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  1. Read THIS for more advice on buying a caravan which might help you.
  2. Nothing at all, I have done exactly that, however, the nose weight needs to be checked after you have put it in the front locker.
  3. to Caravan Talk. I hope you find the answers to your questions
  4. EVERYTHING is not available. Calor site is saying NOTHING is available and I have just rung around 8 suppliers near me. 3.9 Kg and 6 Kg are not in stock. Luckily, my 6 Kg is a quarter full and should last me at least a year. The Safefill looks good but the initial purchase is not justified for the amount I use.
  5. to the forum. If you have any question, just ask
  6. to the forum. Any questions - just ask even if you think it a daft one
  7. A steep learning curve Eddie to be sure - best to read a bit each day rather then all at once
  8. to the forum Eddie. Hope you find the answers you are looking for.
  9. Hi Roy, to the forum. What voltage are you reading on the towcar 13 pin (?) (10 & 11 pins) plug and what make / model of fridge is it?
  10. Stag. I'm afraid to say that the topic of MTPLM and 'B' category licenses has been flogged to death on the forum. You can find dozens of them by doing a search. Just trying to save you time. Enjoy the forum.
  11. Quite a few times I have been standing in the shower - all soaped up and the water runs out. Herself is in the awning reading and the dreaded shout emits forth from the van,"Suzie, the water barrel wants filling please". So I stand there like a lemon while the moaning voice fades in the direction of the site tap. Caravanning wouldn't be the same if this didn't happen occasionally.
  12. The dynamics of towing in the post under The index explains a lot. Its a PDF download. Logiclees' post above gets a plus one from me too.
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