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  1. Not in the UK you can't. It needs to be a commercial vehicle (over 3500kg GVW).
  2. Double check that you are testing the correct pins - 13 pin socket diagrams can be viewed from front or back.
  3. You could use these two adaptors to convert your existing propane POL male to a snap-on butane connector. https://www.gasproducts.co.uk/regulators/cylinder-adaptors-connectors/propane-pol-to-butane-adaptor.html https://www.gasproducts.co.uk/regulators/cylinder-adaptors-connectors/21mm-lpg-cylinder-adaptor.html
  4. Personally I would need to be assured that the 'on the drive' fitter knows about jacking up caravans without causing chassis damage.
  5. This staycation nonsense is a pain. We were at Dornafield in Devon over the last week and the site was pretty full. On Monday we had wanted to have a day out in Salcombe but having spent an hour getting there on poor Devon roads we found all the car parks were full, with cars driving round in circles looking for a spot. The sooner foreign package tours restart the better is what we are thinking.
  6. Leave the motor mover question to one side for the moment, and research the tow vehicle you will need to pull a van with body length in excess of 7 metres. It will need a gross vehicle weight of more than 3500 kg.
  7. OWOMW


    The issue with rotational tyres is the spare wheel - it can only be used on one side of the vehicle.
  8. The fridge will only work on 12v when connected to the car with the engine running. There can be a problem if the car has a 'smart' alternator, and this has been covered elsewhere on the forum.
  9. Google yields a few more historic incidents on this section of road.
  10. OWOMW


    Any service worth its salt will remove the wheels and inspect the tyres and comment on age and condition.
  11. The best road, albeit the longest, is to stay on the A49 till it reaches the A40 near Ross. The next best route is to cut the corner off by taking the A4137 after Harewood end to join the A40 near Symonds Yat. This is a slightly winding and undulating road but still quite towable. The worst route, albeit the shortest, is to turn off the A49 at Kingsthorne and take the A466 directly to Monmouth. This is not an easy road to drive and when you approach Monmouth there are delays due to parked cars in residential areas. However, check the status of the road works on the A40 southboun
  12. And you will need a beefy torque wrench to tighten the bolts - 214 Nm.
  13. My satnav (Tomtom) gives visual and audio warning 1.5 miles before a motorway exit. This normally allows time to get into the nearside lane in plenty of time, unless there is a rolling roadblock of bumper to tail trucks.
  14. Exceeding the manufacturers towing limit may not be illegal but IMHO it will invalidate your insurance in the event of an accident. The insurance company is compelled to pay for third party damages, but they will recover their costs from the policyholder.
  15. Briggs & Stratton sell a product called Fuel Fit which is designed to keep the petrol fresh. I use it in my petrol lawnmower which doesn't get used November to April most years, and it usually starts at the beginning of the season.
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