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  1. Russ, A bit off track ,but what facilities are there for the dog to go to the toilet as it where. 19 hours is a long time for a dog to hold on. Frazer
  2. After spending a lovely 3 nights at Blair Drummond we travelled yesterday up to Sango Sands at Durness. After the good advice given especially by Black Grouse we came up the A9 stopping at Rallia for breakfast, then refuelled at Tesco,s Inverness. We then went via Ullapool and Scourie up to Sango Sands. As most will know the last 12 miles are single track with lots of passing places, with everybody bar 1 driver , who thought it funny to come up to us in between passing places and reluctantly went off the tarmac so we could pass each other with a big smirk on his face, behaved with good manners. This road is not for the faint hearted but is perfectly doable if you take your time and just look ahead. The weather wasn't the best coming up but was ok with plenty of snow on the mountains. So thanks for all the info.
  3. We stayed on this site from Sunday 13th to 20th of April . We would agree with everything you say in your review. Lovely site with good facilities and friendly wardens. From Sunday to Thursday the site was busy but quiet but come Easter Friday a different species of camper arrived with rules not for them, a father and daughter playing football with a heavy casey in between the caravans in front of the no ball games sign being 1 example of deteriorating behaviour for the rest of our stay , which was not corrected by the wardens. I would love to return but would only go out of holidays which we had to do because our 10 year old grandson was with us.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful advice on our route to Sango sands. Does anybody know what tv and phone reception is like up there and at North Ledaig on our way back down. Also is there anywhere to stop for a meal between Blair Drummond and Sango sands via Ullapool and also from Sango sands to North Ledaig. We would ideally like something cooked for us but if that's not possible we could stop and eat our own if there's not somewhere suitable. Thanks in advance.
  5. Isn't that a different site. We would rather stay on Wood Farm as you can walk down to Charmouth front, admittedly the walk isn't for everyone as it's a bit steep coming back.
  6. The caravan is parked completely inconsiderately with no thought for anyone else and is typical of todays society. Can I ask how macafee 2 parks at a NHS hospital. At busy times at Wrexham hospital cars are strewn everywhere because there's too many people trying to park, yes even Range Rovers.
  7. frazerg


    Just had our 2017 Elddis Affinity 554 in for it's 2nd service and it's leaking in 2 places. One is from the window bar over the front windows and the other from the sealing around the skylight above the kitchen. Apparently the window bar across the front is a known problem, in that the bar is straight and the front curved with only 4 screws holding it tight. This then comes loose as it doesn't bond properly with the bodywork, only with the bar and the screws at the outer end come loose allowing water in. They said the skylight is a rare problem as the seal doesn't often go. There are readings between 25 per cent and 30 with staining of the board inside. They have repaired the window bar properly and resealed around the skylight and put a claim in with Elddis for repairing the board and stripping the skylight properly. Also we tried to claim for the seat cushions going flat , this has been refused as the warranty is only 12 months on the seats. We are absolutely gutted about both problems, and it seems this is the price of choosing a British made caravan as the last Lunar we had also leaked but after 4 years. We were also told Elddis are developing a new window bar for the front but because they have so many of the old ones in stock it will be some time before the new one will be used- so beware. Please don't tell us to buy a foreign caravan as we don't like the look or feel of them inside, that's why we say it's a price you have to pay for a British caravan and just accept it's going to happen and prepare to be gutted and disappointed in equal measure. The only alternative for us would be to give up caravanning reluctantly as we enjoy it so much.
  8. We stayed on this site 2 years ago and really liked it. The road to the site is a bit narrow in places but as long as your careful and don't rush it it's ok. Have a look on google earth. The site itself is basically a big field with hedges around , quite steep but with levilish pitches with some terracing and great views over the lovely bay especially at the top. There's a shop and cafe at reception that does nice inexpensive food and lovely ice-creams which you'll need after climbing up from the beach. Down by reception the coast path goes either left towards 3 cliffs bay or right towards oxwich bay . You can also go straight ahead down a steep path to oxwich bay.
  9. I know it's a different car but the handbook for our 2018 sportage says you can't tow with a space saver so I sourced an alloy off e'bay and put a demo tyre on it the same as the rest of the tyres. It would be worth checking the Sorrento handbook
  10. Thanks for all the good advice. Taking Ancell's point about 7 days being too long at Sango Sands and going to Thurso as well, while we're up there, is it best to go straight up there then cross over to Sango past Dounreay . Is this route ok for towing. Then we could use BG's route going south to North Ledaig.
  11. Hi, Google Maps route is to go on A9, A836 then A838 for Sango sands. The A838 looks single track. Is there a better route up than this. When we tour in the UK we average 40 mph including stops, this gives us a 280 mile range per days travelling. Obviously single track will slow us down so how long do you think it will take us.
  12. Hi All, We've always had a hankering to go on holiday to the top of mainland Scotland. To do this we're thinking of stopping off at Blair Drummond for 3 nights then going to Sango Sands Oasis, Durness for 7 nights. Then down to North Ledaig for 4 nights and then stopping off at the Lake District on the way home for 3 nights. Does anybody see a problem with the selected sites, distances involved for a days travel preferably 9-4, We're not interested in the NC500 but wont want to get mixed up with it especially towing. Any help or suggestions most appreciated before we book. Thanks
  13. We had a Pennine Pullman for 8 years before we turned to caravans. We were lucky that we could dry it in our garage if we packed it wet. Were they come into there own is with a large family, we had 3 children so everybody could sleep inside . The awning could then be used as a play room, dining room or lounge. We had the awning extension as well that served as a toilet tent. On 1 site somebody said it was the size of a small bungalow. The downside is a shorter season because they are harder to heat. We loved our breaks in it but when the kids no longer wanted to come and we fancied more comfort we changed to caravans. It doesn't matter what you go away in regards to enjoying yourself.
  14. We changed to a 2018 Sportage GT line Auto 134bhp AWD in January. We've towed to the French alps and 4 holidays in the UK . It returns about 28 mpg towing and about 33 mpg solo. We cannot fault it for both towing and driving around and about. The auto took a bit of getting used to as neither of us had ever driven one, but would probably not go back now to manual. If anybody has specific questions ask away.
  15. Hi. We tow a Elddis Affinity 554 with a Kia Sportage 2. 0 AWD auto. Before we bought the Sportage we checked all the weights and it came out at 83%. We've towed 6 times since we bought it and it tows really well. Out of curiosity I thought I'd do the calculation on Towcar Info and while the figures came out as expected the description and star ratings were terrible. Somebody doing this with no experience of Sportages probably wouldn't have bought one. So how accurate are they? This is what it said :- Weight The risk of snaking at higher speeds, strong side winds and thoughtless driving exist. Even if the combination normally feels stable, the forces by deflection side to side are so great that it could be dangerous. Only if the driver has knowledge of and experience in driving a caravan it should be safe to drive. Proper and careful loading is essential! An electronic stability system in the car and / or on the caravan is recommended.
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