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  1. Not all Humax devices are affected. My DTR-T2100 can access iPlayer fine.
  2. Try Saga, mine was much cheaper.
  3. My insurer WILL pay for new van, even though I bought at 11 months old. I checked this when taking out policy, and myself and insurer checked current new prices to ensure cover amount was adequate. They did not ask for price I paid as they said was not relevant for new for old cover.
  4. Just tried quote but new for old only available if bought van new. Some other insurers don't stipulate this
  5. You could try Saga. My new for old cover on CMC policy ended at 5 years, unless I wanted to pay extra for premium, which was prohibitively expensive. Saga gave new for old to 15 years at less than my previous renewal with no silly caveats.
  6. As OP, I think this is how it should have been made originally. BTW, I have had no response from Milenco. Seems like they don't care about issue.
  7. I also have this problem, and feel either the pistol grip itself or the housing may break every time I try to remove. I think these items are too flimsy for the force needed to use them. Been considering replacing whole lot with Whale easy press unit, or there is a whale Easi-Press adaptor for the truma inlet. Both are not cheap options though. Whale Truma Easi Press
  8. I'd put it down as £6000 to make sure you have enough headway for a replacement if necessary.
  9. One for sale at £4995 on Autotrader caravans. Another for £5695 on Gumtree.
  10. Just seen this on Facebook regarding Camperlife fluid. Warnings about it staining badly. Take care.
  11. The stabilisers are connected to the main chassis rails on an Alko chassis via an outrigger at the front.. See attached picture.
  12. To me, the only benefit of HP over a personal loan is to the dealer, who gets a fat commission for signing you up. Don't think it would get you preferential treatment from said dealer in long run as they will be guided by what manufacturer allows as warranty claims.
  13. The mobile service tech who services mine told me not to use this holder as it holds the plug with cable upwards and can allow water to run down cable into plug causing problems. I wrap the cable round the hitch now and is protected by hitch cover.
  14. If that is the case then Milenco should be putting a warning on the product to this effect. The step is only a couple of years old BTW.
  15. We have a Milenco double aluminium step that has developed a dangerous fault. I have contacted Milenco and shared the pictures I show here, but I have had no response, not even an acknowledgement of my email.. I am posting this here to warn others and suggest they check their steps for the same issue. This is something that has been seen before and posted on this forum some time ago. See: Previous post It would appear to me there is a weak point on these steps on the side rail where the tube has been drilled to rivet the front of the step. This is the point where you put
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