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  1. On my van when I connect it to the car, other than the fridge none of the 12 volt appliances operate.
  2. OWOMW

    A change of voltmeter

    Very tidy job
  3. Stayed at CP in 2019 for the London Marathon. Nightmare journey from the M4 and round the south circular - never again.
  4. +1 for Sabrelink. Got ours from Attwoolls. 48 leds is plenty.
  5. I had various problems with my van lights last year, mostly of an intermittent nature. Brake lights wouldn't always work and a front sidelight would only work if the plug was wiggled. I replaced the caravan 13 pin plug and the problems went away.
  6. Surely W3W needs a phone signal to operate. Even if it uses the phone GPS to generate the words themselves you need to be able to communicate the 3 words to someone in order to be located.
  7. Below is an indication of what things can weigh. There is no substitute for weighing everything that goes in the van - I use fishing scales and laundry bags (IKEA bags), but weights of the very heavy items are obtained from manufacturers specs. The list applies to 2 adults on a long continental holiday, so you may not need so much clothing/bedding/towels for shorter trips. The awning, BBQ, tool kit, caravan jack, hitchlock, spares box all live in the boot of the car. ItemKg
  8. Be aware that pressure switch adjusment is sensitive to voltage. A 12 volt battery normally privides about 12.6 volts, wheras on EHU the battery charger might well provide 13.6 volts, or more. It's best to do the adjustment with the most comman usage of the 12 volt sytem (normally EHU).
  9. The LP version doesn't need a regulator if you use a caravan gas point. There will be a lefthand thread brass gas connector to go on the end of the hose or you could get a handwheel. Cadac Handwheel
  10. What's the status of the leisure battery ? What's the status of the handset battery ?
  11. Yes, good news. Now waiting to see if CMC do the same
  12. If you need to replace a tube take a look at Replace Vango Tube Also, you can browse their awnings by year to find the size of tube you need (and buy if desired). Vango Spares
  13. Normally one key opens all of the locks, so I don't know why you got 5 keys unless they were duplicates.
  14. My experience of erecting our Vango Kalhari is that it is a 2 person job. One to feed into the rail and the other to pull the fabric along. It does get easier with use because the kador strip starts to soften and becomes more flexible.
  15. With a 1000kg MTPLM caravan the car's plated gross vehicle weight (not kerbweight, or actual weight) is limited to 2500kg.
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