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  1. Out of interest, what was the "glaring inadequacy"?
  2. If you switch unit off it will 'forget' sensors. If you leave it on it will go to standby mode.
  3. I was always told that you should be able to see someone standing 6M behind caravan in line with the side of the van on both sides from the drivers seat. It's not the view out from the van that's important, but the potential blind spot in line with rear of van. That's where vehicles can 'hide'.
  4. The problem is, when you cancel they still keep your details, presumably bank details included. See small print on cancellation pop up on website in pic attached. I have emailed customer service for how to get this verifyably deleted.
  5. In our shower, even if you keep mixer tap in same position after initial wet down, when you turn water on again for rinse, water starts off scalding. Must be something to do with residual pressure in hot pipes being more than cold. Settles down to previous set temp, but initial burst is hot!
  6. From your first post it sounds like you want to connect a gas bottle to gas bbq outlet. Not sure this is acceptable as wrong side of regulator. Or do you have another inlet point on the bottle side of the regulator accessible outside bottle locker?
  7. I use Gliptone cleaner and conditioner. They also have recolouring kits.
  8. My Huawei E5573 mifi WILL accept an external aerial.
  9. Out of curiosity, how do you remove the grill off the speakers? I've tried prising with a big screwdriver but with the force I was using I was worried about damaging the speaker or the plastic mounting.
  10. The designated caravan parking at Scotch Corner services ard almost impossible to access with a large van in tow, 7. 5M, and Only two car length anyway. far too short. Only usable spaces are coach area. Very poor
  11. I've always been of the opinion that motorway driving should be a compulsory part of after test training. The skills required, including entering flow of traffic, are completely different from those taught to pass test. The allowance of learners onto motorways in controlled circumstances is a start.
  12. I tried a puncture proof wheel as constantly getting flats in pneumatic. Found it was too soft though. Reverted back to pneumatic with new inner tube. been ok for now.
  13. Seen in Yorkshire dales. Can't imagine how they got them up there.
  14. Hi all. Looking for possible site recommendations to east of Manchester, Stockport - Ashton under Lyne area. Going to concert at Etihad stadium in May on way back from north Wales and looking for couple of nights stop-over. TIA Andy
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