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  1. frazerg

    Kia sorento Spare wheel

    I know it's a different car but the handbook for our 2018 sportage says you can't tow with a space saver so I sourced an alloy off e'bay and put a demo tyre on it the same as the rest of the tyres. It would be worth checking the Sorrento handbook
  2. frazerg

    Scottish Holiday

    Thanks for all the good advice. Taking Ancell's point about 7 days being too long at Sango Sands and going to Thurso as well, while we're up there, is it best to go straight up there then cross over to Sango past Dounreay . Is this route ok for towing. Then we could use BG's route going south to North Ledaig.
  3. frazerg

    Scottish Holiday

    Hi, Google Maps route is to go on A9, A836 then A838 for Sango sands. The A838 looks single track. Is there a better route up than this. When we tour in the UK we average 40 mph including stops, this gives us a 280 mile range per days travelling. Obviously single track will slow us down so how long do you think it will take us.
  4. frazerg

    Scottish Holiday

    Hi All, We've always had a hankering to go on holiday to the top of mainland Scotland. To do this we're thinking of stopping off at Blair Drummond for 3 nights then going to Sango Sands Oasis, Durness for 7 nights. Then down to North Ledaig for 4 nights and then stopping off at the Lake District on the way home for 3 nights. Does anybody see a problem with the selected sites, distances involved for a days travel preferably 9-4, We're not interested in the NC500 but wont want to get mixed up with it especially towing. Any help or suggestions most appreciated before we book. Thanks
  5. frazerg

    Folding campers/caravans

    We had a Pennine Pullman for 8 years before we turned to caravans. We were lucky that we could dry it in our garage if we packed it wet. Were they come into there own is with a large family, we had 3 children so everybody could sleep inside . The awning could then be used as a play room, dining room or lounge. We had the awning extension as well that served as a toilet tent. On 1 site somebody said it was the size of a small bungalow. The downside is a shorter season because they are harder to heat. We loved our breaks in it but when the kids no longer wanted to come and we fancied more comfort we changed to caravans. It doesn't matter what you go away in regards to enjoying yourself.
  6. frazerg

    SPORTAGE 2. 0 AUTO 4WD 2017/18

    We changed to a 2018 Sportage GT line Auto 134bhp AWD in January. We've towed to the French alps and 4 holidays in the UK . It returns about 28 mpg towing and about 33 mpg solo. We cannot fault it for both towing and driving around and about. The auto took a bit of getting used to as neither of us had ever driven one, but would probably not go back now to manual. If anybody has specific questions ask away.
  7. frazerg

    How accurate is Towcar Info

    Hi. We tow a Elddis Affinity 554 with a Kia Sportage 2. 0 AWD auto. Before we bought the Sportage we checked all the weights and it came out at 83%. We've towed 6 times since we bought it and it tows really well. Out of curiosity I thought I'd do the calculation on Towcar Info and while the figures came out as expected the description and star ratings were terrible. Somebody doing this with no experience of Sportages probably wouldn't have bought one. So how accurate are they? This is what it said :- Weight The risk of snaking at higher speeds, strong side winds and thoughtless driving exist. Even if the combination normally feels stable, the forces by deflection side to side are so great that it could be dangerous. Only if the driver has knowledge of and experience in driving a caravan it should be safe to drive. Proper and careful loading is essential! An electronic stability system in the car and / or on the caravan is recommended.
  8. frazerg

    Discussion on Auto box design

    Can I ask if anyone knows what autobox is in our 2017 Kia Sportage 2. 0L . I know its a conventional 6 speed box but what make is it? and how good. Thanks
  9. frazerg

    Beaconsfield Travellers

    You are quite correct, it is used by both north and south.
  10. For anyone using the Beaconsfield services going north on the M40 don't. We pulled into the caravan area only to find it full of travellers, all unhitched and with them all sat around their vans. Wife took a quick toilet break while I stayed in the van and we moved on to Oxford services. There was no way we were going to leave the caravan and use the services with them there.
  11. frazerg

    Lights for France

    I saw that in the handbook but it also said "if fitted" . When I scrolled through the lights menu the option to do it was missing, perhaps it's on more upmarket models than mine. Anyway I phoned Kia and they said all I had to do was to adjust the light levelling stitch to position 3 and it's then ok.
  12. frazerg

    Lights for France

    Er, I have and it contradicts itself in the two sections its mentioned. So I thought somebody might now if not I'll phone Kia tomorrow.
  13. frazerg

    Lights for France

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if we need to alter the lights on our 2017 Kia Sportage Gt line for driving in France. If we do is it alterable in the car or do you have to apply converters on the lights themselves Thanks
  14. frazerg

    Insurance Rip Off

    It's the punishing of the innocent financially that really rankles with us. I bet nobody can think of anything as unfair as this in any other industry.
  15. frazerg

    Insurance Rip Off

    Hi, I've just had my car insurance renewal through. It had gone up to 355 pounds from last years 192 pounds, some of which can be put down to changing our car . I went on Compare the Market and to my surprise the company I'm with are quoting the lowest at 233 pounds. I gave them a ring and after them doing a bit of research they said I hadn't declared a accident my wife had in our car. I said that because it wasn't her fault and we'd claimed directly off the third parties insurance and that they'd paid up that it shouldn't affect our renewal. After they looked if they could improve on the renewal they came up with 261 pounds which is better but what really annoyed us was that without the no fault claim we could have had it for 233 pounds quoted on Compare the Market. This seems terrible to us and a right rip off as we are being punished financially for something that was not our fault and didn't cost our insurance company anything. Like I told them it's like asking the innocent party in court to do some of the jail time for the guilty. Is it worth complaining to anybody or is it a waste of time. Sorry pound symbol not working on keyboard