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  1. Personally, I straddle the two lanes, engage cruise control, and drive at the speed limit as indicated by my satnag.
  2. When we stayed at Camp Eure in 2016 the shower facilities were quite grim but the location was nice. Little walk into the village for bread in the morning. Camping St Nicholas at Le Bec Hellouin was a much nicer site, with a good restaurant (in a marquee) and better shower facilities. It's not as convenient for the N154 but we only do autoroutes now when going down to Spain. If going south on the A28 there's a really nice municipal at Bernay.
  3. We used to use Bien Assise after driving 230 miles to Folkestone to catch the train, but the UK motorways are so busy that just a small shunt can cause horrendous delays especially on the M25/M26 end of it. We now stay overnight at Black Horse Farm and get an earlyish train - fortunately we have the time to be able to do this.
  4. I've moved mine with the legs still down. The plastic feet shattered into many pieces and bulleted away into the nearby shrubbery but no damage to the legs - won't be doing that again.
  5. And there's me thinking that I can leave a smart charger attached to my battery throughout the winter without killing it. I'm going to write to CTEK and complain
  6. ^^^ There's a risk that the caravan will shake itself to bits when fitting overspecced tyres - the tyres are too stiff for the weight they carry. I would have thought load index 95 would be right for a 1250kg single axle van. I agree with you on how good are the GT Maxmilers.
  7. Any use ? Avondale manuals Otherwise, Gordon might be able to help.
  8. There are a number of reasons for what you describe: - Tyre pressures - Noseweight - Caravan loading - Outfit match - worn out Al-Ko stabiliser So this could be a long discussion.
  9. For a battery to start gassing, thereby losing electrolyte, a charge in excess of 14.8 or 15.0 volts needs to be applied. A lot of caravans have "float" chargers that provide a constant voltage, normally in the 13.6 to 13.8 range, so no danger of overcharging, but you need a multimeter to check the voltage if you are experiencing gassing. At home I use a CTEK MXS-5 connected directly to the van battery, and turn the onboard charger off when connected to EHU at home. I do not use the conditioning phase on the charger because this introduces the gassing you are trying to avoid. Edit: And NEVER use the conditioning phase with an AGM battery because they have far less electrolyte than a normal flooded battery, and you can't top them up.
  10. Pundits trying to impress you with their use of new acronyms that we will have to learn: BEV, CSS connection, blah, blah blah. There's no doubt that electric cars are readily available and possibly new infrastructure is being dreamed up planned, so in 20 years everything will be hunky dory. I guess all those new Chinese coal fired power stations planned by 2030 will come in useful Cough, cough, cough
  11. Gas blowlamp followed by brake cleaner.
  12. There is a manufacturer's warning notice in my battery locker that requires the panel to be isolated before the battery is removed. A panel can generate 21 volts, and some 12 volt electronic equipment, like for instance the caravan control panel, may not like a voltage spike.
  13. This is trailer STABILITY assist. Land Rover Trailer Stability Assist
  14. Funny how Caravan Talk attracts new members when they are in distress - If you use butane in your van you should be able to get a jumbo adaptor locally Jumbo Adaptor If you are using propane in the van then you will need to swap the propane pigtail for a butane pigtail, AND get a jumbo adaptor Probably best to ask your campsite reception for directions to a local supplier.
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