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  1. Yep, drove too fast once but never felt the need to spout off about it, and why should, I did wrong, got told off, moved on. You really don't know me, but yes, I've had enough of your pathetic rhetoric. Let's drop it. Time to move on agreed.
  2. Fun !! You surprise me. I do take life seriously, I'll only have one so I'll make the most of it and try to enjoy everything I cram into it, I don't go looking for fault in people, I don't go noseing in other peoples property, I don't whinge about little things like what machinery is being used on site, how many heaters are being used wherever, I don't try to change the purpose of a thread from a complaining manner into a "wind up" after 99% of respondents voice opposition to your comments. I do actively promote caravanning, all it's good points, the 2 main clubs, their staff, their faciliti
  3. That's exactly how I and more or less everybody else sees it. I'm surprised you didn't ask about the tractor
  4. Your threads bang on about bad wardens, why are you a Caravan Club member ?
  5. Have used many CC sites and have only met grumpy wardens on very few occasions, but heyho, everyone in every walk of life can have an off day, even me (so I'm told !!)
  6. Pay the excess required by credit card, thus causing no hardship. If your case is as clear cut as you say you will receive a reimbursement plus interest charged. If you don't have a credit card then apply for one from your bank, the credit limit can be set at the same amount as the excess, usually sorted the same day.
  7. For the record, which site is this referring to? How very sloppy of the relief wardens to tell a stranger that somebody who's property is not exactly secure is away for a week, but I really don't think that's the case !!!! Seems to me like a perfect example of a typical Nosey Parker who should be minding his own business. Probably the 1st to have a good moan at somebody looking into his caravan. Shame on you.
  8. A up the warden wardens are about. As said above it's there home, most wardens only sleep in their caravan and live in the awning, unlike tourists who sleep and live in the caravan during winter, I bet the heating is on in your caravan whilst you're out playing Nosey Parker. For the record how do you know they're both off site?
  9. Upon arrival at CC site last Friday I was told that I couldn't stay if there were grumpy adults, noisy children or nappyless dogs in the green oval towing a dirty van containing an Avtex TV with a busted aerial, a BBQ or cadac, a computer used to log onto the CC website and an Isabella awning. I had a great weekend. 'Twas cold tho, I had a problem with alde heating, had water pouring in the all the seals and windows, I didn't know weather to use 1 or 2 aquarolls, the mover packed up, I'm now overweight and have started smoking. It started off bad because I aimed to arrive at 10 but arrived
  10. Nah, just wouldn't be the same, I rely on the tugging, to and fro ing, bickering, total fall that results in the silent "I'm not talking to you anymore" look that comes with threading the awning, it's the only way I get some peace and quiet when it's all set up. Hats off to the fella tho, he's found a problem, thought about it and found a solution. Ideal for solo caravanners.
  11. We arrive on the 28th for new year, love it, our favourite site.
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