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  1. Stayed at Les Capucines 2 weeks ago to get the early ferry back to Portsmouth. A nice lady in reception and easy access to the pitches she uses for overnight stays. The access code for the gate will be your birth date. A bit municipal but a very clean if outdated toilet block - paper provided but no seats (how very French). If you like sea food I can recommend La Moulerie on the corner of Avenue Pasteur opposite the Casino on the sea front.
  2. Make sure your D4 is at least 61 plate to get the superior 8 speed gearbox. Earlier ones were 6 speed. Source ? Brake pad replacement is subject to usage, and tail gate struts are hardly a fortune - try SGS Engineering. A tyre change at 45000 miles seems quite acceptable.
  3. What he ^^^ said. After a considerable journey and sometimes with delays and numpty drivers, I just want to check-in, pitch up, and get some refreshment. The last thing on my mind is wondering about "what ifs".
  4. Most CMC sites have a specified latest time of departure. A few times I have been asked to move because I'm blocking the exit for late leavers but I suddenlt get very deaf.
  5. Just for info my steel 14" spare wheel weighs in at 17kg. Being an older van with an out of business manufacturer I bit the bullet and took my van to a weighbridge to get a known starting point. I then weigh anything that is added to the van. It drives SWMBO up the wall.
  6. What I call the axle plate is at each outer end of the axle tube. The suspension/wheel hub slots into it and the chassis is bolted to it. The picture below shows an axle taken out of a chassis. The axle plate is the flat end with holes in it. Edit: With thanks to Fraser Brown Engineering for the photo.
  7. If we leave the EU under a withdrawal agreement (so called "deal") then nothing much will change till the end of the transition period in December 2020. If we leave without a "deal" then things will be very different.
  8. Bought from new my 2011 8 speed D4 is just coming up 60K miles, most of which has been spent lugging the caravan effortlessly around Europe. I get 22mpg towing but I didn't buy it for its fuel economy. It had it's first fault earlier this year - a lazy air suspension compressor, which cost £1000 to replace, paid for by Warranty Direct. I wouldn't run a car like this without a decent warranty.
  9. Get a 2015/2016 Discovery 4 HSE or similar. Euro 6 engine so reduced VED, and no worse than a Range Rover in terms of off-road capability and interior bling and comfort. Kerb weight is 2600kg so will tow just about any caravan safely. Register at Disco3.co.uk and ask for a D4 recommendation - in fact it can be a good place to buy one.
  10. To minimise weight an Al-Ko chassis is very flimsy so I would only use this sort of device under the axle plate and not the chassis. The problem is the caravan wheel hides the axle plate somewhat and makes the operation very difficult.
  11. You don't need Andy's surname. As Jaydug said it's your surname that is required.
  12. Sounds like you need a second opinion.
  13. I also achieved an excellent discount for the Caen crossing recently. Previously I had scrounged a discount code from helpful members on here and booked directly with BF. By including site vouchers when you book the crossing with CMC you get a significantly better deal.
  14. Problem with vented lead acid batteries is they need maintenance. Even though I regularly topped it up my Banner Energy Bull lost a cell after 5 years. I now have a Halfords AGM battery which is in fact a rebadged Yuasa. They are not cheap but I used a trade card to get 25% off. I have the exact same battery in my car. This One
  15. As it says in Jaydugs blog some of the pitches at Larrouleta are "grand comfort" and have water, drainage, and 10 amps electric, mostly on grass pitches but there are a few hard standings.But in low season the ACSI card rate for the grand comfort pitch is €22.50 compared to the standard pitch at €18, but these have no water or drainage and only 5amps electric. The restaurant at Larrouleta has been improved and the pizzas are excellent. I stayed for 2 nights last week on the way back from Portugal and Spain and have used the site several times.
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