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  1. Even so, I feel the advantages of a cover far outweigh all disadvantages. Whats a bit of dullness compared to more severe damage that can occur by not covering? You ask "Why are they still still being sold? Because people will still buy them of course?" Is that because there is an advantage to covering a caravan? I wonder. However, at the end of the day its the choice of the owner. My choice is obvious. Please excuse me now, I am off to buy a 10 inch pizza.
  2. The question to ask is what material the cover was made of and, was it correctly installed. The cheap covers will cause rubbing damage in even moderate winds on paintwork and windows. I have used covers for years and have never experienced rubbing damage. I tend to think that he had one bad experience with a cheap cover and with incorrect installation and is now condemning all covers. Lets face it, why are covers still being sold if they cause damage?
  3. Brilliant idea. Thanks. I think the vent is much larger in early models hence my complaining. If you are able, could you sometime measure the dimensions of your vent and let me know please?
  4. Oooops. Well spotted. Thanks. I missed out the word 'sliding' in between the a and the vent. Did you buy from Bradford or Stafford?
  5. Cheers Ern. Thanks for your advice. I can assure you that there are no gas drop holes in mine. I feel that a new roof vent would not go amiss though. What I now going to do is wait until the NEC in February and see if I can emulate the ventilation system of the newest models. That's the only way to be safe I guess. Kelper, the new models of Freedom vans have not got a sliding vent in the door.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but no go on that front.
  7. Hello Kelper and others, Wading through HERE I have worked out that all we need is a 10 cm x 10 cm vent in the Freedom to satisfy gas regulations for safety and air circulation although that is for natural gas and not and since LPG is an (Quote) "energy-rich fuel source with a higher calorific value per unit than other commonly used fuels, including coal, natural gas, diesel, petrol, fuel oils and biomass-derived alcohols" which means that the vent area might have to be larger than 10 x 10 cm. For a roof vent something like this would be ideal If someone reading this has the specs on a roof vent that has surrounding vents when the lid is closed please let me know the square mm of the vents. I can't find specs on the internet. Thanks Something like THESE but there should be metal ones somewhere to stop mice from chewing them
  8. Bout time I changed mine. Do you have gas drop holes in your van?
  9. Not on my Freedom. Good point though. I wonder if I changed the roof vent to a more modern type with vents if that would meet current regulations.
  10. Thanks Stevan. Good point. That's the next stop research wise.
  11. Fat lot of good they are being in a locker Not if it is cold outside.
  12. Now we are cooking on gas HA! So if I block the door vent where else can I put one?
  13. Okay thanks. I have no cooker in mine, just a hob but same thing I suspect why the vent is there. Surely there must be an alternative vent arrangement that doesn't let in a hurricane. Any ideas?
  14. I have a 2009 Freedom caravan. In the door, at the bottom is a large type vent (Approx. 35 x 15 cm.) which was originally fitted with a sliding section to close it to restrict air flow. The slider part has been removed because European legislation dictates it, so I am told. This means that if the awing is not erected and the wind is blowing on the door its rather draughty to say the least. There are no gas drop holes in the van which is odd. If you suggest drilling some bear in mind the whole floor is GRP, if that has bearing on the subject. Ideally, I would like to block the vent entirely but common sense says I shouldn't but why not? I don't see many UK caravans with vents in the door - or do I? Its something most of us don't go and take notice of. Well, I don't - till now. What are your thoughts please?
  15. Cheap plastic and poor design is the problem then. No surprise for a UK manufactured caravan. The only solution is to reinforce the entry point but just how is the question. Anyone any ideas?
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