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  1. rinty


    Thanks all. Lights aren’t flickering so thinking more likely a power supply problem. Fuse was badly corroded but cleaned it and still no luck. Wondering if the fuse holder is as bad as the fuse was.
  2. rinty


    Toilet in our challenger 570 stopped flushing last weekend. I checked the fuse in the cassette holder and although corroded its fine. Cleaned it but still no power. are any of the fuses on the main panel specifically for the toilet? any other suggestions welcome thanks
  3. Thanks for the responses - the polite ones anyway! The manual does indeed say that the water temperature cannot be altered. What I was hoping for was some ‘hidden’ method of adjusting whatever type of thermostat is used. Not a serious enough issue to start fitting thermostatic valve though. Thanks all.
  4. It’s a truma ultrastore rapid and yes the caravan does have mixer taps. Still no need for it to be as hot as it is - could cause burns.
  5. Water temperature in my caravan is really hot. The caravan is a 2011 Swift Challenger 570 but I’d imagine that the water heater is common to many caravans. Is there any way to turn down the thermostat?
  6. rinty

    BMW 630GT

    I’ve had many repaired over the years. Most punctures are not catastrophic blowouts but more likely a nail or screw. Air leaks out slowly and the first sign is the low pressure warning light. Pull into nearest filling station, top pressure up and carry on carefully until you can get it fixed. my second BM was a franchised dealer demostrater. With 3000 miles on it. after about a year I got a puncture and was getting it fixed. Mechanic took off the tyre and there were 2 repairs already in it !
  7. rinty

    BMW 630GT

    I’ve taken the runflats off my current 330d. Quieter and softer. RFT’s aren’t as expensive as they used to be and also they can be repaired providing you haven't driven miles on them while flat.
  8. rinty

    BMW 630GT

    Yep - around £200 per corner depending on brand! then again in 2007 I got a new 320d with 18” runflats and the cost of new tyres for it was about £175 - 13 years ago
  9. rinty

    BMW 630GT

    It’s a 630d that I’m considering. 3l straight 6. There is also a 2.0 l but seems a bit small for such a large car. In the petrol models the 630 is actually a 2.0l everyone seems to love them (same as 5gt) but seemingly few buy them?
  10. Thanks again. Fitted now and you’re right about the length of the screws. Got them at 20mm and they’re still far too long. protruding under the bed and inside the padded headboard - will sort with shorter screws. rail is a great job though.
  11. rinty

    BMW 630GT

    Long shot I know but has anyone bought and tow with a BMW 630 GT? looking at one at the minute - big car and really good value at a couple of years old. The looks may be a bit ‘controversial’
  12. Had a bit of a toilet issue earlier - basically overfilled leading to spillage when I pulled out the cassette. in the middle of this ‘event’ there was some sort of leak from under the toilet onto the floor inside. Can the inside cover of the toilet be removed to clean behind it properly?
  13. Thanks Eddie. I’m looking at one of these and at 55 it should be just about OK
  14. I have a 2011 challenger 570. It’s currently on a seasonal pitch approx 60 miles away. i was wondering if anyone is either in theirs or has it parked outside could take a look in the bathroom and see if a heated towel rail 550mm wide would fit on the wall backing onto the bed where the small towel holder is? im going up to the caravan next week and would buy one and fit it when I’m there if I thought that it would fit. should have measured it myself before I last left it. Thanks
  15. Have also seen lots of videos with the Q series having disposable cylinders attached - are there different models/specs of it? Photo below of Q series from Weber website - describes disposable canister and you can just about see the built in regulator. still doesn’t help😪 should have bought one of the cheap gas portables at about 1/5 th the price that look the same!
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