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  1. Good luck with that. You have more chance in finding that pack of 24 loo rolls in your attic that you put by for a rainy day.
  2. I have always found the end cards at the end of a U-Tube clip VERY annoying. There is an extension to Chrome that will stop them showing. CLICK THIS
  3. M&J

    Hi would it be possible to email me a copy of the 12v Electrical Manual please?  Many thanks, Mike

  4. Arg! So I for one am totally doomed. If the virus does not get me then its going to be Sue's cooking.
  5. BOAC


    Someone has been busy !! There is a lot of handy information here, and I appreciate the image of the Dinky cars that you have labelled Parisien traffic. That montage must have taken hours for you to set up on the lounge table.
  6. For anyone that voted in my aforementioned petition, I have just received the following e-mail UPDATE smart motorway Ryan Ridgway Hull, United Kingdom 12 MAR 2020 — Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I just wanted to let you all know that I have received a reply from the department for transport! Finally! They have acknowledged my letter, and they are going to be in contact shortly to discuss. I suspect they were holding back on replying to me until they had released their new agenda for smart motorways, which was released today. 288,541 have signed. If you haven’t seen the new statement, in short, they are doing absolutely nothing positive in my opinion. They have decided that they will change the dynamic hard shoulders into all lane running lanes, to save confusion for driver. This is my mind is just smoke and mirrors, because the fact is we are still driving on a motorway with NO hard shoulder. (Dynamic hard shoulders are when the hard shoulder is used as a live lane & can be turned on or off depending on traffic - ALR motorways do not have the option of a hard shoulder at all and are literally ‘all lanes running 24/7’. So they are basically scrapping what remaining hard shoulders we do have left, and are pretending they are doing it for our benefit!
  7. Valuable info for the unwary. Thanks Kelper
  8. Yes, but there is a lot of handy info for those planning to do the route this year
  9. Just discovered a short clip on U-Tube on the 500. HERE And another more comprehensive clip HERE
  10. Go to 3.06 minutes and tell me how the clip was done.
  11. Interesting question ! My immediate thought is that you would only have one outlet for warm air instead of three or four which on the face of it would reduce the overall heating capabilities.
  12. Sorry, I don't understand how Air Traffic Control can help in high winds except if he is airborne in the descent.
  13. I cannot think of any reason to possibly risk your life or possibly sustain injury by travelling in high winds. As for saying "My caravan has ATC, so I'd be ok." Think again. For me towing in high winds above the recommended manufacturer figures ain't one of them no matter WHAT the reason. END OF !!!
  14. BOAC

    tyre age

    An old subject on the forum but relevant all the same but see under TYRES -Age of HERE
  15. Our opinions on smart motorways are outstandingly clear and rightly so. I hope we can make a difference by signing THIS Out of interest, please post if you copy this to others sites. Thanks
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