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  1. They are meant to vent for safety reasons. Taping them up, especially if using gas inside (hob) could be dangerous. Also helps ventilation in conjunction with floor vents to prevent damp and moisture build up.
  2. Ok, stupid idea then. Swift will upgrade mtplm to 1500kg, a measly 33kg, for £60!
  3. Ok, here's a thought. Just something rattling round my brain. Could I replace the al-ko axle on my caravan, a 2015 Swift, with one with higher rating? Current is rated at 1500kg max, although mtplm is only 1467kg. Was thinking of maybe a 1600 to 1800 kg rated. I know this would invalidate the rating plate at side of door, but there is another plate\sticker in locker. What is legality of removing former and replacing latter with upgraded one for new axle. I know there would be expense involved, about £750 for axle + fitting costs. As I said, just a thought.
  4. Think that's why there is a charcoal filter
  5. Expensive at about £130. See this for fitting: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w6JhyA7U-5g
  6. It was my understanding that the reason for putting the isolation key in the battery box underneath the mains connector was to ensure mover had to be disconnected before connecting 240v. This protects charger if mover is accidentally operated with remote when mains connected.
  7. We bought a couple of these. Smaller (when packed), lighter and in our opinion more comfortable and easier to use (no doing the splits to sit down) than clip on rests. Footstools on ebay
  8. This taken from the Caravan Cover policy booklet:
  9. Great value at Boyes, if you have access to one. https://www.boyes.co.uk/diy/greased-lightning-showroom-shine-2x1-litre.html
  10. Damage to your van is covered by van insurance. Any damage done to third party property by car or van covered by car insurance.
  11. Swift recommended disconnecting onboard pump over winter. This from their forum recommendations on winterisation: "Disconnect the inlet and outlet pipe from the onboard water pump, using the quick release tabs, and re-run the pump for a short time, to ensure all the water is removed. Leave the system disconnected during storage." I had a pump fail from ice forming in the lowest point where the pressure switch is located even though I thought I'd drained it properly.
  12. Noticed it? Fell out everytime lid closed. Removed and discarded as too small to be useful anyway
  13. This issue keeps cropping up with people saying that they are covered on their car breakdown, but this is often not the case when problems occur with caravan alone. I have had experience of this when my hitch damper on the van failed in the wilds of Scotland. My then breakdown provider would not contemplate recovering the caravan as there was nothing wrong with car. I had to drive 200 miles with the fault, with the van slamming into the back of car, to get to repairer. I had to stop a number of times to retighten towbar bolts on car as they kept loosening with constant tugging. After that I use this scenario to test whether any breakdown cover would have helped. Only one that gave an unequivocal Yes was Mayday. As this also provides other benefits such as recovery from waterlogged pitch, relief driver of required (I am only driver so gives peace of mind if I have accident), recovery driver to return unit to home if required, and more, it always gets my vote. You have to ask if your breakdown covers all these scenarios, and get it in writing. It's in writing in the Mayday policy wording. I know, if I'm in the situation of needing assistance, I don't want to be having semantic discussions on phone, I just want them to sort it. You pays your money.........
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