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  1. I had already booked an outward crossing on Eurotunnel with the help of Tesco vouchers but needed to book a return so I compared prices between BF and CMC. One way ferry Caen to Portsmouth, 8.30am crossing on 11th October, car/caravan and 2 adults. BF Cost is £225, which after Club Voyage discount is £202.50. Add in an outside 2/4 berth ensuite cabin is another £31. So total is £ 233.50 CMC I needed to book two 1 night overseas campsites, which are the same price as booking direct with the campsite, so no loss or gain. Ferry cost is £146, including the cabin. Saving of £87.50. No prizes for guessing which one I went for. The trick is to enter the campsite bookings BEFORE getting the ferry price.
  2. I use six 3M Command strips on each board. Solid as a rock but will come off if you are determined. According to CMC they are legal in France if the combined weight of the vehicles is over 3.5t, which is likely to be the case if the outfit is over 12 metres long. See last section in the attachment: spanish-regulations.pdf
  3. Can't always go by tyre sidewall on an older van - someone may have put sub standard tyres on it in a previous life. MTPLM is 1350 kg ? This could help Tyre Safe
  4. North sea and winds from Norway. Luvverly This is a proper beach Three Cliffs Bay
  5. The left hand drive vehicle will have backed in as per the brainless site instructions. Him pulling onto the pitch nose first would have sorted the problem.
  6. My upcoming trip to Portugal and back will cost 283€ in tolls according to viaMichelin. I used to try and avoid French motorways but I haven't got the patience anymore. Fuel costs will be about £1000 but then my truck only does 20mpg when towing
  7. Thanks both for that useful info. To minimise the tolls and effects of any possible fuel disruption we'll continue with plan A and stay overnight with the flies in the forest at Doñarrayan-Park near Hinojos. We use the APRR toll tag which is valid in France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. I don't believe I need to register this tag for Portugal ?
  8. +1 for Greased Lightning. You will need several microfibre cloths to use with it.
  9. Sounds horrible. Not seen any references to being drunk or any other speculation about the cause, but I don't use social media.
  10. Never mind the £20, I was thinking that you got away lightly with £149 for a turbo problem. If I didn't have cover from Warranty Direct I would probably have to sell several internal organs if the turbo went petong on my Discovery
  11. Which route do you take from Caceres and are there any decent overnight campsites on the way ? For me the journey from Caceres to Touriscampo at Luz is just too much for one day so I've decided to overnight at an ACSI site at Hinojos just to the west of Seville. It's further but we have the time and it will allow us to get the awning set up at Touriscampo before happy hour
  12. I'll be crossing into Portugal from Seville on 12th September for 3 weeks so I hope the dispute is settled by then.
  13. When Tyre stopped working with my Tomtom I switched to ITN Converter, which is freeware. It doesn't have Google maps but there are alternatives - I use Michelin Maps. Easy to enter waypoints and then export to Tomtom Mydrive, check whether you are happy with the route in Mydrive and then sync with your Tomtom. Michelin maps unfortunately doesn't have street view so you need to go to Google maps to check out any potential dodgy parts of the route. It's a lot more fiddly than using Tyre so when I get a chance I will investigate the OP's link.
  14. Samsung S7, S9, S10 are also waterproof and have wireless charging so that you don't have to fiddle about trying to get a micro USB cable plugged in. iPhone 8 onwards introduced wireless charging.
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