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  1. Which is why we have stopped using the long ferry crossings to Spain, and now take the time to drive down through France. I hope your weather picks up
  2. For me, no split tailgate = no D5.
  3. If I had the payload I would definitely get aircon fitted, although the van is getting a bit long in the tooth to justify spending more money on it. It's during the night when I find it difficult to sleep when it's hot and sticky, especially when I can hear the rattle and hum of neighbouring aircon units.
  4. We've used the APRR tag for several years. It's so convenient and we've never had a billing problem. I believe it's €15 for the tag and you pay €1.70 for any month you use it. The bill hits your credit card half way through the following month - we too use the Halifax Clarity card to get the best rate and avoid transaction charges.
  5. We travel in hotter climes most years and quite a while ago I investigated the fan assistance solution, but upon removing the external vents found that there was no room for installation, so we struggled on with what we had. Last year I bought a compressor cool box for the beer and the perishables like meat and dairy, and it was an incredible improvement.
  6. Blimey - I'm glad I specified towing electrics to be fitted at the factory.
  7. The PSU in my son's Bailey went petong so he now uses his CTEK MXS 10 as a power supply. Doesn't have any problems with 12v power, but he has converted interior lights to LED and only has mains TV. Chargers don't all have a power supply mode.
  8. D4 with a decent warranty like Warranty Direct, but I'm biased. Volvo XC90. Audi Q7. Toyota Land Cruiser. Mitsubishi Shogun.
  9. LR called it a "service action" rather than a recall. After inspection by the local dealership I had the later style detachable hook on my D4 swapped out for a fixed towbar FOC. AFAIK the issue is limited to detachable tow hooks on D3/D4/RRS/FFRR?
  10. As Kelper says, get the regulated bulbs that can operate at upto 30 volts. After a recommendation on here I got mine from Aten Lighting
  11. My CTEK manual says that AGM batteries are charged at 14.7 volts, and lead acid at 14.4 volts. MXS_5.0-manual.pdf
  12. Forget the Jap Trap (bad language removed), the Cherman Cheatmobiles, and the Yando Wingbat stuff, just get a Discovery 4 and put a permanent grin on your face
  13. How do the hybrid absorption cool boxes fair in hot weather, say 30 degrees plus ?
  14. So, we lugged the Mobicool FR40 down to Portugal and back, through France and Spain, and I am extremely impressed. In the car it plugs into the 12v auxilliary socket in the boot, and on overnight stops I left it in the boot and plugged it into the mains. On longer stops it lived in the awning, again on mains. Temperature has fine adjustment and is accurate to within 2 degrees - I monitored it with our home freezer wireless sensor. To maintain a temperature of 2 degrees I set the box at zero degrees. For me, 2 degrees is the ideal San Miguel temperature . When it was very hot, especially in Portugal, our caravan absorption fridge struggled to keep below 10 or 12 degrees during the day, so fresh food like meat and dairy products lived in the Mobicool, alongside bottles of San Miguel, white wine and water to provide thermal mass. The box will take a 2 litre PET water bottle stood upright. The caravan fridge was used for salad stuff, more water, and more white wine (we're not really alcoholics ) and everything else. There was very little noise from the box but you could hear the compressor do a little "bump" when it kicked in , but you couldn't hear anything inside the caravan at night. A bit of condesation collects in the bottom of the box so every 3 or 4 days it needs to be emptied and wiped down but not an arduous task. I would definitely recommend the Mobicool FR40, but it isn't cheap. Still 25% off at MGD Online. Mobicool FR40 at MGD Online Edit. The supplied 12 volt cable was a very tight fit in the socket on the box, so rather than risk breaking the socket I bought a replacement cable, which will fit most types of Dometic/Waeco/Mobicool boxes. Amazon Cable
  15. Can we assume that other mains electric stuff is working - check for tripped MCB/RCD on the consumer unit. Also, top row far right on the Alde control panel should have a "plug" icon to indicate 240v mains is available. If this isn't visible check the boiler isolation switch. Does it work on gas ?
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