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  1. We started with a small used Swift 2 berth with a corner shower/toilet with rear kitchen next to it and 2 long settees in the front. The shower was really inconvenient as the toilet floor got wet and had to be dried off and the cold shower curtain stuck to you. This was swapped for a Lunar with rear washroom and side french fixed bed . This caused problems with night visits so we swapped to our current van an Elddis 554 with side slide out bed , rear washroom. We researched every van and thought they would be suitable but when we used them they're short comings were revealed . The current van
  2. I think I'd be getting an independent damp check done on it and look to reject it if extensive damp found.
  3. It certainly looks like, is it spongy when you press it? When you say it's new to you was it a private sale or from a dealer?
  4. Most modern cars with your power available have a towing limit of 100% or more compared to its kerb weight, perhaps it's because a van can have much more weight inside it, As is often said there's no such thing as a stupid question , only a stupid answer so ask away.
  5. If your figures are correct it's 82% loading with 1434 kg caravan , plenty of power so it sounds good. Any idea why the towing limit is low as it will only tow 86% of it's kerbweight. You would have to check your licence requirement as well .
  6. The sat nav in our sportage used to be good but the latest upgrade has made it very poor with it selecting ridiculous routes even with just the car. I've started using Google maps through android auto instead , this works much better with the ability to select routes and save them.
  7. Not sure how old your Lunar is but we had a 2009 Lexxon. On that the filter was built into the inlet that the pump connects too on the side of the van. It was behind a big blue screw on cap. I took it out and never replaced it. On our Elddis the filter is in line on the cold water pipe under the sink and I've just removed it and piped straight through.
  8. If you want a full awning pass a piece of string through the awning rail and allow it to touch the floor both ends and cut it .Then measure the string in cms and that gives you the length of awning required. If you want a porch awning measure along the awning rail flat section between or past windows for desired size.
  9. We've been there , but it was a fair few years ago now but that sewage plant must have been there but we never noticed any nasty smells. I'm pretty sure you can't see it either. Loved our time on the site.
  10. A good and honest review but did you not think to use the side fill hole on your Aquaroll where your rigid pipe would have gone in?
  11. We have a Nationwide Flex Plus account for the insurances that come with it. When I phoned up to add our ailments to our policy it worked out more expensive than taking a new policy out with Red Pennant either for a 2 week holiday or for an annual policy. Our ailments are not really bad or numerous , about the same as anybody else of our age. We haven't tried the car cover so can't speak on that .Were thinking of changing to a basic account , save the £12 a month , take out Green Flag and Red Pennant out where necessary .
  12. If it's like our Affinity it's the Elddis version of a wet locker and is to put your wet boots or shoes on.
  13. If it helps the sand paper needs to be about 10mm wide to fit in the pump recess.
  14. I had exactly the same thing last week. Went to run puriclean through and pump not working . 12 volt at the pump connections and the pump ran off 12 volt battery. I cleaned the brass connections on the pump and in the housing with sand paper , worked straight away when plugged back in. I also teased the connections in the housing out with a screwdriver to make sure they hadn't decompressed with the pump going in and out.
  15. We have a Kia Sportage GT Line AWD auto from 2018 with 25,000 miles . 28 mpg towing and 35 mpg solo
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