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  1. The Banner Energy Bull is a class act, but it's not sealed (I don't know about the Yuasa). This means that you have to maintain electrolyte level if you don't want to destroy the battery (guess how I know). You would need to periodically check the electrolyte level, and if needed remove the filler caps and top up with deionised water. Banner do a special screwdriver to remove the caps without damaging them, and this will be available from the likes of Tayna for about £15.
  2. Try caravan dealerships as well as listed Calor stockists.
  3. String through the awning rail can be stretchy, so use electrical flex or washing line instead. Alternatively use Isabella's search facility, it's very accurate. Isabella Edit: Unfortunately Isabella don't show an Abbey Expression
  4. Thanks for getting back and letting us know. Not everyone does.
  5. I can recommend one of these for a fridge thermometer. It has two wireless temperature probes. Oria Fridge Thermometer And you will need some lithium batteries for the probes. Energizer Lithium Batteries
  6. The pressure switch will be under the seating near to where the water from the pump enters the van. WhaleAdjustingyourpressureswitchb.pdf
  7. I've had a D4 HSE from new in 2011. It's done 60K miles of which half has been towing, mostly on long continental trips, and last year it had its first fault - a lazy air compressor. This cost £1000 to replace but was covered by Warranty Direct which I can highly recommend, and yes they do cover snapped cranks. I wouldn't consider getting a complex car like the D4 or Q7 without a decent extended warranty.
  8. People need to be prepared to be flexible instead of continually moaning about what the Govt has or has not done, and whether this has been done at the right time or not etc. etc. The Govt is now being criticised for acting too quickly over a quarantine for returning Jack & Jill Costas, whereas previously they were criticised for not acting quickly enough. Just stay adaptable and get on with it.
  9. When you say "dying" do you mean the mains or the battery ? Doe your friend have a manual for the caravan ? If not they could get a PDF version from the Fleetwood Owners Club for a fixed donation to the club.
  10. I suppose you could always wear a valved respirator, and a surgical mask on top. Might be a bit difficult to breathe though.
  11. I spurred off the 12 volt feed coming into the caravan from the leisure battery and installed a 20 amp cig lighter socket in the wet locker.
  12. Some folk lift the friction handle before reversing onto a pitch to facilitate the process.
  13. I think you'll find that WE, not just Boris, want independence, decided through a democratic process.
  14. The salt in washing up liquid is in solution, not crystalline, so won't act as an abrasive. It's actually sodium carbonate, not sodium chloride, and is good at removing grease and (unfortunately) wax.
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