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  1. When we stayed on the Windemere C&CCsite a couple of years ago we wanted to pitch caravan near Two daughters tents. As we arrived first, we were directed to a pitch location on the mixed field and TOLD in no uncertain terms how to position our van adjacent to electric bollard. This was roughly in middle of field Having then gone out for the afternoon we returned to find the field full of tents that were pitched in such a way, with guy ropes crossing all over the place, that we couldn't get car back to side of van. On complaining to wardens I got a short reply saying "units were pitched regulation distance" and "you'll go where we tell you". However, this did not take into account the tangle of guy ropes, or that all the tents seemed to have set up tables and chairs in every available gap. No protestations would move them from 'rules is rules' mentality. The wardens kept coming, squeezing tents into all available spaces and would do nothing for me. I forced some people to move their extended furniture 'rooms' to allow me access, and told them I would do same to get out if needs be. Call it "The friendly club". Not in my experience. CL's for us all the way now. Cant be doing with officious site warden types.
  2. Our planned crossing on 1st Sept from Portsmouth to Le Havre on ferry Etretat was diverted due to problems with vehicle lifts, so we were told, and they couldn't take high vehicles. We were diverted onto St Malo crossing. Not an issue as we were heading for Brittany anyway. So, anyone else had this, and are problems still ongoing? Nothing on BF website about this at all. Anyone else affected?
  3. AndyK159

    pick up 4x4

    If you are towing with a pick-up it would also be worth checking your vehicle insurance covers you to tow. I had heard that as its classed as a commercial vehicle, many insurance policies do not include towing as standard as per private car insurance.
  4. The clips on the back hold the box to the wall board, similar to the way wall board boxes do for stud wall use at home. You have to prise off the front surround to expose the screws that hold the face to the box. Insert tool between box outer frame and faceplate and prise off. You have to be careful not to damage it with metal tool (screwdriver). Pliastic is better, like car trim removal tools.
  5. It depends on whether you just buy the add on sides and front panels or a proper privacy room. The privacy room has additional rafter poles and clamps that seal the sides to the awning making it more water/wind proof. The front and sides zip together to form good seal. The front goes into the channel in the front rafters forming a tight seal. Ours has been up in many weather conditions and has proved fairly weather proof. The pictures in the previous post are not a privacy room, or the additional clamps have not been used to seal canopy to sides. The Zip model is a complete system where the sides zip on to the awning fabric, as well as together. Not 5he same as a privacy room add on to an existing caravan store canopy
  6. Are you travelling with water in toilet flush tank? I was advised not to do this as sloshed about and could cause damp problems.
  7. This is good value https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M3VJ2B2/ref=s9_acsd_simh_hd_bw_bEPkL1_c_x_w?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-2&pf_rd_r=NH3ED6JNRXQ3CF5HNF7T&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=bd1aa6f4-b964-49a9-8326-9493381cc157&pf_rd_i=213005031
  8. I hope so. Booked in for September 👍
  9. The worst that could happen for me is, following and accident or breakdown, having to argue on the phone as to whether we are covered for getting problem sorted. So, based on poor experience with other providers, CMC Mayday and Red Pennant is always my choice. May be more expensive, but there when you need them.
  10. Sorry, my bad. My Safari chef has the LP inlet underneath the control knob. Obviously changed design on the V2 model.
  11. This looks like a High Pressure connector for gas cartridges, not a low pressure connector for connection to caravan gas point. Is the connector shown in the picture in the centre of bbq underneath? If it is, it's definitely the HP version.
  12. More sad pictures and video. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/caravans-destroyed-six-crews-tackle-2813366
  13. If you have a Three advanced plan you can use Netflix without using your data allowance. Tether firestick or roku to phone or mifi if you have a 4g signal. Look for "Go Binge" http://www.three.co.uk/go-binge
  14. Oops, my bad. Forgot that after reading through whole thread
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