will see a Command enabled caravan on a site I will ask for a Command demo. I have to agree with you the data it presents would help me enormously. Just one adage related to the heating system. I feel that if Alde had designed and developed a blown air system rather than the wet system it would be - and I hate to use the word - awesome. The advantages far out weigh the disadvantages. The two main advantages are that blown air systems are cheaper to install and manufacture, and they are more economical on gas and electricity. What you really need then is the Command system to do it all remotely. I must say that I have yet to investigate the timer aspects of the Alde. Thanks for the info..
  6. Thanks Martin. However, I am going to see how effective my present system is before I 'take the plunge'. Now for a bit of a ramble. You know, part of me is remembering the days of blown air heating in a caravan. That system was quicker to heat the caravan it seemed to me. Although it had its drawbacks which were easily remedied, such as insulating external trunking, the main advantage was that it was more economical on gas consumption compared to the Alde system. I have read from Alde owners that a 6 Kg bottle was consumed within 3 days which is a horrendous gas consumption figure. That's not good for someone going 'off grid' like I propose to occasionally. I think EL has a point too re the Command. Is it REALLY needed? I know you are a Command fan and from your comments the Command has improved in recent times, but would you really miss it if you didn't have it? I used to own a Morris 1000 which was simple and cheap to repair and that was always reliable but nowadays, cars are fitted with every imaginable 'gismo' under the sun. The saying 'more to go wrong' springs to mind here. Have said that, I suppose I am stuck with what I have, and I will nevertheless, grin and bear it. Oh ! It's a hard life. True, but not enough gaps. My wardrobe is always significantly warmer than the ambient bathroom air which defeats the purpose of the radiator in the wardrobe, hence my question above of how to release that warm air into the bathroom. I will have to leave the door open as a temporary solution.
  7. Interesting. Thanks. Have you any pics of your radiator ? Did you buy and fit it?
  8. No, I do not have the Fireangel. And before you suggest I upgrade the caravan, Martin is already on my case.
  9. AND another thing. Ern touched on it namely the heat in the cupboard. You could grow cannabis in it since the heat output from the finned radiator is ideal for cannabis. Where can I buy a plant please? My question here is nearly all the heat stays in the cupboard which is about as much use to warming the bathroom as Hitler was to promoting world peace. What would you suggest to release some of the heat into the bathroom? Don't say open the door please.
  10. Thanks to all for your replies. To hp1004 - Pump was not running when bleeding however LE's reply got me thinking. My heating has always been rubbish so for LE to say what he did got me thinking. I got our weather station from the house and put it by the sink worktop. After a while it read 12C while the Alde panel read 8 C. After a quick deek at the temperature in settings, it was set to +4. Ah Ha!! After some experimentation minus 2.5 C got the internal temperature to match the weather station. Thanks EL. Reading Erns posting was an eye-opener. REALLY ! Heat is meant to come up by the wash basin? Not on mine it doesn't. Um! Doooh. That's probably because I have stuff on the shelf blocking the air flow - like loo rolls, boxes of tissues and the like. So how to fix that and still store bits N pieces? I removed the shelf and did this :- The shield (Below) makes sure that I don't block the airflow. Things have undoubtably improved. One other thing I discovered was a hidden bleed valve. Hand up how many of you did not know it was there. So to all for your suggestions that led me down the path to a warmer bathroom. Oh, and before anyone mentions it, the carpet has been moved away from the 'intake' vent. Pete
  11. Hi Alan. to CT. Have a read of CLICK HERE Since you don't have to use water no-one will object. Have fun
  12. Err. No - in my opinion and their muffin egg whatits is like chewing a fence post and less tasty. Dreadful.
  13. Nice one. Had a good chuckle at that We are shopping isolating for the next week at least and online ordering if necessary. A wise choice I reckon hearing about the mayhem.
  14. Bled and no change in heat output. Temperature is set at 21 C on the Alde panel. The radiator is hot all round and dries the towels. I would like the bathroom to be warmer, but I don't think the radiator was designed to do that.
  15. Good point. . I will give it a bleed to see if it improves matters.
  16. My Swift Challenger 480 bathroom radiator has an unsatisfactory heat output which I would like to improve. It is in the Alde heating system. I could convert to electric. Available space 70 cm. x 35 cm. As always, thanks for any suggestions.
  17. Thanks Townie. Great tip. Pity you didn't mention vodka
  18. My thought is to run a bead of Sikaflex 221 around it covering the foam gasket edge. Some foams can degrade or absorb moisture over time so a bead of 221 will prolong longevity.
  19. Thanks guys. All sorted now and hopefully, no more tap showers.
  20. Thats a good one too. Thanks.
  21. That's a good idea. What's at the tap end? Presumably it's a short length of 22mm?
  22. Does anyone know where I can buy a hose that will fit various taps on the campsites? I always end up getting the trousers wet somewhere along the line. I tried making my own and the most successful was a hose lock on one end and a rubber bulb type affair on the other. But there is always a fitment on a campsite that does not fit. Anyone have a solution please?
  23. The Old Gatehouse Caravan Park Wheldrake Lane Elvington North Yorkshire YO41 4AZ Tel: 01904 608225 Price £20 per night On the map here
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