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  1. The information posted from JLR may well be correct. However JLR and all manufacturers are suffering similar issues with DPF and Oil Dilution. I have a full size Disco5 which is also supposed to suffer the same issues. I only drive short distances normally and have experienced the oil dilution issue. However JLR have been very good and always done free oil and filter changes without issue or cost to me. Furthermore they have now done a software patch which has totally resolved the issue. At the end of the day if the car is new and under warranty what is the issue, LR certainly look after
  2. I tow with a D5 and have towed with D3 and D4's and there is certainly a difference. However the difference is not noticeable and certainly no different to the towing between my D3 and D4. The one time I do notice a difference is when I put two bikes on the back of the caravan and there is a difference then. However if you match the nose weight properly even when the bikes are on the back it is stable
  3. Think there are a few things in relation to this. For us we go to Europe a lot and the cost to hire a suitable tow car would be excessive Also as others have said getting a suitable one at short notice may prove difficult. We are fortunate we have a small car that I use for work so the SUV does not get driven on a daily basis Just a couple of other thoughts If we imposed suitable taxes on large container ships/tankers etc they would quickly start to make them more efficient and better for the environment. It is said that one super tanker produces more pollutants
  4. Bridge Farm at Appledore, does not have a shower block or electric but does have toilets and facility to charge batteries. Easy access to East Sussex and Rye or Kent area, also close to channel tunnel fr trip across the water if you fancy
  5. Milenco now do a specific pad for the later Land Rover Discovery and RRS mirrors which is supposed to overcome the issue. They work fairly well but if you get an old bike inner tube and cut it into small lengths and place this over the fixed part of the clamp this makes them less slippery and they stay put much better.
  6. Dont think so, I have friends who were assistant wardens and they were employed by the club The prices do seem to be getting to a point where people feel they are extraordinarily high. You can go more and more to many private sites that are cheaper, cleaner and offer better facilities. Quickest way to reverse this is to all vote with our feet and NOT renew membership On the same lines the few times we have used CMC sites recently the sites have been very empty wit the exception of bank holidays when they tend to be full
  7. We have done it twice when the kids were younger. First time we went out for dinner, second time we brought a small roast from I think M&S the type where the meat and veg are all in one tin. Both were great trips with the second one snowing heavily which really made it special
  8. It depends on what you want and your budget. Freelanders are great tow cars but starting to get a little old now. I have had Discovery 3/4 and now 5 and loved them all. All have had so issues but I have always been looked after by LR and the issues have been no worse than other makes. In fact I had more issues with a Ford Galaxy than I had with two Discoveries. Currently I have a Discovery 5 3ltr and it tows our TA Swift with no problems, fuel economy is good now it as over 20K on the clock and solo I regularly see 36 plus towing it is around he 25 mark
  9. Bailey had one of their outback caravans on display at the NEC two/three years ago, there was massive interest in it and many people wanted to place orders but they were not taking any just publicity stunt. As forWild Camping, I would say the opposite, I believe there is more and more going on possibly with things like roof tents currently but that is only down to the lack of suitable caravans. I also know several people who have built their own trailers for exactly this as they could not get a caravan for it
  10. Unfortunately the club has lost its way and is now an over priced poorly run club in my view. It a shame that they do not remember where the roots are and what they are supposed to be with regards to their members
  11. Freelander at your budget all the way
  12. I have seen XC90's, Q7's X5's and various other 4x4 all stopped by wet grass with the caravan on the back but so far have always been able to get off the field with the Disco, may just have been lucky but never missed a ferry yet
  13. I have a pro tech cover brand new that we were given with our Swif Elegance 645 open to offers if it fits your Conqueror 645
  14. A few thoughts and things. How long ago did you buy the caravan? Was it Bailey dirrectly who said kick the tyre or was it the Bailey Dealer you brought the caravn from? How many times has this happened and how many times have you contacted the dealer and they have come out. As others have said you may be on to a hiding to nothing as you knew there were faults with brakes but still choose to use it.
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