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  1. It all depends on your definition of live. I am age 76 and I do not have limitless energy but Petal and myself do have a comfortable place to live whilst touring. That's our take on it.
  2. You say that you are a big guy so its obvious that a small(er) van will not be suitable for you or weight challenged people. I understand that and agree with you. Smaller vans are NOT for you. We use our van for the sole purpose of touring the country and to visit different places. We rarely spend more than two nights on any particular site and a small(er) caravan suits the bill very well. Different strokes for different folks. Off the top of my head, a small van has the following advantages compared with traditional vans are :- With an awning there it is likely there will be more floor area than in a traditional caravan. Cheaper to buy from new. You load on necessities rather than a truck load. Easier to tow with less drag & more fuel economy whilst towing. You can probably tow with a normal saloon type vehicle. No special licence is required. Small caravans take up less space in garages and storage yards. Likely to be cheaper on ferries. Easier to manoeuvre generally. I hope that answers your question Iain
  3. to CT. Don't forget to share your ideas with us then and if its good - patent it first
  4. There is nothing like comfort and I have to agree with you. The best van we owned had an end bathroom with separate shower. Getting used to a smaller van has meant we have had to do a brain software modification. We are finding that we have had to modify our routine whilst caravanning but after three trips we are discovering many more advantages over the disadvantage of loss of space. All I can say is, don't say no till you have tried it. Good point Xplore 302 Not for Firemen though For a more more modern caravan have a look at Adria I rather fancy this one myself. Anyway, thanks to all for their comments. Interesting. Good luck with the death stare Bo
  5. Having a smaller caravan than the traditional ones offers many advantages, but with one big disadvantage - and that is space, but if there are only two or three persons then THIS example of one might suit. I forecast that other manufacturers will soon jump on the bandwagon to make smaller traditional layouts which might be an attractive alternative to larger vans. If you own a traditional van, would you consider buying a smaller van in the future, and what would persuade you to buy one regarding specifications and layout?
  6. After a through inspection and if the sealant looks okay, I would not bother but I would cover it during the winter months, and if there are trees overhanging, I would keep the cover on it permanently. I live near Shrewsbury and the ice and snow can be pretty severe. I have seen a lot of caravans over time, being damaged from ice expansion which can cause water ingress but might take a couple of years to become apparent.
  7. One of our best noises is none at all.
  8. to Caravan Talk Molly.
  9. Seems like they need a review entry on Google maps and Trustpilot. You will help others in doing so.
  10. Thanks Ian. It did to me too. Ken, my neighbour measured it yesterday. Cockeyed sod. I just measured it at 3.5 mm. diameter. If you want a job doing ......................................
  11. Over the weekend I removed the surplus wiring the runs from the mover control box to the motors, a total length of the wiring was 11 and a half metres. That's nearly 3 metres per negative and positive lead on each motor. The cables are the correct 2 mm. cross section. Also, I have gapped the rollers to spec.. We are off on a trip next weekend so it will be interesting to see if the van violent spinning has reduced while mounting a ramp. Thanks to all for their input - especially Rodders and Kelper (Via PM's)
  12. For those of you that want to read Conquests post above, click HERE
  13. Chris. Please don't think all our moderators are wonky, and he really is steady on two legs If you want some advice and information, click HERE Regards
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