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  1. Ok. Brill thanks for your help
  2. Quick update it was the bac battery charging unit that has broke so I plugged my Ctex battery charger onto the leisure and into my outdoor mains 240 v socket and after a short while everything was working again so the question is do I replace the faulty bac charging unit or could I perhaps set up my ctex charger in a more permanent way, many thanks again for all your help
  3. Battery connections fine and all plugs in place 🙄
  4. I have a 2014 coachman vision, I've just checked the in line fuse and the other fuses again and they are all working, so still no joy, thanks for all help, Matt
  5. Good afternoon all, I am after some help from you lovely people, we are on site at the moment and this morning awoke to a cold van and a number of issues, we have no heating on electric or gas, no fridge on electric or gas, no lights 12v or 240, no water though the pump or flush on the toilet but all the 240 v sockets work so we are getting electricity from the mains, I've checked all the rcd's and all the fuses which are fine and on !!!! , could anybody shed any light on these issues and possibly help me out, many thanks
  6. Thank you for that Moorgate very useful . ...I am still on the fence
  7. Brill, thanks for the replies, might see how we feel on the day, see how the kids are behaving on the journey, they might think we are nearly there if we come off the motorway early at junction 27
  8. Good Morning people we areoff down to bude next Thursday and after some advice, I will be coming down the m5 . ...should I leave the m5 at 27 (Tiverton) and head across to Bideford and in on the A39 or go to the end of the m5 thenA30 and then across to Holsworthy ? I've tried a few route planners /sat nav and there doesn't appear to be much in it so after some been there done it advice, thanks
  9. Lickpenny caravan park near Matlock is very nice, good size hard standing pitches and will only be 30/40 minutes from you
  10. We have a 2014 580 vision which we have had from new and we have had a few problems, bathroom window fell of due to the hinge bar issue and the controversial twig aerial has been letting water in ( not in the ceiling just though the body ),and a slight adjustment of a couple of cupboard doors and our front locker does let some water in but not an uncontrollable amount . All the above has been fixed without fuse and under warranty which when buying a uk van is all you can ask and when you read on hear the problems other people encounter including coachman I am quite happy to take the problems ive had
  11. We tow our coachman vision 580 with a navara, I have a 2006 aventura 2. 5 manual and get around 32 mpg solo and around 21-25 mpg when towing, it can be a bumpy ride at times depending on the roads, in fact my wife will sometimes ask "what time are we setting sail " but I find it's great all round vehicle I've also had a truckman top fitted to make the "boot " a little more waterproof, as above they are a big old thing so choose your car parks carefully but it's suits us fine and I would only swap for another pick up
  12. We have ours at Romley caravan storage at barlborough M1 junction 30 it is 24 hours cassoa gold, wash bay, air line and gas bottles spaces are mixed from the very big to some very very tight ones but it's worth a phone call and a look round if they have any avalibilty
  13. We also left polmanter on Friday the 21st at 7pm and had about an hours delay in the roadworks but I belive I saw a sign saying two lanes in both directions would be in operation by next summer so hopefully next year should be less stressful
  14. We do a similar route from m1 junction 30 to polmanter, last year we did stop overnight at Springfield holiday park just off the a30 which broke the journey up nicely but this summer we are going to do it in one run leaving here around 6/7 pm to arrive early hours at polmanter the early arrivals is very good, plenty of room and you might be able to get onto you're pitch early as the reception staff are great and it's a very well organised, hope this helps
  15. Well we are another one to join the club . ...our bathroom window came off today on our 2014 vision 580/5 today, so looks like a telephone call to the dealers tomorrow, anyone been in this position lately and have any idea of the time it's going to take to sort ???
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