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  1. Ah! Just remembered another one for me. Arrive on CL site. Pitch. Disconnect van from car and wind down steadies. Out with power cable and unravel. Connect car to caravan and wind up steadies. Move caravan nearer EHU outlet. Back into tree and crack indicator lens on caravan. (Navigator absent.) She was talking to a horse 100 yards away. Unhitch caravan try to wind down steadies. No handle ?????? Connect car to caravan. Move caravan wheel off the winding handle left on gravel. Disconnect van from car and wind down steadies. Try to plug in to EHU oulet. Wrong plug. Return to other end of power lead to pick up correct plug. Trip over power cable . Graze leg on gravel. Apply plaster to staunch copious amounts of red stuff escaping. Hobble to power outlet with correct plug. Hear sniggering from caravan next door. (Gits) Plug into EHU. Plug into caravan. No power. Hobble back to EHU to check the RCD. Joined by sniggering neighbour. "Can I help you. I've had bad biorhythm days like you ", he said handing me a a glass of wine. How kind. He continued, " I've done the same as you in the past and were laughing at the memory of it". (Now not Gits) The rest of the week was uneventful except for the self induced water leak - which is another story for another time
  2. We were on a CL site near Penrith. A lovely site near a stream with immaculate grass which the owner was very proud of. I backed onto a pitch and were beginning to set up when the owner came over and asked us to move to three pitches down because the one we chose was reserved and he forgot to tell us. No problem. As the van was still hitched I got into the driving seat and aimed for the pitch. After about fifty feet I thought the car was a bit sluggish so I stopped and about the same time I heard something like a distant wailing air raid siren. The wailing was being emitted by the running owner who was waving his arms and nearly crying at the sight of lovely straight twin furrows in the grass. Oooooops. OH half and I helped him to flatten out the furrows and he was quite mellow after a couple of our wines. Naturally, I got the blame for pulling the handbrake on but I swear it 'Wasn't me gov. Honest'.
  3. I had to buy an AGM because the old battery was packing in My caravan has no battery compartment and the battery is under a settee . There is no means of venting gasses to the outside. However, my next battery will be a deep discharge wet acid type and I can drill a hole to take the vent pipe outside.
  4. I use this firm HERE. They deliver to your door fairly quickly. I always buy the highest current rated battery that will physically fit into my battery box. Make sure the terminals are where they should be too. ie Positive on the right or left.
  5. BOAC


    He's not switching on the tap surely.
  6. BOAC

    Nose In

    Why nose in and not out? Far easier to park or am I missing something?
  7. BOAC

    Tyre Markings

    Is the date of manufacture on this? I can't see it if it is.
  8. I would remove the battery for ease of access to it, and charge it with a smart charger to determine if it is really dead and expired. If its okay you should have 13v + reading from it. Then follow the words of wisdom from Mr. Plodd.
  9. There is another way to do this. Underneath the lift up work surface behind the fire there are many plugs and sockets. One of them runs directly to the battery from the charger. When you find out which one it is you can connect the output side of the C-Tek to the battery feed. I changed the plugs which is a faff, however, once done it is then a simple case of plugging in the mains side of the C-Tek. Mine was fitted with a nearby 13 amp socket behind the fire. The C-Tek was held in place on the carpet over the wheel arch with two squares of industrial velcro. If I remember correctly, I think the mains red neon has to be alight for it to work. Bear this in mind. Good luck.
  10. Yep. I did exactly that. I left everything as it was and then put in the C-Tek plugged into a mains socket that I spurred off from the back of another socket a few feet away. Then I connected the output side of the C-Tek directly onto the battery. It works well. The only snag is that if you have LED lights rated at 12v rather than LED units rated at 12v - 30v, the 12v units get hot and can start to smoke. I wrote about that years ago. You can find the link in the quick find index and the link to that is at the bottom of this post. Look under ELECTRICAL - Converting to LED Hope that helps
  11. My Coachman Pastiche 2007 had a charger that only output 12v. This is insufficient to charge a battery. For information see HERE At the moment I have a caravan with a charger which only pumps out 12v, so I have a C-Tek charger permanently connected to the battery from the mains. THAT keeps the battery charged and I have a reading of 13.7v
  12. We find an awning is a boon and would far rather have one than be without. All depending what size caravan one has, the awning can double the usable floor area. We can leave the lounge bed made up and eat in the awning instead of the tiresome stripping the lounge bed every morning and remaking it again at night. I know what you mean about the poles but is this not part of the fun of caravanning? A friend of mine has an air awning and he reckons they are far better and superior to a pole awning and the only thing stopping me from probably buying one is that our pole awning is in excellent condition so not worth the cost in changing it just yet. Part of our enjoyment is being able to unzip the whole front and look at the view in front of us, and I don't know off hand if you can do that with an air awning. However, each to his / her own and besides, Mrs BOAC likes our awning and I don't want to to have any aggro that is inevitable with any major change to the lifestyle she is accustomed to.
  13. H'mmm. Perhaps, but I am 76 and never had a reminder hence my posting. Very odd.
  14. Thanks John. Its on the 5th. August.
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