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  1. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year with great trips for all
  2. Well done. We've stayed there a couple of times but not recently.I don't know if you aware or are not bothered but there's an adult only section which is a bit quieter. It's behind the park and ride for Shrewsbury which is handy and the wardens could give you tickets as you won't need to park the car. There's a shop by the entrance, Coop I think, and a couple of takeaways Good Luck
  3. Also this doesn't include the £100 for being over 70 which doesn't happen with Red Pennant. This would make it £447.80. We would rather stay in the UK than submit to extortion.
  4. I answered the questions honestly and correctly. I wont discuss my wife's conditions but mine are high blood pressure treated with 5mg's of Ramipril and I'm currently waiting for an OGD for stomach problems ( nothing nasty but uncomfortable according to my GP) .Because my stomach problems are ongoing they wont cover it so they wanted £132.50 to cover high blood pressure my wife has 5 problems and that came to £215.30 extra so a total of £347.80.I don't know when you renewed but you might have a shock.
  5. Hi, We've booked a rail trip to Rome and back ,via Paris ,Zurich and Venice . We thought we'd use the travel insurance with Flex plus for the trip. We appreciate that it's for a full year worldwide but to get our medical pre-conditions covered was coming out at £360 with which we consider "normal " medical conditions. This seems outrageous to us. I phoned the CMC for a quote and to cover just the 1 trip mentioned was £99 and annual at £200. That was just personal cover ,the same as Nationwide so I also asked how much for the caravan and car for an year and that came in at £350. So we've taken the 1 trip with CMC and will work our way through getting car cover with the CMC and then change our current account to another free Nationwide one or a different bank as we can't see the point in paying £13 a month or £156 an year which is more than car cover. You don't know all this until you join Nationwide and go through medical screening with them.
  6. As an update to my original post ,we have know owned the 554 for 21/2 years . First service it sailed through and we had no problems to report either. Then just before it's second service the seats went flat , Elddis wouldn't give an answer on warranty until it was serviced, why I haven't a clue. At the second service the front windows were leaking because the screws had come loose because Elddis use a straight rail on a curved surface , so the screws are always under tension and the mastic had split on the kitchen Heki roof light causing another leak. All the leaks were fixed at the service with new wallpaper fitted later to cover the water stains. Elddis refused the warranty claim on the seats as it was too late, only covered for 12 months but the seat manufacturers after the dealer badgered them are replacing the stuffing as a goodwill gesture. Apart from these faults everything else has been ok but know we dread the next service .
  7. You would have to be a magician to go to left or right at the entrance and not have to reverse back into the entrance.
  8. We stayed there going down and coming home last year. It's a nice clean and quiet site, although there was a party for all the static owners when we there that shut the restaurant early and was noisy until about 12. They did warn us when we arrived but its a bit late then. They take the usual 2 hour lunch and reception is closed . There is nowhere to wait if you arrive early, we had to go into the car park and then reverse back out into the roadway by reception. After trying it and le bein assise we prefer Chateau du gandspette out of the three .
  9. We went to Sango sands , Durness this May. We stopped at Blair Drummond on the way up, then went up to Sango sands in 1 go . It was a long day . we left at 8 and got there at about 3. If you book they seem to reserve you a pitch at the front with wonderful views over the beach. All though the last 16 miles are single track but there are long site lines to the next passing place and the etiquette of waiting turns was good apart from an idiot who insisted on coming on even though we were halfway along, but you always seem to get 1. I would say it,s perfectly doable in 2 weeks.
  10. This sounds good ,but my car has a built in satnav. Can you put the files onto it somehow. It's a Kia which I think uses TomTom software and has a sd card on the dash. Or can it be put onto a smart phone Thanks
  11. Unfortunately the 3 caravans we've owned have never worked out to be keepers otherwise we would have. The first was a 1998 Swift Classic Silhouette , the outside panels were starting to dissolve , then we had a 2009 Lunar Ultima that also had a leak at every other service. This was changed in 2017 for a Elddis Affinity which was also found to be leaking on it's 2nd service, all 3 were fixed under warranty .
  12. We have the same car but auto version. We find that it's powerful enough for our 1460kg caravan and never feels under powered. We put the back tyres up to the recommended for full load and try and get the noseweight up to 90-95 kg and and it tows really stable. I think were going to have to get used to lighter and lower powered towcars in the future as cars are going that away. The sportage now is a 1.6 litre unless you buy the mild hybrid which is 2.0 litre.
  13. Russ, A bit off track ,but what facilities are there for the dog to go to the toilet as it where. 19 hours is a long time for a dog to hold on. Frazer
  14. After spending a lovely 3 nights at Blair Drummond we travelled yesterday up to Sango Sands at Durness. After the good advice given especially by Black Grouse we came up the A9 stopping at Rallia for breakfast, then refuelled at Tesco,s Inverness. We then went via Ullapool and Scourie up to Sango Sands. As most will know the last 12 miles are single track with lots of passing places, with everybody bar 1 driver , who thought it funny to come up to us in between passing places and reluctantly went off the tarmac so we could pass each other with a big smirk on his face, behaved with good manners. This road is not for the faint hearted but is perfectly doable if you take your time and just look ahead. The weather wasn't the best coming up but was ok with plenty of snow on the mountains. So thanks for all the info.
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