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  1. Well, she has done the honourable thing and resigned. Edit: I just can't think what was going through her mind to justify her earlier actions - to be Chief Medical Officer means she was highly intelligent. If people like her behave like this what hope is there.
  2. Vitamin D is good for bones. Not as bad as it used to be but children with low vitamin D can get rickets. You can get vitamin D from: Salmon Herring and sardines Cod liver oil (yuk!) Canned tuna Egg yolks Mushrooms
  3. The survey is also interested to hear about people who are feeling OK and not exhibiting any symptoms.
  4. As and when the impact of this virus starts to reduce, the priority will be to get the means of production going again rather than opening up holiday camps.
  5. The second car VED is £20 per year (Polo 1.2 tsi blue motion petrol), so nothing really to be saved by SORN, whereas my tug is £555. I'm insured with SAGA so will get in touch.
  6. Good point - I was thinking along the same lines, so I would want re-taxing to be a simple click of the button. I would still want to be covered for at least fire and theft. Yes, there's plenty of time, and nice to know that the re-tax is instant.
  7. I'm thinking of doing a SORN on my car. My car has a high rate of VED and I can't see it being used anytime soon, so I could get a refund of £46.25 per month for remaining complete months (7 in my case). I've got space on my drive to do this because the caravan is still in storage, and my wife has a small petrol car if an emergency arises although as we are both over 70 neither car is being used currently - we get home deliveries of food and medicines. I have the car battery permanently charged via the tow electrics. The refund would be in the form of a cheque (how antiquated !) but my bank's website gives an address to use for depositing cheques. I've not yet discovered whether SORN will invalidate my car insurance - I need to keep it insured. Also, I'm not sure how quickly I could retax it when the time comes. Anyone else done this and am I being tight fisted ?
  8. The dilemma of deciding which casualty can best benefit from scant resources (triage) has been part and parcel of the life of battlefield medics since the year dot.
  9. On my regular local walks I'm often closely passed by runners and cyclists huffing and puffing. Vigorous exercise like cycling and running means you are breathing heavily and ejecting more droplets and aerosols of spit, which probably requires a separation of far more than 2 metres.
  10. The "surgical" masks worn by many people are pretty useless. You need a respirator mask that conforms to one of the international standards FFP2/FFP3 in Europe and N95/N99 in USA. You need to wash your hands thoroughly before putting the mask on, and before taking it off - otherwise the mask could get contaminated. Also, you need to be clean shaven - facial hair will reduce the seal of the mask to the face. Valved masks are more comfortable for the wearer because they don't get so hot, but the one way valve lets breath out so is OK for the wearer but not so safe for nearby individuals. 3M are recognised as an international manufacturer of quality masks. Here's a couple of links that might be educational Mask Comparison How to fit a 3M Aura mask
  11. Big deal. So poor little Johnny won't be able to ruin his teeth stuffing chocolate down his gob at Easter. I think there are a lot more important issues that need attention than some of the stuff journalists are pouncing on.
  12. I'm impressed how clean and tidy your boiler storage area is In the past I've had a problem with the breather valve - that is the red connector shown in your photos close to the boiler. It's designed to allow air in but not let water out, so is a one way valve. Air coming in is supplied via a clear neoprene tube that is routed through the floor of the caravan. This incoming air prevents a vacuum building up in the boiler which would reduce water flow. Over time the breather valve can become clogged and start to misbehave - the first signs are hot water dripping out of the neoprene tube under the van, and this drip will turn into a trickle .... The breather valve can usually be cleared by removing it (it's a John Guest fitting) and blowing into the air intake end, but in my case this didn't work so I had to clamp the air inlet tube with mole grips. I now carry a spare breather valve in the van, and it includes a neoprene air tube. It's the exact same part as used on Alde boilers.
  13. Consultants - you pay them a sack of money then they borrow your watch to tell you the time.
  14. I believe pharmacies receive a flat fee - per prescription, so they prefer to have more prescriptions. It's nothing to do with the value of the medicines in the prescription.
  15. My daughter's husband is a copper in Birmingham and it is mind boggling what he has to do to chase after and apprehend scumbags. He is very fit (ex footballer) so he is the team greyhound that catches them, but these creatures have no respect for law and order so will vigorously resist arrest, and they like to spit. My daughter is 8 months pregnant and is now working from home but I worry what her husband might bring home with him.
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