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  1. We've not done the NC500 but we went up the west coast to Sango Sands at Durness 2 years ago. We went from Blair Drummond via Inverness and Ullapool in a day. The only single track is the last 16 miles and there are usually long site lines between passing places but there are a couple of bends you can't see around. Most people stopped and flashed when they got to a passing place first . The scenery seemed much more spectacular coming south from Durness than going north, we got fed up off saying " Look at that". If you book Sango Sands site you get a cliff top pitch which are fantastic, talking to the manager he said he has to stand at the entrance in the summer to turn irate campervans away with no booking as after 2 it's full and they block the entrance otherwise.
  2. Sorry for the lack of update but I was waiting to go away again to test what I'd done which I now have. As Wozer suggested I changed all the O rings and the diaphragm plus the one way valve in the inlet and all is now fine(thanks Wozer). Can't comment on moving the diaphragm as suggested above as I changed the diaphragm. Also an easy way to get the one way valve in is to get long nose pliers on the nobbly end bit and pull it gently into position
  3. Thanks for that Hayley , I'll give customer services a ring and Talk it through with them.
  4. Hi, We've had a problem with our water system the last twice we've been away , in that when you open a tap or use the shower on switching off the pump keeps running. When you flick the pump switch off the pump knocks off and doesn't come back on when you switch it back on again. Every time this happens I re calibrate the system and it works fine , go to the next site and it does it again , re calibrate fine again and so on . Anybody know why this is happening and how to cure it. It's a 2017 Elddis Affinity 554 with a Whale pump system. Thanks
  5. I can't comment on Spinney but we bought our last new caravan from Clwyd caravans. We've had good service from them , the only advice we would give is to speak to the owner Martin if you want anything done as we've been fobbed off by others there but speaking to him gets things done.
  6. I think you've got your sums wrong. A caravan that weighs less than the kerb weight of the car can't be over 100%. The correct ratio is 97% of the kerb weight. Wether this gives you any more confidence in the combination is for you to decide.
  7. I can't agree with North Wales roads being better. We live in the Wrexham area and the roads are terrible. Also when you buy a car the choice of wheel/tyre is forced on you by the makers who insist if you go up the model range you also want large wheels/skinny tyres with no option to downgrade them
  8. I put my name forward for the trial in Wrexham hospital , had my 2 dates for the injections ,the first of which should have been tomorrow. When they found out i'd had an anaphilatic reaction many years ago they wouldn't let me join the trial. I would have the vaccine tomorrow if I could if only to get back to some sort of normal. When they tell people no jab no fly you wont be able to get a jab for all the selfish people who think it will never happen to me trying to get one. Don't these people who wont have the jab have older vunerable people to protect?
  9. We started with a Pennine Pullman folding camper in 1986 which we kept for approx 10 years then we changed to caravans to extend the season. We've had 3 since and loved our holidays in them, we still go flying occasionally but hate the whole airport experience so can't wait to go away in the van. So we started at 44/45 and are now 68/69.
  10. We started with a small used Swift 2 berth with a corner shower/toilet with rear kitchen next to it and 2 long settees in the front. The shower was really inconvenient as the toilet floor got wet and had to be dried off and the cold shower curtain stuck to you. This was swapped for a Lunar with rear washroom and side french fixed bed . This caused problems with night visits so we swapped to our current van an Elddis 554 with side slide out bed , rear washroom. We researched every van and thought they would be suitable but when we used them they're short comings were revealed . The current van suits our needs but comes after nearly 20 years experience . I would add that your choice of caravan doesn't seem to make any difference to how much you enjoy a holiday.
  11. I think I'd be getting an independent damp check done on it and look to reject it if extensive damp found.
  12. It certainly looks like, is it spongy when you press it? When you say it's new to you was it a private sale or from a dealer?
  13. Most modern cars with your power available have a towing limit of 100% or more compared to its kerb weight, perhaps it's because a van can have much more weight inside it, As is often said there's no such thing as a stupid question , only a stupid answer so ask away.
  14. If your figures are correct it's 82% loading with 1434 kg caravan , plenty of power so it sounds good. Any idea why the towing limit is low as it will only tow 86% of it's kerbweight. You would have to check your licence requirement as well .
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