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  1. I am happy though. Ordered yesterday - arrived today via Yodel Thanks for the advice Rodders
  2. I just bought a new leisure battery for my van. I replaced my old one that lasted 7 years. Probat 130 AH. Next day delivery. £79 The website is HERE
  3. If you have read some of my other posts, I always recommend a Protec cover - especially over winter months. Your post has reinforced my recommendation. Hope you get your problem sorted easily.
  4. I read the instructions for a change. I think that is the failing factor of many people - myself included. (RTFI ) A friend up the road did not understand that the magic black button 'shut down' was to be out. He left his in and the battery was flat the next morning. He swore blind nothing was left on, but it was plainly obvious that something was eating the power. So me being me was curious to know what. We connected a temporary car battery and investigated. Everything was off - except he had not switched off the Alde heating on the panel. He had gas and electricity of
  5. Martin. Handy info.. I presume that the definition of shutdown is when the Sargent black button is out? If so, you have answered my question.
  6. Thanks Crannoghome. After discovering the 9 V I did put it on charge. The result was :- 2 Mar 21 1400 Battery voltage 9.1V 2 Mar 21 1430 On charge C-Tek XMS 25 2 Mar 21 2330 Off charge battery voltage 13.22V 3 Mar 21 1100 Battery voltage 13.10V It looks good on paper and I wanted to have a leisure battery drop test carried out, but the nearest equipment is 21 miles away. I wanted to do that out of curiosity. However, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase new since I plan to take extended trips this year and probably on non EHU sites. I wou
  7. I agree with you however, the proof of the battery is in the usage and age. It is exactly identical in every aspect as the old one which equates to 7 - 8 years old which is not bad.
  8. My dead battery is a Probat 130AH, so I looked for a replacement. I found THIS £79. I hope you find this useful.
  9. Safefill web site Map of filling points
  10. Caravan 2014 Swift Challenger 480SE with Probat 110 Ah battery. I have the van usually connected to EHU at home, but I decided to unplug last night it to see how long the battery would last for before it required a recharge. This afternoon it is reading 9.1 V. New battery required methinks since it is probably circa 2014, but I am recharging on a C-Tek xms 25 to discover if it holds a charge with the leads disconnected when the C-Tek indicates full. Two questions please. 1. Does anyone know the power consumption of the systems without any switche
  11. Following on from the above all is explained HERE
  12. Ah! Just found THIS I like the adjustable height capability.
  13. I'm glad to hear I am not the only one.
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