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  1. Still no reply to my email from Whale. Tried to get through on the phone this after but no success. I was able to leave a message for them to ring me.
  2. Thank you both for your comments. All the taps are drip free and the pipe connections I can see seem to be ok. I have tried another pump but I will give it another go tomorrow.
  3. I have just received an email from Tracker to say that unless the battery on my Bailey Unicorn Seville 1 is changed they will not be able to continue monitoring the caravan security. From what I understand, the system is powered by the caravan battery and the PIR is powered by a replaceable battery in the PIR itself. I recently replaced the battery in the PIR myself, which was a two minute job, and if I recall was just a AA one. Tracker have offered “at a reasonable cost “ to visit and replace a battery . Presumably they mean the battery in the PIR but are there any other batteries anywhere?
  4. The Whale Watermaster mains water connection has just saved my 10 day holiday in Suffolk. No matter how we tried we could not get the exterior water pump and aqua roll to expel all the air out of the system, so we were without water. Calling out a mobile mechanic would have been expensive without the guarantee of a solution. Fortunately we are on a fully serviced site with a mains water tap.. I bit the bullet and travelled 26 miles to get a mains water connection and paid top wack of £74. Less than £60 on eBay. I checked first with Whale that it would work with my system. I must say I am delighted with it just plug into the caravan water socket and the mains water tap and bingo, problem solved. We just turn it off at the tap whilst we are away from the caravan and leave it connected whilst we are in residence.
  5. Thank you both for your help. I covered it as suggested and then uncovered it and apparently the noise had stopped. When I get home I will change the battery. I wasn’t sure if it had one but thought that perhaps it was powered by the caravan battery.
  6. We are currently on a CL near Beccles. A high pitched sound (which only my wife can hear) is coming from the corner alarm sensor what is happening? urgenr solution required please. The alarm is in the off position
  7. I am considering changing my 2011 Unicorn Seville Series 1 for an as new, 2016 Unicorn Cadiz Series 3 . We are getting too old to make up the single beds at night. I have no problem with the towing vehicle as I have a Landrover Discovery 4. Question 1 - Is there anything I need to watch out for with the Cadiz? Question 2 - I have a Kampa 260 Rally Pro Air and I think that it might overlap one of the windows. Can anyone see a problem with that? Thank you Screamingjack
  8. A factory reset sorted the problem Thank you all for your help
  9. Thank you for your help. I have had the problem sometime now so I have regularly plugged it in and out. I tried a reset to no effect Thanks once again for your input.
  10. I have an Avtex L185DR that has decided to go slow. When I change channels either with the remote or on the TV itself, it takes 7 second from picture to picture, when before it was very quick. The TV itself is quite old and like me, has probably slowed down with age. I have put new batteries in the remote Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I had a similar problem with the pump on my 2011 Seville. No matter what I tried, and I spent hours trying, the noise was unbearable. I could not get rid of it. I cant tell you what it cost but the on board pump was removed and it was replaced with an outdoor pump, into the aquarol. No problems since. Quiet as a church mouse. Don't try to cover the on board pump it may cause you problems with over heating. Ask yourself a question, why have Bailey now fitted outdoor pumps to the Unicorn range? Don't hesitate. change it.
  12. I am having a few problems with my battery charger on my Bailey Unicorn Seville. I will probably need a new battery charger. Does anyone know if it is a DIY fix. It is easy to get at and from the illustration on the Bailey spares site, it appears to have a simple plug in system.
  13. Thanks for all contributions. I called into my local caravan dealer and low and behold they had one for a special price of £60. Now fitted in the caravan and working fine.
  14. Hi David Can you tell me where you saw like for like at £39. The cheapest Daewoo KOR6N7RS I have seen is £68. Regards
  15. On a recent trip to North Wales our Microwave (unicorn 1 - 2010) packed up. Everything works but no heat. Local retailer said that microwaves are not worth repairing. I have researched prices for an exact replacement which range from £68 with free delivery to £148 Plus £12 delivery from Bailey Parts Direct. An earlier poster suggested that Bailey only fitted £40 ones, so that blows the cheap theory out of the water. Has any one fitted a different brand or should I stick with Daewoo?
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