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  1. Clouds and cuckoos springs to mind.
  2. Compared with manual manoeuvering it's less likely that damage will be caused if a mover is deployed. And in fact a mover will also prevent a van running away downhill.
  3. Forget an inverter for running the heating. When not connected to EHU use gas for heating.
  4. Usually the need to recalibrate a pressure switch is due to changing 12v supply voltage. At rest a battery is about 12.7 volts, but when connected to EHU and on charge it will be 13.6 volts or more.
  5. Thetford are good at toilets and Dometic are good at fridges, but not vice versa.
  6. Given the convenience factor that's not a bad price for effectively 3 kg of gas.
  7. We barbecue a lot when on long continental trips and my 2.7kg Campingaz lasted 3 seasons, including back garden usage with a Stellia lantern at bonfire parties.
  8. Normally we only use half a 6kg bottle of Calor propane in a 6 week continental trip, so instead of a second Calor we take a Campingaz 907 as a spare, and for the BBQ. A 907 contains 2.7kg gas. I bought a 907 refill in Spain three years ago and replaced it in October for 21.75 €, which is far less than the £35 being asked in the UK.
  9. None with mine either, but I never travel as a passenger in it. I bet most people would be a bit queasy if they were on this cruise liner off Norway. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47680055
  10. I've used a Pyramid Chock master for a number of years and it's a good piece of kit. As someone ^^ said you only need one for a single axle van. They now sell under the Streetwize brand. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Streetwize-LWACC33-Chock-Master-Full/dp/B00BP9TDL2
  11. Fronting up to these scumbags could be taking a risk, even if you are big and/or ex services. There's no telling what physical skills or weapons they may have, so best to record the details and report to the appropriate bodies.
  12. I've finished my second bag of popcorn - remind what the score is currently.
  13. So, are you still selecting the temperature boost (tap icon) ?
  14. If you need a technician try the Approved Workshop Scheme, a lot of them are mobile. Full service will cost about £200. https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/find-approved-workshop This is the AWS service schedule http://www.cmsmobile.co.uk/documents/caravan-service-sheet.pdf
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