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  1. I was told that the filter is only good for the first trip away because it stands with water in it after, letting bugs multiply that have been trapped in it, also it removes Puriclean type products from the water as they pass through. My other caravans had the filter in the inlet and have always removed them for above reasons. On the Elddis we now own there is an in-line filter behind 4 drawers as shown in the picture. Much more difficult to change so that's why the question about the fittings. Now changed to a pipe through for less than £2. Thanks for all the replies with advice.
  2. They say 5-7 % of maximum allowable weight but not over the maximum stated by car maker and 100 kg limit for Alko hitch. In your case between 53 and 74 kgs.
  3. Right, I've got the filter out. The top 1 that goes to the flexible hose direct from the tap has an orange circ clip that you take out so you can push down on the ring and pull it out and like said push down on the ring on the straight coupling below and pull it out. I've decided to get a piece of pipe from the t piece at the bottom straight to the tap connector that will eliminate the straight connector. It's 12 mm pipe. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how to take the filter out. I don't know how to take the fittings off it. Is it better to remove the insides or put a piece of pipe in between? I don't want a filter as they harbour bugs, we don't drink from the tap but do make tea.
  5. Sorry to disappoint you but that kit is for the Q series that has an external thread for the brass nut and tail to attach the hose to, your go anywhere has an internal thread.
  6. Tell that to the relatives of the 50,000 that have died. I've never seen such one sided and disrespectful drivel written on Coronavirus. I'm starting to suspect you are an agent provocateur resurrected from somebody chucked off this site for past misdemeanors.
  7. Apart from the rights and wrongs of travelling there, if the F.O. advice remains the same as now you will be travelling with no travel insurance.
  8. I also live in Wales and Mark Drakeford said the 5 mile limit was a rule of thumb especially in rural areas. Our nearest town is 10 miles away so to restrict us to visiting friends and family to 5 miles and a visit to a bank etc is 10 miles makes no sense. You say sadly you're still in Wales but we feel safer than if we lived in England after seeing some of the scenes there today.
  9. We were at Auf Gengert in Luxembourg when a Belgian car and caravan pulled up opposite our pitch. When he disconnected the caravan , the hitch shot up until the back of the caravan hit the ground with a thump. The only way they could get the hitch down was her lying on the hitch and him winding the corner steadies down. You should have seen the stuff that came out of the back of the caravan.
  10. We stayed there 2 years ago. It's a lovely site with great views at the top of the site. The pitches slope quite steeply so chocks required but we didn't have a problem leveling up with a couple of decking boards. There is private access to Lligwy beach a short walk away. The access road is tight but not long and is used to access the beach car park as well so does get a bit of traffic. When we met cars coming the other way they reversed back to the last passing place. There's a good shop there and we had a nice meal at the restaurant.
  11. I can also recommend the Plassey. Lovely site with good facilities including bar ,restaurent and pool. Access is good off the A483 but would try and miss school coming out time at Eaton school at 3:15 as it's chaos! We only live 5 miles away so used it to check our new caravan from Clwyd caravans before venturing further so if anybody wants info for the area ask away.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year with great trips for all
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