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  1. You are welcome. AND Now some handy tips. Click here Enjoy !!!
  2. to you both. Click the link below for a lot of info on the NC500. Link to NC500 HERE Enjoy the forum
  3. BOAC


    Yorkshire from a southern softie. Enjoy the forum
  4. Following the advice given HERE under TYRES - Crazing on tyres and visually checking my 8 year old tyres every so often I wonder if the caravan industry recommendation to change tyres at 5 years old is too rigid and should not be taken as the gospel truth.
  5. to Caravan Talk Matt. IMO if you are happy with your present caravan consider keeping it. Better the devil you know than the one you don't
  6. BOAC

    Duck Board

    So dry it before you put the mat down
  7. BOAC

    Duck Board

    Very valid observation. Whats wrong with a cut to shape rubber backed mat?
  8. Well lucky you . The original post was concerning a faulty Aldi charger which should prove a point. You don't hear of many C-Tek chargers becoming faulty in comparison. It is known that the C-Tek range of chargers are far superior both in electronic components and care in manufacturing. Tell me, does the Aldi charger resume the charging regime if there is a power interruption or do you have to reset it? Whats the back current drain figure on a Aldi charger? Etc etc. See some specifications on one of many C-Tek models HERE I leave my C-Tek smart charger connected to my battery permanently in the caravan because it is a true plug and forget charger with a more superior specification than the Aldi - when you can get it. If the C-Tek goes faulty the exchange is a far easier procedure than the one the OP experienced. Having said the above, if anyone can't afford to buy C-Tek, then you can warm the garage with an Aldi charger
  9. Its often been said "Buy cheap - buy twice". I have often said, "C-Tek are the best chargers". Thanks Hawkaye for reinforcing my opinion of C-Tek.
  10. Anyone remember or worked on the Morris Minor 1000? The compass had a needle (Extra accessory purchased nowadays for £3.50 ) And engine management was a hammer and / or spanners and feeler gauges. I can't help feeling that car manufacturers design car parts to be expensive on purpose especially those vulnerable to knocks and bruises. Here's hoping you never have to Dave. Spot on Dave. I keep all my broken bits and that has proved to be valuable in the past.
  11. It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee WG 2003 2.7 CRD. Poorly designed in my opinion. For instance, when a rear wheel bearing failed the procedure was to remove the rear half shaft which when extracted had an inner bearing and the wheel bearing still on it. I was told that they had to be removed by breaking them both off and renewed. The Jeep agents told me that. Surely they could have just heated them and drift them off. However, that's what they did. On the Santa Fe the procedure is basically to remove the castellated nut - remove brake drum - drift off the bearing and replace. Cheaper - easier all round. Our Jeep agents are now no more which perhaps reflects Jeep owners opinion of Jeeps. I bought the Santa Fe because any car manufacturer that has a 5 year warranty on a vehicle must have confidence in the reliability of the vehicle and so far that surmisation has been proved right.
  12. Worst vehicle was a Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD. What a dog. So many faults at 84K it was costing me a lot in repairing the thing. The only good thing were the electrically heated seats that kept me warm whilst waiting for the tow truck. The engine cut out totally at one point but there was a handy layby near. If it had have had happened on the motorway while towing I might not be here to type this. The design of the Jeep is complicated with 5 cylinders and don't mention changing the black encrusted glow plugs. The list could go on but I have not enough hours to spare. Their website says :- Enjoy 5 Years Warranty, 3 Years Servicing & 5 Years Roadside Assistance. Yeah ! Right. If their pile of crepe is anything like mine was the above should read 5 years Roadside and breakdown Assistance. Oh ! I did ENJOY my last rant of the year. Best reliable car is my Santa Fe. Nough said. Hyundai.
  13. Right. As if I believe that AJ. There are those of us that rely on your good advice and common sense discussions so you won't let your public down by deserting the forum. The OH and I stayed in a cottage in Wales over the Christmas period near to the Talyllyn preserved steam railway and our new plan in life is to become part of the volunteer workforce. Talyllyn Railway Just out of interest, the cottage was £300 from the 23rd to the 27th. Dec., and the fees for the campsite are £12 PN including EHU during the open season. It was a nice peaceful change from the usual Christmas. We stayed HERE See you around AJ
  14. We are discussing a Truma - not a Powrtouch or are you making a point that I am missing. However, Ailsa - click on THIS - it may help, although Lockin seems to have hit the nail on the head IMO. There is the possibility that the aerial is detached from the control panel printed circuit board. Easily done especially on a change over. Also check the aerial is vertical from the control box and not horizontal
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