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    The M6!

    Well, from me, another post completely unrelated to the OP, but I have just spent a really nice 10 days at a superb 25 pitch fully serviced site in Dorset. I'm not going to say where it is (not near the M6) because I don't want you lot piling in. And mods, please don't delete this post because it's just as valid as the other moans and groans that preceded it.
  2. OWOMW

    So am I evil!

    Even better than an adults only site is an adults only and no dogs site. Pure bliss at the one we stayed at in Cornwall in July.
  3. OWOMW

    So am I evil!

    9pm is plenty late enough for normsl children to be out and about. Besides, it starts getting dark then.
  4. You can find Approved Workshop service engineers in your area at Approved Workshop Scheme although it would be worth asking for a recommendation for an AWS local to you on this forum. A full service should cost about £200.
  5. It's probably an aftermarket replacement of the strip. Problem is the strip stretches when you fit it in the rail, and then after a while it shrinks back to its normal length. Best to buy oversize length and leave a good piece hanging down either end, and only trim back to 5cm protruding after a couple of weeks. You need to make sure you get exactly the right width of hertzim so use calipers to measure the old piece. Hertzim is also known as "screw cover strip". Places to get it from: Leisureshopdirect.com, sealsdirect.co.uk, ebay, caravan accessory shops. Or just google "hertzim strip" and you will also find some useful videos.
  6. The toothed quadrant aka "saddle" is what you call the cog and is held in place by the screw. The knob on top of the cassette slides into this saddle when the cassette is inserted into the compartment As you can see it's very fiddly getting the screw back so it's best not to completely remove it when turning the saddle slightly for adjustment. You should't open or close the flap when sitting on the toilet - this can flex the toilet body slightly and cause the saddle to jump a couple of teeth.
  7. Bad luck unfortunately. I can't really say what it would take to get it fixed but you could probably live with it. It's most likely caused by the hertzim strip (rubber strip in awning rail) being too short - it should extend 5cm below the bottom of the awning rail so that drips fall to the ground rather than running underneath the caravan.
  8. The Scottish company is likely to be Fraser Brown Engineering - they refurbish AL-KO axles. I agree with Plodders - that stub axle needs to be checked out.
  9. And pray tell, what value did you add ?
  10. An empty 6kg Calor propane weighs 9kg.
  11. Well I tried searching for CLs with fully serviced and that filter is not available, unless by fully serviced you mean EHU.
  12. EMUKs are not available for Land Rover, otherwise I would consider shelling out for some. Despite what others say about them I find the view from Grand Aeros very blurred.
  13. It would be useful if there was an on/off switch on the solar controller but there isn't. Disconnecting one of the wires from the controller could mean the wire dropping down out of reach behind a panel.
  14. Whilst towing the car insurance only covers the caravan for third party damage, not accidental damage, so the car insurer doesn't need to know about the value of the van or its contents.
  15. No. Don't change the regulator. The bulkhead regulator can cope with both propane and butane as already identified by LITW.
  16. We answered this question yesterday. See ANSWER
  17. Pressure switch instructions HERE
  18. If you're desperate you could always wrap a few rashers of bacon in clingfilm and stash them under the car battery
  19. The BEV lead over Hydrogen Fuel Cells in private transport stems partly from the ready availability of 18650 lithium cells (AA size ish), which have been used in laptops and similar for yonks. Always seems silly to me having to connect up thousands of the things to get enough juice. However, I don't know what sort of batteries Elon Mush provides in his vehicles.
  20. Yes I do, not that I use contactless much.
  21. He will store the van in a barn during the winter and doesn't really want to take some step ladders with him to cover up the panel before removing the battery. Is there a separate fuse for the solar panel that he could pull ? The alternative is to fit a switch between the PV array and the controller, but that could be a bit untidy.
  22. Friend of mine, not a forum member, has just acquired a 2016 Bailey Unicorn Seville, It's fitted with a 100 watt Truma solar panel. He was wondering whether he needed to take any precautions when removing the leisure battery. His previous van was a Fleetwood and there was a warning in the battery box to disconnect the solar panel before removing the battery. Any advice ?
  23. I got mine renewed very recently and it took less than 2 weeks - I did it online. I didn't have any medical enquiries.
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