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  1. You definitely don't need water in the system to run the heating. Somewhere in the manual it gives an indication of how much gas is used and someone will be along soon to confirm this. The leisure battery will see a slight drain when the circulation pump is being run, so keep an eye on its state of charge.
  2. No - I refuse to spend time Googling Rita Ora to find out her claim to fame. Life's too short.
  3. In my battery box there is a warning message in red capitals about disconnecting the solar panel before disconnecting the battery. I choose to obey that instruction.
  4. The risk in not disconnecting/covering the solar panel before diconnecting the battery is not from any sparking, It's the 20+ volts the panel will feed into your caravan electrics when they only normally receive about 13 volts.
  5. Another tyre to consider - Michelin Cross Climate SUV. Very quiet and long life, but probably not so good off road. I'm very pleased with mine having had Goodyear HP Wranglers previously. Be aware they are directional tyres so a spare tyre would need to be non-directional.
  6. If your system is indeed Nordelettronica then before calling out an electrician heed Brecon's advice and have a word with Apuljack Engineering. It will help if you do this from the van because they may want you to carry out some checks.
  7. Sainsburys is still showing delivery slots from 9th November, but nothing this coming week. We've got a pre-booked delivery coming tomorrow (we shop fortnightly) so it will be interesting to see what actually turns up after the shelves have been scavenged.
  8. OWOMW


    I've used Silky with great success to remove all the gunge on my caravan roof, which is painted aluminium. It's best to apply with a damp foam pad and wash off with tap water. The Meguiars foam pads are good for doing this and can be rinsed out afterwards. Meguiars Foam Pads at Amazon
  9. On my van when I connect it to the car, other than the fridge none of the 12 volt appliances operate.
  10. OWOMW

    A change of voltmeter

    Very tidy job
  11. Stayed at CP in 2019 for the London Marathon. Nightmare journey from the M4 and round the south circular - never again.
  12. +1 for Sabrelink. Got ours from Attwoolls. 48 leds is plenty.
  13. I had various problems with my van lights last year, mostly of an intermittent nature. Brake lights wouldn't always work and a front sidelight would only work if the plug was wiggled. I replaced the caravan 13 pin plug and the problems went away.
  14. Surely W3W needs a phone signal to operate. Even if it uses the phone GPS to generate the words themselves you need to be able to communicate the 3 words to someone in order to be located.
  15. Below is an indication of what things can weigh. There is no substitute for weighing everything that goes in the van - I use fishing scales and laundry bags (IKEA bags), but weights of the very heavy items are obtained from manufacturers specs. The list applies to 2 adults on a long continental holiday, so you may not need so much clothing/bedding/towels for shorter trips. The awning, BBQ, tool kit, caravan jack, hitchlock, spares box all live in the boot of the car. ItemKg
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