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  1. My twopenneth: : My car is Euro5 but it has a smart alternator. You can spot its action if you observe the voltmeter - when the foot comes off the throttle the voltage goes up, and vice versa. :My CTEK charger will charge an AGM battery at 14.7 volts compared with 14.4 for a wet battery. :If the car's ECU has been configured correctly it will detect when a trailer is attached and will modify the alternator behaviour to accomodate the auxiliary battery.
  2. We stopped at Tordesillas and at Caceres on the way down and on the return, to Portugal back in September. Both are well positioned and acceptable campsites. For overnight stops we usually use the restaurant if available, and both of these sites are very good in this regard. For future reference the CMC list El Astral at Tordesillas and we got a huge discount on the BF crossing by adding two site night vouchers to our basket. The old city at Caceres is a gem of a place and previously we have used the bus to get there, but you have to cross a very scary pedestrian bridge by the football ground - I've no head for hights. Hope the weather picks up
  3. For those of you who use this stuff they are doing a 25% Black Friday discount. Free delivery if you spend more than £20. Greased Lightning
  4. If you are using butane in cold weather the boiler will definitely make "operating sounds". Sounds like a quiet scooter exhaust, and there will be black deposits appearing on the outside flue from incompletely combusted gas.
  5. Use a ciggy lighter socket voltmeter to monitor the alternator output. Voltage needs to be in the range 13.5 to 15.0. Ciggy Lighter Voltmeter at Amazon You might get one cheaper if you shop around.
  6. In order to promote more cycling our local council has adopted a policy of allowing cyclists to use the pavements on busy main roads into town. This is clearly much safer for cyclists but the poor pedestrians are put at great risk because the pavements are quite narrow,, and you can't hear cyclists approaching from behind due to the traffic noise but very few use any form of warning device. When the wife and I go out for a stroll we tend to walk side by side which increases the danger (and no, we ain't going to walk in single file).
  7. If the OP registered the awning with Vango when it was purchased there will be a 3 year warranty. One of the air beam outer bags, not the inner tube, on our Kalari split after a year. Vango replaced the entire awning but I dealt with the retailer Attwoolls. Edit: To be honest I would never get another air awning.
  8. The toggles for the bungee cord are known as "t-bars". I got mine from Amazon in the US last year - a pack of 100 was about £14 delivered to UK. Amazon.com T-Bars I bought 10m of 4mm grey shock cord from eBay EBay Shock Cord I used a crimping tool to fit the t-bars to each end of the cord. If your cord has broken you need to remove the cord from the other side of the chair to measure its length and also to figure out how it laces back up.
  9. If you are a member of the CMC and you will be making overnight stops, it's worth checking whether the club does suitable sites for your journey. By booking a couple of site night vouchers alongside the BF crossing there are significant discounts on offer from CMC.
  10. Also, pray that if you suffer a puncture that the spare tyre is suitable for that side of the car. When my Michelins were fitted I retained the unused spare Goodyear Wrangler which is not directional.
  11. I had Crossclimate SUVs fitted in March this year. Michelin were doing a promotion of £100 off when buying four tyres so a set of 255/55 19s cost me £531 fitted. Weird looking tread pattern compared to my previous Goodyear Wranglers but they are quiter, smoother, and marginally more economic. I haven't had a chance to try them in snow or ice just yet. Only downside is that after driving across gravel the tread picks up small chips and 'pings' them out again for the next few miles, and if you drive through mud/slurry the tread pours it out down the sides of the alloys.
  12. The Ryobi pump in Jonaldo's link would require a battery and a charger, but OK if you already have other Ryobi ONE+ power tools. Machine Mart somketimes do a VaT free deal if you are signed up for email, and Black Friday's coming soon. Could be a good Christmas present.
  13. To do a simple discharge test disconnect the van from the mains and turn on all the 12v lights in the caravan for 2 minutes to see how low the voltage drops. Anything below 12 volts would point to a tatered battery, especially if it doesn't return to 12.6 v soon after turning the lights off.
  14. In preparation for a trip to Portugal this year, and knowing how poorly our Dometic caravan fridge performs when it's 30+ degrees outside, I bought a compressor cool box. The thermoelectric cool boxess (Halfords do a good cheap one) only reduce the temperature by at best 20 degrees below ambient. The one I got was a Mobicool FR40 - Mobicool/Waeco/Dometic are all the same company, and it performed brilliantly. You can pre-set the temperature you want down to -10 degrees, and it runs off 12v or mains. Weighs 12.5kg empty, but it's not cheap - the best deal I could find was 25% off Mobicool FR40
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