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  1. I would suggest that you climb less on the A66 stretch between the A1 and M6 (Scotch Corner to Penrith) than you would do on the climb on the M6 from Carnforth up into the Howgills and shortly after descending from that on the climb up from Tebay to the top of the Shap summit. The A1 - A66 route also does not appear to suffer the traffic queues that exist on some parts of the M6 but that is all a matter of time of the day of your travel and luck with accidents blocking lanes or road works.
  2. Andy, I had ferry + vouchers booked with CMC sailing BF to Caen on 1 May returning mid June. Earlier this month,, I was told in an email from the CMC that BF were still going to charge me 15% increasing as the sailing date approached to cancel as BF had not cancelled the ferry at that point. The CMC agreed to exchange my booking for an October crossing at the same price with a view to moving it again to 2021 when next years crossings are available - I will have to pay any fare increase. This was done by an exchange of emails and I now have a new email booking for October and an email trail so that I can insist on the change at no charge by the CMC to 2021. This suited my circumstances and future plans and I had used this method with DFDS on the Newcastle - Amsterdam route a couple of years ago when a medical problem prevented our trip that year. If your ferry is cancelled, I understand that you should be entitled to a full money refund even if they offer vouchers.
  3. I have just received my 3rd fine from my tour of Italy. This time on the road between Venice and Ravenna and doing 77kph where towing a trailer the limit is still 70kph despite being a dual carriageway. The paperwork says that they have the right to fine up to 360 days after the offence and the 360 days is when they deliver the paperwork to the post office, not when I receive it. My lack of understanding of the towing speed limits is proving to have made it a very expensive holiday. I try to be meticulous in observing speed limits and have, so far, avoided being sent a speeding ticket in the UK. The fine was sent out on 1st April from Padova - one of the hottest spots of the pandemic in Italy but obviously processing speeding fines is essential work.
  4. Some 3 years ago I had to cancel a DFDS Newcastle to Amersterdam ferry going out at end of Apr and back in June. When I phoned, the helpful person in Newcastle did a change of dates to Dec and when the next year's booking was available, I transferred my booking again to Apr returning Jun the next year. He made a note on my file and I was only charged one amendment charge plus the difference between the ferry costs as it had increased. I thought that this was very fair.
  5. It is worth planning to stop the night in Millau so you leave before the wonderful viaduct and get great views of it. The next day you rejoin the other side of the valley. There are several excellent sites beside the river in Millau. The saving almost pays for your night stop and it is a lovely area.
  6. I was driving believing that I was within the speed limit. I made the OP to draw attention to the difference between the UK, where the speed limit when towing increases on dual carriageway, not just on Motorways, and that this is not the case in Italy.
  7. I have paid. There was a worthwhile reduction for paying within so many days of receipt of the fine paperwork. One of the letters required a signature to the postman. Moreover, one never knows what not paying a legally enforceable fine could lead to in the future.
  8. I have learnt an expensive lesson (112 € + 85€ fines) that the increase from the 70kph to 80kph speed limit when towing in Italy does not apply to normal dual carriageways: it only applies, it seems, to autostradas. I toured Italy in May and June 2019 and in early January received a notice of a fine for doing 82 km/h whilst towing a trailer making the limit 70 km/h on the dual carriageway that by passes Minturno to the north of Naples. Yesterday, I received a further notice for doing 80kph whilst towing on the SS 47 near Grigno, which is dual carriageway, on the road towards Trento. Apparently, fines can legally take up to 18 months to process and both sets of paper had simple instructions on how to pay electronically. I had towed all over Italy in the early 90s when we lived in Naples for 3 years. My experience last year was that most of the non-autostrada road surfaces had deteriorated to such a poor state that I was unlikely to exceed 70 km/h as I tried to avoid the numerous pot holes. However, these sections must have been in good condition and I am now wondering if, or when, the postman will deliver further demands. In addition to the poor surfaces on these roads, the majority of long bridges were reduced to single lane which I presumed was to avoid any possible risk of over load following the Genoa Bridge collapse.
  9. I live along the coast to the East of Inverness and for the past few years have had the CMC Mayday cover so that the van was also covered when I was towing. The second family car was also covered for about £120 for both. However, I have no practical experience of how long they would take for a call out in this part of the world. I suspect it would be how long to drive from Inverness but you can never tell.
  10. You may wish to view the magbaz travels website to see their and othes experience of Marquis Leisure. They are very well travelled motorhomers and cyclists who pass on their experiences for all. Click on the What was new in 2019 side tab to see the two sets of articles. If the link below does not work - Google magbaz travels http://www.magbaztravels.com/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
  11. We tried to go some 15 years ago when we visited Kiev (not with the caravan) but the small number of tours allowed back then were fully booked so we could not go. However, we visited a Chernobyl museum outside the centre of Kiev which was very descriptive and evocative. I hope that the road surfaces have improved since then or you may find you are travelling much slower than normal.
  12. I am following this topic with interest as we are thinking of using the Newhaven - Dieppe route in early May returning June. I am looking at the 1730 departure outbound and wondered if any of the sites mentioned above are happy to take late arrivals with the ferry reaching Dieppe at 2230 local time. There are no comments in the reviews that I have read that this is possible. I realise that I will probably have to email the sites but am seeking comments first.
  13. Try putting Lake Annecy into the Search box for this forum. You will see several topics have discussed your question over the past couple of years.
  14. On a similar ferry topic, there is discussion of the advantage of ITX fares. Are these only available if your return route is the same as your outbound. We are contemplating outbound Newhaven - Dieppe with a return from Caen to Portsmouth. This is to do with timing and visits to relatives before and after the continental holiday.
  15. If you do a search on the Holidays Abroad forum, you will find that this topic has been discussed ad infinitum
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