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    Thanks for your replies. I was told to disconnect the battery because of the alarm system so will do that and hope for the best. Thanks again Brian
  2. meddyliol


    We are going to Canada for four months and will be putting the caravan into storage. My problem is what to do with the battery, I have no means of keeping it topped up so will have to disconnect it and leave it to its own devices. The battery was new last November but do not know how much damage, if any, will be caused if it is left. Any other advice with reference to storage would be appreciated. It will be at the Green Crest storage facility near Weston Super Mare. Thanks Brian
  3. I am on pitch 61 (they were on pitch 66)and to get to the water/bins they have to go between pitches 61 & 62 then climb a small fence so there is no way that it is a path. The site is excellent with very good facilities and only 10-15 minutes to the dunes and beach. Pitches 61 & 62 are quite close to the toilets etc. Anyway, the reprobates only stayed one night. Cheers Brian
  4. Thanks a lot for your mostly sensible answers.
  5. I am sure that this topic has been brought up before bit how can I stop someone from taking a shortcut through my pitch? Where I am at the moment (Hurn Lane Caravan Club site) there are two caravans with a narrow strip of grass between then. A couple just stroll through to get to the watering hole. I realise that they would have to expend a large amount of energy by waking 20 yards further. I do not want to cause a major argument but cannot let it go either. What's the sensible thing to do? Are there rules about this sort of behaviour? Thanks Brian
  6. Thanks again. I cannot get a refund as it was given to me when I bought a new Caravan. I will have a go at the milk bottle though. Cheers Brian
  7. Thanks for your answers. I have swapped the two caps over with no effect. Dosen't that prove that it isn't the cap? I will try some PTFE tape but am not holding my breath. Will take it back to Highbridge Caravans next time I am near them. Cheers Brian
  8. I have a Royal Aquarius Water Carrier which is only about four months old. When I fill it up and stand it on its end, the water leaks out of the side filler. I have tightened it as much as I can to no avail. Does anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks Brian
  9. meddyliol


    Thanks for your answers. As stated in my question my Lunar uses the Alko-ATC system. I use a Milenco nose weight gauge which is fairly new (three months). I am moving from the Waterrow site in the morning and going to the C&C site at Minehead. I will check the noseweight before I leave and if possible try and get it just under the Volvo limit of 90kg. Thanks again Brian
  10. meddyliol


    I have a 2011 Lunar Clubman SE pulled by a Volvo V70. The Volvo has a noseweight of 90kg. The other day I set the caravan noseweight to about 90kg, the Alko-ATC green light was on. I was passing a large lorry on the Motorway at 60mph when I had a very uncomfortable feeling, I looked in the mirror and could plainly see the van starting to sway. It scared the life out of me. Slowing down cleared the problem. My question is, if the cars noseweight is whatever it is (in my case 90kg) should the vans noseweight be as near as dammit the same? or should it be whatever the vans noseweight is? I believe the noseweight on a Lunar Clubman SE is about 104kg. Does that mean that I should go with the lower of the two figures i. e. 90kg? I do not believe the rear of the van is overloaded so I cannot understand why it snaked. One other question, is it normal to experience a slight push pull effect when towing? Thanks Brian
  11. Thanks a lot for your answers. I will order one today. Thanks again Brian
  12. I am considering getting a Towsure Portico Plus to use instead of my full awning. According to their blurb the awning is only suitable for vans from 230 to 245cm high. I have a 2011 Lunar Clubman SE which Lunar states as being 265cm high. I measured it from the rail to the floor at 244cm. Does this mean that this awning will fit? What height are Lunar on about? Is it from the floor to the top of the aerial? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Brian
  13. The thing is, if it is left for while it works again. Doesn't this suggest that it isn't the regulator. As I am a newby at this, what regulator are you talking about? The one on the gas cylinder or does the oven have a regulator as well? Another problem I have which is unrelated is when we move site and try and put the radio on it doesn't work. It takes a number of taking the front on and off before it works. I have just moved to a site in Somerset and I cannot get it to work. Cheers Brian
  14. Thanks for your reply. I think the regulator is OK. The van has been fine so far. We are at Dornafield in Devon at the moment and at one time there were three clubmans on site at the same time. One has had no problems to speak of, the other on the night they were leaving, the Alde heating stopped working. The fluid level had disappeared. I have had no real problems with the heating after having to top up a few times when it was new, it does get very warm and was down to -9 at times (the outside temperature not the heating). The only other thing and this seems to be common, is the centre front blind right hand side bottom plastic thing (technical term)came off. I reported it to Highbridge Caravans where I bought it from and they sent a fitter to me to fix it. I was only five miles from them at the time. It is still not quite right so will have a word with them next week when I am back in the area, there is supposed to be a modification of some description. We have never had a caravan before, we had a motorhome before that, so am on a fairly steep learning curve. No, we haven't had any real issues so touch wood, it stays the same. Cheers Brian
  15. Has anyone had the same problem as we have with our 2011 Lunar Clubman SE Cooker? After the grill has been on for about 10 minutes the gas goes off and will only relight if the knob is held in, not a very good idea to do this. Is there some sort of safety feature on it? Cheers Brian
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